: ADC is a very tough role. Don't worry about meta, play what you enjoy and feel comfortable on. I played Zoe and Anivia to get out of Silver, neither are meta (Zoe was for a time) but I even played her when she took her first big nerf and everyone said she was gutted, because that was a champ I was going to play. Also you don't have to carry, sometimes you carry, sometimes you get carried, and sometimes you make decisions that enable somebody else to carry. It's why as a midlaner if I get a lead I try and think "Where can I use this lead to help the rest of the team get ahead." And that's important, cause I think too many people stuck in silver and bronze rely on "I must be the hero or we've lost." If you are carrying, share the success, get other people ahead. If you're behind think "What can I do to help the person who isn't stay there."
This is a reallg advice. Some games I carried game solo, but as You mentioned, players don't share their success, and I can agree when I play shadow Kayn, kda 20/2/3...you can't rely on your team anymore...because they are not strong enough to play small fights.
Keiaga (NA)
: Since you already have experience jungling, I suggest you try {{champion:11}} {{champion:77}} I'm not good at the game, but I once made an account and climbed from bronze to gold very quickly by picking those two and powerfarming the jungle. It works with hardcore splitpushing champs as well like {{champion:23}} . Step1.) /muteall Step2.) avoid any and all fights. Step3.) powerfarm the jungle, powerfarm empty lanes, splitpush. Even if you're 0/0 in a 25 minute game, assuming you're building {{item:3074}} {{item:3153}}{{item:3124}} and more AD, you'll splitpush an empty lane faster than the other team can 4v5 your team.
Alright. I will try playing Udyr in jungle. Never played him, but I am willing to try him out. Trynda I can try in top lane aswell, but what if Im matched against Urgot, Irelia? Wouldn't I lose lane? Or main goal is to just Farm and avoid any fights ealry and let my jungle to gank top. Also, ty for advice
Keiaga (NA)
: On my phone roght now so its too much of a hassle to check your mm. What roles and champs do you play? Have any specific game plans? Do you build thr same thing no matter what? Would you like advice on how to get better or advice on how to climb easier becaise theyre not necessarily the same thing.
Most experience I have with Jhin, Draven, Vayne. Their mastery score is above 100k, but I can't play adc role this season, because of my win ratio as adc is in a bad position. Currently I play with Kayn, which has 56.7% wr in about 65 games, other than that..that is it. I know, my champion skill is alright, but I think I want to know how to climb faster. If possible, I want an advice, how to climb, without premade. Because it is hard to find one. I wanted to start maining Kled, or Irelia, but I don't know Top lanes real purpose, but I do know how Junglers and Adc purpose, just that I find hard to climb.
: I mean, you seem to be doing okay on Hecarim and Kayn. I would say try and focus hard on just trying to grind it out with them, maybe find 1 more jungler you feel comfortable and confident on. As far as in game I'm sadly not very good at jungle so can't give any great advice on that front, but keep warding up vision can win games. I see you usually only buy like 1 control ward, try and get in the habit of seeing if you can always have one on you. Other than that I'd suggest getting a jungler's input, and tough it out.
Okey. Thank you. Question is, do I seek after meta junglers, or rely on any type of jungler, because, if you play well with with any champion, you can still carry..? And also, my highest experience in the game is adc role...bit in s9 I just can't play it, I lose lane, and all I want, is to finally get out of Silver. I was at Gold promos, but sadly lost them :/
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