: By all means post your chat logs.
Yeah, I'm at the School right now so when i get home i'll make sure to do it!
: Just post them here
Is there any way i can refund my money on the account? I spent over 200 euro on skins etc...
Voldymort (EUNE)
: >Basicly the riot employer we faced had baned him for no reason. do you have proof of this claim other than circumstantial evidence?
We'll i dont have any acces to my freinds account but i have a screenshot of myself getting perma baned.
: Just post them here
Well...i suppose i will just cry...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7k639cW4MtI
: Lets see proof your friend was perma banned.
Btw i also got perma baned...If you join our discord server i can send you screenshots. https://discord.gg/SWKEUH
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: Not reciving mastery shards
Thx guys.. i realise i need to earn S or higher wich i thought before was that S- was higher than S xD explains it...
: .... in grades in school... was an A- or A a higher grade? 100% sure it's A > A-. It's the same with S and S-
So i basicly need to get S or S+ … damn i always thought S- was better than S lol.. that explains it!!!!
: S or higher it says and S- is higher than it so...?
But maybe ur right...? idk maybe...if so than i have my answer.. are u sure about it?
: I could be wrong but I thought to get to lvl 7 you had to get S or S+.
S or higher it says and S- is higher than it so...?
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