Neriticc (EUW)
: At least she isn’t Fiora that wins lane against everyone except bullshit GP from level 1 while also outscaling every single champion into late game.
Fiora doesnt auto win every match up xD, fiora is weakest champ to deal with range champ in this game and im guessing u are too stupid to build {{item:3076}} {{item:3047}} and maker her go afk or kill her self while attacking u
Juice (EUNE)
: What a nicely designed champion
i made post while back About how stupid illoi is with video of me side setuping her E and then all in her, She letarly did 80 % my health bar in R w, Yet i got downvoted
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: Preseason 2020 Gameplay: Rise of the Elements
The toplane chanages are honesly bad for the bruiser class because its not gona make any difference, Range vs mele match still near auto win for range match, Mages remains the best class and outscale bruiser and tanks, Tanks will run down bruiser with out conqueror, My honesy tought, Bruiser class will dissapear from game if u go with this changes
Speeedy (NA)
: omg this so much, I have no clue what half the champions weaknesses are in the game anymore because they just seem good at everything all the time, for a few examples {{champion:84}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:350}} I wish they made clear weaknesses like {{champion:51}} midgame or {{champion:18}} early game or {{champion:67}} lack of range.
Thats thing since late season 7, Riot keep creating this no counter play champ that have no weakness and strong at all stage of game, {{champion:84}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:6}} While also removing weakness of some champ When they give {{champion:67}} stupid buff on her R or {{champion:69}} making her w casted on all range or my favourite {{champion:58}} making his w go throw shield so he can letarly auto win every bruiser and tank since they are class that have self shielding in toplane
: I play {{champion:34}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:68}}. And I would like to see {{champion:54}} and {{champion:90}} changed in some way. Heck, I wouldn't cry if mages were made healthier, but why do you think they are broken?
1. They dont have counter play to there dmg bc there item are at cheap cost while giving so much magic dmg and so much magic pene Compare to how weak magic resist item are, {{item:3135}} can negate any mr item u build with 2650 gold with out forgotten how toxic mages are to deal with since all here kit are point click burst {{champion:45}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:54}}, They have no counter play to dodge there dmg bc there point ability is point click
: Yea she is busted but what about mages they are even better.
Dont talk about mages in this bord or u'll insta get down voted. No one want there point clicl {{champion:90}} or {{champion:134}} or the most broken champ in game {{champion:54}} to be touched
Charmy Bird (EUNE)
: Kaisa is their golden child and they'll never touch their precious one. Just the fact that they nerfed her e even though everyone was pointing at different things prove that riot has no intention of changing kaisa
Nerf was pointless just to shut community down
Probliss (NA)
: I don't think you should be talking about pro picks when you're complaining about champions. Pros also pick Akali, who isn't in a good spot right now. Kai'sa's win rate is criminally low despite her 'overloaded' kit. She only shows a win rate higher than 50% in challenger. She isn't even close to one of the strongest adcs in soloQ, this patch. I feel like you just got stomped by a Kai'sa and came here to complain afterwards.
Akali is stupdly overtuned too, Just PLayer in low elos dont kn how to play her, She's pick or bann in Pro play for seconde season now
: yes mages are OP. no you aren't allowed to say it. i don't know why it's like this.
Yea while, When {{champion:45}} and {{champion:134}} Miss there combo, They get to press point click and ignite do 80 % of ur hp bar to near kill u, Its popular and thats why no one ignoring it
: To enlighten you, there's plenty of anti-mage items, but you gotta look beyond stats. {{item:3194}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3065}} People downvote you because nobody likes a quitter, nor do other players want to wait for another queue again.
Did u actualy understand my post ? it doesnt matter how mr u build, Mages will always melt ur health in less then 2 seconde, Reason for that is because they get so much free ap from runes and there item, Magic pene is cheap to get and Mr item are trash
: imo tanks beat mages unless its dot mages like cass, anivia, malz.
According to stat, Mages are most played role rightnow, They are reason tanks are not viable, The only leggit tank pick that can deal with mages in this games is {{champion:36}}
Kat XD (NA)
: Is this... a Riven main complaining about champion balance?
Sure, When i have to combo some1 and that combo toke mean month to learn how to do it fast enough, {{champion:134}} {{champion:45}} Point click for doulbe my dmg
ApexRiven (EUW)
: I have new role, If enemy team has more then 2 mages im dodging bc its unwinnable game...
Please Downvote me more for being right, U are reason anyway this game is enjoybale anymore. I dare anyone argue with me that im wrong
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Emperor Talquin,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dAQpHw0d,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-10-13T19:27:30.413+0000) > > The whole idea of a Marksman/assassin/hybrid just shouldn't of made it past the drawing board, she has the dps of vayne and the mobility of Kha'zix and that shouldn't of happened in the first place. Arguably better DPS than Vayne tbh.
U forget to add She has Burst of Syndra consider how her point click Does dmg and how much her W does dmg No matter What u build
: It’s almost like she’s the only adc who can use the only defensive tool in the game that actually works anymore. Hmmmmmmmm.
His point is Kaisa can build those defensive item and still out perform other Adc
: Oh i know but why do you think assassins get so much hate on the boards. Because mage players want to win early, mid, and late game in mid lane. And if they dont win early they cry assassins are too strong. This is why im telling you not to argue against mages on the boards you'll just get a ton of downvotes.
Also mages are more tankier then tanks Since {{item:3157}} Gives 45 amor and {{item:3102}} 60 mr which more then any mr item in game give While also have best 2 active in game and dont forget the stupid shield and endless mana of {{item:3003}}
: Ohhh you messed with the mage players on here, now you're going to get downvoted.
Mages player are the reason the dmg in game is so high rightnow. U can lose game if u are full ad comp but if u are full mages comp, its impossible to lose inleas they intentionaly feeding
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: You forgot the delete riven/akali/yasuo/fiora/irelia part. All champs that force you to play their game. They get to have fun while you don't, provided they actually play the champion correctly.
Issue with league righntow has gone way beyond champ, While is true that champ is huge issue for how missup current balance of game is but there's problemes that happen before even u lock ur champ
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: > Now lanes, specifically top, are complaining that jungle is never there for them when they need help. To be honest, the very vast majority of the time that a toplaner will ever beg for help from the jungle is because the enemy jungler isn't giving them a rest either. They don't hate jungle because they are never there because of the early influence nerfs, but because junglers are what decides who wins the toplane so, if the ally jungler isn't there for you, it's almost guaranteed that you lose lane as soon as the enemy jungler takes profit from the other jungler's absence
Only Situation Toplaner would as for help is When they are facing vayne top or jayce, Kennen or any other marksman, In that situation, im 100 % need my jgl help but dont complain about loosing 1 v1 when im facing vayne top as darius
: > [{quoted}](name=Zardo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=m5U3cxGI,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-06-25T10:36:04.054+0000) > > People talk about junglers getting flamed all the time but junglers are also the most toxic people in the game. Walking between camps is free flame time for minor things. Invading without priority then dying is never their fault. Dying when they got pinged off of a gank is somehow their laners fault. Scuttle is worth more than anything else in the world to them, and if you dont think it is and drop everything for them you'll get flamed all game(even if helping costs multiple times the xo and gold that scuttle gives) May I remind you {{champion:92}} players exist.
1 of reason riven is good rightnow is because she can say fuckk my jgl while im getting camp, Im gona carry this and make 2 v1 outplay and get my self win Without this pathetic jgl that pretend to be tarzand and go invade when all lanes are shoved or Trying to delet how useless he's by trying dive botlane and getting my inter botlane killed
: > [{quoted}](name=Zardo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=m5U3cxGI,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-06-25T10:36:04.054+0000) > > People talk about junglers getting flamed all the time but junglers are also the most toxic people in the game. Imagine getting flamed all game every game by people who understand the macro game worse then you. That would make you "toxic" too
Why should toplaner, Lose his lane, Farm and Exp bc for some reason the enemy jgl decide to set toplane for rest of the game. But No Just play safe... I look at my jgl and i see him lvl 5 at 10 mn, Down in cs compare to the enemy jgl that was seeding toplane all game When my jgl was supposingly afk farming but he's not actualy farming, He's just walking around and doing nothing ... I would flame non stop and idc about consequence bc While me was getting camp to oblivion. He choose to no do anything about not even counter ganking an obvious gank or even fuckingg gank any other lane. Just because jungler ego are too big. Ohh my toplaner is bad, This's unlucky, Go next
: That feel when the balance team cares SOOOOO MUCH about pick diversity in pro-play, that they buff the champions they want to see SOOOOOOO MUCH that the become perfectly pick or ban, the complete opposite of diversity...
I agree, Remember patch 8.17 When they double khazix passive double dmg and gave him 90 % slow on his w, Making meta for next 3 patchs after khazix pick or bann just 2 shooting every1
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Saezio,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uFE6hFbW,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-06-21T18:26:41.796+0000) > > What do you mean? > > She is busted, with huge pick and winrates. She has safety, low risks high reward with her taunt, true damage for scaling, can burst a squishy without even using more than REWQ and have 2 more R stacks to escape, has sustain. > > She has 53% winrate with 10% pickrate in plat,diamond and master elo. > > Are you an ahri player by any chance? that's false
I could say same about riven, U cant define me what is broken about her exacly, Just numbers
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: Depends if I feel like I’m being outplayed, or just out championed. Like urgot a few patches back. Everyone lost to him, not because they got outplayed. But because urgot was not beatable. There was no outplaying him. Where as if I lost to say, yoric. I know I missplayed, I got hit by his w when he had 4 ghouls up.
He's still in this day unbaitable because He's tank range that also happen to be the best conqueror abuser in game, I honesly still think he's Op intel today but he's just not popular anymore.
: If I'm mid against ahri, veiger, or even zed I'm having fun because I know I can dodge their skillshots, exploit their weaknesses, etc. It is fun because I always have options and if I lose I know they were really good, or I played poorly. Even if they're ahead I can still outplay and win fights. When I play against a master yi who is 0/7 then 1v5 pentakills our entire team, I am not having fun.
I hope u feel so much fun when zed miss his q But still 100 to 0 you by pressing point click press his e then right click u 2 time then ignite electrote
: > [{quoted}](name=ApexRiven,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=flIjXzzA,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-06-10T12:16:05.763+0000) > > This post is base on win rate from and not my personnal game experience. Also, if u think sona is not overpower, Go watch how she dominate every Pro play with over 53 % wr in solo q I would be carefull with OP.GG, since it's working only with Korean high elo stats, for better stats, I would use different sites. I like [U.GG]( or [League of Graphs](
The number are same except sivir as i predict has finaly reached 55 % wr on league of graphs and and jinx 54 % and sona 53.5 %. Riot have no exuse now but to actualy nerf them inleas they like keeping them in there current stat which in that case " i wont be suprise".
mack9112 (NA)
: Lux has some of the most telegraphed moves in the game and I do not understand how anyone would think Sona is overpowered. There are plenty of counters to Tahm Kench you can find numerous discussions about it. Ahri is once again a skill matchup where you have to dodge the charm. Naut is once again dodge the skill shot I don’t see sivir or jinx as overpowered champions instead they have clear counterplay As well I usually don’t complain about grammar or sentence structure but please proofread your posts before submittIng , it reads like a ragey text message.
This post is base on win rate from and not my personnal game experience. Also, if u think sona is not overpower, Go watch how she dominate every Pro play with over 53 % wr in solo q
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: I like how the role that consistently shits out the most broken crap in the game always complains that they have no influence. -.-
U are mistaking certain broken picks suck as jax and renekton with entire role, U cant say toplane is good just because jax is broken for ever.=
: ya top lane sucks, you cant play fun champs top because there are too many op hyper carrys, tahm kench litterely wins every matchup, just bs
Jgl impact on toplane is so huge that at some point the lane feels decided by how ever gank
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: An age where a full AD team has nothing to fear from a team building Armor on everyone
Most because riot decide to shift tanks power from being damage obsorver into actualy doing damage them self, They did that with sejaune when they nerfed her passive and buff her dmg, They did that with ornn when they removed his shield and gave him 20 % of target max health dmg, They nerfed mundo r and gave him dmg, Same with sion, poppy, and my favourite tank to face toplane in game <3 tahm kench and his 3 shoot me from full hp rotation lvl 3. They mokai buffs was an obvious exmpl of my point and its dumb way of making tanks viable and yet riot try to push it again with this patch zac changes and its just unhealthy
Saezio (EUNE)
: You said he 100-0 you with 1 rotation. Evidence about that. Not about Nautilus being S+ tier, we all know that.
Im not a bruiser main, Im adc/Jgl main and the amount of time my full health bar as marksman or evelyn dissapear from natuliss is cointless to the point i start banning him right or dodge when i see him
Saezio (EUNE)
: You gonna post some evidence of this or? And I as nautilus died to a single ADC auto level 1. SO BALANCED
U want evidence ? hmm, How about check every tier list and they will tell u that nautlis is S+ broken champ, How about every website give same data which naut has highest pick rate in supp role and highest win rate with 52 + % at all elo. U need more evidence ?
: Bruisers (mainly fighters) are broken, what about that do you not understand? The fact they can basically psuedo-tank (which only Juggernauts should possess) and deal tons of burst damage is absurd (Especially Riven and Jax, two champions guilty of such things). Fighters are meant to do burst damage, but they are not meant to fucking tank damage days on end better than a Tank can.
There job is to do dmg, They are building dmg item, They dont build pure tank armor and still do dmg. Beside, NO bruiser in early game beside darius can 100 to 0 an adc by hitting skillshoot like nautlis does. Fun fact, nautlis q hast most broken hitbox in game and its so hard to side setup inleas nautlis player aming opposite direction.
: a nautilus building full ap doesnt count
He was building tank and not ap and thats what trigered me most.
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: Are we going to mention conqueror is complete garbage on most melee champions with the changes and actually better on ranged characters, including mages? It's a huge yikes.
Only champs that conqueror was actualy good on were Yi, Yasuo, Jax but this champ are broken with or with out conqueror. Conqueror doesnt work on camille, doesnt work on fiora, doesnt work, Renekton and kled take pta, Yorick take grasp, gp take grasp, trynd take conq but he has 46 % anyway, Maybe remaining are darius and irelia that are seeding on 48 % win rate, IDK if thats good or bad for u
: And why is it ok for a champion that's unkiteable and undiveable to delete everyone almost instantly? (It's not). No marksman should be able to duel a bruiser, end of story. If you're playing a marksman and you fuck up and the bruiser is on top of you that should be your life. That's the trade off for having 0 counterplay damage.
DId u actualy play toplane ? or even play this game. Im gona give u few exmpl: Vayne if she play it properly ( not even properly but if she has brain) can 1 v1 any bruiser, same thing with lucian, same thing with kaisa mid to late game when she 3 shoot bruiser wheel taking no dmg bc of shield But even that doesnt happen, imagine if we are living rightnow where adc can 1 v1 bruiser. 40 % of toplaner main will delet this game
: Mages are already taking over toplane. Do you even play this game? Toplane is all ryze, kennen, cassio. Next patch there will be no urgot anymore. And that's that. Every bruiser is dead.
I would like to add and consider that champ like urgot and garen how just street build full tank and still do stupid amount of dmg are NOT bruiser, Since they build full tank they are tank or any other class but they are not bruiser.
: I dont think mages are going to take over toplane. But considering that bruisers/fighters have dominated toplane since conqueror was released and even started moving mid/bot, this is a good change. Also its really stupid that old Conqueror was melee and AD only... all other offensive keystones are adaptive and can be used by every class, so why tf does bruisers need special treatment and get their own keystone, when mages never had their own in the first place.
Do u actualy like play toplane ? even with current conqueror in live serveur, poppy and sion shitt on bruiser in lane, mid game and late game. either then that, it was urgot, kennen, vlad, jayce, and jax (Jax is broken with or without conqueror and i tihnk every1 kn that). Saying bruiser dominating toplane is wrong.
DeusVult (NA)
: Old conq was dumb because if you took Conq into lane vs a tank, it didnt matter that they stacked health or armor vs you, you could build your damage items and win out in all trades against them. Not to mention that since you could ready conq against minions, it was always ready for a trade in most top lane matchups. As for tank damage; tanks need to have some base damage, and it seems high, remember that tanks damage spikes to the highest it will be around level 9-11, when they have a rank 5 spell, a rank 2 ultimate (though the damage on most tanks ultimates scales in a mediocre way) and they probably have sunfire completed. So, again, this is the highest that their damage will be all game. Contrast this with most bruiser or fighter builds in the top lane. They don't necessarily build for the matchup, they straight up cookie-cutter that shit into what they need to split-push effectively. Tiamat, parts of triforce (completed TF if ahead), possibly BC (though not many rush BC anymore), or buying lethality items so they can kill squishies in a skirmish or roam. Tiamat + X item doesnt mean shit vs a tank who is building armor, and you have no mitigation vs tanks damage. (9/10 tanks deal magic damage) Triforce means that you can possibly fight a tank who is building armor (depending on champ matchup and skill) but again, no mitigation on your end. BC is possibly the best anti-tank rush for top lane matchups. Armor shred, CDR, and a nice bit of health. Throw in a NMM, and you win most trades. But no one rushes BC anymore for some reason. The worst thing a player can do is rush lethality. It does shit vs armor. 1100 gold of stats is canceled by 300 ( {{item:3134}} vs {{item:1029}} ) Its for killing people with no armor. And yet, players still think that they can 1v1 someone with 150-200 armor around 15 minutes, when they themselves have no bonus health or mitigation. Which is mindblowing. There is nothing wrong with tanks atm, except for players who beleive that they can not build for the matchup and beat someone who is building specifically for the matchup. If a bruiser would simply drop an early 450g for NMM, they would continue to come out on top of most trades, instead of constantly eating 100% of a kits damage with no mitigation and thinking that they will win New conq is dumb because the difference between ranged and melee doesnt matter, since its easier to get stacks with ranged champs.
Look, its fine for tank to do dmg but for poppy to do 40 % of my hp with 1 combo on q that has no cooldow around lvl 9 or i lose 3rd my health from 1 sion Q, I dont think its possible to trade with volibear as buiser at all stage of game ( beside fiora maybe) or ornn that 3 shoot full hp orianna well building full mr.
: > [{quoted}](name=PaffWasTaken,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uGHKgGo1,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-02-13T18:01:31.837+0000) > > Exactly. > > Conqueror was made for a reason and people tend to forget how it was literally impossible to actually even pick a bruiser against a tank if you had any will to actually win a game. True damage is overpowered and shouldn't exist, but so is tanks who have higher base damage and scalings than the bruisers who are supposed to have much more than them. > > Tanks should TANK, not 100-0 you with a single combo who deals insane base damage on top of 30-ish% max health damage while investing 100% of their income on defense Poppy and Sion are total abominations. I love playing as a Garen or Wukong and losing 1/3 of my health in one combo to champs with way more CC and defenses (Sion feels like hitting the Baron even at early game, he fucking out trades Urgot and Aaatrox).
I wont call garen bruiser since he's more tanky then poppy and do as much dmg as she does with no dmg item and just from passive, Garen is/always/will remain tank
: Champion Weaknesses in 2019
I have few point to make about this subject since u opened up: 1st is Some champ in currently meta are just strong or too strong/Op across all stage of game with no clear or much windows of weakness u can play around beside( ohh u can cc him or avoid stand nex to him), Im gona name few random exmpl 1st being yasuo Nothing new to community champ is 1 v5 monster late game, strong mid game and yet he has realy strong laning phase and so much def that allowe him to survive laning phase at minimum or even get ahead easy like i said nothing new an other exmpl is brand, insane lane bully poke with low mana cost and deadly all in yet he skall so well and late game his dmg with item is just disgusting. An other exmpl is kennen, lane bully, best mid team fighter champ and 1 shoot late game dou fact that he has very high ap ratio(i have no clue why). rengar top, ... alot of exmpl should u guys work on My seconde point is laning phase should be better and should allowe more defensive start item, rightnow Ds realy doesnt do that much if u are facing champs like jayce, kenne, casspia top or any form of mage or range champ are this point of game (Please do something and get out mage from toplane, ty ) with out being abused by adc and becom broken and need gutted. My 3rd point is to please balance impact of each role and class in game, It suck when u cant play certain mage toplane but they are godtier in botlane or toplane ( very obvious exmpl is brand, zyra, velkoz, xerath, lux) but its suck more when brand or zyra out perform true supp champ like janna,lulu, nami, soraka, ... In toplane any mage or range champ patch over patch has proven is an auto laning phase win and still win mid and late game bc mage items are overtuned with out talking about the impact of jgl role is way way too much to the point now laner dont actualy have controll over there lane so my point balance classes and impact of roles and ty
: the conqueror changes are just stupid
Conqueror was only rune that pretty much mage and poke range champ couldnt abuse bc it was simply give only ad and doesnt refresh. What riot solution to that ? Make it now give adaptive force and works properly on range champ and mage as if itsnt already mage arent strong, Tanks arent playble and range champ not dominating toplane with 51 + wr (very obvious exmpl is cass, jayce, kennnen). I do thing that current conqueror was unhealthy for game since it was sustain true dmg and can refresh on minion but only reason we need it in 1st place was bc riot was too lazy to do some tanks update/adjusement or Nerf/rework. Now, u can consider bruiser toplane are unplayble in pro play and have below 49 % in solo meanwhile grasp give % magic dmg, perma increas health, healing for max health and cAN REFRESH ON BASIC ATTACK AND MINION. If riot do this change, riot will have biger balance issue then they already have
: The conqueror changes are going to be better for a lot of fighters, since they get more AD, keep some of the true dmg and also healing. This is going to reduce burst and help in drawn out fights. No matter how strong tanks were, 20% true dmg conversation by aa a few minions, is really stupid and unhealthy. But yeah i agree, i never understood why tanks need so much dmg while still being tanky af. Either be tanky or do dmg.. not both...
Doesnt give just Ad, give adaptive force and works on range champ now. Imagine this kesytone on casspia, kennen, jayce, azir, rumble. Mage are already with out adopt are broken and conqueror was only keystone they cant abuse but they can now. Good luck balancing game in next few months since u can consider bruiser class is gone
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