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: Riot you need to consider the actions Daniel Z Klein and maybe even Froskurinn
what this is, is a paid job interview,in August 29 they made a post about women in Riot and now they make a post about women becoming pros and joining the company in their PAX. Not only is this offensive to every woman's intelligence it is also a call for attention seekers. My guess is riot is trying to create something like an E-sports cheerleader team that will make up for their shitty balance team PR. An event about empowering women to recruit women in jobs that are based around them showing their body,ironic isn't it?
Aimléss (NA)
: Give the Assassin rework another go Riot
walking into lane as a 20 armor mage against zed is just so unfun and uninteractive most players just ban the champion and get it over with.I am fairly sure that if the champion had a lower playrate he would be reworked by now.
: {{champion:142}} was gutted into non-existence and is barely viable right now. She is badly in need of compensation buffs. 49% win rate:
are you by any chance a fizz main?
WarWork (NA)
: I think Riot is slowly but surpassing Blizzard as a lore powerhouse
: Even the reddit community is on fire about how bad this season actually is
riot was asked for like 5 months to add a bruiser keystone,then after all that waiting and pro players making videos complaining about it we got this broken degeneracy named conqueror. Now everyone is playing burst mid bot and jungle because of the new damage items and the crit rework,quinn jhin morgana brand zed talon fizz zoe the new crit is pretty much ADCs playing without crit for 2/3rds of the game so people just pick mage supports to deal damage and win fights.By the time you build{{item:3031}} s and {{item:3089}} s the game is over.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: At This Point There Are 2 Choices
This year,Zoe,an assasin was the 3rd most picked champion,talon was the 7th also an assasin zed was also picked as well,nocturne found himself in the 10 most banned champions.
: I am a perma banned user. I am here to make sure you don't make the same mistake.
right now permabans are noothing,at least for most people who do not spend money on the game,the rune grind is gone,leveing up is easier and ebay is full of 30 level accounts,i got my season 1 accoount permabanned 2 years ago thankfully i never spent any money on it all i lost was victorious sivir which is nothing
saltran (EUW)
: There's a third option: stop overreacting about assasins.
right now the top 6 most played champions in mid are 5 assasins and yasuo,if thats how the game looks at the LCS i can guarantee you another assasin class update.
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Xavanic (NA)
: dunno what to ban anymore
ban all the assasins,literally all of them,18th game in a row with an assasin opponent mid.
Leto GT (EUW)
: Regarding tanks and Meddler post.
whats the point of playing a tank when someone comes out of stealth and instantly kills your adc,there is a point in tanks when there is a fair amount of mages in the game and right now all assasins have overwhelming playrates,duskblade+guaranteed first autoattack crit was one of riot's biggest mistakes. You probably need to wait until the assasin class update.
: Why buff fizz?
the assasin class is probably in for another class update,most likely after the LCS patch.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 13
are there going to be any changes on assasins? Midlane is a god forsaken hellhole,you said mages had too much clear and were uninteractive in lane,right now Talon has the best waveclear in the game and in my last 7 games 6 were against an assasin mid.
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Rexxiee (NA)
: Caitlyn WR down to 44% wr this patch
They will pull the good old Riot Classic,leaving champions at 40% winrate for 7 months then anouncing they will rework them
: Is Yasuo getting fixed soon?
when will the champion that has kept a 60% banrate and 20%pickrate for 3 years be nerfed? When we get a real balance team
: FYI: Two People Voting Against a Surrender
Every Freaking Time: Teammate presses no on surrender vote then starts complaining in the chat about how the game is lost. Yes this is why i play league to argue with 12 year olds.I am just thankful that my pc can run Hearthstone and league at the same time
: "Riot's job is to keep the game fresh which is why it's unbalanced"
FPS games: Good aim reflexes and decision making to win games Strategy games: Decision Making and experience MMORPGS: experience and dedication League Of Legends: well i just look at the patch notes each patch and pick the most broken champion in the list.
: That's probably because {{item:3095}} guarantees a crit but makes your next crit deal 160% damage, while Jhins 4th shot guarantees a "normal" crit, but stormrazors crit damage reduction will apply anyway. I believe an easy fix for that would be that if you would have crit normally while {{item:3095}} is up it will grant it's movement speed but won't reduce your crit damage.
**This is a bug **because on the 4th shot Jhin has 100% crit chance just like xin zhao's passive works.The item should calculate the damage taking in consideration the 100% crit chance and deal ~220% damage,otherwise it should be changed to say critical chance from items.
: So PUBG is suing EpicGame/Fortnite for same gaming concept.....
h1z1 was an open world fps,there was even another crappy open world fps on steam named last man standing if anything pubg copied other games fortnite is somewhat orginal woth the cartoonish animations and the building.
: Ok, I'm getting sick of Xin Zhao.
: League Of Legends: A game with 135 Champions, where only 20-30 of them will only ever get attention
100% of the championpool: 20% LCS exclusive champions gutted for LCS players to not abuse 20% dead champions riot refuses to balance scheduling them for a rework on the second coming of jesus 40% bad in current patch. ** **10% champions that combined see play in less than 30% of games but are viable. 10% yasuo zed and all the popular champs riot balances around always being in the meta.** **
: Welp, That Killed Jungle Diversity and any Interest I Had Playing This Game
what if i told you,you can just ignore scuttlecrab and continoue clearing your jungle and you will not fall behind you will just not be able to make level 3 ganks?
: The fighter/bruiser/diver meta is coming and so i go.
darius irelia and mundo are the bruiser meta? then zed and leblanc mean we are in an assasin meta? and ezreal means we are in an adc meta?
: @RiotRepetoir Spear Of Shoji Shouldn't go live and here's why and the problems i can see with it.
if only riot could stop sucking the kool aid out of the assasin class's dick.
: Nerf jg pLs
before the jungle changes laners would literally sit back in their lane because they were scared of level 3 ganks,in fact you could put me in a 1v3 lane and it would still be better for me than getting level 3 ganked.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Breaking news: Pro players are good at abusing niche aspects of kits in weird ways you cant easily prepare for. In other news, dihydrogen monoxide still the deadliest chemical on earth.
not much niche in a galio,just an ultimate that works better in coordinated play,which riot's balance team probably knew from the start,yet kept the champion balanced around solo queue the first couple of months,same thing with sejuani,in fact there is no champion with some abused niche on their kit by tournament players all of them just have an ability that works better in coordinated play. The only niche aspect of kits i have seen abused in tournaments was Bard with zilean where bard ults then zillean double bombs and hits everyone.
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: Let's talk Poppy, let's talk Riot balance
Riot has been doing this for years,a certain champion pool that is 1/3rd of the entire champion pool are LCS exclusive champions that are balanced around LCS and not league of legends,some of the most distinct champions in that pool are ryze,nidalee,lissandra and poppy.I feel sorry for poppy mains because poppy was actually good for some time after her reworked and had a good winrate and playrate in both solo queue and the LCS so a lot of players got baited into maining her,the same thing is currently going to happen to Orn and what pyke is destined for a month before his realise.
: When are we going to deal address this?
safest adc in the game,mobility and poke,passive that gives attack speed for the lanephase,sheen powerspike,trinity force is a safe item,
: "Pyke can't be a support!"
Pyke will be a support,Pyke won't be a sucessfull support,i would be impressed if he could be succesful anything with that ultimate. He is one of the champions that the moment you see the kit you know that he is going to be great in tournaments which means that he will be balanced around tournaments which means that by 2019 he will be 44-46% winrate
: New Players Will Never Know About This Old Gem
Dynamic Queue is good because it decreased toxicity -Riot The Majority of the community likes the new queue.(8 minute queues in Flex lul)
Anatera (NA)
: Just wait till S9 preseason
-The Riot Classic- Riot causes a champion to go into a broken state for 2 months Riot Nerfs the champion to the Ground Riot makes post about how champion needs a rework and that everything will be fixed in 2 years.
: What happened to all the youtube content?
cussing,talking about politics or violence can get your video demoneytized best case scenario you get 1 mil views for a video thats 40 hours of work,imaqtpie gets the same views for 2 hours.
Slythion (NA)
: Then you are an absolutely terrible teammate that probably deserves to get banned. That's all I'll say though, don't bother trying to justify or retort.
i am just saying,don't hate the player hate the game.
Slythion (NA)
: "I won't Support"
I do this,support is the only role i refuse to play. playuing brain dead champions against braindead champions sitting behind an adc all game and wasting your time on what i consider "not playing league of legends" when janna sona karma and lulu all sit at 46% winrate i may consider touchingthis role. if it comes to it i woll rather double jungle than support.
: The more I play with autopilot players
league is a team based game,thats why last year we had the worst lcs in league of legends history because everyone likes seeing galio janna lulu karma and shen stacking shields to win the game. This is fun.
: As a mage player, Sorcery feels underwhelming for me.
"We wanted to limit Mage's ability to waveclear" //Riot releases a mastery system for mages that is literally just cooldown reductions and free mana. //Riot wonders why the waveclear problem got out of hand //Riot nerfs mage's mana scaling //Now you are even more forced to follow that shitty mastery tree We did it patrick we saved the city
: Not Saying I Miss Her But...
about 1/4th of the champion pool in league of legends belongs to the pro players and those champions are balanced around pro play,that of course means that most of those champions are dogshit garbage for players in ranked and normal games.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: Phreak: "Typical ADCs are not required; remember when Jhin was the best champion at a time?"
First when talking about jhin you need to divide him into 2 categories LCS Jhin who is an ult bot for ganks to slow down enemies and guarantee kills and RANKED JHIN which is a proper adc. All the item changes are buffs to jhin and he will definetely see more play especially in the LCS but that has nothing to do with him being "mage like".
: Poppy was sitting at the bottom winrate of any toplane tank in 8.8
Riot is just sucking the kool aid out of pro player's dicks.
: Could you imagine if sports players talked to each other the same way league players do
: Riot, can Beemo and Beekeeper Singed sales go to save the bees?
bees are not going extinct,a certain species of bees that was kept in a certain part of a country where they overdozed the bees on chemicals and killed most of them was about to become engangered.
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