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Madsin25 (NA)
: Vlad does good in mid lane because it's hard for mages to poke him out of lane through his sustain. Top lane completely different story. The cancerous bruisers jump on you and your dead, or you pool and they jump on you 10 seconds later and you are dead.
Yeah, I agree, on midlane he is a beast if playing against normal mages.
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: This game suck with trolls
I also think that report system is a joke. U can freely troll, if u are not flaming anybody. While u flame trolls, and get reported, it's u who most likely gonna get banned xD.
: how to prevent team from feeding?
FkValeRly (EUW)
: people with 10 games on shaco reach 52,5% wr, must be the legendary one tricks I've been hearing of :)
LOL ITS 10 games. With 10 games i had 100% winrate on wukong, 80% on sol, and 90 on jax, 20% with azir. My first 10 games on azir were affected by trash team, so I had so low win rate. It all was just random staff. 52% with 10 games is trash win rate lmao. These guys just won or lost 1 game over the edge of 50%. They will climb or fall to the hell with this win rate. With small amount of games u either have high win ratio or below 50%. After playing countless games u will just go around 50% from both sides. Win ratio is trash gauge, I don't know why people can't understand it. Winning the game is just a mix of anything, your team may suck, or u can have op team, dc, luck, players knowledge, skills. It's not about simple champion just to win the game. LOOK {{champion:223}} BUT BUT, he got only 49% winratio plat +. This champion is sure weak. I even don't know why whole boards are ranting about him. Stop looking at the numbers, and actually play few games with champions or vs him to see him in action, it's the best gauge to see how strong is champion. When {{champion:39}} in previous season was 1v5 champion, and she get -5 ms nerf xD, because riot had their numbers. It's the same looking at the win ratio as the gauge of how strong is the champion.
: How is shaco god awful if he's good in basically every elo above silver? Comparing him to ryze/akali doesn't make any sense at all, since akali is bad in every elo, and ryze just had his mini rework so people are relearning him They don't need to buff a champion that see's success in almost every elo besides the bottom tier, no champions are getting buffs for that
> Comparing him to ryze/akali doesn't make any sense at all, since akali is bad in every elo, and ryze just had his mini rework so people are relearning him Akali bad in every elo, I just laughed so hard, I would send u a mem with Tom Cruise laughing right now in this moment :D. Shaco is played by low amount of players which, usually otp him thats why his win rate is above 50%. Any otp can get higher win rate than normal with a champion, even i got 56% winrate with Azir after countless games, maybe it's not much but it's above 50%. Shaco capabilities are nothing compared to {{champion:107}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:28}} . He only has good start with boxes, and just falls off to other junglers right in the moment. He has complicated kit which need to be used to fullest to actually be 1 on 1 against such a champions like above. Their kit is just fucking simple, they click QWER and overkill an target, while shaco has to go behind someone place a box to actually fear someone and deal few attacks just to deal maybe 70-80 of target hp. If he survives to late game, he may start actually do something, and is quite strong, but if u know games end fast right now. I think he needs a rework, but the one to save his trickster gameplay, and actually to be stronger than current one.
: How is Lux escaping nerfs next patch when she's near 100% pick/ban in GM+ games...
OH HOW THESE 2 ARE AVOIDING REWORK OR NERFS {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} when unbanned are almost 100% picked.
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Randcold (NA)
: Graves as an adc again
I loved {{champion:104}} as adc, when riot reworked him I didn't play him since then, lol. With his current kit, he is op or pure crap, due to an item changes {{champion:42}} needs his old passive and just to be an adc again.
Haze97 (EUW)
: I am giving up Katarina.
Idk I think Katarina is way better than talon. Talon has only early game over all mid champions, but later he sucks. Katarina is the most mobile champion in league, u can't run away from a good kata. She just heals INSANE AMOUNTS OF HEALTH with just {{item:3146}}. Any mage except syndra, old ryze, vlad, will get easly stomped by her. Assassins are skill match up. She just burst the fuck down whole team in 1 round, if the enemy don't have lock cc like tf card, malz ult to hold her for a second and get bursted by enemy team or some braindead cc train. This champion is pure cancer, worse than any other assassin. She is not weak in a good hands, and she doesn't have weak laning phase. I just ban it everytime, because on d4 im meeting kata otps with 500k points.
: Ryze feels a lot more brainless to play
He is much weaker than before, in my opinion.
: Forgotten champs by riot balance team
Honestly, azir and sol are fine . Shaco and kalista needs changes.
: Complaining about Kindred lmfao
Maybe if u will hit platinum +, u will get players with enough knowledge to ultilize champions potential.
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verxion (NA)
Welcome to the biggest elo hell in lol. Better find yourself duo if u wanna win something, lmao.
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: Riven should lose Blade of the Exile when she uses Wind Slash
I don't know If it would work out. Maybe make wind slash non finisher move, with a fair dmg when opponent got any % of hp and later u can just delete her R blade.
: PSA: Mordekaiser has a very simple HARD COUNTER; This is how you beat him, as a laner OR jungler
: I would like to start with saying "I welcome auto chess" and continue with "We need more game modes"
Guys, what do u think about capture the flag in lol ? If we would change rift, delete few towers, delete side lanes, make few entrances in the walls of base, add more bushes into jungle and few ways for example deleting wolfs camp. add bonuses, some special abilities, classes , flag holder will be slowed as hell unable to attack and using abilities but he will get bonus health and resists, immunity to cc, while his team will have to defend him and their own flag. Ryze R thresh lantern and bard e won't work on flag holder. Who get the flag to your own one at base wins.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: There are no hackers in this game, rofl
There were a lot hackers in lol in the past years, just check youtube. I've met myself at least 8 times someone on bol. I guess, right now report system works better against them so they are not showing so much these days, I didn't meet one in at least 3 years. It was not funny to play against Vayne that can avoid any skillshots, Xerath who hits anything, Cassio that can strike her E behind back and in the same time walking forward xD.
: Lux adjustments are MANDATORY at this point.
I feel like {{champion:25}} is just more broken right now. Despite the fact that she can have very very safe midlane, on botlane she just counters all hard cc picks. U have to go ultility support or mage to actually be usefull against her. {{champion:99}} is annoying, but u can take anything against her, and it will somehow work out depending on skills of players.
: He's already getting nerfed. Whiny, low-effort threads like this don't help your case at all though. There are legitimate things that had to be nerfed about him and I think you literally pointed out none of them. nerf bard He has too many escapes, slows, burst, cc, and gets too op lategame with infinite scaling passive ^that took me 20 seconds. Bard is in no way OP, but low effort posts can make anything sound like the strongest thing in the game.
Where is his nerf at current patch? xd
Moody P (NA)
: Replace Aftershock with Courage of the Colossus
CotC and aftershock are both broken. I just remember going 1v5 maokai or hecarim with cotc, and just getting half hp shield for 3 s. Tanks should get new rune that would be only avaible for them, not some stupid aftershock which after cc grants immortality for 2,5s for a squishy target. Just these runes are too much followed on fast gains of shields, resists in a second just by any mere immobilize. Even after CotC would replace aftershock, aftershock mages would pay the price while tanks, offtanks with cc would be overpowered again. What if tanks would get something similar to conqueror but instead of dmg stacking, it would stack resists to for example 5 stacks. 5 stack would give us basic 10 armor/mr at lvl 1 while 25 at lvl 18 + it would scale with your bonus armor/mr. So if u are more tanky u get more benefit. And after using cc with 5 stacks u would get a shield that gives u basic 5% max hp shield +( %hp scaling with bonus mr and armor for example 2%hp per 100 resists so if u have 100 armor and 100 mr u get 4% hp shield). After that whole rune goes on cd 30-40 s.
: nerf pyke
Nah, even if he is just impossible to catch, difficult to kill on mid, can easy penta kill in teamfight it's ok, it's not riven so boards won't help you. Remember nerf riven.
: Being flamed by High Elo players because of rank.
I usually play normals just to test builds, champions etc. Im d4 myself and I usually play better than anyone on normals since I get usually gold-silver people. If someone as d4 is tryharding on normal and flaming some lower division players for playing bad on normal then he must be r%%%%%ed. Feels bad that u are meeting such people. Just don't worry, use mute button and after the game just report them. Funny thing is that whenever I play bad on normals im just called boosted and that I bought an account lmao. On normal these insults are just childish like "uninstall, u suck" bblala. When I was playing on d1 elo 2 seasons ago I've just met the most toxic people ever. They would just try to slowly crash u mentally. They were fucking psychos, feeling above anyone and anything just because they were in higher division than u. I don't know if they were feeling like this game is their life or something simillar to good job. They were feeling already like gods of this game, and that the game is the real deal, which is funny because if u are not streaming or playing pro u won't get anything from the game. Just feels bad for challanger elo and how toxic it must be.
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: Irelia nerfed again
Just irelia on midlane can kill u whenever she hits R on u, with E hitted it's just an overkill even under tower. She can chase u from lvl 2, and almost kill u whenver she lands stun with her passive. She is even still good on top in a good hands. {{item:3091}} with new passive is just too good on her vs mages, giving sustain mr and dmg. On midlane in my opinion she gonna loose vs good {{champion:157}} because he can block her stun and r with windwall, which is not hard to block, irelias R is coming from behind, so yas can just press W behind her and it will block R. {{champion:13}} {{champion:268}}{{champion:8}} may give her trouble because they may play totally def under tower, ryze can go aftershock, has snare and azir is mobile and can just r her back into tower, while vlad uses pool and have sustain. {{champion:7}} with 2 dashes on lvl 6 can outplay her.
: she already has nerfs pending maybe read the ptr notes
Oh I had to find pbe nerfs list. Anyway it's pbe, it's not 100% guaranteed that they will nerf it.
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Jivewolf (NA)
: New Champs Are Cool And Amazing And Make The Game More Fun
Don't worry riot knows what they are doing. It will be garbage or will just needs 5 nerfs like {{champion:517}} to actually be playable against.
Saezio (EUNE)
: I disagree. 60 MS for 2 sec after killing a creep/JG camp is really powerful if you know how to utilise it. Be it to get a quick trade, escape a gank or catch up to someone. It is a mechanic that you won't really pay any attention to until diamond though. Players don't know how to use it. If you watch voyboy, he mentions it many many times.
In jungle this passive is useless, and also it's usually second item after a jungle item. Almost all the bruisers go BC or Trinity first item so anyone of them have this passive with phage so anyone can perform your quick trades on top, do u get it ? Almost all of them are fighting with equal terms, they got phage in their build. Unless u are playing against tanks which are rarely seen on top right now. After u will just delete it, they will still do the same trades, but just without this passive. Now no one will have this passive early, but it will reduce the cost of the item, so u can actually get other items faster a bit which will help u, or maybe even buff stats of phage for a current price. With this passive or not u are doomed against ranged, mages. Only jumps, dashes, cdr works against them. Bruisers vs each other will remain almost the same. After u will finish an item, u will have the passive. so after 11- 16 min. It's not phage passive that allows irelia and riven just get to ranged champions fast enough to burst them down, these are their own abilities.
: > [{quoted}](name=RaQqa,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pLGWXEGt,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-06-07T13:06:47.566+0000) > > I agree almost with anything except morello and archangel staff. When they nerfed {{item:3916}}, in my opinion was enough. Morello gives 70 ap it's not that much, it's not even worth buing when someone doesn't have hardcore healing like {{champion:16}} and unless 3 of people in enemy are buying some mr early, sorcs shoes gives enough penetration.{{item:3151}} is actually better if u want deal more dmg vs no mr team. > > Archangel staff works well only on few champions while {{item:3285}} outmatch archangel almost in every way. Archangel may be annoying, because it just works perfectly with {{champion:13}}, the rest of champions are using it for a hard mana sustain item, which they need. Maybe shield cd should be higher and that's all. archangels has been nerfed so many time and even made not buildable with muramana, first it got the shield str hit an then it got hit to only give 1% ap untill its fully charged hitting it early game. i dont see anyone build it anymore outside of ryze. even as ap ezreal i pref to build muramana.
It is only builded on them {{champion:69}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:34}} no one else, im not ranting on this item btw I think it's ok.
NY64 (NA)
: Why does Braum have a low win rate?
Braum is strong, he is as strong as naut,ali,pyke , just he requires to be playing around him more and overall more cooperation with teammates than other supports. Just {{champion:13}} {{champion:268}} syndrome.
: Items that need nerfed
I agree almost with anything except morello and archangel staff. When they nerfed {{item:3916}}, in my opinion was enough. Morello gives 70 ap it's not that much, it's not even worth buing when someone doesn't have hardcore healing like {{champion:16}} and unless 3 of people in enemy are buying some mr early, sorcs shoes gives enough penetration.{{item:3151}} is actually better if u want deal more dmg vs no mr team. Archangel staff works well only on few champions while {{item:3285}} outmatch archangel almost in every way. Archangel may be annoying, because it just works perfectly with {{champion:13}}, the rest of champions are using it for a hard mana sustain item, which they need. Maybe shield cd should be higher and that's all.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Phage passive is the shit. IDK what you are talking about. It's amazing on tons of champs. And mobility never means you don't want more mobility. Like... Really? Jax doesn't like runing faster? Or any champ for that matter? Bad players though don't utilise this because the rightclick and don't walk forward after each attack to gain more ground. So what you are suggesting is a noob-friendly change and I am 100% against that.
Im not saying it's shit, but honestly it's not that game changing early, it just really helps darius, garen maybe and that's literally all. Everyone has jumps and dashes, slows, this ms is not something big, u would get it later anyway with ending bc or trinity, while pure stats bonus from combining phage is crap for the price.
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SirEnds (NA)
: What tilts you the most?
In game: 1. When my team think that they are superior to me whenever I just lost lane, but they almost lost lanes too and aren't much better than me. 2. People just plays only meta picks, kaisa/vayne/jinx/pyke/vladimir for example, I meet them almost everygame. Honestly there are tons of picks that are comparable to them, but people just plays them because some website says so they will play them. It made the game boring as hell 0 creativity. Few champions are broken and needs nerf in meta but, not everyone, I don't know why these less broken are so popular, just follow the sheeps syndrome. 3. Bot and jungle have way more impact early than top and mid in winning games. 4. Yeah I hate when someone dies 5 times in first 10 mins of the game with 0 kills. 5. Toxic 10 years old kiddos. Out of game: 6. Too many information websites, tells u how enemy is playing etc 7. Not nerfed, changed{{item:3161}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3152}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:555}}{{champion:157}} {{champion:67}} Conqueror not deleted from the game, or changed. 8. Feels like riot don't listen the players and just focus on pro leagues, unless players rant about something for half a year. 9. This forum still rant about riven, while they don't see problem with other champions xD, 10,{{champion:77}} His kit is old af but it's working, His visual upgrade is ultimate skin, visuals not changed since years. 11.{{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} not changed into midlaners since years. 12. {{champion:4}} {{champion:35}} give them some love, Tf is too much team dependant, while shaco can't be played by simple humans, he is comparably weak to other assassins. I could write 5x more but for what xd
: if his damage goes up then he starts winning lanes his sustain is already balanced as he has no way of building a health pool the only form of in fight resistance that he has is killing you which in itself is balanced because if you avoid it he pops like a baloon
His sustain is balanced xD, that's the funniest thing I've ever read.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Tahm kench was fucking cancer before he got changed. He might be out of bot lane, but now he makes for a good top laner. Pyke is a great support that can do mid lane due to the fact he is highly mobile and he has kill pressure. It's not out of the ordinary that some champs can be good in several lanes. {{champion:157}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:67}} That list pretty much goes on ...
I know there are several champions that are like that, but they all were designed to be solo laners except maybe few like vayne, but honestly adcs can be good solo laners . In the support case they were designed to help out the second guy on bot and also the team. Most of the supports can't solo lane, and even if they do, they do poorly. Even if they were solo laners they were used mainly for boosting strategies to help their junglers at mid or top.{{champion:117}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:44}}, maybe except lulu. Just what I want to say that Mages from mid, Tanks from top may be Supports, they were designed to solo lanining, so why they would not work out on duo lane, they will be weaker than on solo lane but for sure they will work, worse or better. Champions designed as supports who should have their strong sides on helping an allies, should have poor solo lane, so why pyke and tahm have such a strong laning phase, is this wrong design of champion or what.
: Wow sounds like if you pick them, you'll get free wins! What're you waiting for dude??!! Pick Pyke and you can 1 v 5 with just his ult!
I've never played pyke, but from several games i've played against or with him he just stomped the game, and he wasn't always on support role. The thing is that even if u shut him down on lane somehow, which is hard because he is almost uncatchable and hard to outtrade, whenveer teamfight comes, he will shine, catching someone with Q using R, eventually deleting whole team with R + giving 1.5k additional gold to team. There is no champion that is free elo, but he is strong right now, I would say too strong. Tahm on the other hand is annoying but u can handle him.
: Nerf Tryndamere
Honestly Tryndamere is strong in low and even high elo. In my opinion his only true counter is {{champion:75}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:17}}{{champion:133}} {{champion:85}}{{champion:126}} are good vs him in early, but whenever trynd get to mid game, or jungler helps him u are doomed, they can't really outduel trynd later, they can just def tower from him if they don't stomp him early, so if u are playing these champs ask jungler for help to shut down tryndramere more in early game. {{champion:24}} is a champion who can duel vs him except nasus in mid-late game, but you don't really counter trynd with jax, it's more a skill match up, as jax u can't do anything vs him early, he outdmg u and outsustain u. After trinity dueling is 50/50 and maybe after sterak/ shojin your chance of winning duel vs him are increasing, just be sure whenever u get him to low hp and he press r stay away from him unless u got your e. {{champion:122}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:114}} also skill match ups for trynd they can just poke trynd, hit and go back, nullyfying his engage, trynd later can 1v1 them but still, he must be careful. {{champion:6}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:240}} I didn't see any of this match ups, most of them trynd will have problems early, but vs urgot R he can press his R, vs aatrox he has enough mobility to escape his combo, kled and camile has insane early, but if jax can solo both of them later then trynd can do it for sure.
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Sir Gusi (EUW)
: What's your most hated champs to play against
{{champion:55}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:157}}{{champion:28}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:11}}
: the real problem is not them being tanks, the actual problem with the game is that those tanks are top tier simply because, they too, can one shot others while still remaining fairly tanky. but truth be told, tanks never asked for this, no one ever asked for this. no one wanted tanks to deal damage, we'd much rather have better sustain/resistances than having a dmg buff on our abilities
Almost all the tanks have %hp dmg and big early dmg which make them strong early-mid game + their defense stats. Tahm and nunu are almost impossible to 1v1 early- mid. They fall down whenever team build penetrations. They can't one shot anymore with full ap/ ad build maybe except few picks.
: You were always able to fight back if you played it correctly. Conq just made it so that Q spamming without weaving in autos could work. But Renekton, Fiora, and any ranged character still shits on her like always. Same with tanks
It's true that you were always able to fight back, but it was much harder to do than now. She was spamming her shield all the time. I think renekton and fiora are skill match ups, not really shit on her, since I saw good rivens shitting on them. She is weak vs ranged champions, that's right but still, she is not in worst position to loose lane vs ranged, since she has a lot of dashes to get to ranged champions. I think tanks can't do anything to riven and other bruisers. Just with a time they will loose, they can tank them for a moment but that's all. Riven will outheal/shield dmg with conqueror DD and also shred them with BC and conq true dmg. Just sometimes guys with 200 armor were nothing to riven which just had BC and other item.
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D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: 6th version of ryze btw
Can they actually delete ryze from the game and forgot about him ? lol . They just make him too weak or too strong all the time, with every rework. I don't know if this rework will acomplish something, they will have to change him again, lmao.
: A Sol's Late Game is Ridiculuosly Weak
Sols late is weak? xD, Of course you are in a disadvantage 1v1 against mobile assassins, but you are a zoning machine. You can just press R in late game for 1k dmg which gives massive slow for everyone it touched, and it's not hard to hit it on multiple enemies, then u follow up with your Q and W, In 1 second u almost one shot squishy target there, everyone is slowed by rylai, u got zhnoya to survive crucial dmg. Sol have decent late game. I would say his weakest moment comes after roa, enemy already in this moment are enough strong to solo u and outclear the wave in a good time. U get the dmg after 2 next items. Of course there are several champions that can kill u at lvl 2, maybe even at lvl 1, but honestly sol have one of the best lvl 1 performence in the game. Use your R more times, earlier in the fight, it helps u a lot, in actual dueling, don't save it for later. Lux and vel koz are squishy, while u have 1k hp more, U can just DO a GENKI DAMA from the half of the map, followed by some engage from your team, it's often unavoidable, your team will get a kill.
: Do you know about how if you flush a goldfish they sometimes end up in lakes and ruin the ecosystem?
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