: {{champion:106}} he has been bad forever. {{champion:9}} is playable as a support at least. {{champion:56}} was just played in pro and sole que. {{champion:102}} is playable as a weird ap melee / mid range thing. {{champion:36}} is played as an anti magic/ap tank. Volibear isn’t playable and has been in that state for years. Fiddle’s kit out dated, but he is play as a support and a jungler at the end of season 8. When was the last time you can say that volibear was playable? With that said it’s a lighting bear. I want to have fun playing a lighting bear. Instead of a bear that runs in and give people a little shock.
Being/not being played is just the subject of buffs/nerfs.
: Kog'Maw Update
Good news! He made on the list of the champions they wanna update! The only question left is "when". (I know this was made 9 months ago lol)
: > [{quoted}](name=LunSeiSleidee,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=bARUoBhy,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-18T18:59:03.852+0000) > > Cautiously optimistic about this. He has white hair so I should hope they kept him old: and the hairstyle is the same he had before, but less silly. > > I just hope I'm not up for a sudden disappointment. > > Wait, **WHERE'S BEATRICE?????????** You know, what saddens me is, after you said that, and I saw the ravens flying by, I can imagine that there's no beatrice but just random birds that perch upon him. And if there is a Beatrice, she's not anything more than a raven he befriended. Since her being a demon would mean a bunch of rules Rito has to abide by that woulnd't ruin the personal modus operandis that both Tahm and Evelynn adhere by.
I recall hearing somewhere that Beatrice plays a bigger role that pre-rework... We'll have to wait and see tho...
: Who are you, L??
Akali is coming long after Urgot and Evelynn (which are next). : / Next year?
: Why Akali's full rework will be on March 7th
That is actually a good theory, tho it will be proven wrong, because Rioters didn't really know how everything will plan out. But if the Rioters DO see this post they might actually do it. I'd say there's about 5% chance you'll be correct here.
: Once I queued as sup/fill and instantly got a game as mid. The bad thing was back then I couldn't play mid so I fed my ass of as TF (The only mid laner I owned)
Back then in the beta when autofill got introduced, right? It's here for so long already.
Sckullzz (NA)
: Not only is it a cute animation, it's entirely true because that's all I've been doing to mid lane Luxs <3
Choo6 (NA)
: Your first ever animation in DeviantArt made me laugh so hard. Awesome stuff
: Simple man, cute animation of fizz is an upvote.
: He is honestly not that bad at least I do not have much of an issue with fizz. Heimerdinger is so much worse in my opinion. I do not really play mid much, and I have not really played against fizz players that much lately so maybe that could be why I do not see him as an issue.
I made this animation just for fun. I don't have a problem facing Fizz mid either. BUT HEIMER... I HATE THAT GUY!
: </3 Fizz is so fun to play tho
Of course he is, if you enjoy destruction and demolition of thousand worlds and enslaving and torchering of thousand sould and let's not forget the flaming, which is actually the worst of all. (I secretly like Fizz tho...)
: That's only for the people that can't play around his cool downs.
I know, I know. I just wanted to make a LoL animation and I found this scenario pretty good :P
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TM Geek (EUW)
: How can I order a product from merch store if my country is not on the list?
Well there's 2 of us... I want Mechs vs Minions and I can't get it... PRAVICE ZA SLOVENCE!!!
: I did make a Yasuo ragequit once. He had the Blood Moon skin, as always, he claimed how he "missed being high enough level for ignite" which hinted at him smurfing, and he raged at Lulu for giving first blood to her by diving the turret at level 2. I was playing Garen top and I went mid just to repeatedly stomp him and dance on his dead body. He raged _so hard_ he was screaming profanities in chat and calling me a fat kid in my parent's basement and a bunch of other stuff. It was so satisfying.
How do you know so much about LoL at lv8? _cough unless ur smurfing cough_ When I was lv8 I was still wondering why clicking on my BF sword won't use the sword to give me AD for some time. I thought it was broken XD But of course I skipped all the dialogue and never looked up any guides whatsoever...
: When enemy Fizz runs away with 1 hp after killing you, spamming EZ
Thanks for checking the post out! I actually make some content that's not completely low effort too. [Like this Ivern fanart....](http://sneiks.deviantart.com/art/Ivern-fanart-improved-636058868)
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: lol he said light it's funny because lux is made out of light lol someone love me
: Holy **** where are we? {{champion:240}}
Guess we'll have to kill our way out!{{champion:240}} You forgot that part of the quote
: Favorite quote of your main
{{champion:9}} I haven't got a brain, and soon... neither will you! And my 2nd main: [ {{champion:203}} WORDS, WORDS, LALALA, PEW TWANG PEW! {{champion:203}} Are you imitating me...?](http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/3/3b/Kindred.joke03.ogg/revision/latest?cb=20150916182705)
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333lom (EUNE)
: Ivern has some sick replies to taunts
Good job, my bro. Awesome to see another fanart maker from Eune. We can make EUNE great (agin)!
: Why, Draven, of course.
I may add champions as extra powerups or bonuses but that will come later...
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Fegone (NA)
: I just tried it and it really worked. You just have to follow through with what they want you to do, but in the end it's 100% legit! {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}}
JerulEon (NA)
: I read your extensive guide to gettimg challenger and was inspired to check out your other quality content. Well drawn good sir :)
Thank you for that! If you liked it, check out the next one next tuesday (the day the patch will come out). Or maybe I'll just make a stupid meme and post the link in the description... It'll be better quality too!
Almighty (EUNE)
: :_Makes well argumented post regarding game state/player behavior/champion balance_: - Noone cares. 2 downvotes :_Makes a silly meaningless post_: - Makes it to the main page. Bombarded with upvotes. NA boards in a nutshell. _Almighty._
I know your pain... I was making a comic for 6 hours and got 5 upvotes. I looked at it, said "f*** this shit " and spent 10 minutes making this post. And I got 43 upvotes in a day XD.
Meep Man (NA)
: (Champion Concept) Uhlgazattothu, the Incomprehensible Horror
1. Love it! 2. Wouldn't the passive make his kit super strong against unexperienced solo-queuers while very weak against a premade team(with voice chat)? Just my thoughts though. Looks awesome overall.
Keepe (NA)
: I got a better one for you. Nemesis Draft. They give YOU Karthus, and your allies THEN decide to give them Raka.
Well Bronze 5 players... I wouldn't be suprised if my team would do that. I mean, they managed to ban YASUO AND ZED in Nemesis draft and picked Aurelion Sol for the enemy team, sooooo...
: Name a skin line and a champ that would be redundant together
{{champion:240}} Jurrasic Kled No wait.... I TAKE THAT BACK GIVE ME DILOPHOSAURUS SKAARL NOW!
: You'd be surprised how quick fur ignites
Never underestimate the power of ~~HELL~~ the scout's code.
I worked on this post for 10 minutes and on my comic for 6 hours... guess which one has more wiews...
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: can {{champion:3}} get new splashes when he's reworked?? plz.
He will. 100% about that, because every updated champ since Sion gets all outdated splashes updated. Look at Poopy, Ryze, Yorick, Taric etc.
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The Zeph (EUW)
: Neat! Love it! Maybe a standard text font would be okay? Easier to read and I'm sure there's some font which matches the style! Keep it up! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thanks! And yeah, you're probably right with the text. Or should I learn to write clearer?
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: This is an awesome illustration! When they released the dialogue it became my favorite video riot made. Great work!
: Sounds interesting If you can find a place I'll check it out
Here it is! http://sneiks.deviantart.com/gallery/60103630/Devious-Folder http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/2VNgscj2-the-tale-of-kindred-a-kindred-comic-finally-here
: Or maybe line webtoon? ^^ Either way I'll wait for it as long as it takes! :D
It's here!! http://sneiks.deviantart.com/gallery/60103630/Devious-Folder http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/2VNgscj2-the-tale-of-kindred-a-kindred-comic-finally-here
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Hello! I have a few questions: 1. Why did you decide to make Kled curse (lines like ''holy sh*t, where are we?'') and will the curses be available in all regions? (I think it was a good move though, can't be worse than what you hear in ranked anyways) 2. Any fun development stories to share? 3. What kind of animation plays when you one-shot Kled? Does Skaarl die? 4. Was Skaarl's mom a frilled-necked lizard? 5. What's Skaarl's favorite food? 6. What's Kled favorite food? 7. When are you making a prehistoric/jurassic Kled skin (riding on a dilophosaurus, make it work- it even has the ''ears'') 8. What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything? 9. _Insert question here_ Please answer some if you can. Bye!
: I've never really made a comic or anything but tapastic might be a good place. People both league and non league players could probably find it and like it :3 (I read a lot of things on tapastic)
Looked it up. Looks interesting. Maybe. Don't expect the comic to be out anytime soon though. First I have to get my tab fixed up, and then there's a lot of drawing to be done. Some day...
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