: Fix tenacity and remove a lot of the cdr in the game. Tenacity is multiplicative, meaning that Steraks (30%) + the tenacity rune (30%) + merc treads (30%) = 0.657 (66%). Stuns also cannot be dropped below 0.5s so this does not affect micro stuns like akali's ult, and only impacts the very long ccs like Zoe and Twisted fate. Another issue is the fact that many ccs aren't affected by tenacity at all like a knock up, knock back, suppression, etc... This paired with the fact that cdr is WAY too easy to obtain for almost everyone in the game. Ludens echo gives 20%, there are two runes that gives 10% each, there is another rune that gives 5% and caps it at 45% instead of 40%, etc...
Akali doesn't have a micro-stun anymore.
Kovorix (EUW)
: Maybe not a blank white screen?
Last time i checked, there's a picture in the new client so it's not a "blank white screen". Also, do you guys not use f.lux? Opting into surgical white light from your monitors in a pitch black room, makes you feel like you're having a laser eye surgery and degrades your sight easier plus, it disrupts your sleep cycle. Having a program adjust monitor colors to warm and redder in the evening hours is something that i've been using for years and i've never had a problem with a predominantly white background.
Kovorix (EUW)
: And it doesn't even fit for an fantasy game.
I'm not sure what were you expecting for a "fantasy game".
: Riot loves to make simple things complex. A shit client with layers of opacity resulting in horrible frame-rates and lag issues. Yup. They seem to have fixed most of these ...but it took a couple years. Because riot managers are the full kind of re t@rd 4k support? Nah. You like cursors and in-game text the size of a pin-head...yeah then they "do" support 4k. 5 years people have been asking for full 4k support. 5 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG years. And still...no full support. Introducing an option to just save your password and auto-login when you launch the game? No. Riot's gotta !@#$ it up. Making TFT a completely stand-alone game like a real game studio would do? Nah. We're riot. Where we only hire "special" spirits to make the most mind-blowingly stupid decisions possible.
>Introducing an option to just save your password and auto-login when you launch the game? The new client already supports "stay signed in" mode so that you don't have to constantly log in if you're playing on the same computer. It will also support two-factor authentication which means more security for your account and it will in the future support background patching. New client also averages 40 seconds when it patches the game instead of 8 minutes (which was the average patching speed of the old client). https://youtu.be/ADUMS8oZQkE?t=202
: Why was there even a need to upgrade the client? It's like they're trying to turn it into something like Blizzard and Origin has, where its a type of marketplace to play multiple games made by the company. Except Riot only has one game to play. So, uh... not understanding the need for it and it also happens to be completely ruining things.
The reason why the updated login happened: 1. ability to stay signed in 2. 2-factor authentication (improved account security) 3. background patching Riot also stated that updating the client to the new Chromium also allows them to have better performance and their updated tools for troubleshooting allow them to actually make the performance of the client better with exact problems to solve rather than shooting in the dark. Game patching, which averaged around 8 minutes, will now average about 40 seconds as well. https://youtu.be/ADUMS8oZQkE?t=202
: new client login is AWFUL
Manxxom (NA)
: When the nemesis of your champion in lore is on the enemy team
This is the music theme that goes with it. https://youtu.be/2MtOpB5LlUA?t=225
: What a PR bullshit answer, I'll believe them when they start actually saying the full team name instead of the initials of it in every instance.
You do know that TSM isn't referred by the majority as Team Solo Mid, right? TSM is the acronym and something that stuck with the fans and non-fans for years. The same is true for CLG, SKT any many more teams. The team names with multiple words usually get abbreviated to their acronyms because it's easier to say in a conversation. So the team name Hong Kong Attitude falls within the same rules and it's abbreviated to HKA. I'm not pretending as if the Chinese hand doesn't hold the leash of many companies that want to save their ass (and their money) but unless you have definitive proof this is happening in League, i'd rather not see people fearmonger and spread false information. Riot doesn't have any affiliation to Blizzard or Heartstone. Blitzchung isn't a League player and merely saying the words "Hong Kong" isn't what he was punished for. So no, actual team name Hong Kong Attitude isn't being censored here.
Washëd (NA)
: Dont Say Hong Kong? Stop buying Skins.
Imagine if HKA wins the Worlds and we get banned for purchasing and using their champion skins.
: Aram healing reduction on allies.
I don't agree on this one. Multi-healers need to have reduced healing efficacy due to their gameplay revolving around negating damage and allowing supper aggressive play and the inability to target them if their tank/initiator is consistently in your face, refusing to die. That being said, even opting into runes that boost healing/shielding + Aerie (and the respective items), Spirit Visage, Revolver or even champion abilities (+ items) that also regen HP, you can easily get around this map wide debuff. Keep in mind that this only reduces outgoing heals, not self-heals. This makes sure that champions can sustain themselves if it's a part of their kit but not their allies. For example, Soraka is not OP just by existing in a game due to her instantly topping off her allies but she can circumvent this by building 3k HP and having a Warmog's. Then her HP regen and her healing is infinite as well.
: It boggles the mind. And to make matters worse it's not even that good. AP Malphite is shit and was always shit. It's fun when you get fed off noobs and start blowing up people instantly, no doubt but I would NEVER use that as a serious tactic to win. It doesn't work vs people that have a working brain.
It's good if you're ganking squishies. The idea here is not that you have that much AP to kill people, just to weaken the enemy enough so that they can easily be cleaned up under the duration of the CC your ult provides. The thing about AP Malp is not to build him like a glass rock, it's building him tanky AP that's better. And the more you manage to put your opponents behind and win the game before their power spikes, the less you have to worry about not having enough damage into the late game to make an impact and actually see the downfall of not going down the tank route.
: how do you "honor each other" if they are all randoms? yo guys I honor you and you honor him and you honor him and you honor him and everyone will get honored after the game: *someone gets 3+ honors* your technique of honoring whole team for doing really good: garbage
I don't know if basic math is your strong suit but if each player in a team has 1 honor vote and the entire team did good, you can honor each other and everyone can have a single honor + extra honor because everyone honored a person that game. What you want is the ability to honor all 4 people and if everyone had this and used it every single game, people would always walk out with 5 honors per game. Your idea doesn't work because that's exactly the reason why previous system was bad and honoring someone meant absolutely nothing. Honoring opponents makes no sense because you can't judge them by the same criteria you judge your team. People that constantly and incessantly ask for this, clearly have no idea how this system is even supposed to work, they just want it because they want it. Literally no one elaborated on "honorable opponent" more than you, over the years. And as long as i never see anyone try to explain why this needs to exist and what should we honor the opponents for, my answer is always going to be a resounding no. There's no point in trying to discuss an imaginary idea when you can't even put it into words. I'm not a mind reader and i don't miss this option because i rarely ever used it when it existed.
: > [{quoted}](name=ZackTheWaffleMan,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HEAKjxbA,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2019-10-08T19:10:44.953+0000) > > Ah, yes. The numerous titles by Riot Games. > -League of Legends > -??? I'm glad you understood my joke. It went right over the mod's head looool
I guess you haven't heard that Riot's making a fighting game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nyarlathοtep,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E42B0GBW,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-10-07T08:02:02.868+0000) > > The examples you mentioned dont cripple. Sion's is also extremely short and he relies on q to do anything (and is also channeled). > > Oh so basically she doesnt have (on paper) bad match ups. Enemy relies on hard cc? W. Enemy relies on atk speed? W. > > While we are at it, how the fuck malp has such a good winrate vs fiora? She can parry his r (and thus stun him), she is relatively unaffected by his cripple (because of her q and e gives atk speed), malp relies on aa to deal a good chunk of his damage and she can w to cripple him, and lastly true dmg. Malphite has a good winrate vs her bc malphite has transcended and is no longer a tank. He is now a full ap teamfight one ability 3-4 champ assassin.... duh also probably because fiora players are braindead and can't parry for shit unless they are on the enemy team
Malphite was always a good AP Assassin. Are people right now discovering that Malphite can do this? This was in the game for years.
PureAzn (NA)
: Its all good. I mean I've pretty much put this game behind me as well. I just only play it out of boredom. Go to the gym. Focus on your life. You're better than this game. Good Luck fellow summoner
When you say "out of boredom", i hope that doesn't mean you don't try to win your games. Because it that were the case, maybe you should put this game behind you permanently.
Larriet (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tomoe Gozen,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mNAvVt0Y,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2019-10-08T00:41:12.527+0000) > > Riot almost made a big oopsie with Magma Chamber back in the day as new maps need actual players and queues in order for Riot to invest in their balance and playerbase. Having a new mode (or a map) is a project in itself and always has Riot have to split their manpower in order to maintain it as much as every other mode. > > I imagine Twisted Treeline is in its own limbo with a dwindling playerbase, perhaps comparable to Blood Boon statistics. Blood Moon is depressing to me because it's my FAVORITE RGM. Since Lunar Revel 2018, when they ran the mode the second time since I started, I've been collecting BM skins for the champs you can play in the mode … and now it won't ever come back. They're nice skins, but I won't ever play those champs now, ahaha. Most RGMs almost certainly "start" higher than TT. Although they by their very nature don't have dedicated players, so you can expect them to drop below even TT, I'd imagine.
RGMs start higher because they're a novelty. Dark Star was my least favorite RGM, despite having a great hook to it - to drop other players into a center of a black hole. The thing is, Thresh is one of my least favorite champions and playing him there as a requirement was a chore. I did have fun with the game mode, i did not have fun playing Thresh and i was actually learning to play him there as i've never played him before. Odyssey and Star Guardian are "fun" modes as a novelty and their PvE Co-op nature but these modes last for about when people start finishing their missions and then queue slowly starts to become empty. People who leave to finish the missions in the last week always find themselves in a tough spot because most people have already finished the missions (even the hardest) and don't need to queue up again. Plus, all of these modes have limited champ pools so some people don't like being limited to a few choices. Blood Moon was no different. Only assassin champions, i think i've played Evelynn and Talon mostly. But BM didn't do anything different, there were some new gameplay mechanics for that mode specifically BUT it was a fully fledged SR experience. TT slowly started bleeding its playerbase for years. One could argue that Riot's neglect didn't help (very few updates and balance changes, maybe once or twice a year) but they certainly didn't cause it. People simply didn't play 3v3 and didn't find it any more entertaining than a 5v5. It was either Normal 5v5 to unwind or ARAM.
Meddler (NA)
: That's just referring to full VGUs and doesn't impact smaller updates like Wukongs. We should have artists freeing up from preseason work to work on that quite soon, along with some similar scoped work on Diana that also needs some art changes.
Did i hear Diana changes are coming? Oh, hell yes! I feel Diana's gameplay is a bit in the bin nowadays, given she plays off AS, AP and HP. I'm trying not to hype myself up too much given i don't know in which direction you'll take her but at least i have something to look forward to (possibly a Shyvana update too, given that she was the most popular pick in China for an update, during Fiddles and Voli poll).
: No new avenues for cash, garbage like TFT is easier to reap profits from.
According to the graph posted by [DerMangoJoghurt](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/mNAvVt0Y-im-really-surprised-that-nexus-blitz-is-never-coming-back?show=flat&comment=0001), many people actually enjoy TFT.
Bultz (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DerMangoJoghurt,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mNAvVt0Y,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-07T10:35:32.904+0000) > > We actually have a recent graph directly from Riot showing the popularity of some game modes. > https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/02_Game_Hours_Per_Mode-1_d6f0glgzkxp91uhuagi2.jpg > > As you can see, Nexus Blitz at it's best was about half as popular as ARAM, and became waaaay less popular after missions for it ended. It really surprised me that not even Odyssey was able to draw in as much attention as ARAM. That graph is a major lie. They made that shit up. Not once while Nb was up did I wait 2 seconds for a queue to start. They didn't even test TFT with people for that to be true, so what they did is lie about it because TFT is easy money for them.
: > I thought that Nexus blitz had a lot of people playing it, I thought it was fun. chill mode, was it not more popular than aram? twisted treelines for sure.. We actually have a recent graph directly from Riot showing the popularity of some game modes. https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/02_Game_Hours_Per_Mode-1_d6f0glgzkxp91uhuagi2.jpg As you can see, Nexus Blitz at it's best was about half as popular as ARAM, and became waaaay less popular after missions for it ended. It really surprised me that not even Odyssey was able to draw in as much attention as ARAM.
Riot almost made a big oopsie with Magma Chamber back in the day as new maps need actual players and queues in order for Riot to invest in their balance and playerbase. Having a new mode (or a map) is a project in itself and always has Riot have to split their manpower in order to maintain it as much as every other mode. I imagine Twisted Treeline is in its own limbo with a dwindling playerbase, perhaps comparable to Blood Boon statistics.
Get2 (NA)
: Promos are not psychologically harder because of what is at stake. They are quite often painfully harder. As I said in another post, I had 10 games I won, 8 of them were easy mode. I hit promos, and got stomped. Stomped means a lane crashes in 10 minutes and there's nothing you can do. Whether it's your lane or another. And MAYBE you can flip it, but not likely, and really not even worth the effort. And then my next match after I got dropped out of my promos? Super easy. Back in promos. Free win, as it goes. First match, a total stompfest with an apathetic flaming Kayle JG on their 15th loss in a row vs. a very attentive team with at least one duo in their mix. The 2nd match, I was outmatched hard, and got carried very hard. Then the next match. . . so easy it felt like a scam. So. . . this happens all the time. Deny as you must. But for the average player, this is their experience. And it makes no sense at all. No way to plan for it. No way to improve for the average player. Average is your keyword here.
There's nothing in the matchmaker that says you're going to be on a lose streak in your promos. I'm not denying anything but you're attributing your negative experience on an algorithm that wasn't programmed the way you think it it. This can be easily debunked by people who are high ELO and never run into these issues at a point you're running into. If the majority of the players aren't experiencing it, the likelihood is that it's an imaginary problem. I'm not denying your problems, i've experienced them myself. But i never blamed the hand of Riot that's messing with my chances. Right now i'm on a 6 loss streak in ARAM and there's nothing fundamentally different with that matchmaker. If they are rigging my games, what are they hoping to achieve with more losses on my end? Stuff like this happens rarely and the way it impacts you negatively, you remember it quite more vividly than a positive experience. So even if this is happens a few times out of a hundreds of games, your perception would be that it happens all the time.
Snowbrand (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tomoe Gozen,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iB36GMvR,comment-id=0019,timestamp=2019-10-07T10:41:43.892+0000) > > I think Riot should make no-bans into a queue dodge - like before. > It would be disruptive at first but people who don't ban anything should take the LP loss and a 5 minute timeout. In the end, everything would even out perfectly and there would always be five bans on each side. > > It is stupid not to ban anything. > I don't care if you can play against everything but not banning something only puts your team at a disadvantage, if that means they'll lose the lane against that champion but not you. He is talking about normal draft not ranked
Neither Normal Draft or Ranked "no bans" is punished currently. Theoretically, both teams can refuse to ban anything and play the game regardless.
: > [{quoted}](name=DuskDaUmbreon,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EvnuLMpX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-06T05:58:36.527+0000) > > Yeah...I'm calling bullshit on that. > > Post the clip. It's in fucking match history, look it up.
Not the same person but i looked up your game and it was a Normal with a Yi. You played against Bronze 2 Teemo, Gold 4 Yi, Silver 3 Pantheon, Level 34 Kalista and Level 29 Lux (not yet Ranked ready). Yi has the best ELO out of them 4 and he's a pretty easy champion to get into. Despite all of this, the game's average game ELO was quite low (Ranked and Normal games have their own separate ELOs) so it's not expected that people already know what to do in situations where one champion snowballs out of control. This Yi could've easily been a fed off his ass Zed and the outcome would've been the same, except no true damage. Your team had a Silver 3 Alistar, Level 133 Warwick (you), Silver 3 Zed, Bronze 2 Jinx and Bronze 3 Volibear. Their team had Kalista 2/12 and Lux 1/6 so my guess is that their bot lane didn't carry but their Yi did. No one on your team did terribly so my guess is that your team picked a fight somewhere they shouldn't while Yi flanked and then managed to pick off one after the other. This was not a Ranked game and it was pretty low ELO, it is not unheard of that easy to play champions that snowball easy also perform way better here than they do in higher ranked games. You're unlikely to see Ryze or Akali dominate in the same fashion. --- The Fiora you're also complaining about was on your team and their top laner and jungler combined (Irelia and Hecarim) have 14 and 13 deaths respectively. That 32 kills Fiora had mostly and quite likely came from them alone. Again the same average low ELO Normal game and you're not expecting people to know how to deal with a champion that's so far ahead. Hecarim isn't an easy jungler and neither is Irelia an easy top laner. Neither of the teams (yours or theirs) had an AP carry anywhere and their Jinx + Sion bot fell behind. So without a proper top, jungle and bot to deal damage (also Illaoi mid that didn't do anything), Fiora was basically playing with her food after a certain point and collecting kills. Your bot was AP Shaco + Yuumi - not pretty powerful either. Excluding Fiora, the most damage on both teams would be your mid Ornn and their Illaoi with ~21k damage each. They were fighting each other and trading equally. You did only 10K damage as jungle Panth with way better score than Hecarim who, despite clearly feeding Fiora, had 11k. Fiora's 79k damage was clearly over the top as the game could've ended way before she hit these numbers. These games are so DansGame that trying to make sense of them (and the direction they're heading) is impossible. Any champion could get fed, if people knew how to play them and dunk on less skilled players for the lulz.
: Nice Quality Of Life Changes.
>1. Please add a Honor EXP Bar No. Because then people would be obsessed with grinding Honor. Honor should not be a system where you're too invested in hitting the max level as soon as possible and grind the rewards (H5 Orbs). There's a reason it takes you a full season (more or less, depending on how much honor you're getting) to get to level 5 and the expectation here is that you're slowly progressing to it, not rushing over the finish line like you're playing Ranked. The point isn't to beg for Honor nor threaten that you'll feed if people don't give you one at the end of the game. The point is being eligible for Honor if your performance has raised some eyebrows in a positive way. >2. Please riot straight up remove the check points and increase honor to like level 10 and make the rewards better. I've seen loads of "Level 5 HONOR OPENING" and then they proceed to get terrible rewards for wasting you life on the game. Mmmmmmm... I don't see a point in giving people more and better rewards for being higher Honor level. I agree that good behavior should be encouraged but making it also a lucrative decision only solidifies pretending to be an honorable player, if you know there's big stuff in it for you. I can concede to a point where Riot gives people chests according to their honor level. for Example - hitting Honor level 3, 4 and 5 could give people 3, 3 and 4 chests. Why? Because Honor Orbs give you key fragments (as well as events) and honestly, with a limit of ~40+ chests a year, people can end up sitting on a disproportionate amount of keys with no chests to open. Events for example, could also sell chests for tokens (as much as a single key is worth) while also being rewarded 10 chests per season from Riot (If you're an honorable player and reach level 5 for max gains). This could also allow players to balance out their Hextech resources. Obviously i don't see this as a problem as skin shards need Orange Essence to craft into skins. >3. Revert the blue essence stuff. Riot put out the math behind BE VS IP when this system came out and the jist of it is that we're getting more BE in chunks (per level) than we got IP by being drip-fed after each game. I think it's ~790 BE minimum is what you can get from a champion capsule. Leveling milestones obviously give more BE (in 25 level increments). FWofD has 50 BE attached to it to prevent situations where you're a few BE short of a champion purchase and have to wait for the next level up. One more extra is that if you get a champion shard, if you choose to use it to purchase the same champion, they're 40% off on their BE price. For example, if you want to purchase Ekko for 6300 BE but you have his shard, you're only paying 3780 BE instead by upgrading his shard into Champion Permanent. Getting champions on a BE discount wasn't in the system when IP was there and therefore, you saying that it takes you a 100 years to unlock champions is just not true.
: How do you play Warwick in ARAM?
As someone who's avoided Warwick for a long time, eventually i settled for playing one ARAM game with him. My first impressions were pretty solid, i was getting TItanic Hydra, Sterak's, Deadman's Plate, Spirit Visage, Ninja Tabi and something else depending on how much damage (of which type) i'm receiving more. I was playing against Kayle, Akali, Jinx, Qiyana and Thresh. My runes were Domination/Sorcery: Predator, Sudden Impact, Eyeball Colelction, Ultimate Hunter/Transcendence, Gathering Storm This was an attempt to tank up given their mixed damage carries (Thresh was some hybrid of AD/AP and MR - Statikk, Protobelt, Locket, Abyssal, Ninja Tabi) and to be as annoying as possible with E and Q. Predator, Deadman's and E were supposed to give me super MS so i can charge up my ult jump from a long ways away and WW is really good into just point-blanking his ult CC onto their assassin carries while my team finishes them off. So i had the damage (as a slow Juggernaut) and i had sustain + damage reduction. Playing a squishy WW into this team is basically relying heavily into your ult uses and whether or not your team can even get close to kill a target. I wouldn't be playing him AP on ARAM given that you're up against all 5 people potentially, at the same time. So you blow up pretty fast. You can even go the tank route and play Grasp or Aftershock as he has CC to proc one and tank up with more HP with another but you can also even go with Conqueror. WW is pretty flexible so he can fill the gap in the team that lacks a certain type of a champion. Just don't set your mind on a specific build before you see what team you got and what you're playing against. WW can feel pretty underwhelming if you decide to go Luden's Echo first item against a full poke team comp, with your team having no early response to the said poke. So you get the wrong idea of what he can do if you literally play the into the worst possible matchup, with the worst possible build that you're never even going to get the opportunity to finish.
Longtowel (OCE)
: Quitting League.
I have issues with your statement so let me address a few things: >I'm sure everyone whose ever done promos know this. They are a lot harder than your normal games. Promos are only psychologically harder because you know what the stakes are. You're either promoted in a higher Tier or you're dropped down, just a few games shy of 100LP and have to try again. The psychological factor here is that you're going to give these games more weight simply because they are like a test to see whether you should be promoted this time or not. So these games end up being more frustrating and the ones you tend to focus a lot more on how you play and how your team performs. You're more sensitive to their misplays as well as your own. >We all know that Riot attempts to force a winrate of 50/50, but I have come to realise that the way they achieve this is through the exploitation of our human weaknesses, as players, and as competitors. Not attempting to balance a 50/50 chance ends up with people constantly bitching that the other team had better chances at victory, hence the match was rigged from the start. And attempting to get close to 50/50 is also bad, because you think you get worse players...? What? This all comes from a delusion that Riot's matchmaking is singling out individual players to put them in a worse spot, for some unknown reason. >Secondly, a sneaky combination of players riot uses to ensure you either win or lose the game. At a glance, you may think you have a good shot of winning by looking at the OP.GG profile. Your team averages a 50% + winrate, the mmr seems pretty balanced. But if you look closer, you will find this: your adc is on a loss streak. He is starting to tilt. Your support is autofilled. He is normally a jungler. Your promos have nothing to do with other people. You being in promos guarantees you either primary or secondary role because Riot doesn't want you being autofilled in your less optimal positions, when it's time for you to rank up. You are not queuing up with other people in their promos nor is the matchmaker made to look for people in the same position as you are, in order for you to play the "perfect" rank up games. It's about putting you in the optimal spot to play your matches, it's not about literally setting up a universally balanced game without any external influences. It's not you having special treatment and everyone else falling in line for your sake. Your teammates can be autofilled because your promo games don't have to be their promos and the same matchmaking rules apply. So what if people play Ranked on their loss streaks? It's their choice whether they want to/are able to continue with more games or they'll take a breather for a while. It's not about you picking your teammates and controlling what/how they play in your promos. The more and more you put weight in these matches (as opposed to normal Ranked games), the more and more you feel like you need to control the entire environment in order for you to have a "perfect" game and as such, you always feel let down because there is no such game. We're going back to psychology of it all. I'm not saying that you shouldn't care but i am saying that trying to be a control freak is only going to stress you out even more than usual. And as such, you tend to go overboard even if the smallest things are not in order and you give them a lot more importance than they should have. >If I were a diamond player, none of this is a problem. That why those streamers seem to overcome these promo games with such ease. But I am not diamond. I am a gold 1 player who is trying to get into plat. And frankly, whenever I play the game, and whenever I play promos, it is starting to feel like I am playing against Riot, and not the players sitting across from me. So you admit that higher ranked players don't seem to have the same problem as you. How is then Riot out to get you personally? You're either imagining and opponent that doesn't exist or you're clearly trying to get over an obstacle that you can't see yet. You don't play a hard scaling champion, you play a sidelane pusher that can potentially scale into the late game. But the game doesn't depend on your actions alone, it depends on the actions of your teammates. If the game never lasts to the minutes you need in order to be relevant, you never get to play out your power spike fantasy. It is completely possible for you to play the game and do everything right and still lose it. The expectation that if you do everything correct and that it should get to win for that, is faulty at its core. What i've noticed in my games is that if i play a support perfectly, the better i perform, the worse my Marksman plays. Why? It's simple - they think they can get away with playing worse because i'm some kind of a miracle worker in their eyes. So their eyes are as big as saucers and they're hard as diamonds just at the prospect of them being the carry that wins the game. And this turns to a complete clown fiesta when they give away their lead and guess who's fault is their bad decision making - MINE. Shit happens, winnable games get lost all the time. I'm not a perfect player, I'm not untiltable. The things you're seeing in your promos, i'm seeing in mine as well. The point is realizing the psychology of Ranked in general and not get so frustrated by hitting plateaus. Hell, sometimes i don't play Ranked games for a week or more because i get so paralyzed by over analyzing whether or not i'm up with the meta.
Manxxom (NA)
: If you look closely, dark story orianna is so thicc it can't be seen by the human eye
: If you don't want to ban a champion, because you're such an "alpha male", ban something for an ally.
I think Riot should make no-bans into a queue dodge - like before. It would be disruptive at first but people who don't ban anything should take the LP loss and a 5 minute timeout. In the end, everything would even out perfectly and there would always be five bans on each side. It is stupid not to ban anything. I don't care if you can play against everything but not banning something only puts your team at a disadvantage, if that means they'll lose the lane against that champion but not you.
Thilmer (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tomoe Gozen,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ApIZIVkn,comment-id=0008000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2019-10-05T23:29:07.348+0000) > > This logic is applied to bot lane, where mages can be played as supports. And yet people who always ask for this variety, mysteriously don't agree that variety should exist in their lanes because of course it makes the "experience" worse for them. Good joke. I have being playing more or less the same champions in botlane since I started playing in season 3. Variety in botlane… hahaha. That's almost a meme.
"Variety" in bot lane exists in terms that main champions are Marksmen (as this is the only lane they can work in, aside for a few special cases) and supports being Enchanters, mages or Tanks. If you're expecting to be a main carry Soraka, that's never going to happen for your version of variety. Swain can be a support and so can be Pantheon now. If that isn't variety and something not seen before (also MF support to counter Zyra last year), i don't know what you would even consider as variety.
: My story with League
Riot will not reverse this decision regardless of whether you learned your lesson or not. It defeats the purpose of permanent bans if they decided to play favorites or have special cases. I know this isn't the answer you wanted to hear but it is what it is.
Itose (EUW)
: Disagree. Much of the enjoyment of playing online is talking to people. I think its a sad state of affairs they are considered 'heroes'; you may as well play VS/with bots. Not to mention most people in league promote 'mute all' or 'don't say anything' as a form of self-censorship. "If you don't talk you can't tilt and be chat banned". Sure sounds like a healthy environment, doesn't it? The Orwellian rules to keep the neutered generation of today safe from 'naughty words' appears to have all but killed the element of social enjoyment while gaming.
To you, socializing while gaming might be an appealing idea. To me, if i even find someone seeding their toxicity by arguing who's worse in the chat, earns a mute. So they then have the reduced privilege of only communicating with pings since they can't use words without trying to flame and consequently, incite others to retaliate. Same happens with enemies. Why even keep all chat on if most of the time if i'm listening to "please report X" or "gg ez", etc? It's just pointless chatter that could get people tilted and retaliate in return, reducing their interest in the game.
: Can we take a moment to recognize these beautiful sparkling gems of players?
Never ping? I would never Honor a player who queues up and plays in complete silence, as if he's literally the only one there. The communication needs to exist, even if a choice is to just ping and never say anything in chat. From my experience, these types of players also don't actually care about what happens in a game as they're literally only there to play it and not care that they even have a team. They don't show up in teamfights, they splitpush on their own accord even if your team is losing the base/objectives and they force teamfights whenever they want. They do a single TP gank from top and manage to screw that up so they throw your lane into a disarray and never come to help again because in their mind, you're the one who screwed up by not following their plan they never told anyone because you're supposed to be a mind reader.
: delusional all u are :)
I know you are but i am quite puzzled why you're telling me that about yourself. I thought it was obvious from your OP and your now mod removed comment.
iMidg3t (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tomoe Gozen,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ApIZIVkn,comment-id=00080000000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-05T11:55:53.367+0000) > > Variety is what people want. Oh rly? Okay, let's see some of the off-meta picks and how community reacted to it shall we? Viktor top? Community cried for nerfs. TK top? Community cried for nerfs. Pyke mid? Community cried for nerfs. Tank karma top? Community cried for nerfs. Mages bot? Community cried for nerfs. Champs who used klepto + spellthief? Community cried for nerfs. Sona/Taric bot? Community cried for nerfs. Malzahar bot? Community cried for nerfs. Community does say they want variety but as soon as some variety shows up, they dont like it and want it nerfed.
And now you see why Riot shouldn't listen to Boards give advice on how to balance League because when they do, it immediately gets contradicted. Granted, we may not be talking about same people when such changes are introduced and then nerfed but the reality of the situation is that Riot will never please everyone and they shouldn't even try as that is a colossal waste of time.
Thilmer (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tomoe Gozen,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ApIZIVkn,comment-id=00080000000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-05T11:55:53.367+0000) > > Variety is what people want. Then apply that logic to every lane. LOL.
This logic is applied to bot lane, where mages can be played as supports. And yet people who always ask for this variety, mysteriously don't agree that variety should exist in their lanes because of course it makes the "experience" worse for them.
Exin0 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dasdi96,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=flXkdui7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-04T21:08:27.048+0000) > > Even in pro play players don't know how to teamfight, I am literally seeing adc players frontlining and dying 1st. Thats not lack of skill OP write it perfectly that suicide is just attempt to get kill and lead and scramble to 2sek long 4v5. ADC are practically required to do it otherwise they get deleted without dealing enough damage. Burst and mobility is so high that peeling or shielding is almost obsolete.
And yet, when peeling and shielding/healing damage is a thing, then people cry that crucial targets can't die fast enough. So you're not allowed to do big damage and you're also not allowed to survive it. What's remained that we're allowed to still do?
: > [{quoted}](name=Wilk Rycerz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xWi3wqdi,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-10-04T15:07:56.075+0000) > > You realize the world's mission had Riven and Morg because they were champions that had just gotten skins? > > Like if it was Garen and Kog'Maw that had gotten them, the missions would have been about them And then you realise that Morgana has always been one of the top tier Supports and that Riven is still overpowered without any nerfs while the community is practically begging for them
Morgana being balanced around her being a support is pretty bad. True, she hadn't stepped in the mid lane meaningfully in years but she repeatedly get her shield nerfed because that's apparently the ability that can absorb CC and magic damage that shouldn't be allowed on bot because you should instantly die when you get hit by 1 sec stun. We've come to a point where Morgana is not a competent mid laner anymore despite still being a mage with high AP ratios but never actually getting to use them as she's a Q and E bot respectively.
Thilmer (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SFHFWill,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ApIZIVkn,comment-id=000800000000,timestamp=2019-10-05T07:11:56.288+0000) > > What champs aren't viable? > > So far there has been more champs played in world's at this stage of the tournament than any other year. > > Top: {{champion:266}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:18}}{{champion:10}} > > Those are the champs are considered viable JUST for top lane. LMAO. Toplane is not an example for anything. Riot allows people to play all kind of weird shit in top because "variety" and "git gud", and basically admitted that Toplane is a clownfiesta because they don't give a fuck about balancing that lane at all. On the other hand, take a look at botlane. If a pro plays Ziggs in botlane in two games, Ziggs gets nerfed and several ADCs get buffed in the next patch. Variety on that lane tends to ZERO. The same for mid, support, and probably jungle.
>Riot allows people to play all kind of weird shit in top because "variety" and "git gud", and basically admitted that Toplane is a clownfiesta because they don't give a fuck about balancing that lane at all. Variety is what people want.
: It gives her the time to not be one shot the time that works in her favor more than others because her % missing hp damage both has redicilous ap scaling and more applications over the fight makes it more deadly unless the champion is some how out healing her damage Which isnt really possible in current day league.
You've described Zhonya's doing exactly what it does for Mages who buy it. They don't simply buy it for the active, they also buy it for the armor and AP. They also have a ratio on their abilities that Zhonya's boosts. And it also prevents "one shots" but at the cost of standing still for 2 seconds. Kai'Sa can be nerfed if she has high passive damage, no items need to be taken away from her.
Quáx (NA)
: What happened to eternals?
Eternals are still testing on PBE, they will come out.
Lapis (OCE)
: I mean, you can purchase orbs, which are the same as chests. I don't think they need a key, but they have skins inside and you can buy them
Orbs are not particularly worth to me as they usually cost 200-300 tokens, which is basically 2/3rd of your free earnings. At best, you have 1-2 Orbs (1 from tokens, 1 from missions for free) to open, which is essentially only 2 glorified chests. What i've been doing is just purchasing keys/frags and getting one emote or icon from past events which allows me to open a lot more chests when i get them from ARAM S scores. But here's the thing, i'm at 19 keys but only 9 chests. Chests i have to earn as there's no other way at getting them but i can speed up my key earnings by spending event tokens on them. So it would be a good thing if we could buy chests with tokens as i'll only open bulk chests (10 or 20 total) to make sure i have skins to reroll or make into permanents. Opening 1 or two chests (or Orbs) can disappoint you by giving you skins you don't want or you can get champs so i take my time.
: allow old champion (before remake) to be played
Uh, no. Riot's not going to ever do that. Simply because this would make them have to keep both versions, as if this is some sort of "on/off" mode for champions. It's clear that they're reworking them because they're old and have longstanding problems with their kits that simple numbers wouldn't fix. Secondly, keeping both versions would then have people consistently request for them to be balanced as well, and Riot's not going to intentionally double their workload or have to worry whether an extremely small subset of players are going to go into Ranked playing the old and "balance-discontinued" version of a champion.
: My teammates aren't bad, this meta is just very unforgiving
The turret plating gold is there to encourage people to stay in lanes and either play for better pressure or for kills. Either way, both playstyles are encouraged instead of simply having tougher turrets to go through and yet, they reward you nothing but fall in 14 minutes if they're not taken down. Riot wasn't trying to extend "early game" to flat 14+ minutes. I'd likely nerf the total plate gold to 600. 2 kills worth for the entire turret should be fine. 800 does sound a bit too much.
: I was bored, what do you think of my creation?
The RGB of League of Legends. >Sakurai: Not everyone is there!
: the real triggering part is how she can build zhonyas, an item made to make up for mage weaknesses and is the only mobile adc allowed to do so (syndra is not mobile even if she is played adc)
Zhonya's doesn't give Kai'Sa any more utility than any other mage who also buys it. Is this really the issue of whether or not she should be able to buy it? The reason why i like Kai'Sa is because she is versatile and she can itemize against threats she faces in the game. She certainly can build crit like every other Marksman but her builds don't consist of any crit items, most of the times. Runaan's and IE are optional. She plays heavily more into AS/AP than AD but she is essentially a hybrid champion that is quite adaptable. That's not a bad thing at all. Straight aggressive champs beat her early and her AA range is a bit low for a Marksman so it's understandable that she's buying these items. Also, she relies more on her Q and passive than she does on crit damage. She's a hypercarry for sure but she needs to reach that status first.
: This is true, however if Kog'maw (another hybrid damage hypercarry) built 2 or 3 of these items together like Kaisa can he'd be useless.
Honestly, i like the versatility of Kai'Sa but yea, building hybrid defensive/damage items should not give her the same ability to dish out quite a lot of damage back as she would with a squishier build.
: He lanes against a HUGE majority since he can be played in all 3 lanes, and I have seen a few jungle Yasuo's to be edgy. I'm not a great player, but I watch higher ELO vods of him being played against very standard bot lane match up and he does really well. Not always winning but not being stomped considering he's a melee going into possibly 2 ranged champs. Maybe he's bad in off meta botlanes, Yuumi/Garen maybe? He's way too versatile tho.
Yasuo can be played into ranged specifically because of his Windwall and Passive. He can absorb a lot of damage and quite frankly, stop a few skillshot engages from happening if he times it right but i don't personally see many Yasuos going into ranged willingly. My friend plays both Riven and Yasuo at bot because they can win those lanes but only if they play correctly and skillfully, as getting poked is a common occurrence against a melee who wants to CS.
: > boards this boards that im not boards. im not one of those who was saying that jax didnt need a buff. if you love talking about the boards being wrong, go ahead and make a post about it. on the boards. as far as panth goes, of course he has better stats when he is even more busted than fiora. and fiora doesnt just counter "one specific champion", she counters 80% of the melee roster toplane.
>and fiora doesnt just counter "one specific champion", she counters 80% of the melee roster toplane. No, she doesn't because it that was the case, she'd be THE top laner to play as a blind pick, much like Aatrox was before his nerfs. Fiora's not blind pickable at all which means that she HAS proper matchups she can be played in and the ones she is worse at. Adding this to her sub 50% winrate, it all tells a story of her being a mediocre champion,which is exactly why Riot ONLY buffed her splitpushing ability (more abilities affecting turrets) AND not her dueling potential because she didn't need to kill her targets faster. The only thing she needed, in order to boost her winrate but without making her dueling even stronger, is to transition lane wins into more objective pressure which is exactly what every meta top laner also does. Fiora is not a good team fighter as her kit works off Vitals. She can't just go in and assassinate your carry while no one's looking.
: Cooldowns are not the issue here. Pyke, Nautilus and thresh have a wind animation and a delay giving you a response time. Blitzcrank's hook now has further range with a .25 sec cast time. There is not much counter play with that. If this ability is going to have the furthest range out of the hooks in the game, it does not also need to have the shorts cast time. They other champs with hooks have faster missile speeds because they have a delay. A hook with .25 sec delay, missile speed of 1800 and the furthest range at 1150 is the superior ability.
You counter a skillshot by moving out of its way. Avoiding a Blitz hook is done by sidestepping it. The longer the range from which he's trying to hook you from, the more time you have to move out of its way. As it is with any skillshot. >A hook with .25 sec delay, missile speed of 1800 and the furthest range at 1150 is the superior ability. No, it's not and even thinking that while every other hook champion sees way more play than Blitz, is just a stupid argument to make. If he was this strong, he would've still been played even with a lower hook range. Now that he's actually doing what he's supposed to do with his kit, it's not at all a problem for anyone. But people are complaining only because Blitz can now touch their asses from a tad bit longer range.
Bugog (NA)
: As someone that plays in bot lane and does not play blitz I would say give it some more time. People need to learn the new range and places that blitz likes to hook from, and it may balance out once people learn to play against him.
This is exactly what people need to do. People are so damn sensitive to changes that no matter what happens, their first thought is going to be "Riot went too far because i can't be bothered to be more careful".
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