: While a big bug I almost don't want them to change it with how disgustingly overpowered Morde is and a sett ult being his only counter lol.
Although that would be nice, they whould atleast have to do so that it makes sense Fx: Sett ult stops morde from ulting, making mordes ult go on cooldown Or Fx: Sett blocks the ult and it is instead him that goes into the other dimension with morde
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: Sweet, secret mechanics. Might be a bug but nothing game breaking so it might be a while until we hear about this one in the patch notes if ever since they got plenty on their hands right now.
: I thought that might've been the case lol. So you 'save it' and that puts it on cooldown right? Then you get to use your delayed W and by that time it'll be off cooldown and you get to use it again when it expires. I assume that's how it goes.
: The AS debuff? Or what do you mean?
I meant w not e btw. His w makes his attacks also deal damage in a cone and deals a bit more damage to the target for the 5 second duration. Which is why it lasting 10 seconds could be very op in a Armor/Attack speed deck.
: But then if the 1st W doesn't register what exactly is the issue? You're merely canceling it. It's an empowered attack and since you didn't attack anything it'll work the next time you attack someone. I mean I don't play Malph tbh. Was it supposed to be timed and if you do this it becomes permanent until you hit something? Is that the issue?
Yeah, it was supposed to be timed. Also, you could make his e last 10 seconds instead of lasting 5.
: So the 1st W actually registers or not?
The first basic attack does not register until your next attack, so you can do this to an redbuff or some other monster without you even taking damage.
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: what about 3 years 26 days and some hours.
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