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: I always get fps drop between min 7-10 then a sudden crash of the dead. thats why I stopped to play this game. 2 months with this bug...
Thx very much . thought it was my broken client but now i´m hoping its a general issue :3
: Patch 10.1 Notes
A wonder league becomes dead when they cant fix as a multi-billion-dollar company those hard-bugs
: 10 problematics champs that need to be looked at in 2020:
what about aatrox what about azir what about braum ( he is hella useless af) what about darius what about evelynn what about mundo what about diana what about ekko what about galio what about gnar what about ivern what about katarina etc etc .. there are so many champions who need 2 be changed.
Rewt (NA)
: Nidalee is in her best state in years. She is one of the harder junglers to play, but when played correctly she is easily one of the strongest. It translates into a low winrate because she is just so god damn hard to play. But yea.... she is fucking insane when in the right hands.
Nidalee hard 2 play. ye ... skill doesnt mean the same thing as in season 5 ...
wCTed (EUW)
: Guys You are absolutely right if u are hardstuck . now i understand you
Tbh .... 45% players is actually one of the best scenarios you just can get. i have so many times players maining lee sin with a 20% winrate as jungler i have so many times players maining kaisa adc but still go 0:15 in such every game and still more weird things you cant ever believe when you´re not even in this hell. the most funny thing is when you have smth like 4 or 5 gold players in one team and the enemy team has 2 gold 2 plat and 1 diaplayer yesterday i was watching a stream on twitch and saw a full team of diamond players but there was one player who was last season platin 4 and now gold 2 with 26% winrate. so they lost ... what a goddamn wonder can some1 from riot aka failure games explain why this is allowed? i´m proud that i got not that bad hell like last season where i wasnt allowed to climb by basically 2 afks per match over nearly 600 Matches in ranked now i only have 0:20 players with extremly negative winrates ... but at least better than last season... yes ... a wonder this game is dying .... nothing 2 say anymore ^^
: TFT is far too luck based right now.
dont worry. Riot buffs olaf so tft isnt luck based anymore if u get one :) GJ riot tbh. everyone complaining about olaf (he is basically strong like t8 Champ or whatever) and u still decide to buff him . Pls fix your TFT-Balance-Team
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: TFT devs... what the hell is wrong with you? (see below)
I mean ye olaf is op but there are 3 things f0cking me more up in tft than him. first: Why assasins still do some shitty moves and facerushing into enemys instead of jumping behind the enemy front. Fix this spaghetti finally ffs. bot-programmers Sec:Wtf i get no t2 units until 4-1 Phases while other players have t3 in 2-5? Can you fix this bs riot? PLS?! This is Rng of doom and even iron tft players can be better as Challenger tft -players with that horrible kind of RNG 3rd: Holy fck i mean ..... this Ki movement ... Lets do a 5 step description of Focus-Luck Worst-Bad-Average-Great-Perfect My champs Focus-tier- Bad-Worst Enemy Champs Focus-Tier - PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT ALWAYS FCKIN PERFECT!!! Sry but how is it balanced when even my olaf could miss his ult (It feels rly like its possible for me) while all enemy spells are absolutely on point? Its a freakin joke and absolutely not balanced. Oh wait: The enemy has a tank with basically infinite MR. So what my champs exactly do : fokus 95% of their skills on this hard tank and deal 0 damage. (Greetings to braum) I have 4 tanks and 3 mages: enemy team full focus my damage dealers like holy god Ki Sry but no wonder that so many ppl left the worst mode euw. even botgames have a higher funrate ... even ARAM against ziggs varus xerath jayce have a higher funrate than this complete bs system that makes you dicerolling the place you´ll get olaf is disgusting ye but these problems ... holy moly.
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: 40% CDR from max cloud drakes + 40% CDR normally +15% from ult hunter +5% from cosmic insight +10% from Transcendence +1%-10% from offense side branch that is a full 120% CDR on ult. looks like urf indirectly came back.
transcendence doesnt count as cdr above 40/45% and got turned into adaptive
: Patch 9.23 notes
No panth/Senna-nerf? ah no wait . We give them a new item make em broken af. And also for the ppl who want URF permanent. Just get 4 clouddrakes LULW
: Burst builds are becoming the norm, and it sucks.
i can at least understand why basically 90% of League-Community left this season ^^
Zuxly (NA)
: I need 2RP rito pls
Whiisp (NA)
: As much as Auto fill is a good concept on paper, it ruins too many games [Diamond 2+ (Diamond+)]
If autofill gets removed for dia 2 and above it also need to be removed as dia 3 and below. Fairness 4 all plz. But ye its absolutely true . autofill force ppl so hard to go afk and something else .... if it got banned fast ok no problem but this never will happen so i guess remove autofill is a good thing or create any system like we can turn on/off autofill with cause of lower priority queue for off-turners LUL off-turners-sick-word?! I mean i have basically no problem with autofill actually . the trolllvl in my elo is hard enough even without and since league of legends became a state of Elo doesnt matter cuz silvers can rly be better than master-players based on luck i give rly a f*ck on my elo. There are so many ppl playing like dogsh*t but are in Master for real while some good players are hardstucking in lower elo´s . So autofill and trolls because of it are basically ignored for me. The real experience of Gaming is actually only possible if you have full 5-Player-Teams in Championships or something else.
: Ranked is fun
My first 2 ranked games started wit afks . So better /remake then
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datfatguy (OCE)
: Why do people choose to not ban a champion
Its so simple to explain. Based on your ban the enemy can see what you could gonna play. If you dont go for any ban its not possible to guess your position and your champ you want to play. makes it harder to counterpick you and easier to counterpick them.
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: I am permabanning Blitzcranck now.
Riot has only s4 players. unlucky :(
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Barso55 (NA)
: Vayne is absolute bullshit
Riot´s answer : Lets buff Vayne POGGERS {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: that's not an explination Pyke needs to be nerfed, and HARD NERFED blitz doesn't need to be buffed
But blitz rangebuff might be fun in lower elo . Lets hook from tower 2 tower :3
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Zed genius (EUNE)
: > Your diamond balance team Silver*
> [{quoted}](name=Zed genius,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=y5AwNszU,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-09-06T22:50:35.424+0000) > > Silver* Sry but the lee and Eve buff demote them to Iron*
Hordes66 (NA)
: I'd say GG but matchmaking and balance are garbage
matchmaking ? whats that . is it the thing who makes me tilt cuz i have 2+ run it downs in every game since i reached platin? so yes its garbage ur right. I´m happy that this shit game still not demoted me but it will clearly happens if this shit game queue more of this shit into my team . a wonder how riot lost so many players last 2 seasons BTw i saw yesterday riot games on twitch . 1k viewer . yes good company and most played game on world. sry but i can make a black/white-Screen video and have more active viewers ....
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: Is it just me or is the quality of the game going downhill hard
Quality in this game? uff . last time i heared it was in season 6. ranked is a joke since basically 2 years but this season its the most random shit ive ever played. i was so happy cuz i´m near plat 4 but then i got a streak of junglers who are not even allowed to play in iron league. Fun 2 lose every single game cause one position is basically first time in this game. the "skillfactor" means actually rly who has the better team. Own skill doesnt matter anymore since league becomes a place where every champ deal 5k damage per Spell and resistence becomes absolutely useless only playing this game cuz my Pc isnt the best and cant play better games so but otherwise there is no reason to play this weird game anymore. Climb in rang is full based on the teammates u get. thats the reason why even in diamond and masters play some ppl who are less than bronze....
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Could you not, Riot?
Imagine RIot would nerf the op champs instead of buffing "weaker" champs to op too.... have no prob with lategame-Turns or 30 min games instead of open at 5. But riot has :( bring back ol good times
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Cobster3 (EUW)
: 2 week ban for nothing. Please Riot.
have one game played few hours ago against graves/kata who flamed someone in their team . and only the jayce in their team has no matches in his history after. So i´m not sure but i guess i had you in my team q.q
Zlera (NA)
: Anyone can be played anywhere, but if youre asking "is this meta?" Then no. Most Effective Tactics Available Looking at how fizz is played.. he needs gold, in the support role you actually get much less gold, so that overall could make you not be able to play fizz to his best. Hes an AP(?) Assassin, he cant really assassinate from behind, perhaps it was a lucky game? Try it in a few more game, see how it goes, I may be completely wrong and this is new META
i also win as jhin main support. doesnt matter what u play if u know how to play i guess (until master)
: fizz has nothing in his kit to do anything to help "support" the adc or team. you are just playing a champ out of role/off meta and it worked but cuz it worked once dont mean it is pick worth diving into.
good that ur lvl 15 otherwise i would flame ya for lying q.q
Böljy (EUNE)
: Nightblue... Nightblue... Where have I heard that before... Ooooh wait, it's the OMG YOU WON'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH DMG THIS JARVAN DOES (not clickbait) dude
But doesnt change the fact that qiyana is actually absolutely broke. (nearly 70% banrate in korean challenger just sayin)
: MAJOR BUG for all Stuns and Roots OCCURRING EVERY GAME!
fix? from riot ? nah better do eternals . More money , less work
: Grinded non-stop in solo queue for a month; here's the result.
At least u can reach dia 4 . i cant . my matches today first : run it down vayne Second: run it down vladimir Third: run it down disco nunu Fourth. Afk toplane (after remake-penalty) my 4 games today going this.... having fun ? no .. climb? noo . Timewaste? yes. riot ban these ppl? no. its rly not worth to climb. all based on extremly luck except challenger /Grandmaster for real .
Rock MD (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GilxeN,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=56bleUam,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-08-26T11:22:18.705+0000) > > If u think 900 gold at lvl 1 is a joke, you are totally wrong, when I got as a jungler 900 gold lead, oh boy my abuse was endless from start till the end. He's saying that getting 3 kills at level 1 = auto win the game is in no way exclusive to season 9. That's happened in damn near any season.
but in every other season you had a chance to comeback cause in all other seasons not even a tank could oneshot you with a nearly autoattack .
Eyesack (NA)
: Games literally end at 5 minutes.
got a fun game yesterday. Kaisa+Sona ( Me) against Tristana+lulu after lvl 2 tristana throw her bomb on me and did 3 autoattacks and even with my W shield + Heal from kaisa i died. Yep Damage is balanced currently. it means she dealt with lvl 2 nearly 1k Damage with a lvl 1 ability + 3 aa´s. In which goddamn way is this game balanced ? or looking 2 pyke. Engage,Disengage,Invisibility,Selfheal on lane like Baron-Passive,2 hard-CC (1 Aoe) and execute true damage ult who is clearly 1 shot everything with cd reset + extra gold for mates. I mean this design could be rly from CertainlyT. Stucking since months on a 50% fcking Banrate and Riot says he´s balanced. This game is terrible af since end Season 6 /Start S7
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SmartGreat (EUNE)
: I lost my promo because of your bugged client.... AGAIN
i started today with " Pls re-install League of Legends" u must understood that a multi billion dollar company cant have a better client as any indie
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