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Håppy (NA)
: Your ranked system is an embarrassment
Honestly you are right on many things but it is only a game so even if it is competitive it will have its downfalls. There is not even a single video game that is balanced atm.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: I dont know why they dont remove either AD or AP from his kit and just balance him properly.
Because that would be really dumb. What he needs is a little bit of nerfing. Also he is not even strong, just jungle is weird and only champions that have early ganks are viable, they are a lot better than other jg champions and Shaco, while becoming an early game ganking champion is now the best in it. I think jng exp nerfs were just stupid
: the formula seems to be, you get fair matched promos UNTIL you reach 100 ranked games played. So, youre gonna do most of your climbing in those 100 games played. After that, your promos place you with "bad apples"(Players who are often reported for being AFK, DC'd, or flamers), and low win rate, hard stuck bottom division players. You arent meant to get any higher than where you are.
I mean, they aren't even lower div than me, they are just bad. Low winrate and off-role. Climbing can't be fun as long as promos are such a pain.
: You can win unfavourable games, that 40%w/r player still wins 2/5 of their games I don't even look on porofessor or anymore because I've won so many dodgable looking games. Also if I go into a game with a negative mindset I feel like I'm already at a disadvantage
That doesn't change the fact that promo games are a lot worse than they should be. Also 2/5 is ok if one player has that, which is how it goes normally. But not in promo games, then i get 3 players like this. And at least 2 of them are on losing streaks. Test it urself. Check normal rankeds and promo. You will see clearly that quality of games is different and that you get worse players on your team.
: Well we will see, the re spawn timers have been reduced which is the bigger change. You still get level 3 early, 20 seconds is a good window, I think it should be 30, but 20 seconds have been removed from gankers if they are not farming during that time they are losing out. Also Sharing lane XP got nerfed as well. Personally I think the final nail for power ganking would be a debuff on the smite item that reduced sharing lane XP until the jungle item was complete sort of like monster hunter. That would mean ganks need to be efficient and camps on laners are less valuable unless you killing them, laners could stay under tower and waste junglers time to a greater effect. Over all I'm just hopeful.
: Why is URF or AURF the only game mode that gets brought back?
I prefer Doom Bots or some other creative challenges.
I don't think this is a rant. It is about gameplay. And my question is legit. What is wrong with promo games? Can Riot make then more fair? I really want Riot to do something about those games. They are worse than the usual ranked games and I think that everyone can feel that.
: I haven't had issues with resistances, its mainly lack of HP on some of the champs I play. The only time I've felt a real difference with resistances is one piece of cloth armor vs. Zed.
Then maybe hp. Who cares? Just some defence. We are doing more damage than we need to. Lux has 700hp when other champs have 1100hp, wtf is that.
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: Here's the thing, even if they did know how to do those things what's to stop you from just waiting for an opportunity, or fighting the enemy jungle cause you got second pick in select and know you can outduel him. If the enemy freezes, you go get drag, or herald, or the enemy jungle with your lead. That's the issue. A laner can't do anything once you get ahead because of how the jungle has been shifted to early game powerhouses with little options for a laner to deal with outside of hoping their jungle is there to 2v2.
If laners knew basics of League, there wouldn't be a problem against junglers, but I as a jungler understand laning more than they do which is weird.
Kovorix (EUW)
: So much this. The most usual thing is: gank top -> get flash and kill -> walk away -> instant tp in the middle of the lane while you didn't even arrive at your jungle. Like what do they expect? That you get 5000 ms back to your jungle?
yeah, i kinda ganked top recently and he tp back and dies again, like, it doesn't make any sense
Yenn (NA)
: Shaco's win rate is continuing to climb after the nerfs. Please stop overbuffing champions.
Then you must not remember Kassawin with insane 95% banrate. Shaco is a little too strong but not too much. Actually nerfing 20 sec on w is meaningful but other champions are so trash that Shaco's winrate is high. The resistances don't exist. Not only people are easy to oneshot (even tho Shaco's damage isn't that high he can still oneshot), other than that the ganking with any champion is just too simple to do. I think resistances should be higher overall.
QancerClown (EUNE)
: I don't think that jng has too much impact. I think that laner are insanely bad at macro and dodging ganks. When i gank 5 times, i have 5 kills. Not even a single gank can fail if the lane isn't even warded, the guy pushes all the time or stays on low hp. Laners are just arrogant. They focus on 1v1 or 2v2 too much, forgetting that a jungler exists. In most matches both junglers are fed. Why? Not even a single gank failed. Laners are arrogant and should learn how to properly play the game instead of whining all the time.
Usually they don't even know how to freeze, slow push or shove and when to recall. They just pick the most powerful mid or top champion and play like always, without learning the basics.
: Do junglers have too much impact?
I don't think that jng has too much impact. I think that laner are insanely bad at macro and dodging ganks. When i gank 5 times, i have 5 kills. Not even a single gank can fail if the lane isn't even warded, the guy pushes all the time or stays on low hp. Laners are just arrogant. They focus on 1v1 or 2v2 too much, forgetting that a jungler exists. In most matches both junglers are fed. Why? Not even a single gank failed. Laners are arrogant and should learn how to properly play the game instead of whining all the time.
GTHeavy (EUNE)
: Shaco invisibility power problem
> at the very least, add a visual/sound notice when Shaco uses blink/invisibility nearby, similar to Pyke. It can remain an invisibility, but this amount of sneak power is unjustified. He has something like that already. You are just blind.
Zardo (NA)
: Riot has said that has data closest to their own.
Also according to Shaco in grandmaster and challenger has a really bad winrate in jungle. If that site is correct then doesn't that mean that the only reason why Shaco is good are bad enemies? If he is doing that broken clear why doesn't bot lane just play safe? Its like with Twitch. You know that he will gank mid after red and you still die to it, coz you suck. For now people suck and they don't play safe on bot lane, since the strat is to get lvl 3 and gank bot. Even if that strat gives him an early gank, why is it even nerfed, when all the enemy has to do is PLAYING SAFE for like 1 minute or even less. Is it that hard? Like, Shaco doesn't do insane amounts of damage like Kha Zix or Evelynn. His damage is pretty meh. Just people are stupid and give him free kills for no reason. Do you know how much i cringe when I play this game and people stay in lane with less than 100 hp? Its plat elo for fucks sake. Are they all insane?
Zardo (NA)
: Erm... shaco's jg winrate is still 53 and sup is still 55 is trash, riven had 37% winrate on this site for several days.
Eedat (NA)
: Shaco is 53% WR with 10% pickrate. That is not a "onetrick champion". His winrate spiked at the same time that his playrate tripled. In definite need of nerfs not buffs lol
And after a nerf for his clear it will fall to the ground since that is all that he has atm.
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QancerClown (EUNE)
: Shaco rework.
Actually if it falls that far he would need a buff because usually only mains play this champ so his winrate shouldn't fall below 51%.
: I get the feeling this is a sarcastic reply, but just to clarify riot has confirmed a shaco nerf, all I am saying is that red side does need to be fixed regardless
Now that i read my post one again it kinda does give the feeling of a sarcastic reply xd It wasn't xd I wanted to agree that it needs to be nerfed xd
: > [{quoted}](name=SweedishGunner,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AtEET3AT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-12T14:29:44.338+0000) > > Yeah no. He's getting nerfed next patch, Scruffy confirmed it on his Twitter account. the nerf *is* his starting jungle clear.
Which is good. That is what we need. Now he will be balanced.
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: it's only broken until they fix the jg, because red side giving lvl 3 is kinda unbalanced as is
Wow. You are so right about that. Lvl 3 gank on bot lane is just broken. It elevates his winrate, because of how unfair it is. Its basically a free double kill in every single match. First bood as well. It might even give him +4% winrate or more. That is something that, yes, they need to nerf. Or fix jungle, coz jng is a mess.
: Passive: NEW **BASIC ATTACK DAMAGE** Basic attacking an enemy now deals an additional 10-25 (levels 1-18) (+0.15 bonus attack damage) damage from behind **(this damage can critically strike)** That's additional base damage that can crit that was added onto his already existing utility. On an AD build, this scales up to 130 more damage. Also Q is now GUARANTEED to Crit. ------------ Passive now scales with AP and AD. W now scales with AP and does AOE damage. E scales with AP/AD R scales with AP, and the PET scales with 100% of Shaco's AD (You're just thinking about the explosion, and forgetting that it's an auto attacking Pet first) He is far more hybrid now than he ever was. Only W is Pure AP, and Only Q is pure AD. ----------------- Yeah because it's not like it's at late game where Shaco 1 shots everyone anyways. I can have a 300 Armor Morgana and get 1 shot by a Shaco before her ult is over. That's how he scales. He's actually safer to fight EARLY game. And yeah. I read ALL the patch notes and did the math. The only area where there's contention on whether he was buffed or nerfed is his E, which now has an averaged base scaling, and 0 - 50% Missing HP damage increase, versus a 30% Threshold HP Execute 50% Increase (which is like a mini Evelynn Ult)
Before the rework his passive had a crit as well. It was stronger too. Now you can proc it more often but its weaker. Q - true. However It does it anyways with passive, so it just fixes the problem with *sometimes weird* backstab. It not always procs. You are right with everything now. But R was already doing that, so that is not because of the rework. Yes, he is far more hybrid, which is fine, he should be. At least he is the first champion to do that right, without being a stat checker. I think he is better early tho. In my opinion he is kinda balanced, but Riot did an upsi and gave him lvl 3 in 2 min, which is ... yeah, ok, its broken. That early clear must be nerfed. He can literally gank lvl 1 bot lane while being lvl 3. > And yeah. I read ALL the patch notes and did the math. The only area where there's contention on whether he was buffed or nerfed is his E, which now has an averaged base scaling, and 0 - 50% Missing HP damage increase, versus a 30% Threshold HP Execute 50% Increase (which is like a mini Evelynn Ult) Also, you must understand. What you wrote earlier sounded as if you didn't reed patch notes. I know that you did. I didn't dislike your comment because of that. Other people did. You need to be straightforward on the boards because people are asses. Me too. When you write something that sounds wrong and you don't explain it right away they will downvote. Also that E is like a mini Eve R. You are right on this too. Its not broken tho. That clear is. It makes the champion's winrate at least 4% more than it should be, coz its THAT BROKEN. This is the only change I would do for now, because his overall strenght isn't overpowered, his early clear is. I am literally doing red while my raptors are doing themselves. Then I do krugs and gank bot lvl 3, while they are lvl 1. Its a free double kill every match. I might be even underestimating that and it might be more than 4% of winrate. It doesn't seem fair at all.
: I think he is ok now, is not overpower ( I main sup), he is kind of fun. I think his E should change (does not really make sense on the kit) but the rest it is fun. I will go main jungle next season so looks fun.
Yeah. Me too. If you main jungle, then he is a fine champion to play. I also enjoy Twitch and Evelynn. Eve is kinda busted tho so I don't play her that much.
: > [{quoted}](name=QancerClown,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Wvln5QLO,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-10-11T11:57:44.778+0000) > > Isn't broken and winrate will probably show that as well > You should still permaban ekko or pantheon.
What is that site? Can you tell me please? Also if he is too strong i am ok with nerfs. We, Shaco players, were ready for nerfs before it was realeased. I just think that people are scared of Shaco for no reason. Changes on PBE were too strong. What was realeased isn't as strong but if its still too strong then w/e. They can nerf him. I am just glad that he isn't that plain and late game focused, because he was really too weak in early and too strong in late game, which made him easy to play.
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=QancerClown,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Wvln5QLO,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-10-11T11:59:38.436+0000) > > Probably won't be nerfed. Maybe his early clear should but his power isn't that high so yeah. They are right. He is close to balanced. Even very close. He is getting nerfed, slightly.
I don't see why but ok. If he needs to be. At least raptors aren't gangbanging me so I am fine with nerfing him now xd
: My Toughts on the shaco rework (as a shaco OTP)
I know that Shaco is different and maybe even a little bit weak now but I think we must learn how to play it now. I enjoy the rework. For me he seems balanced. Not too strong, not too weak. Sometimes kinda useless and sometimes strong. Depending on enemies. I feel like I can get better with it. Late game Shaco was just too easy to play. There wasn't anything to master anymore. It was plain. Now I think I will need some time to get used to it. Scaling is bad now, but base damage is ok so I think bruser Shaco shouldn't be that bad. Ad is also ok, there are actually many builds that may work depending on situation. Ap Shaco isn't as broken as people say (they watched Pink Ward on PBE, but Shaco on PBE was more buffed that the released version), Hybrid is ... well, its strong. I think its really strong.
KazKaz (OCE)
: I mean I'm actually glad that Shaco players had their champ fixed. For almost 3 years he had a kit that was dysfunctional and anti-fun for the Shaco player. That said, this AOE box change is uhhh....kinda broken, not gonna lie.
His early clear is too good, not gonna lie. But its still not as broken as you think, since his early game damage isn't really that huge. His E is fixed, so it makes more damage to targets below 30% hp, which means that he has a real execute ability now. Aoe only helps with clear. In fighting its not that useful since the damage from w isn't high. He can hit lvl 3 in 2 min, which allows him for early ganks but it still doesn't mean that he can always do that.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Master2139,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Wvln5QLO,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2019-10-11T04:57:56.879+0000) > > almost every shaco main said he need his numbers turned down when they saw this lol I actually saw a lot of Shaco mains calling them Nerfs
They are not nerfs and not buffes but shifts. They shifed it to early game which is fine.
: What a troll post. The changes did nothing of the sort: What the changes DID do: -Enabled MORE crit damage -Gave Hybrid scaling to every ability # - Reduced Deceive's cooldown down to Jax level status, so that he can now be Vanished for 2/3 of the game once on 40% CDR (each use is a little shorter, but 2/3 of the game means very little to no counterplay once skilled, more Duskblade procs. - Took away the ability to ever get away from his ult clone bomb (Shorter duration fear, but higher damage scaling and aoe) Almost NONE of his damage was actually nerfed, 3 parts were buffed, and he was given MUCH lower cooldowns. You HAVE to be joking.
Bullshit. He doesn't have more crit damage, but less. Its just more often proced because you don't have a cd on passive anymore. He doesn't have hybrid scaling on every ability. His w scales ONLY with ap. His q scales ONLY with ad. His r scales ONLY with ap. Reduced Deceive cd is fine, since in late game he is now rather bad. His early game is fun tho. Still, in early game almost everything can 1v1 him. But he is more cheesy now than before, so expect him in your jungle, killing you on your buff. Also you shouldn't try to kill the clone, kill the real shaco xd YOU have to be joking, wtf, his early game was buffed, his late game was nerfed. The damage wasn't really buffed. It was shifted to early game. Did you even read the patch notes? Did you play him? It really feels like you didn't because almost everything you wrote is incorrect.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hi im 12,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Wvln5QLO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-11T01:27:48.267+0000) > > you mean shaco is busted as fuck now? He has to be busted to Shaco mains think he is balanced , if he isn't Busted then he is weak.
He isn't busted but for us Shaco mains playing him before rework was pure suffering. Now he is less frustrating to play. Fear works as intented, instead of ... being weird. Now things run from those boxes properly. Also with aoe on W he is no longer gangbanged by raptors, which is also great. His early game is decent, his late game is lacking, but that is how it should be. He shouldn't be a late game oneshotter.
: They reworked Shaco? Again? Like a full-on rework? I need to do some research.
Yeah. Its comfortable to play now. Less stressful and less frustrating.
: I actually wanted to make post about how no one has said good or bad about it yet. At least a post that has gotten traction. Which in a weird way means that it is better balanced than most things rolled out. Either people spamming about a champ they think is busted or a champ they think sucks (this is rare mostly busted posts). Haven’t played his rework yet but seen a lot of gameplay and a lot of pinkward as well. Looks very very very forward thinking for a balanced but fun champ. Congrats riot
Yeah. I mean, it really feels balanced and at the same time comfortable for Shaco players. For me the biggest thing is that raptors don't gangbang me anymore, so I am happy about W changes. Also I prefer to play for skill in early game, than wait for my insane late game, like it was before.
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: you mean shaco is busted as fuck now?
Isn't as strong as people see it. Its just more confortable to play. For example raptors don't gangbang me anymore, which is fun.
Antenora (EUW)
: > "As the data rolls in... Shaco changes seem to have **landed a bit more power-up than intended**, but not hotfix-worthy. He's close to balanced! Pretty good considering the number of moving parts. Thanks to everyone for the feedback along the way." Shaco is going to get nerfed but it's not immediate hotfix worthy. So expect a slight nerf in 9.21
Probably won't be nerfed. Maybe his early clear should but his power isn't that high so yeah. They are right. He is close to balanced. Even very close.
: in other words " shaco is broken it feels good! " i am permabanning him :)
Isn't broken and winrate will probably show that as well. He should be tier 3 or something right now. Maybe tier 2. He just feels a lot more interactive now. Raptors aren't gangbanging me anymore so i am happy. Fear works how it was suppoused to. Q is a little longer but still balanced. E does more damage and this is big, but the damage isn't even op and can be easily resisted with mr, but at least you can feel it now on early levels. It just feels overall more comfortable. You should still permaban ekko or pantheon.
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: nah its actually static shiv, with infinity edge and stormrazor ----- just make sure to NOT hit the back of the target boy does that suck nerfing your crit damage because of your passive.
Who goes into Static Shiv, Infinity and Stormrazor. I tried that once and its shit. Stormrazor with Static Shiv doesn't even come close to damage of Duskblade. Duskblade is just too good of an item and it fucks up the whole role of assassins.
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: Shaco E
Shaco is fucked. I want to kill people but Duckblade is my best ability, it does the most dmg xd
: Yuumi is the cutest slap in the face I've ever gotten
Why is this downvoted? He is right. Yuumi is a champion that u can go afk on. Riot should never make champions like that. New champions should be hard to play. We have enough of easy to play champions. And on support it is too visible. There are literally 5 support champions that require skill. The rest is on Garen lvl. Yuumi will create unhealthy enviournemt in the game. She will make some characters broken. New funnel strategies will arise. Do you really want that?
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: Playing immobile champs in this game feels like shiit.
Ture. I am not even picking orianna anymore. And I was good at her. Just because mobile champions are so much better and there is so many of them. If enemy team has 3 or 4 of those, you cannot even play ori or you die constantly or if u don;t die, u still are useless and with 0 impact over the game.
faure (NA)
: Vanye with one item is better than most champs with 2
aYo. TRUE. They should nerf her % dmg or her true dmg. She is an anti tank that can literally 3 shot everybody.
: funny thing is it isnt 50/50 matchmaking, its forced 50/50. thers a BIG difference. I had a 70% winrate on kha zix in over 60 games (no, im not boosted, nor a smurf) and then I just started losing, and losing, and losing. Now my WR on kha is what? 64 or 62 or something? If they see you have a decent winrate they put you with 30 - 40% winrate players (no higher then 40). They also actively try to fuck over your LP by doing: "oh hey this guy is silver 2 lets put him into this gold 3 80 LPs game!" or "hey this level 34 account with 29% winrate on trundle support is great for this plat level gold player!" and if you manage to carry that horrid mess, they fucking give you 15 LP. Yea. Ok. Thats fun. Im inspired to play ranked.
: If hes good he will climb even vs smurfs, next
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