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Nice. Also remove player names while posting such images.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: supports
No. All supports are still viable, but needs to be played different and late game these two are better because both can build{{item:3179}} and has passive to make up for reduced gold generation.
GigglesO (NA)
: Minion change just happened on support items?
No. One can farm upto 80cs without penalty in 20mins and I suggest all supports to farm at 2-3cs/min {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Kalienor (EUW)
: > to stop other roles from abusing it Actually, unlike Tier 1 and 2, this time it's to prevent Supports from abusing it. When a player collects stacked waves in late, it bounces back. There is a safe collecting area on each side, players shouldn't go alone further than T1's ruins if they only intend to farm so people aware of that let the waves slowpush to them as much as possible to collect everything in one go in a safe position. If you take a wave attacking a tower (or about to and nobody's coming), that's ok, they forgot to defend and you replace them. The countermeasure on support items will still allow you to get full gold from that. If you just take waves out of that situation, not only you deprive someone of the wave, but you also prevent him to farm any subsequent wave until it goes aaaaaaaall the way to the other side and bounces aaaaaaaaall the way back to your tower. I've seen a lot of Supports do that during this season, more than during any other, and that puts their mates behind for no real reason. That's something you can't see if you don't think it through, but it's harming the team a lot and I'm glad they chose to tune it down, that's discouraging it without having players to fully understand it.
Weak early game with Tier 1 and 2 with removal of stats means they need some sort of compensation atleast at Tier 3. It is situational but majority of players who are not in top 2% of ladder let huge waves to die to tower. If non-supp player is going to collect it because of this change, it is totally good-but discouraging support for doing a good thing is bad, because the name "Anti-poaching" itself is subtle bullying.
Dave128 (NA)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHlqw-5w2uQ Yes I could have declined to farm those waves but the first would have crashed into the tower and the second needed to be cleared to set up teamfight in river. I was in a position earlier in the game where I needed to CS under tower due to my lane partner (yasuo) not being in lane much. I don't think anti-poaching is the correct solution because this feels **super** bad when it happens. Meta enforcement sucks. The idea that a support should NEVER cs sucks. Sometimes you have to and you should not be punished for doing so. EDIT: I'm also not sure the math works out. Patch notes state 20 CS per 5 mins. If its not some silly function of 5 minute increments you are allowed 4 CS per min. I was at 44 CS at 17 min which is ~2.6 CS per min. Not to mention at least 10-15 of those were relic procs. Riot: 1. Relic procs should not count 2. Pls explain/fix the math here
Nice. And yes, idk why Relic procs count and it needs to be fixed. 4cs/min is not bad, but in late game like you have shown there are times where before or after a fight there will be huge waves crashing onto tower or pushing for it. p.s: {{champion:516}} maybe a very good supp because of his engages and not needing to base other than buying {{item:2055}} . He can technically collect farm that adc is going to miss while forging items.
: i'm fine with it, got pretty sick of supports roaming to my lane to farm it.
They can still do it if they're doing it under limits (20cs/5min). Problem in it also removes the option of clearing it in many useful situations without penalty.
Ventira (NA)
: What supports can farm 3 waves of minions effectively?
Most of the mage supports can insta clear waves while few champs like {{champion:111}} {{champion:235}} {{champion:555}} can clear 20cs in 5 min easily.
: At 20 minutes a support with less than 80 CS gets full gold. If you have more than 80 CS as a support at 20 minutes then you're doing something wrong.
It is not about 80cs in 20min, but more than 20cs in 5 min. I can get to mid game with 5-10 cs in 15 mins but if there is a huge wave and no one is collecting, if I take 20+cs in 5 mins as supp it gets penalised. There are lot of cases where this can happen and how is it wrong?
: Nothing like beng punished for csing because my adc has to recall!
No. If ADC is recalling and coming back to lane, it isn't an issue because it is roughly 2 waves which can be taken without penalty. Problem is during late game where there is a huge wave crashing on a side lane or into base. Few supports can take it, but with penalty if the count goes over 20cs/5min.
5050BS (NA)
: Late game no one should be not talking waves if needed. Support should be able to go and clear a wave and get full Gold from it.
^ Yes. Especially when it is a good thing to have in many situations.
Ymir1906 (NA)
: F in the chat for the support role.
Agreed. As a mage support player, I get that the removal of mana regen was supposed to be an indirect nerf to mage supports to remove them from supports while not being suited for mid lane-but ultimately it hurts few enchanters too. But the bad gold income, especially on Tier 3 support items, is unhealthy for all supports except a few like {{champion:555}} with his passive gold generation through R and {{champion:235}} with her passive scaling it is hard to be relevant in mid-late game. Support can't even be ward bot because with lethality, drakes becoming more important, alcoves and third bush in lane- I expect jg to camp bot lane and mid laners to roam to bot often in early game and in mid-late game they're simply behind in level with reduced gold than previous patch and have high chances of insta-deleted if caught alone.
: Where's my support item as a melee tank support?
Agreed and they shouldn't have removed heal from relic shield items; it is better to keep a reduced heal(like they did for execute range) or just remove it for ranged champions-because keeping it for ranged champs means it is just shoving in {{champion:235}} more than they did with new items for her. Let us hope they change it soon.
Comentários de Rioters
: It's like jungle and ADC mains only queue up to get carried.
** ADCs right click simulator** Atleast in low elo, they don't even right click. They just auto attack and spend half of the time in harassing support. **I tried playing on the SEA server as well as EuW, and had to stop before a potential ban because playing top/mid feels punishing** Playing Supp is far worse than those two roles and playing on SEA is the worst. Gold 3 on Garena Singapore is actually Silver 3 on EUW and what's worse is that there is no punishments; you can flame full game and you will not be banned. Playing duo is the only way to minimize the tilt and I highly recommend you to uninstall SEA because other than ping, everything is just too bad: queue times are long, no moderation, skins are costly and updates take too long. I won't be surprised if they've started to mine bitcoins using players' pc.
: remove promos
+1 Also remove demotion shields along with this.
atorelle (NA)
: "Shut up he's carrying you lol"
Idk which game you're commenting about, but if a mage supp starts {{item:1056}} it is one of the indications that they're either bad or don't have any knowledge of supp. If you'd said them to go {{item:3303}} first and they started with doran's, it is intentional. Though taking cs isn't against rule, not taking support item is kind of giving advantage to opponents in vision game; as a supp I punish opponents hard for not having enough vision by warding their jg and setting up ambushes. Now, as an adc you did great by keeping cool because I have seen adc players troll/int/afk even if I had taken like 5 cs in 10 mins and not even disturbing their farming; however, as soon as you see your supp start with non supp item just freeze the wave near turret-only last hit opponent minions and let them push. I don't know the matchup, but freezing in bot lane is always effective and unless the {{champion:161}} times spells correctly they cant take minions. Idk what champ you played too, but as an aa champ you can farm more than ability users; am not justifying their actions, but they've cooldowns and constraint on mana-but you don't. Lastly it is not advisable to write report player X, because that itself is reportable(strange right xD). I remember I had troll/feeding/afk adc players because I picked mage supports, even in my promo games to Gold 4. It is all about grinding games and don't get frustrated because you will be seeing such supports and also mute chat, to save your mental state. Gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Mc Raton (NA)
: Honestly, players only coming online because of Urf kinda depress me
: With the changes to lane experience coming for Season 10...
We will see bot lane feeding even more because they're going to be behind in levels more than they're now.
macspam (NA)
: Why is further reducing jungle XP a good thing?
Because things like Level 3 {{champion:35}} ganking bot lane when bot duo are Level 1 happens.
K1mster (NA)
: Yah lmao, this match just ended with a defeat on my team like in a matter of seconds. I'm just wondering cause I've had games with like both teams having golds in like plat 2 average games, but this is another level. Is there a certain reason riot allowed this kind of match up? I'm just trying to figure out how they matchmake.
> Is there a certain reason riot allowed this kind of match up? To reduce the queue times. Always check player profiles during champ select and just dodge such kind of matchings;I am not saying it will be always a loss, but probability of such games being losses are very high.
: My ADC unranked in Plat vs 400+ games PLat 4 ADC
They're duo with support, but still it is strange and is good example of why matchmaking is bad. Always check this in champ select and dodge such games.
GilxeN (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=maayonmaayan,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=iENiXLso,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-10-02T12:03:11.659+0000) > > Sadly players can int/troll/afk and get no punishment, while their team mates are punished for it. Don't get frustrated by it and just keep grinding. > gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} No idea why u are upvoted, doesnt make any slight sense.
> [{quoted}](name=GilxeN,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=iENiXLso,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-10-03T07:20:40.151+0000) > > No idea why u are upvoted, doesnt make any slight sense. Don't you know that players go afk/rage quit the game because there is no real punishment, especially like after first 1-2 deaths without even worrying about their team? No idea how you could've never come across such players who could go afk after moving once and can hold the team hostage for next 10-15 mins. If you don't even know this, it is really strange.
Tsuko (NA)
: Glad I had to sit in this game for 16 minutes for absolutely no reason.
Sadly players can int/troll/afk and get no punishment, while their team mates are punished for it. Don't get frustrated by it and just keep grinding. gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
It is because matchmaking is inclined more towards giving games faster than giving fairer games and simple solution I follow is to **dodge whenever I find a player who is +/-2 ranks from mine**. From my games I hardly had any game where so many players were +2 ranks from mine and always had so many players -2 ranks from me. I don't buy the consolation comments of "MMR is same" and "Rank doesn't represent skill", so instead of playing random number generator on win/lose, I simply dodge such games because I am content with losing LP than losing MMR and my mental state. Don't get frustrated and as you say it is just gambling; keep grinding and over time you will eventually climb higher. Gl hf{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: ELO difference in ranked games.
It is because how bad matchmaking is and in that game, your mid and jg were pre-made, so to make it fair your support was chosen from below the average tier level-because for duo they add some mmr. Imo I would've just dodged that game, because it was a sure loss(imho): top was unranked player who isn't good with vlad and supp was like 2W-9L so far. If there were no duo, you would've never got a Bronze 1 support and even if the bad matchmaking is aiming at lower queue times, it won't go 1 full division(gold 4 to Bronze 1) and there is usually 3-4 ranks difference at max. I think MMR should be visible, so that players who come and write "MMR is same" kind of jokes see these differences and matchmaking should be made better. Don't get frustrated with such games and gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Will League EVER return to slower gameplay?
If players stop underestimating damage-respect ganks, play safer, rotate well to stop feeding in first 5-10 mins game will be "strategic"; unfortunately even with pings/warnings, players like to feed and decide the game in first 10 mins itself. I often find players feeding first and then complaining that they got counter picked/ganked/camped but never prepare for this. I am not asking someone to go like 15+cs lead and 2-3 kills ahead of opponent when they get countered/camped but it isn't hard to get little behind opponents in cs to not feed them.
: I am permabanning Blitzcranck now.
Imo this buff (100 range increase) is for making pro players pick {{champion:53}} in the upcoming world tournament and this should make players to learn side-stepping in laning phase especially in and around silver.
CLG ear (NA)
: so did anything happen with the area 51 raid?
I hear they found more {{champion:99}} skins and so no news on it.
: ADC's in gold fuck all of you
Most of ADC players are bad and can actually ruin the game+day for the support and team. But there are good and nice ADC players too {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: State of gold elo is disgusting
Because there is no punishment to rage quitting and that is why players do it whenever they wish. It is a team game and in silver and nearby ranks it is often someone doing this after first blood or in first 5 mins. Only if leaving/afk in game is punished for real it will reduce and don't get frustrated by this. It is just adding to your grinding and nothing more.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Comentários de Rioters
: That's why people complain about the LOL report system...
Oh! Wow, 18 bad games in 3 days {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: How many games can you intentionally ruin before being banned?
I don't think there is any limit for that and even if someone is writing I am going to intentionally ruin the game, they won't be punished; and even if they're punished, submitting a ticket and writing "I had bad games like 50 games in a row" will lift the ban. p.s: I won't be surprised if this post itself gets removed saying it is too negative or not useful or something like that.
Xavace (NA)
: Why Ranked Is Causing Problems
Agreed. Imo the solution for this is to keep segregating players-if they're toxic, afk, feeding or trolling flag them as X and those who aren't doing all these as Y. Over time, Y players are the ones who actually care about climbing and just make games for them like team of Y vs team of X. Feeding or trolling is difficult to segregate, so some sort of team mates feedback+proof can be used over games to find it. This way those who are putting efforts to learn and climb will get similar teammates. This won't mean they will climb easily, but the games won't be demotivating and tilting as before.
: Doesn’t Karthus do the same? When he is even a legit better jungler than Evelynn right now? People simply have bias against stealth, never play around those picks and always build the same items every game regardless of what they are against. You guys keep posting biased stuff on the boards and Riot will stay away from this place even more because 99% the threads are subjective and never take the game objectively. In low elo people never play around another champion weaknesses, they never build to counter, never buy pinks, never group, never get vision in the enemy jungle, never even think about enemy jungle possible pathings, never learn wave and mana management. They legit auto play every game the same way. People are here complaining about a small buff on a champion that has less than 4% pickrate and 45% winrate in high elo. Meanwhile you see stuff like Kha that legit destroys Evelynn with almost 15% pick rate and almost 52% winrate. You guys don’t like stealth? I get it but they are not removing it and this buff is just overkill, Evelynn players won’t even notice this buff besides the fact that now she’ll get ban more often despite her being basically the same as the previous patch.
Players actually consider buying control wards waste of gold in low elo {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Please remove the option to report players for being AFK...
There is no punishment for afk/rage quitting. Leaver buster isn't even punishment when players are running to feed and quit after it, intentionally ruining games by it. Create a smurf and You can try this and can see that you can int/troll/afk in multiple games-ask your team mates to report to get 5 min or 20 min low priority queue. On other hand be toxic for 2-3 games and you will get 14 day ban.
: Why everyone is ragequitting even in ranked now?
There is no punishment for rage quitting and feeding+rage quitting is lot easier than playing safe and trying hard to play for the team. Inters/trolls also same case; I was happy that sometimes inters are punished, but recently saw a post on boards of how one player inted in few games and then raised a ticket to lift his/her ban-which effectively makes that inters aren't punished too.
: What's the point of a ranked system in this game?
Ranked system should be renamed as RNG system (for all modes I guess) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Why can't Riot move to a fully transparent MMR ranked system?
Wdym Fully transparent MMR ranked system? Imo, just revealing the MMR will make the current system Fully Transparent MMR system. MMR being hidden/invisible isn't the problem here-but how the matching/match making is done for games is the problem along with no punishments for trolls/afk/feeders. Matchmaking uses the Matchmaking Rating, which is elo based and hidden/not it is one of the best methods for estimating players' skill numerically. Players' skill grow over time and MMR takes more games to settle because it is always a cat and mouse game of actual MMR and estimated MMR. Rank and LP are visible metrics given for MMR, which aren't mysterious if one understands how mmr is calculated and how matchmaking is done. Flat MMR is not perfect and is way worse because irrespective of how hard a matchup is, the gain in MMR is just constant; it will just slow up the climb, because any rating system will never accurately calculate a player's skill in initial games and with flat mmr climb will be even slower forcing players to play even more games than it is now. I agree that promos should be removed and demotion shields also should be removed-which will increase the swing of ranks, but no more frustrating f*cked up games halting players from climbing in name of promos means overall it will be motivating to play. Finally, I agree-there should be some sort of **Player Idea Polls** where players can write and vote for ideas which should be modified in-game, rather than giving out bugged patches {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} .
Kai Guy (NA)
: A player behavior idea.
If trollers/afk/feeders are going to be punished like toxic players are punished, I am ready to give honor, lp, rp, be or whatever I can give in-game for it{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} .
: Playing ADC When Behind
I am not a ADC main or high ranked player, but as a support main I understand how hard it is for adc+supp to play when they're behind. So I think I can share some things I do: * I ward a lot and I buy few {{item:2055}} whenever I can; I have {{item:3364}} too so, surprise ganks are very less. Ask your support to do this and always play in safe zones; safe zones are areas where you can farm safely and no threat of opponents attacking you. {{champion:51}} has her W to cover some possible ways opponents will come by, so use it to the fullest. It reveals the opponents getting trapped, so will be better against stealth champions. * {{item:3111}}{{item:3047}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3026}} are some items to be built against heavy ap/ad compositions and in general build things that makes you not getting insta-deleted. Being behind adc is probably the easiest target to get kills off, so don't be that adc who builds full ad or crit and die often before even getting 3-4 attacks. * Follow team; don't push alone, beyond vision lines and try to play around objectives. I often find my adc running into enemy territory after T1 tier to farm with no vision in their jg and it is basically inviting opponents for free gold. While drake spawns, or baron is to be taken try to be near it so that it can be taken faster. * Be the annoying backline, who does damage and goes back to safe place before opponents can react. Assassins will be targeting you, so always keep safe distance between you and them. {{champion:222}} can snowball well, so all it takes is 1 or 2 good fights and once she is excited she can just run down opponents and for Cait, always try to get the head shot on squishy champs and not tanks. With more damage, they can't jump in to kill you first and with your backing off, force them to play in disadvantage of hp always. * Ping your cc ability and always chain cc whenever support or someone roots/stuns someone; both Jinx and Cait has root and a slow-so make sure to show opponents that if they get hit by any cc it is going to be trouble for them. I played {{champion:143}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:111}} and every time I get {{champion:51}} {{champion:202}} it is lot easier because 1-2 second root suddenly becomes 3 second root and with my ultimate I can prolong it to 4-5 seconds. For Zyra and Neeko they have multi hit root on E, Naut is tanky ball who can hook and root 1 target opponent and can root nearby opponents with passive; Zyra, Naut have multi hit knockup with R and Neeko has stun-so as long as they stay in range, the cc chain on one target is sure death. With R you can clean up from far away, so can actually stay back after fights and let team mates chase. * Last tip is to mute chat, don't get frustrated or tilted because someone is flaming/blaming or you're behind. Try to be useful in different ways and you can always see map for tracking opponents, to ping/warn for gank/ambush or taking a drake/going for baron kind of shot-callings, which will improve your macro knowledge as well as help team mates. Gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: People afking every other ranked game?!
They're feeding or afk just because there is no punishment; they're not punished because they force players to play more ranked games, as they're one of the major reasons for games being coin-flips in and around silver{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} .
: When will Riot fix lanes?
{{champion:350}} -We got the zoomies_{{sticker:sg-lulu}} _
: MMR+normals
Normal games, Solo/duo queue and Flex queue are separated and have individual ratings. So playing normal games won't affect your LP gain on ranked and in a way it is good to learn the champions in Normals first. > You have a separate MMR in each queue, so you can climb in one queue without it affecting others. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752954-Matchmaking-Guide
Lugg (NA)
: Riot, let's talk about CC in the game
If there is tenacity , {{item:3111}} {{item:3140}} {{item:3139}} to reduce cc , why not have an item or a rune to increase effect of cc?
: Is fizz sup a thing?
I think {{champion:105}} can work as a full damage assassin support, but he has no cc and is good after level 6-I haven't played him much, so not sure how he will do in 2v2. Also from my experience of playing mage supports, you're going to trigger the flame/troll/afk/feed button of adc players. gl hf
UchihaChoRa (EUNE)
: you took my lp
Ah! Seems to be a problem due to update, do file a ticket: possibly under **"Tech Issues: Install, patch, lag or crashes"** [Ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?flash_digest=82d2d692afd183266a2962800b8fa27c069a4c4b)
: What is the counterplay to Ezreal's movement?
Good {{champion:81}} players are hard to catch especially early game and if overextended with his strong early game he can cause more damage. Imo, it is better to push him away from farming, making him get behind in cs and level early game and concentrate on the support. Even if there is no kill, abuse the poor waveclear of Ezreal and try to freeze wave near middle or turret to make them over extend or make some mistakes.
: I love how balanced riot match making is when matching me with adcs
It is not problem with matchmaking; players picking {{champion:67}} {{champion:20}} into {{champion:498}} {{champion:99}} lane is lost imo and there is no other way but to dodge such a game.
: This game is against new players
Smurfs are indeed annoying and the way some players write in chat, the experience for new players is bad. I also agree that it is slightly worse than other moba in early levels, don't be frustrated with it. Initial few levels are always hard in some games and once you're like level 30+ you will get better experience. Ranked ladders (Solo/duo queue or Flex 5v5) are lot better, even if they've smurfs and till you reach higher levels I suggest you to play with nice players you come across or join Discord server to find good team mates there. Also understand that the smurfs you see or the toxic players you see aren't the community and are just the annoying part of the community. gl hf
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