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: I think this will balance the two builds better. If you want to go for the flashy huge pick plays than you will build lethality, but if you want some more survivability than you will build tank.
I am gonna have to play test it when it goes live in my region i guess xD thanks for your input man i hope it does balance it but not kill it completely .
: Pretty much every build listed for him in high elo is tank. It's not an "alternative build path" if it's the most effective way to build him.
Well thank you for commenting i guess that could be true but is the tank build gonna be viable? and now isn't his passive kinda redundant for all that buy health get AD but not max hp, if he is just gonna be scaling of lethality now?
: He was building tank everygame in high elo. Tank was purely better and more effective. This change may finally make it optional to build both ways.
Sure if that is the case in high elo but what about my elo? Also do you think he is still gonna be viable as a tank? it sounds to me his R values while building tank are pretty weak. i just don't know i am just a worried pyke player {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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