: What really helps (at least until Diamond 5) is good shotcalling. Playing roles that allow you time to say your intents helps keep your team organized. Saying something like "Ty Nice gank ", or "let's do baron while cait and Jarvan are down" , helps keep team focused on a goal
I would if i ever got ganks. And i know everyone says this. But i legit NEVER get ganks. The jungle always seems scared of mid for some reason.
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: no, good luck
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: You ask for a soccer or basketball match where individual performance should count not the fact that one team wins. Seriously. Well. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Difference is they can all communicate and CHOOSE their team mates. We dont get a choice of who is on our team in League.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Blue Mystified,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RmFYBaNE,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2017-10-22T18:41:03.491+0000) > > This, so much. Every single time i get into ranked i end up at 90-99 LP and stop being motivated to play because the cancerous idea that i have to win 3 more games in a row after already going on a winning streak (which is already the only way to even climb LP) is just the definition of unfun. > > edit: They shouldn't allow you to place between 95-100 lp. Just give me the extra 5. if riot lowered it to 95, then people would complain about 94 LP not leading to promos. Then riot would lower it to 90. Then people would complain about 89 LP not leading to promos and so on. As u see, that doesnt solve the problem at all. I think that extra LP should be given back after promo series regardless of outcome. If promo is lost, the extra LP should be refunded even if it leads to another consecutive promo. If promo is won, then the excess LP should be transfered to next tier.
you solve this problem by removing promos.
: because it's a good 2 second channel animation and having to take 3 hits of a tower at lvl 6 just for your ult is fucking stupid please THINK about the answers to your questions before you post them. Anyone who is competent at the game would know the answer. don't whine on boards just because you got shat on by a yasuo a game before.
Oh. Better n ot let vel koz or malzahar take any turret aggro during the ults then right? See? see how fucking stupid and broken that sounds?
: Because of his ults long animation. He would tank 2 tower shots during it. It also only does so if the champion is only slightly inside tower range anyways.
Thats like saying Vel koz shouldnt take tower aggro under tower if he ults lmao

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