Hashihime (EUW)
: Do you remember when Vayne used to take skill?
I play league since season 1 and i can confirm this, Vayne never used to take skill more than now. All you need to do with Vayne is right click and save Q for escape or reposition. If you have IQ higher than 20 and both functional hands you can beat anyone with Vayne.
: > the 10 seconds increase in death timers from season 6 aswell. And lets not forget the auto pushing minions in winning lanes....
All the ways Riot is promoting snowballing in games, its disgusting!
: Really we just don't want snowbally games where the first tower dies within 10 minutes. That's not fun.
That is only way for Riot to make games end faster , right now games end at 10 minute mark , the other 20 minutes you play is just torture.
: # Things DOTA does better than League: * Sane AFK protection (once someone goes away and stays gone, everyone gets to bail out consequence-free) * Much better graphics * Customizable terrain/hud/announcer/music skins * LPQ for leavers and toxic assholes keeps them out of games played by civil folks better than Riot's unrealistic "reform 'em" stance * Main game modes aren't infested with bots and scripters, Valve actually seems to care about keeping them away * Public chat rooms delineated by region, even down to the city level * The Arcade system has all the silly game modes you could possibly want, *and players can build their own*. * Individual unlockables for champions (not just overall skins, but individual pieces of their look like weapons or clothes) * Esports streaming uses the replay system but includes commentary and camera direction *and is in the main client* * Built-in mentoring system * Built-in champion build guides * Better bots for AI matches - they're actually a challenge at max difficulty and have user-customizable scripts (that can chat, to humorous effect) * Turrets are actually substantial objectives rather than speed bumps * Skin components are user-designed. It's not a free-for-all, but there are regular design competitions * No snowball meta * Information isn't hidden from players for specious conduct reasons. You can actually see your MMR. # Things that are debatable * DOTA is a much more complex game at the end of the day. There are more mechanics (day/night cycle, high ground, courier, denies, secret shop, and more) and **many ** more active-use items. * Being a jerk in DOTA consigns you to the low priority queue, not banishment. * Skin wagering on esports matches * No persistent/pregame builds like summoner spells or runes/masteries. Your champion build is all you have. # Things League does better than Dota * Turret range actually makes sense * Patch notes actually explain why they're doing what they're doing (DOTA just drops the numbers on you) * Community engagement (even if it's just talking, not listening) * Faster queue times * Better lore, even with the recent gut/rewrite
Dude you need to mention turn-rates its like playing league on 200 ping constantly.
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: 1_._ Nobody is asking for 70 minute turtles. Everybody is asking for not losing inhibitors at 15th minute, because there's no way to defend towers, if your entire team isn't in their immediate range.
You gotta take these fast games man, crowd loves it :D Oh wait we are not talking about competitive LCS? ...doesent matter dude you dont matter we just care about competitive and money :) - Rito James
Bârd (NA)
: I've been playing Dota a lot lately, and have some things to bring back.
Right now the biggest flaws league has imo: 1. Towers are so so weak,no one can tell me that this is okay state. You lose towers so early in the game or from one gank early if you go back or die. They deal very very low dmg,tower dives should not be this easy especially not in early-mid game. 2. Snowball is insane,if someone has a lead or a fed lane especially if its bot lane, the games are basically over. You will not come back from that trust me no matter how hard you try.So you end up stuck in losing game wasting more time than you should. 3. Combination of two above but with overpowered Baron buff plus drake buffs. Its impossible to defend towers in this game. The team who has baron buff and IQ higher than regular ape will stomp your tower and inhibitor for sure! Its just question will they win game right away or back off and attack your other lanes, but you will wish they did end game right away cause you would waste less time on pointless defending that you cannot defend. 4. Remake mechanic is good addition but it has many many flaws. It works in some occasions but in most cases you will not get option to remake if someone leaves even before 3 minute mark. Sometimes when your teammate is afk from the start the system registers him as he is still playing so you dont get remake option. I dont know if these are intended or not and i dont care i just see its flawed and stupid sometimes. You cant deal with 4v5 games and you cant win them , maybe in bronze elo where everything is possible. On top of all that there are minor/major problems like buggy game code that introduces even the weirdest bugs cause its so outdated,performance issues that are here for many patches but werent here before that,many champions looking so ugly for even 2009 standard that need full VGU or just VU updates ,flawed hextech loot system that is just not worth not even for players who spend money on it,flawed honor system that doesent matter,etc etc. The list goes on.
: Games used to be a back and forth fight of skill and the ability to work with a group. A game would last about 45 minutes, when you won you felt so satisfied. Even when I lost I was happy with my game. Now it’s about getting one kill and getting your tank fed and you win. Riot, fix this
Right now i know exact time when i am gonna lose game 100% and its usually around 12 minute mark if we are behind. It is almost impossible to return from losing game cause of how towers are so weak and how baron buff is so strong . One team that is ahead can just secure baron with overpowered vision especially after new runes that introduced more vision and mobility and dmg. You cant contest barons anymore and enemy team will just choke you for 10 minutes max before they finish you off. It feels like i am torturing myself instead of playing a game sometimes. I know that i am going to lose but i have to stick around so i dont get banned. Ofc my team will never surrend "we can win" or "you fed them now suffer"
: Right now, it relies on 3 people being fed and steamrolling through the opponent's weaker team. Can't even solo carry anymore. Fucking Team Deathmatch..
Plus non existing towers that deal zero dmg to enemy dives. You can now dive under tower at level 5 and kill enemy champion over and over again with your jungler. Towers will never kill you even if you take multiple shots. Also if you die in lane early say goodbye to your tower.
: You can't main a champ now because every time you do, Riot switches the meta, nerfs your champ, nerfs your champ's core items -> becomes completely useless (examples: Janna, Sona).
Yeah, that is why i never play what is op cause i dont want to invest my time into something that will get nerfed. This game lost its identity. You can have your "favourite" champ anymore , riot forces you to switch champions and roles so often with their changes that are more often than ever to keep game "fresh". Also the best players right now are the ones who abuse what is OP in the current patch. So lame.
: i dislike the permanent stats you get from dragons.... its game wrecking :/ its much more impactfull and important than baron.
I also dislike the baron buff they introduced few season ago. I hate that baron decides who will take whos inhibitor now. Before baron used to give raw stats now it gives raw stats plus minion push power. It seems so op and hard to defend especially versus paper towell towers.
: League is just an interactive LC$ commercial now.
sad but true. Its not even enjoyable for a single player anymore. Literally one guy gets fed and team groups and finish game. There is no way in solo queue that teams will coordinate to defend base.
: > [{quoted}](name=ThatLuxOneShot,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Eea9L7ni,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-26T07:31:24.690+0000) > > when even if a lane fed decently it was possible for the team to work together and still win regardless of one player doing tons of dmg on the other team Good old days, but riot wants fast games which means that one side is going to snowball hard.
I remember watchin season 4 worlds when matches were decided by constant teamfighting and turning game around. This worlds it was all about who can take first Baron and finish with one push mid as 5. Feelsbadman.
: league of weak towers and tank meta.
I still hate when i die in minute 12. and enemy team groups mid and destroys my inhibitor :) Must admit never had more fun in my life /s
: we ever gonna get league of legends back?
Couldnt make myself to play today, the game became so boring lately. Literally anyone who makes a lead early will win no matter what you do :)
: tbh. I wrote that for a reason. I am fucking addicted to this game ###### and Taliyah I naturally can't stay away from it for too long so I figured 10 days wouldn't be too hard.
I am gonna track you if you play one game this year i will expose you :P
Zedocax (NA)
: congratulations riot for once again ruining urf
I really hope they feel bad about this.
Morrider (NA)
: A Clear and Calm Opinion on This ARURF.
I just hate 3 things about this "ARURF" version : snowball summoner that we are forced to use and is more annoying to me than fun,snow map locked by default and limited champion pool.
: The way Riot is handling champion mastery is horrible
I wish they did it like HoTS or Paladins do, when you play one Champ you level him up and get rewards for doing it. One of the wards would be summoner icon of that champion and when you finish you can have nickname or something to show off your mastery that is related to your champion, an emote of that champion for example.
: The way Riot is handling champion mastery is horrible
Ever since they made it ,it looked like some beta or alpha prototype that is clearly unfinished. Now when this much time passed and they never touched it i wonder what is on their minds?
: I LOVED Urf, I LOVED AURF, but this...
: Snow Day Urf Sucks
I would add your pros to cons aswell i hate snowball summoner and i have ice map
Kantan (NA)
: Why are you doing this to AR(URF) riot?
I dont think they will respond...sadly they ruined our beloved URF
: Every time when new URF comes it feels less and less fun...
Comentários de Rioters
Comentários de Rioters
: Top lane is a bipolar lane, that's what I hate about it. The island, which was once supposed to be the best part about top lane, no longer works because of how much Riot has pushed the "team aspect" of the game. While some matchups may be a pain, it's generally still just 2 people at a standstill at 0/0/0. At least, until the jungler ganks. 2v1s are almost impossible to win for most champs. Illaoi is probably the only one who can reliably do it nowadays (Dar used to). While mid also experiences this problem, it's much less severe than top lane due to the shorter lane, the pathways the jgler can gank from, and the more mobile/ranged/safer champs played there, while Top is (supposed to be) immobile melees. So, what happens in most games is a jgler ganks, the laner gets a kill, then creates an unsurmountable lead that leads to one laner being useless. The exception to the rule is tanks, who are used to being punching bags and basically secondary supports. Tanks can do better when behind than Bruisers or Skirmishers. What decides the lane most is the jgler. Ironically, most junglers don't seem to recognize how important their role is, and whenever they get blamed, they'll fall back to the excuse of "stop blaming the jgler"
Yeah i also hate how easy is to gank top laner. You are basically always scared of enemy jungler to do anything.
: The top lane is a champion select role
I just pick Teemo and he has no counters, if they pick ad like {{champion:80}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:91}}... i just max Q and go full ap with aery and fuck them up so hard with all ins and ignite same for ap tops that are mages. If they go tanky picks i max E go on hit tank build and sustained dmg and fuck them up really hard. I never lose matchup top as Teemo, i only lose game when my team feeds their lanes and i cant do anything because teemo is kinda bummer in team fights but can be pulled off if your team is not very very behind.
TheLoamy (EUW)
: FPS issues and weird game behaviour.
It was like this for me for couple of patches when they ruined this game with new updates and never fixed it when it comes to FPS.
Yikés (NA)
: Toggle "Target Champions Only"
This is so good,i hate when i dive and hit tower by accident cause enemy is hiding behind it.
: Because while Riot doesn't specifically ban the practice, they don't really like smurfs. What you are complaining about is only a problem for smurfs, while it is very much a good thing for new players. It's not changing.
And how would they ban smurfs? What if in one household under same IP adress more family members play league , how would they know its not smurfs?
: Just let us use the fucking runes at level 11. Don't jerk us around like the current system does.
wildfox99 (EUW)
: well,same for electrocute that is taken over dark harvest in 99% of the cases because it isn't as good as electro in early and it takes too much for scale or aery that gives a better trade/poke with a lower CD than comet (15~40 + 0.1AP 3 sec CD vs 30/100 + 0.2 AP 20~8 sec CD) and its shield is better than guardian -> 30~80 + 0.25AP 3 sec CD vs 60~150 + 0.1AP (which you wont build as tank) + 10% bonus hp (which you wont build as enchanter,so just one of them) 45 sec CD (15 times higher) same for waterwalking , minion dematerializer or approach velocity that feels so bad to use just reminding that it isn't the only issue they should buff its movement speed at early ranks as without boots it wouldn't be so effective anyway,and a bit more for lategame (like 35~55% based on level) i want kidnapper {{champion:223}} run even faster {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Yeah they really made it so obvious which one keystone does more so you cant really have fair competition when one has way more utility and dmg over another choices. Like you wanna poke? Aery deals just way more dmg,want burst? Electrocute since its more consistent than any other choice in that tree. Etc Etc.
: And yet they nerfed it. Riot's balance team is so freaking dumb.
And when i say that i dont mean to offend them just for purpose of rant but i really think they make some dumb decisions like wtf are you guys even doing?
: Phase Rush is still terrible and scales far too slowly
Its funny how they wanted to make it "more consistent" but its acutally more inconsistent since you need 3 abilities or unique attacks to proc it when before you could just proc it with one ability lets say Nasus Q or graves Q or any ability that deals some dmg. I now feel like i never proc it ever and even when i do it feels terrible since my target is usually already dead anyways.
: Impossible games are the worst
Not just impossible games when it comes to matchmaking but when your team goes 0-40 and they refuse to FF at 15 cause "its not over yet" so you are tempted to leave game but at the same time dont want to get leaver buster so you are just "forced" to play unwinable game and feel like crap for the next 10-15 mins of irrelevant stalling and wasting time. Only time i feel better is when i have some sort of mission to "deal dmg to enemy team" or "earn xxx amount of gold" so i feel like im completing some goal even if im not winning.
: Explains why there are lots of top mains in challenger right?
Yeah and every single one of them says how top lane is useless. If you watch any top laner high elo streamers they always mention how top lane is irrelevant in the game.
: What kind of champions do you recommend for splitpushing? Some I have in mind are Rengar, Shen, and Jax. Do you think those work well?
Teemo if you build on-hit, Yorick, Trynd.
: Top Lane is the new support.
Soooo true,as a top laner who usually does well and most of the times take not just two but also inhibitor it just doesent matter when enemy team has lead especially in bot lane. They just take all drakes and group for baron and my team is so unable to teamfight them anymore even if i am fed.
: What are LCS casters actually going to talk about in Season 8?
"Oh it seems blue team got first tower , let's take it to the analyst desk! "
: But theres always that "Never surrender" kind of asshole who refuses to surrender when it is 0 to 43
Lol thank you, you just made my day. Most relatable comment i read in a long time.
: It does kind of seem like reversals aren't as common now...
exactly there are no comebacks so often as before. The main reason is huuge snowball especially in combination with massive dmg with new runes and weak non existent towers that are impossible to stall out if enemy team has baron or just simply wants to dive you.
Barkley (NA)
: Since riot obviously embraces the current snowball....
Totally agree,also not to mention that first tower falls the first time enemy jungler shows up or you die in lane. Towers feel so squishy and they deal so little dmg that i just see them as some minor objective needed to be taken in under 15 seconds in order to finish the game.
: Who remembers Nikasuar and Summoner Showcase?
Omg i miss this, as one of veteran players i now feel so nostalgic!
: Your Overcharge mode really sucks and is not fun. If it werent a mission i wouldnt play it.
I wish they made ARURF permanent mode...i would play it every day :(
kargish (EUW)
: ARURF is so horrible...
DarkRooster (EUNE)
: WHERE IS HEXAKILL TWISTED TREELINE ? One of the best mode and you take it out of rotation over a year completely. Im so bored that rotating game mode became some garbage 10 min game modes.
Lol,that is literally one of most boring game modes ever existed.
Wráthful (EUNE)
: Riot's greed for money actually made them make less money ROFL no one uses RP to buy hextech chests after the OE change.
I mean only they know that , and if they feel its the case they will revert the changes. After all they are the one who have all the data and if they think that they will make more money this way let it be but i really doubt they will make more money with these OE nerfs, especially on chests and keys. I was the one who used to buy chests and keys for RP before but after this change i wont be doing it unless they revert the changes they made.
Jamaree (NA)
: Loot boxes are all shit yes, don't buy them.
> [{quoted}](name=Jamaree,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=GZ36pUue,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-27T22:10:22.886+0000) > > Loot boxes are all shit yes, don't buy them. tru
Riot JxE (NA)
: Update on Fps Issues in 7.22 and 7.23
What do you mean it cant be reproduced? Just go fight with 4+ people on screen casting spells and you see fps drop like crazy ... easy as that!
koshkyra (NA)
: "Tower" is an ancient word that old league players use to describe a structure that existed in the game around 2015.
This should be on top haha , well done!
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