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Exin0 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ToxicPlayerNA,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PAZQxGpm,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2019-07-23T22:33:30.047+0000) > > Your are lying about the numbers. 54.32%? 11.1% pick rate? Source? > Riven has 50.5% win rate the last 7 days. what about master+ [55.6 winrate, 11.3 pickrate](
Because they know how to play that's why they are master anyways.
: tryndamere ruins this game man
Renekton must be deleted for many reasons.
: Riot: Kha'Zix and Lee Sin deserve buffs in 9.15 and Shaco does not.
: the state of riven
Your are lying about the numbers. 54.32%? 11.1% pick rate? Source? Riven has 50.5% win rate the last 7 days.
Hordes66 (NA)
: Link?
> [{quoted}](name=Hordes66,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Au5vyV57,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-07-22T01:03:38.574+0000) > > Link? Lol Patch 9.14 notes | League of Legends Go to mid patch update.
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Fízz v2 (EUW)
: Tbf not every Fizz main thinks its a buff, and maybe I am underestimating minions doing a bit more damage per hit now. Lets say its at least better in some matchups where you get hit a lot by spells or items
I am not a fizz main but i used my brain and I understand that 4% damage reduction is a joke because that's his Actual Passive.
: it's dmg reduction from all sources. his old passive is only from auto's yooo do ya'll not raed the notes
Yea I know that it is damage reduction from all sources yoooo....whatever.
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: Why don't people test their internet connection before they enter a Ranked game?
I remember back in the days we got punishments like days ban for leaving a normal game. Now they have a few minutes queue ban. Believe me if they make the punishments more brutal the problem will be fixed right away.
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: stuck in a ranked game with an afk
Don't worry mate, leave buster will take care of it Kappa.
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: If you report them the automatic system looks at the game.... you don't need multiple reports.
Source please?
: slash mute all
Yea but this is not a solution if they give up in game.
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: TFT is mistake
Not only URF was "better" but it was the most fun to play mode.
: Is it me are Ryze seems a bit.. overpowered?
He has very low win ratio. Something like 45-46%.
: How Many People Think Nubrac Should've Been Banned VS How Many Think He Shouldn't have been
Stop spamming with this issue. It's all over now. Let's talk about the other aspects of the game.
: I just had a game that started promisingly, then 5 pings later, the whole team goes AFK.
Leavers is something that you can't do anything. I have lost countless games because of them. Today I was playing a winning ranked game and only the nexus was left. The adc went afk, so we lost.
ljt117 (NA)
: Why people lied to their premades and tried to put the blame on the non-premade???
: What noob mistakes did you make starting out?


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