Done25 (NA)
: This better be in Ranked. If you're banning Senna in normals you're an asshole.
Well, i cant ban her. So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
: Did the opposing team pick her? Or your team? You can't ban a champion if the opposing team does not have it.
Im not dumb. No one picked her. The problem is, that when i try to look for her, she isnt even there.
: maybe because riot doesn't want you auto banning a champion that just came out *looks over at* {{champion:350}}
Other players can ban it. In my team. But i can, when i search for senna, nothing, she is not there.
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: Reworked Pantheon Bug
Yes, im really pissed about that. I wrote a tweet to them, and i hope they will fix it like super fast cuz, i aint gonna play him with this buggy sh**. my rage... :D


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