: >TheMagicBeast: %%% TheMagicBeast: graves top side TheMagicBeast: Stop crying TheMagicBeast: well TheMagicBeast: if u buthird like that TheMagicBeast: so its means something TheMagicBeast: ff TheMagicBeast: xD TheMagicBeast: whY? TheMagicBeast: xD TheMagicBeast: camping mid ? TheMagicBeast: i came once TheMagicBeast: and u died TheMagicBeast: xD TheMagicBeast: little boy crying TheMagicBeast: gj so TheMagicBeast: |enjoy TheMagicBeast: %%% TheMagicBeast: Acting like a kid This sort of chat is not okay.
the think is i used f * twice,im not gonna lie,i was toxic before,very toxic,but now im trying more focus on game,and use / mute all,so its help,but getting 14 days bann strate away its something ! Well,if i deserve so ok,w/e.Just wanted to get an opinion about System
Cathanne (NA)
: hate speech is not subject to anything, only a very braindead binary "zero tolerance" system You could say "blacks are not even human, and I despise them and don't want them near me because they stink and are obnoxiously loud" and get no punishment because the system is too stupid to recognize that as hate speech. However, if you say "guys report Nasus, he called me a %%%%%%." "Wow, he just called me %%%%%% again, I have to mute him, I can't deal with this" you will be instantly 14 day banned.
that explain everything,thank you boys,will be better next time :D
: 14 days Suspendet
dude if you could see full chat,you mby could understand,but yea okey,thank you for explain why i got 14 days bann strate away
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