Kabot (NA)
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I also got Silver 1 support main to jungle yesterday while enemy team got jungle main platinum 4 last season. Dont believe me? Check this out https://imgur.com/MGP5pME.png Now if we check master yi's profile we get this: https://imgur.com/k4Ukm2n.png If we check enemy jungler's amumu profile we get this: https://imgur.com/qfr2OMZ.png Like lol, in what world do you place Silver 1 support main vs Plat 4 jungle main?
Sałem (EUW)
: You can tell that every rioter and at support team and everything they will tell you is the same message that goes something like this " we see that you are confused so here is some information on the ranked system ... " and they will link you this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system The sad part about that is what I already tried to explain to some of the support team is that it makes no seans since the game is not solo and its team game ... if you have rank and MMR separated it makes a huge mess reason for that is that you theoretically can have silver player playing with diamond players if he has huge wining % and clean (almost perfect kda ) and what happens is if he loses and keeps the same elo he probably will end in plat 1 max what is even sadder if you look at the ranked pyramid that actually not pyramids it's more like ellipse if you look at the graph in charts and make shape out of it . Here is the % of players in ranks -->https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/rankings/rank-distribution This is caused because of the % in-game makes huge impact of it the algorithm thinks if you have let's say 80% wr and rest of your team has less than 40 %wr and enemy has about 50% wr (all of them ) ... it thinks is fair since you have that % of wr and thinks you can carry them into victory and makes the game "coin flip ( 50 50 for both teams with the win % ) and avoids the ranks in most situations Thre is more but I'm lazy to type it and I know that the system always had "it test your true rank in first 10 games after reset and new account " - dont even type that, I already know it and I showed little bit why it's not healthy and not fair ---> I know so many streamers that do " unranked to challenger " and get plat rank but play with master and grandmaster players ... if they deserve that rank than give them or let everyone suffer and play against the rank they are at currently ----> even faker refuses to play on his main account because they removed the old elo rating to rank system (you will never see him play on his main https://www.op.gg/summoner/userName=SKT+T1+Faker ) when one of the best players says its garbage ...
Yeah like what, I played vs plat 4 midlaner, then next game I get silver 1 master yi that doesnt know shit, and enemy jungler amumu is plat 4 last season like what the fuck XDDDDD I play deff vs overpowered ekko, ping him for ganks, set up ganks with stun, nope, didnt gank single lane trust me, didnt take any objectives, amumu took all drakes, just farmed entire game. Like in what world do you place last season silver 1 against last season platinum 4?
Joe 2nd (EUNE)
: Because everyone starts lower then they been last season. I was D4 and got placed in g2 and I am playing with D players. That’s just how new season is always
now imagine you lose the remaining games and you end up in gold 2, then you play against high skilled players in diamond and if you lose you get demoted from g2 to g3, lol?
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