: Why is Aatrox being ignored?
Do you know how many more weaker champs they are then aatrox? Lmao
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: Tbh if someone gets tilted over 4-5 people making their internet points go red, who is actually the snowflake?
Randomly downvoting or upvoting something isnt a point and thats my main point for the forums. 90% of the forums is incels downvoting something not even commenting hiding themselfs..
Ada Wong (NA)
: Won't be buying support items
I thnk the new support items are fine. Just so you know you are picking that role. IF you want more action maybe pick a role that has real presure on them and doesn't just rely on gold items. Legit all that's ask'd from you is yo get your gold items, share some of that utility and a little ward control, if you can't do that honnestly dont que for support because this is what 99% of the players expect from a support. If you want your ADC's farm, why not just play adc or any other role? Honnestly your "protest" is kinda immature.
: Player Behavior
This is my aram only account. I use it when i'm grinded out or 2 frustrated to play ranked. From what i see in aram. Its just a wild mess of players that want to play and tryhard on a hero that they don't get to use to much on the normal rift thats to some heroes having a bad laning phase etc and on the other hand you have normies that just join in thinking in their excuse to cnown around for 15 min without the slighest care about the team and etc. Then you have some really tilting facts about aram. Like asists in aram give 20 gold... so if your not the one taking the kill you have just wasted stuff for something that gives you less gold then a minion. The aram minions. Going for last hits on aram is pointless. Taking the minions away from champs that need them is supper bad. Just let your yasuos stack their Q, let your xin's heal, let your trynds/shyv stack their rage. You don't need the extra 15 gold you get from them as much as they just need to get an auto or stack something. Beeing a tank or anything other then pure dmg. Its just not fun but its extreamly usefull.. Like tanks on aram make the game just 1 tank vs a team without one is a sloughter. But good luck getting a player that wants to go full tanky/support. Its way to usefull but way to boring.. You basicly set one guy on a roll that doesn't let him get any gold but the 20 gold from asists on a role that can't win without a good back line yet wins the moment the other team don't have that.. Having any feed back in aram will instantly lead to "its just aram" and trying to much will lead to "tryharding in aram". I love aram because its relaxing and i legit don't care what i will play. But i really think it needs a rank'd option with reinforced TOS rolls. Because if a can play a game without the mentality of "its just" then ill be happy. Because even when im on aram relaxing because i know even if i lose i won't really lose anything i still hate it when i legit see the biggest trash players on it with the excuse of 'its aram'.
Ph03n1xb1rd (EUNE)
: But what if they just had a bad game? You can not know the intention... PS.: I see you are only playing aram, and you had a game with rammus, where you died 16 times in 16:01. Do you think if the game lasted 2 seconds less you would have to be punished?
"PS.: I see you are only playing aram, and you had a game with rammus, where you died 16 times in 16:01. Do you think if the game lasted 2 seconds less you would have to be punished?" Yes. A game in witch i do nothing but stack move speed, ignore the rest of my team and just have fun needs to get me punished. I prob did that after a bad game or run on my main account. Not to mention aram is radnom. i douth the system will aply to it, i manly care about my ranked games.. But i do think that this is what im talking about... even me on rammuse stacking only move speed can bearly get 16 deaths in 16 min... And having a higher que time for the next game is just the right thing to do to let me know its not ok... The system can have more accurate ways to detect inters but daeths/min but still we need a system like that..
Ph03n1xb1rd (EUNE)
: But what if they just had a bad game? You can not know the intention... PS.: I see you are only playing aram, and you had a game with rammus, where you died 16 times in 16:01. Do you think if the game lasted 2 seconds less you would have to be punished?
Look just like the game doesn't ask me "hay did you DC or did you dodge that game" before giving me a que timer, leaving me to figure out that doding is a nono. That's the exact way they will learn that inting and game trowing on purpuse with an agenda or not is not ok. And i am talking about a que time punishment.. they can still que for a game they just have to whait a little so that they won't join my game again... Like in all my 8 years with this game i dont think i wen't more deaths then the game timer at best maybe that happend once or twice but i highly douth that. Like you need to be trying to get yourself killed to go that low. Even in aram where the map is short its extreamly hard to end a full game and have your deaths = the min the game palyed. Its just obviuse inting. And at this point i dont know why no one cares about it. I try following inters stats.. after a week of game trowing in ranked they still keep on playing.... Meanwile i get frustaited from trying and use a nono word and i lose a honor level instantly... This for me is not balanced at a fair rate so im here complaing.
Wickedlike (EUNE)
: More deaths then the minutes passed in a game needs to lead to an automated punishment.
Legit inters and game trowers hard disliking this.. Have to keep the elo boosting bisness going. Lots of money to be made.
: What is the point in playing League Of Smurfs
Hay man here on the forum no one cares we will just downvote everything that might hurt our snowfalke persona. I hope you get that, just when you are playing league thurn off your brain and emotions and make sure you know that you are wasting your time and life babysitting kids or losing to the matchmaking. Fave fun good day.
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This is way to edgy, trashy and weeby, honestly i cringe and hate it. Gona live a like for the artist hard work but still won't want this in the game.
: "WTF a Tank Malph"
I dream for this... all the malphs i play with just go full ap be afk and totally useless for 80% of the game get a few KS's then trow late game by ulting someone who has flash up. Ofc there KDA is 15/4/2 something from KSing and starving the true carrys of the team. And they will aways lose late game to flash or zonya... Because it doesn't matter how low ther ult cd is thanks to untimate hunter or the presence of mind thingy when he dies or fails an ult his nothing.. not to mention game where he has nothing to one shot. I legit beg for the day they remove AP from tanks.. just to stop this troll low elo bs.. If we can't have ap Yi or old Foira ult then tanks don't deserve to go full ap nor have the best KS tools..
vnknøwn (EUW)
: The state of ap assassins
Nah Ap assassins are the best atm... Still cant handle how broken akali can be at times..
: The problem with Kalista
Problem is that a carry with that kite cant be good and not op.
: Urf gamemode not appearing
Its not out yet. The clips you see are from the PBE.
MrEnds (NA)
: building tank in aram is quite counterintuitive because snowballing is a very important part of aram because going in as a tank when 5 people are grouped together you will still get shredded no matter how tanky you are because of the items they build which reduce the effectiveness of armor and MR.
Thets not ture at all, They are aram tank set ups that work really well. For example i do this on nearly all the tanks. I take: Aftershock(or Guardian if i dont have a cc) Font of life if i have cc, Shield bash if i have shield or a teammate can shield, and demilish if i have non of the 2 listed. Conditioning Overgrow(or Revitalize if my hero has shield/healing) Then i take Ingenious Hunter. and for the last whatever fits me best between eyeball collector, sudden impact or taste of blood. ill build: Merk or Ninja depending. Then ill just go Knights vow, Redemption, Warmog, Gorgoyle Stoneplate, Locket. (If thry are full ad Remove Gorgyle for Thornmail if they are full ap remove Knights vow for Any Mr HP CDR item) Runes: 10% CDR @ 18, (2n doesn't matter mostly dmg but if im on Malp or rammus ill take armor) and last HP (Unless malph or rammus). With this i get really tanky + i support the hell out of my team.. Ingenious Hunter for item CDR so i can spamm Gorgyle stone plate (that makes me unkillable) I can spamm lockets and redeption healping my team and healing my self. Gorgyle stone plate give me extra HP with extra HP locket shields more + that shield and healing scales not only with my HP but my healing/shielding power from Redemption and Revitalize not to mention healing power help me regen better and stacks with warmog. On top of that with this build i get 40% CDR (to spamm your stuff) A ton of HP, Armor and MR + i get even more resists from Aftershock or i give even more shielding to teammates and myself with Guardian even Grasp can be good if you can abuse it and gain hp to transfer into Locket shielding on top of that you get Mana regen to spamm. In general with this set up i don't die and i support my teammates not to mention that i get heald from the damage one of my teammates does. And as someone who runs this build about 90% on tanks it makes me sad knowing that no one will do this for me once whne im on a carry... And just to add its not useless to play tank... You basicly do all the zoning without a tank if the other team has a tank the'll just run you over.. By far tank is the most useful thing in a team and a must have for aram the place thats 24/7 teamfights and zoning.. but ofc once you jump 1 v 5 with a tank you'll die i didnt want to comment on that because it was obviuse.
: How to Keep TFT feeling "fresh" or "exciting"!
Set 2 is coming soon is there reallly a reason to complane about set 1?
Wickedlike (EUNE)
: Perfect Braum game/team?
This is trully a highlight of dubble IE sej.
: Sorry but you're just going to have to deal with it. ARAM is pretty much the only place besides customs people can just screw around and have fun without having to worry about people raging out and flaming them for it, and if you're the kind of person who does rage out and flame people in ARAM then I have nothing but contempt for you. Even if they're building weird and off-meta, as long as they're actually putting in effort and trying to win with whatever weird build they came up with, nothing they do is against the rules, but getting mad and flaming them for it absolutely is.
Have you at lest read what i had to say in this topic or did you just read the tital and went off that?? People on my team don't put in any effort at all to win. It feels like they are Griefing most of the time... Offmeta builds is fine.. but mix offmeta build with unwillingness to win and beeing only active if you can flash ult someone who the rest of the team poked down is a major back lash to the team because that just dimilished any late game potention for that rest team and ends up screwing 4 other players because a player like you wanted to "mess around, troll i little idk "have fun"". I said its hard to not flamme not that im flamming but seeing this game after game after game get a bit to much. Maybe thats the reason why people have giving up on trying because players like you just don't give the slightest damn about the team?
: ARAM is essentially a joke mode. It's a chaotic mess where people get random champions and are throwing right in to nonstop teamfights. It's the perfect environment to try weird stuff and many people do. If you don't want to deal with people doing weird stuff because the mode essentially does not matter, then play Rift. ARAM is, for the vast majority of people in all regions, a relaxing mode to dick around and just have fun.
From the moment aram got out till now i've mianly palyed it. Aram didn't ues to be like that, and im ok @ having games lost from bad champion RNG. But im not ok with having a good team comp then i see the "T1 support" picks getting rolld and the T1 tanks or other good tank unit be rolld for a DPS. I more so wanna point out how on EU most Aram players are really self centered and they won't ever try actually being a good team player let alone playing for the team (mayve they try that like 5% of the time if i have to be real) and how can this problem be only on my team.. The other teams don't have this problem most of the time.. they somehow agents all odds have a support or at lest a tank or two in most games. I just really wanna see some changes that will better the quality of games and i don't think this is so bad or impossible to do. Like i'm perfectly fine if support and tank players get x2 or even x3 exp.. i just need them in my life because im sick and tierd of beeing the only one doing that... i want to meet more people that will build and play for the team and not for them self and KS and so i feel like it at lest needs to be more rewarded. For once, when i get a carry i wanna look @ my team and at lest see a tank building tank as a bare minimum.
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: Or you could go Hurricane/Sorcerer/Bloodthirster I've also Yordled her. That's fun when you own all the Wilds.
But then kai'sa doesnt kill anyone and just jumps target to target.
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: ya last night I played a game for the first time in a week or so, just building 4 knights and I think blademasters. Was in top 3 before dragon, and top 2 before I even realized how many people were out. Barely even had my build together, really made me go "what the fuck?"
Ofc they are out your playing knights probobly in a casual game where ppl like to expiriment and test...
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: 2 star shyvana in Stage 2-1
Meh seen ppl with level 3 draven at 2-3/2-4.
: So build Wild..... and they die before Gnar can even transform. Wild + Assassin = 3 second Yordle wipe.
Wild is so trash yorld/sorcs just destroy it lmao. A stacked Kennen or Vaygar level 3 + lulu constantly giving them hp is absuted. Like noting beats yorlds the momen they popup with a level 3 vaygar that has a an item to help him ult fasters like tear stacking or sojin.. I just don't get why sorc that can dodge 60-90% then gets sojin, dragon claw, and gunblade to heal him to max hp, spamm ults and be immortal not to mention the power to one shot 83% magic resist units.. On top of that he gets lulu CC + utility, Kennen for CC, poppy for CC and Gnar for CC as team mates 100% of the time. Imho Yorlds can really use a nerf.. This patch really feels like ppl just want to spamm Yorlds and Knights i really hope they get nerfd. Yorlds without items to bypass the dodge are dumb, stiff that hard hard force you to play stuff you dont want to is broken and unfun.
: Still loading in to TFT so late that I'm fighting minions
Maybe insted of complaing about preformance issuse you get a job and buy a better pc? Im sick of whaiting like 15 min for ppl to load, its not Riots problem its your set ups.
0367 (NA)
: thats alot of recurves to be getting your hands on, just to combat a phantom dancer
RFC is THE BEST ITEM FOR ASSASSINS... Like its only bad on akali. If you don't have RFC and BT you don't go for assassins.
0367 (NA)
: When is TFT phantom dancer getting CHANGED?
You have Rapidfire Cannon that will help you hit true Phantom Dancer even if your critting. Next patch we are getting Last Wisper and the new Wild buff (4 wild = all your team can't miss) that will help vs PD, in fact it will make it a useless item. Because you'll have like 3 ways to counter PD, New dodge item and Yordls with 4 wild, last wisper and rfc. Not to mention assassins are getting Kai,sa. PD is a easy to counter items, Its better to go for GA like 80% of the time and next patch it will be GA 100% of the time. All in all you'll cry for an assassin counter soon.
Wickedlike (EUNE)
: Pog, strongest Shyvana team comp?
Wickedlike (EUNE)
: Pog, strongest Shyvana team comp?
I did this team comp like 4 times in a roll lol new spach/item drop system is so good. https://imgur.com/a/thaJzOK
: [Edit: Some of] Those items are oof but otherwise seems pretty good. I'll chalk it up to bad item RNG. Knight is extremely strong and with Dragon it makes all spells deal basically 0 damage. PD means no crits + even more armor with the 3 guardians. Seems nuts.
Other then the 3 items on shyv and the knights item on braum the rest are random and totally unneeded and unwhanted, tgey are indeed random drops. I like hurricane on shyv for the aoe healing/burn/healing reduction but ill be going rfc or what ever item has the cant miss text instead of hurricane next patch. I use to build rage blade or cant miss on her but burning and healing for 3 targets is just to good. The PD and gun blade are a must. Next comes hurricabe or rfc/cant miss. And last is knights or force of nature for 6th knight. The new item drop system works really nice as it gives a lot of spachs or spach items. Imho after shyv and braum have there items its best to try to rageblade sojin the kayle or just spamm zekes to give shyv more attack speed. Imho ideal looks like this: https://lolchess.gg/builder?deck=4c9283e0d4ec11e98efd13dc9bc5d2dd Force of nature with mord or knights on braum. After that its w.e.
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: i hope they do something with it. The reason knights dont work is because guardians give a better buff. Plus the constant evelyn and veigar comps rolling threw are such bs when you get a 6 knight comp and throw warmogs, thornmail, tooth on them and it doesnt matter they still die instantly. Its my biggest pet peeve. You get 6 knights thinking they will make your team tanky. Only problem is the enemy team when trist, gnar and veigar. Veigar has spear. They have a shyv and a sol and 1 other sorceres and shapeshifter and the shapeshifters are actaully tankier then your 6 knights. Just a super frustrating team comp to attempt for fun.
Its not better. Knights buff loses vs burst and works on magic damage! Armor just words vs phys dmg.
: Pantheon already dead.
https://imgur.com/a/QncFp92 Level 2 panth with 2 dead caps looks good xD. 92% of there max hp. Even beated the shyvana palyer.
: I mean daisy will always show in hex around an elementalist. If no space is open she will jump over.
Its kinda hard to give her guardian buff and be a little stread out.
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: I don't understand how some champs can not EVER show up in my card slot.
When they are fewer player in the match the champion pull is heavily incressed thats to the fact that fewer ppl own units. Meaning they are a lot of champs for you to roll and not get the the spesific one you need. When they are a lot of players in the match the units they take decrease your chance of taking that same unit because all the units players roll for are from 1 pool. + the % for getting a spesific tier units changes as you level up. + Buying units from the same rarety as the one you look for then selling them to get income back when you see your unit will help you, because the chance to get a tier 3 hero is the same but not the chance to get that spesific hero, buying other units from the same tier helps. For example i was looking for poppy in the late game, no one had her, the chance of rolling a tier 3 unit was 35% yes i fail'd to levle 2 her even when i bouth out every tier 3 units i saw because the game only had 2-3 player including me.
: 200/300/400 damage, crits at 65% hp for 3x/5x/7x damage. The damage is huge but it literally shouldn't do the crit unless there's some damage. Jinx HP at 2 star is 990, so unless the Eve had a bunch of deathcaps it's probably a bug. The crit would definitely finish her (1500 damage) but without a crit 300 won't be enough for an insta.
NAh eves dont build death caps from what ic, she had a gunblade + negatron clock. im guessing my jinx got clipd on the edge of lissandra ults aoe jjust befor getting eve ult'd.
: I also sse a lvl 2 eve with gunblade one shotting multiple units at full hp with her ult and basically 1v5'ed my team earlier today. Agree that she is really strong with the right gear. But so are several other units in the game.
Yes but just the fact that shes rare makes it so easy to level 3 and she shows up so early in to the game.
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: Im only for it if the new comps actually work, im gonna make a new post about this but in ranked for the last 3 days ive tried some different comps and i feel that wild with X and Knights with X are just trash. Like this earlier game in ranked i had 6 knights with a 3 star garen, 3 star darius, 2 star poppy, 2 star mord, 1 star sej and a 1 star kayle, with a kindred and vayne. I came in last place and it wasnt even close.
I feel like Knights is one of the best things to pick up. They offer a class buff that legit makes carries from other classes harder to kill. Knights, guardians are the only team deffence classes. Nobiles are the only team full deff oragin buff. Wild is getting a really good buff soon. They are removing the "can't miss" from RFC and giving it to wilds (4). If you have 4 wilds everyone on your team can't miss, this is coming next patch.
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: How about Kayn on TFT ?
Nah kayn needs to be: Assassin Brawler Devil or he can have 3 casses and no oragin. then he can be Assassin Brawler Shapeshifter I just dont like how we are ignoring red kayn in this, where his a brawler. Or maybe he can be a demon shapesifter that is a brawler if placed on the front line and an assassin at the back lines. or at worst just a demon shapeshifter with a random transform ult.
: So go Jinx but leave out Vi. Guardian buff has been massively nerfed to compensate for the fact there are 3. Now it's only 35 Armor, not 50 or what it was before 50 (think it used to stack on the guardians as well) Also, all three guardians do prime things for Noble: Braum is a stronger tank than anyone in Nobles. Leona is a 5-8 second stun and slowing aoe. Pantheon applies global Grievous wounds and a burn, which counters OTHER Noble comps.
Yeah the nerfs did hit but still nobile armor + guardian armor x3 + knights 2 is stil really good. I use to spamm nobile a lot but i got bored of stressing over getting kayle to level 2 atm i prefer the legendaries that start working at level one like panth <3 at worst his just free frievous wounds and that much better then kayle level 1. TBH the game atm feels like the only damage in it are Gravous wounds damage and EVE. Nothing else hurts. The stuff i see in diamon is Heavy AOE CC comps, Eve comps, Nobiles, Brawlers, Guardians and most end up going for Draven, jinx, Eve, or a legendary for the carry unit to item stack. I do think that ppl like going tanky atm because of hextech as well. Since libing until the effect and is its sure counter.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: My favorite team is full nobles + Jinx and Vi for the hextech buff And today i even added Pantheon to it, so i got the guardian buff
I don't lik vi/hextech if it was me ill just slap braum aswell for 3 guardians.
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