: Mobility is overloaded in this game
Just make dashes not go through walls (teleports only), fixed.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kiwi Lemonade,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=y0l3AGhe,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-19T09:12:42.355+0000) > Master Yi is more of noob stomper. Right, that perfectly explains why he has a ~52% WR plat+ korean servers.
aIRaymond (EUNE)
: honestly yi can duel most things at every stage of the game, of course there's like olaf and lee that can duel him but that's about it.
yi without ult cant even duel soraka or janna cause they will be kiting him forever
: 2 hyper carries that aren't affected enough by getting shut down early
{{champion:11}} early game bully, you made my day
: How is Yuumi e in ARURF or any URF for that matter fair?
Kai Guy (NA)
: Its in your title? Like youd want to drag the game out for your champion to scale. Is that not the topic of this thread you just made? How do you scale with scaling champions?
to play tower defense for another 20 while enemies take every objective with a hope they throw? that elo you are silver at least?
: Now when you gut Akali...
every nerf to Akali is a nerf well spend
: > if almost every game ends in 20min? Stop surrendering so early maybe. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/rankings/game-durations
extending the game for another 5-10 min doesent make a difference, its just waste of time
: Games last from 28 to 31 minutes. In your region it goes from 29 to 32 https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/es/rankings/game-durations
just cause game last 29 min, doesent mean its not done in 20, some ppl just refuse to face the truth and click YES
Unker139 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=PiVoRx,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vY825EVc,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-01-16T19:10:02.501+0000) > > First tower falls in 10min, every other in 20, after that its just survival game in your own base. You must have very different games than me. Most of mine are 30-40 mins and I can't remember the last time a tower fell with shields still up at 14 mins.
yes, you can extend the suffering for another 10-20 minutes, but for what purpose?
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: Both of those should be nerfed as well... theres too much fucking true damage outside of ults. YI's E should be nerfed as well...
why Yi E? he can do 1 aa after alpha before he dies, so he does like 50 true damage each fight?
: What’s worse? A stat check champ? Or an overloaded champ?
Overloaded kits dont need items to function, stat checkers do.
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: Explain WTF you mean by > Riot, you've put in a lot of effort turning Support into an entertaining, fulfilling, and satisfying role for the community. It's not fun lmfao. Half the time you are outright shut down/have to play passive/no income/pulled along by the fate/skill of the REST of your team. If you feel that everyone's harassing you, you probably aren't doing your "job" as often as you should. Developing that opinion takes some history of afk farming. Also, if you think Jungle is a job, you've obviously never been a successful laner. 80% of your jungle is spent in non-encounters, easy farming, with reliable chunks of gold from a single target. Lanes you have to secure 6-8 minions just to get the same gold, and you have to last hit all of them while under duress of poke. Whut? Jungle a job? You're obviously playing the wrong role/game.
: Stormrazor is ruining the game single handedly
: 10 problematics champs that need to be looked at in 2020:
2020 someones still gives a fuck about {{champion:11}} , grow a pair.. Funneling is the only way Yi can climb higher than D4.
: There are almost 150 champions in League of Legends.
150 but you feel like there is maybe 30
: The Gameplay balance does not represent player concerns
You must learn one thing, Riot is not balancing, if they did, there would be more than 10% champions viable past diamond.
: Did riot do a good job at balancing champions?
Riot is not balancing, learn that. As for Ezreal vs Nasus, what can Nasus even do to ezreal? unless hes afk, nasus wont land a single aa.
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: What happened to LeBlanc?? She feels awful to play now, so weak.
Wolity (EUW)
: As support myself , everytime i play againts pyke i make sure he wont take a lead and honestly he is pretty useless if you know how to play againts him.
hes never useless when he can sneak behind and exe low targets in team fight
: We need a hard cap on dashes.
I agree that dashes shouldnt be get out of jail free cards whenever you make a mistake, slows should affect dashes just like Kalista passive. Or we could have an item that works like Poppy ability to deny dash.
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Sylaelque (EUW)
: Shaco's ability cooldowns very low and there is no way to punish his misplays in late game.
I have noticed a pattern, theres a problem with every champion with invisibility.
: If you think is so easy to balance a game why don't you make one and balance it?
Its easy to balance if you actually willing to do it. Anybody who has any awerness of whats going on with this game, knows that what Riot is doing is not balancing.
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DeejayF (EUW)
: When is Tryndamere facing his rework?
Towers should bypass his ult and kill him.
: An Argument for Base Ability Power
remove {{item:3157}} from the game then you can do with AP whatever you want
: {{champion:103}} because tired of the Animemes
i thought im the only one, shes a bitch undercoer as virgin magnet
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: Is it Just me or nothing has changed in game right now ? i may actualy got worst
you must learn one thing about lol: some champions are here cause they are and.. thats it you want to be good at lol? play what riot wants you to play
Garson211 (EUNE)
: I tell you more,i have seen this twice.2 junglers one power farm second ganking.guess who was under leveled? Yes power farm, dunno how this happend but jungler which doing gank have 2 levels adventage,vs power farm jungler its just insane.Dunno why riot nerfing whole jungle where they could only nerf few "op" champs.Same with spear of shojin,why delete item while they can just nerf harder champs using it (btw they delete spear and add worst item to replace it (sanquine))XDDDDDDDDDD
or maybe power farm junglers need buffs? I dont see any difference in jungle clear speed between both types
: Udyr is actually strong asf in 1v1's, thats why hes the number one counter jungler. Junglers dont have turrets protecting them.
Hes strong 1v1 if he somehow manages to initiate one, what can stupid Udyr do to things like Ekko or Lee Sin?
: Can Yuumi fucking BURN IN A FIRE ALREADY
yummi should take around 10% damage while being attached
: You use Udyr as an example, but do you think anyone has ever felt "outplayed" when they were killed by a Udyr?
tbh if you get killed by a champion that can do as much as baron powered minion then you shall consider uninstalling LoL is not a WoW where you got 30 skills and macros, every champion have only 4 abilities, if you got issues using only 4 buttons then problem is with you
: Master Yi ghost vs flash, crit vs on hit.
Want harder mindfuck? I play with ignite :[] D4
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Pika Fox (NA)
: And? Its still a better representation than most other games that dont rely on full on hard counters. Pros have their generalized favorites because their self picks get hard banned.
Pros favors whats broken, thats the rule of being competitive gamer.
: Do tenacity runes even work? Are they placebo runes?
Tbh i found buyng tenacity pointless.. With this ammount of cc we have in this game, it doesent make any difference. You will get hit by 1 cc, there will be more on the way, and even 1-2 seconds of being unable to move is death sentence.
Anatera (NA)
: This is why I'm convinced Riot is being intentionally ignorant. No one can be this bad at balancing.
Its not that they are bad, its that they dont do it at all. From my experience (and i belive anyone aswell) from playing many games in my life, i learned that if something is so fucked up, like Pyke, its fucked up cause developers want it to be. Riot still belives that champions with multiple ways to outplay / skillshots are fun to play and watch, and deserve to be busted. I personally vommiting each time i see one of those new, busted champions with overloaded kits.
: Games over at 10 mins due to mismatched teams rng.
The flow of this game (mostly for late game champs): Lose bot tower in around 10 min Lose every other tower in 20 min Play tower defense game for around another 10-20 min hoping enemies will throw Get rolled cause everyone in your team is 1 full item and 2 lvls behind and enemies got baron.
: It's getting really hard to take this game seriously anymore
The issue is in Riots balancing Logic that didnt change since 6+ years and it goes like this: Champions that can do alot (dashes, cc, "skillshots", generally run circles around others) are difficult to play and deserve to be busted meanwhile champions that can be baerly distinquished from minions (cause of their shitty kit) are easy to play and need to suck. They just dont realize how difficult it is to make trash tier champion viable on high elo when there are so much busted shit walking around now a days. The only reason why trash tier champions are maintaining around 50% WR is cause nobody plays them at high elo/competitive, imagine Yi being played in LCS and how his WR would look if he gathered 100% lose ratios from defeats.
: For the love of god please remove promos
Afkers, inters and trolls are no issue in competitive play thats why Riot dont give a fuck.
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: Sooooooo it's wrong to gank as the jungler? Ummm okay
It would be fine if every jungler have equal tools for succesful gank, farm junglers like {{champion:11}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:77}} have ceased to exist cause cant do anything before 15min.
: Man I love riot games for making yuumi so disgusting
I think she should take some damage from aoe attacks while attatched, its just stupid how you kill her host and she jumps on another surviving with around 10% hp.
: Is it now time to nerf Tristana?
Just get rid of jump reset or make it 70%, she is adc and does better assassin job than khazix.
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