: Top laners be like
Something to have with the way this game is balanced, it is the solo lanes that have the largest gaps between champs. Like now for example, Garen rework made him completely busted and next to unkillable, his opponents will have a hard time fighting him. Same with let's say Nasus, if he outbullies his opponent he will Snowball to become an unkillable machine. Toplaners also have to deal with the fact that unfortunately most junglers are forced to focus on botside of the map( especially in the coming season), so when one toplaner gets just a tiny lead because of a gank, it will be hard to win, let alone even survive if your opponent is menacingly strong early game champ {{champion:122}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:80}} . There is also the fact that it can be hard to win lane, even if your jungler helps, as a scared little Garen can Q and run from a coming gank or a vlad just uses his W and disappears like the end of a menstrual cycle. All and all, I don't personally see the problem being the jungle, it is more of a mid/botlane problem. It is annoying enough if your team has 1 30iq {{champion:48}} , let alone 2 {{champion:81}} {{champion:37}} . Because if you win lane as a toplaner, you will notice that you don't matter that much in the end, enemy mid could have roamed and is 13/0, or enemy adc has 20 kills. You don't have the same option as the midlaner, you can't just run down to a lane that you see has juicily over-extended. If your jungler doesn't gank you, you are just screwed, no one cares about you ;-; While we can complain, especially if we are facing any of the most disgusting champs to play against {{champion:420}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:23}} , so please, forgive us a little bit, and remember we are all lonely ;-; all alone against Kraken cow and Tryndamere one-tricks.
Bultz (NA)
: An Ultimate Skin for Yasuo idea
Dude has plenty of skins already, I would rather that the champs who haven't had some for years to get more.
: so who braided Senna's hair?
Please, I think we all know that Thresh always wanted to be a barber before the Ruined king... well ruined, his barber business.
: Why are mods removing posts related to Hong Kong
Don't forget that Riot is owned by a massive Chinese company called Tencent.
Yääto (NA)
: "Battle Mages" Are an unacceptable concept. I'm sorry.
umm, you really think Ryze is op XD the guy has a lot of bad match-ups, no longer even has a point-click root, now you have to e enemies first. His ult is useless for most situations and more than often leads to his team dying. He is extremely mana hungry and if faced with assassins he will take even longer to reach his potential because quess what, Zhonya's costs. Riot even went as far as to remove his shield completely, there is nothing overpowered about him, atm he is a very subpar pick.
Yenn (NA)
: Has anyone considered that Garen's improved waveclear has made him too un-interactive?
Was toplaning as Galio against him. No matter how many times I combo'ed him, he didn't have to go back to base until he had enough gold for multiple items.
ÔwÕ (NA)
: Favorite unpicked champs?
Ummm, They are currently doing a complete rework for Fiddlesticks, riot pronounced it months ago.
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: I need help on a champion.
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: change zilean ult
Zilean has very low playrates, has only 1 damaging ability and is not even in line for a complete rework, so be silent and let him have something decent in his kit.
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Juice (EUNE)
: How about we nerf Teleport or remove it completely?
So, you complain that someone gets back to lane using a summoner with a 5 minute cooldown, while your ignite only has a 2 minute cooldown and can get you easy kills XD seems like you are like an ignite Darius player XD
: Swain Skin Leaked?
Would be cool if he was the man behind Zoe, the ultimate evil of the Star Guardian world
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: > [{quoted}](name=World peace plz,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ZLzhwrlE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-24T22:44:04.349+0000) > > maybe {{champion:6}} ;) No. Urgot is a idiot idea made by troll players. Stop the meme, its not even funny.
> [{quoted}](name=Quinn Is Bae,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ZLzhwrlE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-24T22:45:58.945+0000) > > No. Urgot is a idiot idea made by troll players. Stop the meme, its not even funny. Star guardian Urgot sounds amazing and would have a great story. I mean all the star guardians that exist atm are already pretty or handsome champs which sorta says that "heroes can't be ugly". Why can't Urgot, an ugly man who lost everyting have a shot at being something better? Op, you make me sick.
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: team algorithm is designed to prevent you from climbing
All part of the 50% holy winrate riot wants everyone to have
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: {{champion:24}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:58}}
> [{quoted}](name=Sound Chimera,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=aAKAW5H6,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-14T14:45:27.974+0000) > > {{champion:24}} > {{champion:85}} > {{champion:58}} You forgot to put Soraka
stevu (EUNE)
: Best top lane champs for soloq?
1. Soraka 2. Soraka 3. Mordekaiser
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TheYazi (EUW)
: New Aatrox Skin
This is 2 billion times better than all Aatrox's skins XD they are all so boooring
R4ndom F1nn (EUNE)
: Swain still needs buffs
: I absolutely hate swain now.
Yup, he is almost weaker than ever before....
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PavLoo (NA)
: What are the zero-tolerance words?
zounet (EUW)
: are aspects and ascended the same thing?
Targonian aspects are celestials, whose powers have entered mortal hosts. Such as Atreus, into whose body the celestial aspect of war has entered. Meanwhile the ascended (Shuriman) are just former mortal humans who have been ascended by the power of the sun disc, a magical artifact. The Targonian ascended basically have actual gods in them while Shurimans just have the power of the sun disc. "Are Aspects and ascended celestial avatars in 2 different region?" is a weird question. The Shuriman ascended roam in Shurima, there aren't that many left to begin with. Nasus, Renekton and Azir have a reason for remaining. Former Shuriman ascended, the Darkin, on the other hand roam across Runeterra after being imprisoned in their weapons after the Darkin wars. The Targonian ascended (the guys with gods in them) hail from all across runeterra, like Taric is a Demacian, while Atreus actually comes from one of the Targonian tribes. They just go where they are needed and aren't bound to the mountain in a sense that they cannot roam far from it. Hopefully this helped you a bit.
: Sexism
Tilted players can get fixated on everything, besides, seems like you wanted him to react negatively, knowing that his tilt would be focused on the fact that you are a woman. Seems like baiting for a bad reaction XD should have just muted him instead of trying to arouse more reactions.
: Riot is Failing This Year
Every company needs critique, as well as praise. While you have made some valid points on some parts, you are also pushing aside some good things riot has done. They reworked Mordekaiser, he is now actually powerful, but can still be beaten provided you are smart. They made a poll on what champions should be reworked, and instead of reworking only 1 of those champs, they have put resources towards reworking 2. Pantheon rework looks amazing to add to that. The size of the champion pool is what makes lol unique, everyone has a champ they can use, yuumi and qiyana for example have already gotten people to main them, as they are different from the 140 other champs. This game makes everyone pissed at some point, but still we for some reason remain. It has flaws, but look on the positives of the game and on the positives of Riot.
: Swain does not draw health properly during Ultimate.
Let me get this straight, they massacred his Q completely, and he still got bugs to add to that? Why did I buy all his skins ;-;
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Pxerkza (EUNE)
: I think it's due to the Q changes The Q feels awful to cs with
Especially since it still costs a lot and has a much larger cooldown
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: nidalee, warwick, veigar, gnar, lulu, rengar, volibear/reksai, and ahri 3 yordles for 25% chance miss 2 brawlers for 500 extra hp 3 shapeshifters for extra health after transform 3 sorcerers for heavy damage 4 wild for whole party attack speed lulu heals, nidalee heals and give elise bloodthirster she already has lifesteal but could use more or/and nidalee rfc, build warwick, gnar and voli with def and keep the sorcerers in the back. huge survivability.
So I need to be lucky enough to get a bloodthirster, hope the enemy doesn't go for backlines, hope voli doesn't jsut take it and do nothing like he usually does..... so still a really rng oriented quest
: Guess you didn't read the entire patch notes
I don't know where to, only from the app after release and what youtubers say XD
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: Nobody is required to listen to you, just as you are not required to listen to anyone else. If you want to control wnat the jungler is doing, might I suggest **you** queue up for jungle?
> [{quoted}](name=GatekeeperTDS,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=iGAWaBEc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-11T11:01:47.228+0000) > > Nobody is required to listen to you, just as you are not required to listen to anyone else. > > If you want to control wnat the jungler is doing, might I suggest **you** queue up for jungle? I guess you play jungle? XD I am merely teling them to do so because I know my own strenghts and weaknesses and that if these op toplaners are allowed to push without resistance they will steamroll, but sure, go power farm in our jungle or go and only gank botlane while this nasus is at 700 stacks XD
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Troxic (NA)
: No hes not. Yas is stronger early. Darius is stronger early. So many topl aners are stronger earlier...tahm, or urgot...fuck man the list goes on
> [{quoted}](name=Troxic,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ads6sh2J,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-07-10T21:50:05.221+0000) > > No hes not. Yas is stronger early. Darius is stronger early. So many topl aners are stronger earlier...tahm, or urgot...fuck man the list goes on Yasuo is not really stronger early XD Darius is kinda strong at all points in game, tahm ir broken atm and urgot is good against melee champs but gets destroyed by all ranged champs.
Troxic (NA)
: Olafs passive needs to be changed
Dude. he is strong at early game but starts losing towards the end of midgame and falls off really hard in lategame.
: Eirvin, The Lantern of the Forest((Champion Concept))
So basically Ivern 2.0 but with te best jungle presence in the game?
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