: Do I feel like I want to surrender in Aram vs Ziggs and Sona?
im sorry but why the fuck they buffed nidalee so much? Like she is already cancer with her Q and now 15%? What is riot thinking like form them she iss the weakest champion on aram? lol Also why nerfing teemo, he is already useless if someone buys item for 300 GOLD if u re playing ap
: We need more ''Support/Assassin'' champions like pyke!
: > [{quoted}](name=Step Sis Lux,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7QesWnNW,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-23T13:28:01.179+0000) > > It wasnt nerfed because of mages but because of adc abusing it btw, and u can play with same rune that u played before conqueror was even made Ofc, a Lux player. I will throw rocks at you, infidel.
Lux player? XD its only nickname, u can check that im not, and also it has nothing to do with this
: Know what is funny? Not having a proper Keystone, yet again.
It wasnt nerfed because of mages but because of adc abusing it btw, and u can play with same rune that u played before conqueror was even made
: So I've been playing a bit of Zed
Nerf for zed? cmon he is getting buffed almost every time, and when he is getting some kind nerf then it is with additional buff
Rako (EUW)
: Can we revert the Electrocute nerf/change since Adc's are superior again and almost unkillable?
: > [{quoted}](name=Step Sis Lux,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=73yJhW9b,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-18T21:03:49.890+0000) > > can we also get {{item:3155}} with ad shield? {{item:3048}}
2 totally dif items lol
: Can we have an ad Zhonyas?
can we also get {{item:3155}} with ad shield?
: First time seeing this. :D
its stupid af, i played one game as support when my adc was afk since 1 lvl, he came back at 5min so i was farming minions for 5 mins and at the end of the game in client i was as adc not support
: Backpack Ezreal
"cool backpack kid" hehe I dont think they gonna make more kda skins, just because its based on bands or something idk, they wont just add another one
Warp0 (EUNE)
: Thresh
tf u talking about, he is the most toxic and disgusting to play against support beside pyke, and they are only buffing him since like 2 years
Bultz (NA)
: Ap damage in urf needs to be toned down
Why only ap? Have u played against panth fiora or zed?
: Thresh OP?
He is broken since he was relased, i used to permaban him (before they added more cancerous pyke) cause of his stupid overloaded abilities and broken q hitbox
: Sylas and Ekko
well he wont move but he can just use this and burst everyone around with his broken 150% ap ratio
: See my issue is that mages can get zhonya's which negates a lot of the negative for being squishy and some not all do massive AoE damage so their damage is like up to 5 times that of an assassin.
u can say same thing about malmortius that fucks almost every mage
: > [{quoted}](name=Step Sis Lux,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=l4VJNsHr,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-01-27T19:22:26.591+0000) > > They should atleast nerf his e dmg on aa, it deals way to much, also i dont see why he gives shield on his lantern he has everything...
i know i used to ban him every game before riot relased pyke which is my new permaban, but riot wont nerf thresh, i would even say they gonna buff him
: Thresh: 26.95%Pick Rate 51.30%Win Rate, still no nerfs.
They should atleast nerf his e dmg on aa, it deals way to much, also i dont see why he gives shield on his lantern
: You _do_ realize that a champion who's used more often will have a higher win rate beause they've in more games to win, right?
And how is Thresh used less often with the highest pick rate on support
: Is Kennen getting a Buff or a Rework Anytime soon?
He was on the list for reworks like year ago maybe, when they told us about nunu akali and irelia, but now they removed him from this list so i dont think he will recive any changes
: Im 90% sure hashinshin thinks every champion is boken but jax.
now its kled not jax
saltran (EUW)
: Ah, the beauty of Magic Pen being *balanced*
She has 35% magic pen on her W, noone else is able to do that
: CertainlyT
CertainlyT is the hero we dont need/want(pick waht u want), but we deserve* There u go
: Pyke is broken.
He is broken everywhere thanks to his "half hp, reset R" tbh
SKHynix (EUW)
: Can you nerf Neeko's ult? Ty.
Or maybe stop crying and try to play around her ult lol, why is everyone crying about neeko ult and not about morgana ult which has higher scaling and is basically same? XD
: 3 words Mobile Nunu Ult only it does more damage (up to twice as much in late game), and it stuns. There is no situation you can point out to me where this is fair and relevant. Its busted, it needs to be toned down, waaay down.
her ult is almost nothing like nunu ult beside both are circle with slow lol its like morgana ult but anyway its not the point, her ult has 130% scaling cause her q has 50% ap and e 40%, if they nerf her ult she gonna be unplayable
: Can you like stop minimizing the issue, like omg she like doesn't need like 6 items to do 1500+ dmg. She totally does it with like 2 items which she can like you know obtain within the first like 10 minutes because she is really like strong in like lane.
But she is not XD Her ult has big scaling cuz her q/e have really mediocer scalling and she has to jump which is sometimes hard af without flash into enemy team as mage
: Locket isn't going to save you from 1500+ dmg. Therefor it is not counter play. A spirit visage would provide more protection then a locket, hell a fuckin ruby crystal would provide more protection from a locket proc. If you think an ADC is going to survive a team fight after taking 1500+ dmg instantly, then i have no words for you.
Can u like stop with this 1500+ dmg, she needs like 600 ap for it which requiest 3 or 4 items, almost every mage gonna one shot adc with 600 ap, and yes it gonna save u from getting killed in second so then u can kill her
: Locket... lol locket isn't going to save you from 1500 dmg. If you have veil up when the ult goes off, someone wasn't doing their job on the enemy team, maw wont save you from 1500 dmg either, zhonyas is only available to mages, steraks may help but is only available to specific bruisers. Its pretty bad when you need to point out champions who can outright ignore spell effects as an example of counterplay to a part of a champions kit. Her ult is basically nunu's ult but she can move around with it...
Locket isnt for blocking whole dmg, shield is enough to protect adc and then neeko is basically useless in the middle of enemy team, unless she didnt used her q/e before
: Why doesn't Karthus q have any cooldowns?
because it is his only "normal"ability like his w is slow and his e is like mundo w/e i dont remember, atleast i think so
: I am so sick of poke champions bot
Ye its not like u can engage on them once ESPECIALLY as leona/alistar and kill them with adc with one good combo
: Anybody miss old Aatrox?
i miss old aatrox only cuz new one is cancerous af
: Like all chat bro, /mute all ... it's not that difficult.
And how mute all gonna help u deal with stupid person that will go afk
: Voice Chat with Randoms
Ye and wait for people saying "GO ON VOICE CHAT OR IM GONNA AFK" no ty
: In your honest opinion, do you think neeko is actually busted?
For me she feels more weak than busted but overall i think she is alright
: Thanks for testing it. I'm not sure how this would work, though. Wouldn't a global range mean that any takedown on the map would trigger her passive?
: What is Lissandra's new passive's range? The description just says "near."
: What is Lissandra's new passive's range? The description just says "near."
Wilyum (NA)
: People claim you are a KDA player?
My favorite part about being called kda player is like My adc sees jungler is coming but still lasthitting minions under enemy turret then dies alone when i went back and starts pinginig me and calling useless kda player
: Riot - When will the "VISION HERE" ping be added to the ping wheel?
because they wont change wheel, it would make really many people with using wrong ping juzz because of habit
: Deathcap for AD
That would be broken because AD champion have diffrent scaling, many of them has 100%+ ad or more thats why they can get like 400ad max in random game
Glutter (EUNE)
: I asked for some guides on how to climb, not what was good 1 year ago.
"Hi board community, i was just wondering, what champs did get you out of silver/gold?" Ye right XD
Glutter (EUNE)
: I dont need junk answers, i asked normal question. Ur not either cool or funny.
what the fuck it is normal answer
Glutter (EUNE)
: Solo carry champs?
{{champion:143}} in season 7
: Why does Adaptive Force give more AP than AD instead of having a balance?
Are u even playing this game? Ad and ap champions have diffrent scaling, ap champion have lower % scaling on abilities and they can get like 1k ap when ad champion have high scaling and can get like 400 ad or something
: I hope neeko wont be released with these numbers
How many posts u already made about how broken neeko is? Like 3? Geez chill she is not even on live servers and u already made more posts about her than anyone
: Dark Harvest BTW
finally counterplay to kha lol
: This is why Dark Harvest is busted.
I dont see how dark harvest is busted in this video, i see normal dmg with any rune from overfed lux with lich bane
: How is the new dark harvest ok ?
rengar is able to do it even with electrocute btw p s nerf this cancer
wolf jade (EUNE)
: neekos ult.
It has big scalling because rest of her abilities have bad scaling
: > [{quoted}](name=Step Sis Lux,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JFynfZ6a,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2018-11-20T12:18:54.797+0000) > > It was made before they said it was for nexus so stfu And you left it up and didn't bother editing it, because you can get free upvotes by getting people riled up.
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