: kayle is perfectly balanced right now, maybe with a few changes to her late game power. but the real reason she is so "feast or famine" is due to the meta she is in. in a meta where games go beyond 30+ on average and snowball champs need more then 2 early kills to hit their power-spike, kayle would be the same kind of "win condition" champ like {{champion:75}} {{champion:83}} or {{champion:45}}. however, we live in a meta right now where games are decided by 7-10 mins into the game. and the term "late-game" has been replaced by the word "ff". i think it would be next too pointless to try and balance her right now, just leave her as a risky-as-all-get-out pick until the meta shifts to a more late game focus.
and again, a silver player making a post thats so wrong. Kalye loses pretty much every matchup on toplane. Games are decided before she hits level 11 (she becomes relevant ONLY after level 11). and im talking about high elo which you have no clue about
You're unranked I which means something. Kayle is insanely weak right now, its almost impossible to play her in 90% of the matchups on top.

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