: Season 10
Just don't be surprised.
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: I hope in S10, they fix klepto vlad, klepto keenen, and klepto kayle
I will spoil it for you. Season 10 will be even worse. Like every new season is.
: > [{quoted}](name=CharDeeMcDenniz,realm=NA,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=Erp4OPNo,comment-id=000200000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-18T04:16:43.207+0000) > > just out of curiosity where are you getting your numbers from? https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Mathgodpi Ladder Rank 512,310 (29.62% of top) 512310/.2962 = 1729608
Add to that the fact that every person has several accounts. I have 13 accounts. 5 of them and active. The rest dead. Still, its 5 for me. 3 for each of my friends. The number of players in gold queue is probably even lower.
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: Diamond and Plat in my Iron game
Treeline is not worth playing. Only ARAM and SR are playable.
SirEnds (NA)
: Why is Ohmwrecker not getting reworked?
Well. I forgot that it exists to be honest.
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: While Twitch's gameplay is certainly lackluster, he's perfectly fine in terms of strength.
Yes. That is why I said > I am not saying that Twitch should be buffed I want him fixed. His synergy with Lulu is a problem in every single season. It needs to be addressed as some point. This issue cannot be dodged every time. It should be fixed at least in S10. We literally had a jungle nerf because of that and now Twitch is underperforming but that is not a problem, the problem is that he will be overperforming with Lulu in the next season. Probably as always in patch .3 or .4, which would make it 10.3 and 10.4 being incredibly bad again.
Keiaga (NA)
: Havent taken the time to check records but hasnt twitch been consistently floating between being the best adc and being one of the best for several years?
In S7 and S8. Before he was nerfed. He is one of the worst adc atm. He is not even worth playing. I mean, it might have something to do with other adc being too good or with meta being too "dodge or die in 1 sec". He is also a problematic champion for more than several years. His synergy with Lulu is a problem, that needs to be fixed at some point. It bounces back as a problem in every single season. It did in this season as well. The whole jungle nerf was because of Twitch + Lulu and other early game champions being too good. Somebody needs to address that at some point. It cannot stay like this in every single season.
Tayzzer (NA)
: I'm tired of people flaming riot on here for their lack of skill
Some champions literally don't have counterplays. Which is why they are played in high elo. Do you know a counter vs qiyana? There is no such this. "don't go near walls" - her ult literally throws you into a wall even if you are in the middle of the lane, test it if you don't believe. She doesn't have skillsshots, since you can hit your q while you are on top of your enemy. Her kit is just too good atm. The same goes for Sylas. His kit has counterplays, but they are not that easy to use since his e is very easy to hit. Actually, forget about it, I like this champion. Qiyanna too. I might actually play them. There should be more counterpicks against Yasuo, so that he isn't banned all the time and then it would be ok. Also Morde R should be changed, it is too good vs supports. They can't do anything. I have nothing against other champions tho. They might be slightly overpowered (jinx) or massively overpowered (pantheon), but I can manage with that . Lastly, I actually think that the game is ok, but it would be better if damage was lower. Overall. Atm everybody can kill anybody with one combo. I had more fun in seasons with more strategy in the game. I really miss them. Still consider the game ok, but I have that feeling that without so much damage, this game would be a lot better. Also, I am tired of that too. People should do the same we (Shaco mains) did, which is "talk with Riot". A calm and civil discussion over important topics can change the game. Not yelling, yelling won't do shit.
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: Ahh now I addressed this on my three huge posts in reply to Ahri Baka. That's only really an option if you match or beat enemy wave clear already, and asking coordination out of your Jungler in solo q? Furthermore some matchups just don't have clean answers to a frozen wave; see Garen v Darius. Also our conversation is flopping around a lot; we were talking about mid to late game no? We just ended up back in the early game with your post now.
Sorry. Yeah. According to mid - late game i didn't really see poeple doing freezing.
: Somebody else mentioned it in the post above in regards to laning but if you're really good at mid to late game freezing, you can completely cut off minions and thus gold supply to your enemies for minutes at a time. I can concede that faster minions could be an inelegant solution to that problem, but we needed a solution to that problem unless we want crazy stall tactics like those in the past.
but there are ways to break the freeze like shoving the wave under the tower so it bounces back or asking your jungler for help so w/e actually i think doing it solo is better also you can just kill your enemy xd
: That's still 15 whole minutes of personal laning phase management. Not even in slower metas do laning phases last that long. I mean look, fuck the Jungler for a moment. Fuck the rest of your team for 15 minutes. This is a completely personal skill that directly affects your personal performance that isn't bogged down by excuses of mechanics like minions speeding up. This is no excuse for people on the Boards to ignore this skill and complain about how personal skill doesn't matter about this game.
I agree that its worth learning and before 15 min mark i usually do good. I am only mad at how everything is fucked after 15 min mark. Those minions are entering godspeed and inting way faster. And its all because RIot wants matches to end faster, so minions must push towers down. I disagree with a premise that games should end faster and even if riot is right, then they could achieve it in many other ways.
: I mean its only bruiser items and ap items that do that. Adc,assassins and tank items have trade offs. If you build duskblade you're building a item that will falls off and it gives you the worst stat in the game if you are behind.
Duskblade gives you a proc damage, ad, cdr, a lot of lethality, ward detection, ward oneshot and a slow. Also its cheap. At least they nerfed proc damage, but it still is a bullshit item.
: I hope Riot learns something from this season
I will spoil it to you, but they won't. They didn't learn a single thing in 10 years.
: So wave management is too difficult and not worth it, and is this an excuse not to learn wave management at all? And you missed the point of the thread. I picked Wave Management arbitrarily. Making excuses not to learn micro skills/macro strategies and then complaining about it is lame.
But that guy actually has a point. Wave management is fucked since riot made the minions move faster after 15 min mark. The game is getting sped up for no reason.
: Cool story kid go play that dead game with your friends and stop comparing two different games , there is a reason LoL is the most played moba for 10 years now and Hots is dead long time ago
Literally the only reason why Hots isn't popular is the game engine, that is from SC2.If they ever make Hots2 with a new engine it might be a good game. Also League is the most played moba because there is literally no competition in that type of game. If anyone would make an actually good moba, then ppl would leave league. That is the truth about the situation. (i would love to play a pokemon moba, but at this point any moba can beat league if they make it at least good).
: Its literally more difficult to avoid 45% CDR than to build it
You are right. There are some moments when i sit on 55% cdr and wondering why i didn't get transcendence. Its trurly ridiculous. Look at how many items give you 20% cdr. 10% is almost on every item in the game. You even get cdr on some of starting items, like how insane is that.
Eedat (NA)
: > They added a bunch of CDR in exchange for removing raw AD/AP so in theory a single combo would do less burst but it would be up more frequently to compensate. And in that manner it worked. > People like to say that this is "one shot meta" and it's unique to now but either they never played older seasons or they're piss drunk on nostalgia. I mean aside from some issues with duskblade that have been rectified. People think being killed over 3-4 or more seconds also count as "being one shotted" now which is laughable. Back in season 3 Leblanc would one shot you in under half a second while being silenced the whole time. Ahri would one shot you in the duration of her hard CC. Veigar would buy DFG and point and click DFG>Q>R with no need for W or E. Fizz didn't need his delayed ult to one shot. Don't even get me started on Kassawin. 98% ban rate lmao. Practically any AP champ with DFG could legitimately one shot you.
> Back in season 3 Leblanc would one shot you in under half a second while being silenced the whole time. Ahri would one shot you in the duration of her hard CC. Veigar would buy DFG and point and click DFG>Q>R with no need for W or E. Fizz didn't need his delayed ult to one shot. Don't even get me started on Kassawin so in that regard nothing changed and you consider it to be something positive? Lb could oneshot under half a second, that is true. Her kit's animations were actually slow and clunky but she had broken damage from q + w. Ahri literally does the same shit as she did in every single season. Veigar ... doesn't need DFG, his R alone oneshots, so that is one thing that is different. Fizz has never trurly changed. DFG was good on him and made him broken, but Graves in S8 was oneshoting with a single aa. Lastly, Kassawin was op in every single season so w/e? I don;t know how they removed AD/AP ... every single item has the same or higher AP/AD as before, there are more of those items, scaling on champions was going up instead of down. Tanks were getting their base damage buffed. CDR was introduced on most of the items, from which some don't even need CDR to be good. There are items now that give both ad and hp or ap and hp, which really makes them questionable (some of them have cdr to make them more "balanced") You are quoting somebody who writes about Duskblade but fails to see similarity between it and DFG. Somebody who doesn't see that being killed in 3-4 seconds is also a oneshot if it was done by a single champion from 100 to 0 in the same fight. The word "oneshot" evolved and that person can't even understand the transformation of the language of gamers in league. Also, yes, there were champions that could oneshot you back then, but they didn't have short cd, dashes, other movement boosts, healing, 2x cc, invunerability, great clear, great damage and a transformation in the same kit. LB could oneshot you and that was all she could do. Her cd on w was high, had bad clear, couldn't really carry, had problems with ending matches and no healing. Look at Kayn, Kled and Sylas (also all other new champions). How many things do you need in a single kit. Also in early seasons we had like 3-4 broken champions, now its like 10-12. You can't even ban them all.
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: I mean, Devil's advocate, there was no counterplay to a Tank sitting on your face eating everything, taking zero damage, and then still proceeding to kill you. Said 'outplay' didn't exist because of how easily tanks could stick on you, along with their utility. There's downsides to every meta, but today's state makes people forget the problems of an older time.
The problem of tank meta wasn't tanks being unkillable, but them doing too much damage. When you can't die and do insane damage then you automatically win. I would prefer a tank meta still tbh. This shit with 3 skills killing you just doesn't require any thinking. Its not engaging to play something this braindead. If the damage was lower, the game would be so much better. Strategy would actually be a part of the game again.
: Why would Riot change a champion just for the sake of change?
They are doing it every single patch, wtf are you even talking about.
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shiroyashayami,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WZqIck4K,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-09-24T23:20:50.787+0000) > > Yes he is weak xd But that is not the point here. He didn't have a single meaningful update since 8.14. Like, how crazy is that? Its insane. > > Also how is he going do be picked ever if every new champion is a dashing assassing with a lot of DAMAGE xd and CC He isn't weak at all.
Nah, he is Tier 5 on every site just because they are biased and don;t like him. How delusional can you get. The only way to play him is duoQ. He isn't strong enough to be played in soloQ. When i pick him, people say: "please don't pick Twitch, he sucks". Whenever I imagine a situation when I could have killed somebody but my damage just wasn't enough I think, hmmmm, Kindred would destroy this guy in 3 seconds. He literally can't 1v1 anybody if he isn't insanely fed and even then a 10/0 Rek Sai is better than 10/0 Twitch and on ADC 10/0 Jinx can kill people with 3 aa. Actually 3/0 Lucian can easily kill 15/0 Twitch. If you claim that he isn't weak then all other champions are just too insanely strong and should all be nerfed (which might be true, since Zed doesn't even need to hit aa in his combo to kill, literally hitting 2 shurikens after r is enough).
: Why would they touch a champion that is actually balanced?
Balanced? Lol. Since when is Tier 5 considered balanced? He is one of the weakest champions in the game right now. If you consider him balanced, then every other champion should get nerfed.
: ratirl propaganda is working huh
I am a Twitch player as well. That is just it. I am pretty sure that RatIrl didn't say that Twitch needs a change but i didn't watch him since a long time so maybe he is saying it. My opinion is that he needs some changes. Like, Twitch is Tier 5 on ADC. He is even worse in jungle. I don't think that its ok, when every other champion can do better job than him.
Antenora (EUW)
: Twitch isn't even a weak champion. The issue is he's very hit or miss due to the meta around us. Playing Twitch into something like Kai'Sa Nautilus or Caitlyn Brand is going to be a living hell. We also have a lot of divers and assassin's in the meta right now.
Yes he is weak xd But that is not the point here. He didn't have a single meaningful update since 8.14. Like, how crazy is that? Its insane. Also how is he going do be picked ever if every new champion is a dashing assassing with a lot of DAMAGE xd and CC
: Yasuo Windwall Utility is too high
I would just make it 3 sec overall. In late game we die even quicker so teamfights end even faster and he would still have 4 sec then, which doesn't fix anything. 3 sec overall will actually make this skill more punishable and valuable. I think he would need to get something bunus for the nerf tho. Like, for example a smoother transition from one e to another, because he kinda stutters there. Also, first of all, we need Pantheon and Jinx nerfed, because what they are doing and their strenght is just silly at this point. Like, they are powerful enough to carry games alone, while not being fed.
: V8.14 was the last patch that Twitch had a noticible change
Except for bug fixes of course. They didn't change anything tho. Still Tier 5 xd
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: I have a few questions on some of your points. 6; When you say Kayn, do you mean Rhaast? Kayn doesn't have any kind of healing on his ult without Death's Dance if he's not Rhaast, and even then I've yet to see a Kayn or Shadow Assassin Kayn heal a ton from his ult with Death's Dance. If I've missed Kayn himself healing like that then please point me to where I can see it, as I'm confused here. 15; While I can also agree Morde ult is a pain in the ass, there is a counter. QSS, invisibility, being unstoppable, and being untargetable cancel his ult, while spell shields block it if you can time it right. Are people just unaware of this or do they not have the stuff or have the stuff up for it? Other than those two questions, I'm not concerned about everything else. You're basically spot on.
Yes. When i say Kayn I mean Rhaast. Also Shadow Assassin heals a lot too. He is so mobile that I think he doesn't need any healing. His clear is briliant as well. Comparing him to my champions is like comparing a Mecha Godzilla to an ant (all my champions are Tier 5 because Riot doesn't care about them). Also his basic form, which is Kayn kinda sucks, but if a good Kayn player knows how to play in early game, he might actually be unstoppable. To gank a Mordekaiser as Twitch I have to come close to him while invisible, if he ults me I cannot do anything. Supports get dragged into his ult and killed there in teamfights, without being able to do anything. Early QSS is like giving up the lane. But yeah, Mordekaiser ult would be ok if it was a skillshot, because as for now when he ults his ult animation is almost unnoticable so even if you have a counter build in your kit you won't manage to use it at the exact moment that you should. Kayn, I feel that its a good champion and only that healing feels unfair but that can be countered as well so its just a minor problem. Nothing big enough to make radical changes.
Dolfro (EUNE)
: One thing i disagree with is to NOT removing anything(items,summoner's spells etc) just because meta is so fucked up. Why would you remove zhonya when the actual problem is damage?
Because Zhonia has a really bad design as an item. Its an item that you can outplay somebody with by clicking one button. Nobody really enjoys it. I would prefer to have more diverse items for mages so that they really feel like mages. I wrote that damage is a problem and many of other problems would disappear if damage was lower so I also think that damage is the real problem. Zhonia on the other hand would be more interactive if it was working like phantom dancer or maw of malmortius. As for now, when somebody outplays you or is stronger than you and you have Zhonia then you click one button and you cannot be killed. That dude that tryharded to kill you would die to your teammates. There isn't really a counterplay for this item, you just need to wait for it to go down. But you are right, its a minor problem. Not even worth mentioning. Damage is the real problem.
: > (except for zhonia, which is a badly designed item and should be removed Remove zhonyas? Omegalel. Then how exactly are immobile squishy mages deal with zed, fizz, talon, trynda, yasuo, akali, or any high damage champ? Adcs have access to DD, phantom dancer, maws, scimitar and GA. Mages have zhonyas and seraphs (that needs to be stacked). Banshee's doesnt count because one stray luden's echo proc will deem it useless. > Mordekaisers ultimate makes some champions unable to even get close to him Because its point and click? Because if then, might as well do it on a lot of champs like, kog (or any adc by late game), syndra, yi, yasuo, cass, kassadin, etc. Here's the counterplay to morde's ulti. Cc, slows, zhonyas (or any other stasis effects) and lastly qss.
Zhonia is a bad design. We can get other items instead of something that nobody enjoys to buy and to play against. I also think that mages need more items that have actives and can bring something interesting and tricky to the game. First of all Morde's ultimate has nothing to do with old Mordekaiser's kit. Then, an ultimate shouldn't make you confused about what is going on. When you are in his ult you cannot see other champions, which means that you can easily misposition yourself and get killed even if he doesn't kill you. It would be easy to fix that, by making people ulted by him able to see shadows of other players, so that they would know whre everyone is, but for now this Shadow Realm is very uninteractive.
: Let's Discuss Morde
Just his R should be changed. It is disgusting that you cannot play some champions against him, because if he uses R on you then its over. I ban him when I play Twitch jungle, because I can't gank the guy after lvl 6. He ults me and we are 1v1. Can't beat him then.
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Power Mac (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=mack9112,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yUpNWjlk,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-20T19:11:09.600+0000) > > I mean it is the most played pc game worldwide. Shhh, don't tell them, otherwise they won't be able to keep posting that the userbase is fleeing the game!
Em, the userbase is fleeing the game. That is a fact. Not even a controversial thing. League is losing its playerbase. You can check it. Not that hard to do.
mack9112 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Saezio,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yUpNWjlk,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-20T18:14:02.288+0000) > > There, fixed it for you I mean it is the most played pc game worldwide.
Yup. People invested so much time into the game that they usually don't quit. I cannot quit ffs and I hate the current state of the game more than anything in my life and my life isn't a fairy tale. I have things to complain about in my life, but the current state of the game is a problem for me coz i want to enjoy something after I return to my home from work.
: Likewise, if you are not enjoying the game, just stop playing. If nothing has changed, then that's a very good indicator that your opinions were not shared by any the League player base at large. You (not you specifically OP) do not have to always like the same game. Your tastes and wants will develop over time, and it could very well be that what you want is not what the majority does. And that's perfectly fine. What that doesn't mean is that Riot has to cave to your desires to make it how *you* want it. They will make the game towards what gives the most amount of players the most enjoyment.
Okey. Let me tell you one simple thing. I hate then current state of the game for 3 seasons. I still play it. When you invested so much time into something its hard to give up. People that I talk with (i talk a lot with other players, coz its fun) think the same. Didn't meet a single person that disagrees with "current state of the game is bad" statement, in my game at least for 3 seasons. Back in S5 if I said that the game was bad I would hear "you are bad" and that was completely deserved. None of my friends thinks that the game is in a good state or better state than in previous seasons, they all complain and they still play it. People complain about League everywhere: Youtube, Patch Notes, Twitter, Twitch etc (even fucking Tinder lul) How much evidence do you need for you to believe what you see? Like, even Faker says that the current state of the game is really bad (almost exact words because he wouldn't say "shit", he always says "bad". Even pro players complain. Do you want to protect the game until it dies or save it by changing it back into something people can enjoy. Like Consensual Clown said: "I wouldn't play this game if it wasn't the most popular game in the world, I would play Dota or something". (except for Dota is actually bad too xd) I think that Riot poorly managed the game. Adding too many flashy champions that can do several dashes is one of the problems. The other is too high damage in the game that people complain about since the start of S8 and nothing is being done about it. Tower plates aren't needed if damage is lower so I would remove them after lowering the damage. Also the hell is up with jungle, its so weak and still has the most influence over the game. How did they even manage to do that?
Slim Şhady (EUNE)
: The current state of League ( Damage , game pace )
You are right. Its crazy that I have the same opinion on everything you said. Killing somebody in 3 abilities isn't fun at all. In S4 - S5 I had to actually outplay somebody to kill him and when he outplayed me I felt bad. Now every kill and death is nothing. Like i feel nothing when i kill and die because I didn't have to work hard for that. It came too easily and quickly. I started playing Orianna, Twitch and other similar champions, because Twitch has to hit several aa and dodge skillshots to kill and Ori has to actually manage her lane and trade well. That is how the game should look like. More tactical. Just as it is with Orianna, when you trade for 5 minutes, just to get a single kill when the enemy is low enough on health. I hope that Riot changes something in S10 to make the game less oneshotty. Mages need a rework again, so that they wouldn't need to go full ap every single game. Ad champions are killing way too fast, like you said, you don't even need to autoattack anymore. 3 abilities and its over.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shiroyashayami,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gJXozh2u,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-08-29T04:26:57.270+0000) > > But how do I play for fun? This game is competitive in its nature. Every game is frustrating. Even winning is frustrating. Here's what I do: I play with my friends. That's it. If you get into a voice com with chill people that you can have fun with, then your experience as a player improve drastically. When I play with friends this game becomes an easy 10/10, but when playing by myself it becomes a 0/10. Try that, and if you can't find anyone to play with just hmu :)
Sad thing is that almost all my friends left league long ago. They hate this shit. S8 made them frustrated and S9 was so bad that they left. I am still here coz i have nothing else to do.
Cräfty (EUW)
: Remember this?
I actually loved old League more. Everything about it had some sense in it. Those stat screens looked like pages from a book. It was a lot better than the client that we have now. Riot doesn't understand that we like those old acpects not because of nostalgia but because they were just cool.
: Grinded non-stop in solo queue for a month; here's the result.
But how do I play for fun? This game is competitive in its nature. Every game is frustrating. Even winning is frustrating.
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skaels (NA)
: I'm in last place because I econ'd all the way through, I get my build going and then I'm placed against the #1 player three times in a row! Come on man
That is nothing xd I have got placed against #1 6 times in a row. I thought that 4 is max so that was a surprise xd
Nithke (EUW)
: Considering this game is partly RNG based it shouldn't be a problem
Well, it is. Consider it carefully. You have 80hp and build for late game. You get the most overpowered motherfucker there is 6 times in a row. You lose from 40 to 70 hp. You are fucked. The change that Riot can do here is a single line of coding.
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