: Childcare
Riot, open a mental hospital or something coz your playerbase is fucking fucked up. Or just fix the game, its your job btw.
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FFrazien (EUW)
: @RiotRepertoir Can you say the same for Vayne?
Would be great if there was a team that had job of balancing the game. A Balance Team of some sort. Riot make it happen xd
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arkment (OCE)
: A Kayle mains lament
Play her jng. She have to get her passive power spikes, but can't fight in lane with anybody and I mean ANYBODY so just play solo jng and stack up for late game and item/passive spikes. Try it. It will work. I just don't know which rune to use yet. Fleet footwork feels like a safe pick. Kayle is completely trash in early game and early game wins you most of your games. Just try to be useless in jng, until u can 1v5. When jng gets reverted, wait for it, she will be trashing everybody. Or if she gets buffed early game, she might be even good in lane.
Saianna (EUNE)
: As if. They expected this (maybe minus jax counterstike). I do not believe someone THAT incompetent would work on creating/balancing new items in LOL.
Then believe it. They are incompetent. They fuck up in every season.
Alzon (NA)
: {{champion:119}} “Let’s admire me for a while.” Xayah is still super strong in any level of coordinated play. Amumu is pretty good there too, since his main weakness (early invades) can be countered by his teammates intentionally picking champions who get early lane priority alongside the Mummy being picked. However, his effectiveness decreases at the highest levels of play due to sidestepping, spreading out, better and coordinated counterpicks, etc.
> However, his effectiveness decreases at the highest levels of play due to sidestepping, spreading out, better and coordinated counterpicks, etc. So putting it in simple words, he sucks.
Dakeudharma (EUNE)
: I feel so sad about Solo Queue
Wow. That are all acurate in my games as well. I also heard #1 that people are tricking the mmr system somehow now. I agree that #2 duoQ is abused a lot, because it is the most consistant way of winning. #3 matchmaking sucks like never before #4 matchups are quite fucked now, some counters no longer work as counters and some compositions are just broken as fuck #5 I think you mean some tanky junglers, top laners and supports, also healing supports, i agree. #6 Yasuo, Vayne, Riven, Rek Sai, Zed.
: As a support main I do not believe Thresh is broken by any means. He is just the most fun support to play, and almost every support main feels the same way. And I dont think any champ besides reksai needs a nerf. I think they need to tone down the items that make the champion broken. Just my 2 cents though
31% playrate and 51% winrate cannot be achieved if a champion isn't beyond broken. This is just a fact. Now, my opinion is that he has too much control over matches and hit hitbox on hooks needs to be fixed. It is flying next to you and then it teleports to you. Magic. He is a better magician than LB and Harry Potter.
: Can we admire it for a while?
Have you even noticed Riot that if you get Vayne + Thresh it is gg? They are both bot lane btw.
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: Soon as duskblade / lethality in general gets nerfed, I hope Shaco gets his base stats buffed.
Or Riot as always forgets about him. They did that like 3-4 times already.
B0ak (NA)
: I'm glad I am not the only one who feels this way. Shaco is in a very poor spot especially at the moment after the tiamat and jungle changes too. One of the main issues with Shaco is that he is too reliant on items and even when you do succeed with him it takes much more work than it would with other champions. I wish riot would give him a buff to make him more viable.
I wish they made him fun again, not viable. He was viable and I was still not having fun. They killed what was fun in him. Those cheese plays and fooling enemies. He should be more like Joker from Batman, but when he is viable he is just like every other assassin in the game. Walking up to smb and oneshoting with aa.
sit kid (EUW)
: remember the times you'd clear your blue/red then walk lvl 2 to enemy jungle to kill them at their buff? Man, those times...
Yea. His early game was kinda strong, but it was at least he had more flaws in late game. Now he just exists in early game and kills people in late, even tho he didn't do anything up to that point xd
Saianna (EUNE)
: Old-old shaco was simplier and overall better. He still had flaws, but at least he wasn't punished for not playing less than perfect.
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: I really miss League of Legends
I was playing 8h a day, now I play 3-5 matches a day. I just can't. The game is so dumbed down. I mean, I can still win most of my game. For now I am 80% or something like that. It just doesn't feel like ... a smart way to play the game. If you do enough dmg you win. That is it. There is no strategy involved. S8 was bad. S9 is worse. Until S7 everything was quite ok. I think rune rework made it that way. Unenjoyable. The worst thing is there is no diversity after rune rework. I take the same runes every single game. Almost nothing is situational. I would love if everything were situational, so that we have to adapt to every single game and do everything smart way. Buy correct items (now we buy the same items every single game) and pick different runes (we are picking the same runes every single game).
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: If there were an Advanced Bots game mode would you play it?
They should make a mode that is permanent and its name would be Proving grounds. You have to do missions like outfarm your enemy or something like that.
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: That one thing about Gangplank
I want my boy to be happy again ;_;
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: wait 26.2% of players make a mistake?
: {{champion:157}} Skinny asian dude that holds a sharp toothpick as a weapon. Deals 99999999 crit damage. {{champion:201}} Dude uses giant door as a shield, packs an 8-pack & has manly moustache. Deals -10 damage.
They should make Braum a top laner. He is a muscle man. A strong man of League. Also he sucks as support.
cabbysb (NA)
: Yasuo :) is mobile Braum that does massive damage
Yasuo? Is such a thing in League of Legends? Oh right, there was some samurai guy, but I ban him in every single game xd
EBL003 (NA)
: im winning 7 lp a game with 80% wr, HELP!
Talk to Riot support team. This must be a bug.
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: Conqueror is busted
It is good on some champions, like Cass, but overall when I tested it, it is meh. 15 ad is almost nothing. Also 5 stacks are making is early game useless and late game broken. I would prefer to play Press the attack over it so that I have more early game potential. I would take conq against tanky team comps. Also I don't think that healing and true dmg, that you can't use in laning phase, except for cass is that strong. 5 skills or auto attacks is like a full combo so most of the champions will still use something else.
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: 1.) Mages are all ranged, meaning they can auto attack at a safe distance where Yasuo cannot touch them. 2.) It doesn't matter if it gives the impression. The fact that he can't dash constantly should be enough. 3.) Yeah most are building PD, meaning they now have less attack speed and instead are going more defensive instead of more damage. 4.) Braum's first E blocks 100% damage. Secondly Braum can move with his shield while it does reduced damage. Yasuo's is more stationary. And veigar shouldn't be ulting unless Yasuo is a. cced or b. ww is on cd 5.) Yasuo is a late game champion, you can't complain when a late game champion gives a lot of pressure. That's their whole point. 6.) An aggressive Yasuo early game is often times a dead Yasuo. Past level 1, being aggressive almost always leads to a death post 6 and 11. Because of this, early game Yasuos often overestimate their damage and end up dying.
1.) Yes u are right. But also it doesn't matter. A mage is always pushed to the tower by Yasuo. There is a little he can do. He can't play aggressive and push, so Yas gets free platings and pressure. Did u ever see a mage that pushes vs Yasuo or plays offensively? He is forced to def and loses minions, while Yasuo can easily farm, because his wave clear is the best in the game next to Irelia and Malzahar. 2.) There is no indicator if he used his e on a minion already, so because of lack of information, people can't abuse his weaknesses. It is hard to plan something against him, if you don't have required information. 3.) What is wrong with going more defensive? He has multiple good builds that can be abused vs various team comps. I would say that he has no weak builds and can counter every team comp. Well, maybe he can't go AP so there is one. 4.) His windwall is a stupid ability, because it has a broken hitbox. It blocks abilities that aren't even close to that windwall. I have nothing againt the ability itself, but it should be fixed at some point. Maybe. 5.) He gives a lot of pressure early game as well. I have never seen any mage pushing Yasuo under his tower. Yasuo is always the one pushing and playing offensive. So, when does he not pressure? 6.) So the only counter is the player's stupidity? 78% banrate. Just saying. In my matches Yasuo goes 0/11 and then carries. That is not normal. I will still permaban him after 9.4, because it didn't fix any of problems with him.
Dr Shen (EUNE)
: well if you didnt know in the next patch yasuo will get a nerf i dont know if its a big or a small one but at least its a nerf
: Everyone suddenly "loves" the old Kayle, meanwhile she is one of the top 4 least played champions.
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: I have to confess that wave manipulation is not one of my stronger skillsets. I know to bur it down fast when you want to shove your wave into the enemy tower, or wait until the very last moment on each minion to last-hit it to hold the position or let a pushy player shove in, but beyond that I don't really have a strong understanding of how to shift it around.
: Scaling HP. Maybe should do MR next time.
don't ever take scaling hp, it gives you less than 1 aa worth of hp lvl 1 and 1 aa worth of hp at lvl 18. mr or armor always.
: Fizz 100-0 me at lvl 3. How in the hell ...
Ok. I will teach you something. If you manipulate the wave so that it is closer to your tower, fizz will be in a dangerous spot. This spot means, that he will be easy to gank, can't escape if he loses a trade and you can aa him freely. Also you are under the tower, safe and ungankable. It is perfect vs every assassin in the game and works the best vs zed. Also Fizz is melee, so you have to just poke him with aa and skills in early. Before he has any kill potential. If u don't get a gank, you still should win trades with aa and he still shouldn't be able to kill you. Eventually you should have at least several chances to kill him.
VileKayn (NA)
: Why I hate that people don't play for fun anymore
People should play normally at Drafts, but URF and Blind pfu pick should be for fun.
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: Jungle exp nerf is realy the most stupid decision of 2k19
> the most stupid decision of 2k19 Wait, there will be more.
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BigFBear (EUW)
: I would rather have doubled or trippled queue time than playing with autofills!
Me too. Autofills are terrible. I didn't win a single match on support, because when I am not mid, my mid is a monkey. There is absolutelly nothing I can do about it. We have no carry, because I am support. We have a bad mid laner, that will lose lane, int and then go afk. I need to carry everything solo, so i need mid lane. Also, duoQ is a joke. Everyone plays soloQ but there is a pair, that plays duo, communicates with each other and fucks everyone up. Nice game Riot.
Kryptone (EUNE)
: Unpopular Opinion, but I hate URF this time around because...
I agree. URF is not fun, because instead of running around and using low cd skills all the time, you are just blowing everything up. Fucking stupid.
: silver bolts should work like wuju style
Actually sounds reasonable. Like that idea.
: As a jungler, the enemy jungler invades and steals my second buff
Jungle nerfs were a mistake. They can nerf jungle, but not by this much and not exp.
: Is my account fucked?
Don't play this month. It is a clown fiesta. Wait a month and then play. I have the same situation, but I sacrifice one account to play whatever I want on ranked. I still have 5. Just don't play right now, it is all RNG, because bad players are mixed with good players. You can get a bronze and plat player in the same team, because after placements they both are silver-ish. Also jng changes kicked in and fucked the game over. Jungler has the same lvl as support, so ganking is actually RNG, he can just come and die, like in good old days. Double buff for the enemy.
: The hilarious thing is, regarding what people say about _'the current damage meta'_: **DAMAGE HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABSURD!** Not just _'this meta'_. Go watch some videos on Youtube of League circa 2014/2015, for example. You have videos of the likes of Amumu or literally any champion deleting people off the face of the earth. You will see all sorts of champs who aren't even assassins insta-deleting people (Mordekaiser, Malphite, Shyvana, Viktor - you name it - all shapes and sizes). The damage has always been high - people really need to find something else to complain about.
And people have always been angry and frustrated. True, damage was too high in every meta, even tank meta, this is why it should be lower, so that we have to actually trade a lot in the laning phase. For now I do one combo the whole laning phase and kill the target. Healing should be lower as well, so that trades are worth it. The game should be like this: better trading, better warding, better counter, better movement, better cs and better decisions should decide who is a better player. I don't see it, it isn't even a competition of skill anymore. Just who does more damage wins the laning phase, then the old League kicks in and 5 people run through the map, acomplishing nothing, until one dumbass gets himself killed and loses the match.
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