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: "I'd rather have a 10 minute queue and be put as my role than a 2 minute queue and be autofilled"
Incorrect. Before autofil was implemented, your queue times would average at around 5 minutes in ranked. Even with dodges you would still get to at least max 10 minutes, unless your queue bugged or something.
: Please do not let Twisted Treeline die.
I will be real with you. Riot made TFT and implemented ranked on it to also have a excuse to remove Twisted Treeline. Riot also has no intention to fix bugs, actually finish the promised features, fix the client, or even rework and update Twisted Treeline. They don't even want people playing custom games or Nexus Blitz, so thats how little they care about anything. Even the Boards arent run by Riot.
UomoAfide (EUW)
: Project: Reckoning
I'm fine with all those champions getting this skins. What I'm not fine with is less popular champions not getting any skins whatsoever year after year. Some of them even need complete model updates and skins rework like Xerath and Battlecast Xerath which is a complete atrocity of nonsense. Another year with Riot being the shitty company that they are, not listening to any feedback, and I'm sure there will be another Prestige Skin coming out from this. They even used Illaoi not having skins, turning it into a comunnity event, to vote on the most wanted concept, as a way to mask their incompetence and to then never touch her again for the next years.
: Scarra said in his impressions video (he along with other NA content creators got to play test this last week) that there's only a small team of around 30 people working on this. So no, resources are not being put towards this, at least not an acknowledgeable amount of resources. Yes, there's a lot of shit wrong with the game at the moment but in the end it's their IP and they can see fit to do whatever they want with it.
Incorrect. People from all around Riot were taken from their respective teams to work on TFT out of nowhere. Riot did not hire new people to work on TFT, this are all people that were working on other projects, and had to interrupt them to then work on TFT because Riot has to blindly try to compete against Dota 2 only to fail again like they did in the past. Its even funny how they only release permanent "new" things when Dota 2 or other MOBAS do it first.
: Teamfight Tactics
Is this a joke? Is this where the resources have been put? The New Client is a mess and a disgrace. Features are extremely incomplete. Other gamemodes were trashed to never see the light of day. Balance is completely broken and incompetent. And yet we put resources into making a new gamemode with ranked, even though the other ranked queues need serious fixes, and Twisted Treeline needs a serious update. "We here at Riot dont like fixing our stuff, but we do like stealing ideas from other companies for money which we desperately need." Each year is passes this company is becoming more of a joke. What a shame.
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: Odyssey: Extraction and Star Guardian Invasion need to come back
The Technology just isnt there yet! We need to wait for the new Client so we can all implement many other new features and better performance overall....Oh wait we are already using the new client? Oh shit... Riot is a super lazy anda very slow company that rarely listens to feedback. Just look at the Pratice Tool, Replay and compare it to other games...We are so outdated and the new things we have are so extremely basic compared to other games, that it just makes League feel cheap and Riot only caring for money while doing the minimun.
: So when are tanks that can't 1 shot people going to be relevant again?
Conqueror doing true damage is fine, the problem is that as of right now, Conqueror is good from level 1 to to level 18 against EVERYONE. Not just tanks. A easy solution is to make Conqueror only proc when the enemy champion has a X health points, and make it so that the true damage scales the more maximum health they have. For an example 7% true damage starting from 2200 HP. 14% from 3200 and up. This would make it so that Conqueror becomes a mid-late game keystone against tanks only.
: Far from irrelevant or insignificant. Akali's shroud is perfectly balanced at the moment; previous shrouds were completely unfair to play against. Her winrate is at an all time low, and her pick rate is decreasing, but she's still a complete bully during the early game. These changes help reduce her early game threat. Her problem is her scaling; she has an absolutely horrible midgame and a lackluster late game. Riot will probably look into that in future patches. She will, without a doubt, be awful next patch, and I don't agree with a champion being so bad that they can't be picked, but Riot probably realizes that and will be quick to tweaking her late game. There is nothing wrong with Karthus jungle being viable. These changes aren't to eliminate him out of being picked as a jungler, they're to prevent him from doing what he's been doing of just sitting in jungle all game and still having the highest kill participation on the team with ridiculously high damage. He seldom had to leave his jungle to gank; just hit 6 as soon as possible and pressure with R while farming to make R do more damage. This will encourage him to leave the jungle more for ganks. Galio was allowed to be a poke support, a tank, and a hard engage support. The way you counter a poke lane is to shove the wave so they can't poke as hard; the way you counter a hard engage support is to freeze so they can't engage. But when he was able to do both, it made it very difficult to play against. If you froze, you'd get pushed into tower and poked down. If you pushed, you'd get zoned out of farming. His reduced damage will direct him into being more of an engage support than a lane bully. Jayce is another lane bully that's getting a high pickrate right now. His Q does a ridiculous amount of damage at all phases of the game. Nerfing it was necessary to keep him viable without him being overwhelming. Malphite is being picked as AP too frequently. These changes will encourage people to build him as a tank. Yi's Q was mindlessly one-shotting in lower elos. This will reduce his pressure in those elos specifically. Rammus is seeing a lot more play recently against low mobility or heavy AD teams. This is because, although he's a tank, he does a ridiculous amount of damage. A champion shouldn't be allowed to deal a significant amount of damage while building only tank. This will reduce the amount of damage he outputs. Teemo and Wukong both needed reworks; their kits don't fit the state of the game (very outdated). Zac was seeing the same problem as Rammus; dealing a huge lot of damage while being allowed to be tanky and have an overbearing amount of crowd control. This reduces his damage output and the amount of crowd control he's allowed to put out in a short duration. As well, Zac's ult was very clunky and a bit unfair; as well as reducing the amount of crowd control, this will keep crowd control in his kit without it being overwhelming.
Akali issue is the fact she can spam Q's while in shroud with no counterplay available unless you have a hard cc spell. The shroud should shrink as times passes by so she actually has to play with the limited time she has available. Her scaling is bad? She scales perfectly well and is one of the best sidelanes champion. She even has the luxury to go Conqueror and build bruiser to melt tanks and still delete people. Karthus jungle is a toxic and unhealthy concept to the game. If you really think a tiny damage nerf will do anything, you are too optimistic to actually be realistic. He needs to be removed from the jungle role, because first of all he is a midlaner, and the fact he is more played in the jungle only shows that Riot miss treated him and he should be put back in the Midlane since its his main role. Enough of this stupid forced inclusion of champions to be played in the jungle, its not healthy for the game, and it breaks the balance and the kits of them. We already have enough junglers, stop forcing non junglers into the role. Galio a poke support? What the hell are you talking about. People go Galio support maxing W and then E and play a defensive form unless Flash is up and your jungler is coming. The changes are brainless and will keep gutting him to oblivion. From a champion that was played mid and top...then to support...and now to the grave. Jayce damage is high because of lethality. Lethality is overbuffed and has the cheapest itemization. Teemo changes are pouring more heavy AP assassination builds on him, forcing him to be a assassin….Very balanced...Not. Wukong changes will overbuff him and overload him. Zac was completely fine with his old kit. He was a true Disruptor Tank. The only damage he would buy was Runic Echoes, which yes gave him the option to kill people, which I dont see anything wrong with it, considering the fact you are extremely squishy like that; Zac old ult was fair, you could be cc'ed and killed if you missplay it. This new ult literally makes you CC immune giving you a free card to do whatever you want, even if you missplay it doesnt matter since they cant stop you, plus it doesn't suit his identity as a disruptor.
: A Patch in the Right Direction!
What are you talking about....This changes are completely irrelevant or insignificant. The Akali ones completely disregard the feedback and issues that are in her shroud; Karthus jungle is still viable with this changes. Literally all they have to do is make it impossible for him to clear the jungle this easily, by making the double damage on single targets on jungle monsters, gone; Any other changes are just brainless and came out of nowhere; Still no reverts to Zac ult, Urgot, Tahm Kench; And so much more.... If you consider it a good patch, then you are only falling on the psychological nerfs/changes that Riot does, just like the -5 movement speed on Irelia before.
: In order: 1. No it's not. He has a self-shield. Nevermind the options to build Phantom Dancer, lots of lifesteal, or even just more health once you have two crit items. 2. "Don't fight near minions." While in a lane? Are... are you joking? What, are you just going to try to bait him into the river and let him free farm? 3. Only an idiot would ult into 5 enemies when he only knocked up 1. 4. That would be true, if not for how it functions. What I was referring to was the fact it starts blocking the instant it's cast, so it can even block things coming from the other direction before the particles even appear. _That_ is the unreasonable part. 5. Yes, Yasuo does have a fairly weak laning phase against ranged champions. But that doesn't mean he should get to use his wind wall when he didn't react in time for the particles to even appear. Of all the issues Yasuo has ever had, his wind wall is the biggest. Hell, you just explained why the rest of his kit is _**not**_ the problem.
1- His self-shield literally can be proc up with a auto or a ability, if you consider it a big deal....It doesn't stop any cc; 2- Yasuo matchups in top are usually unfavourable for him. Midlane, he currently can have priority due to the AP and APC mana nerfs, making their wave clear inferior. However against assassins Yasuo, usually loses; 3- There are fights where Yasuo can't get a good ult or can't even ult anyone at all, making him useless at times; 4- It should block the moment its casted, because the way the ability thematically works is that the Windwall starts on his hand/sword and ascends foward in front of him. Thus it should block everything even if the ability is in the first 0.2 seconds animation process; 5- The particles appear in my monitor everytime when I play against him. The issues that Yasuo has is not the kit other than maybe the tornado range. The biggest issue is Conqueror.
: Gee it's almost like the function of the ability is unreasonable regardless of the cooldown. Who woulda thunk?
How exactly is it unreasonable? Windwall is the only way for Yasuo to defend himself. His dash range is pretty limited not like the Irelia one where she gets free resets with her big ult. As long you dont fight near minions you are good. His ult makes it easy to just lock him down and get bursted down, so if he doesnt get a 3 or 5 ult he will die if focused. His windwall has a high cooldown and if you just zone his team out of it or the place where the teamfight starts change or moves up, his windwall is useless. In lane, the windwall has like a 24 seconds cooldown, and most champions can easily damage him despite the windwall being up or just abuse the time when its on cooldown. Your issues are? Of all the issues that Yasuo has, his windwall isnt one of them.
: I feel like information communicated by Rioters concerning the game should be more centralised
If only we had a official forum, something where Rioters have clear spotlight and even have markers which make their posts and comments easily spotted.... They say they have meetings together, but Im pretty sure they do 0 in those, because the information is all over the place, when you literally have the Boards to just concentrate all the information in one post and answer to any questions or concerns. But again, the Quick Gameplay Meddler posts are laughable, he answers to 3 easy/off-topic questions, and never reads the boards ever again. The other Rioters don't even come in here in years. This company is a joke.
: Block a Spell with Banshee's? You get hit with Luden's, Scorch, and Comet/Aery anyway.
Comet and Scorch combined are a poor man Deathfire Torch which was the best balanced rune in the game. Luden Echo as a first item purchase, has always been ridiculous, yet Riot doesn't care. I read their changes when they changed it up, and most of the changes done to mages and the AP itemization was contradictory, so they had no idea what the hell they were doing.
: They should keep this Yasuo "bug"
People complaining about Yasuo windwall never gets old....Especially since its a ability with a long cooldown.
: Please do NOT buff Yuumi
Yuumi is literally the worst support in the game right now. Her poke is ridiculously weak compared to others; Her Shield is also pretty insignificant; Her Heal is too weak; Her ult is the only decent thing; Theres no reason to focus her, you can just focus the adc and kill them both for free. The fact she is lashed on to a ADC actually makes it a lot easier to kill them. Unless you go full AP on her, she is just too weak and still depended on 4 items to actually be decent;
: If we had AP bruiser items, Diana wouldn't be building full burst mage items
Wow, someone actually understand the problem and looks at the big picture. When Riot laboled Sylass as a AP Bruiser, its laughable to say the least, because having Protobelt as the only bruiser item, while he then builds Rabbadon, Void Staff, etc...Doesnt actually make him actually a AP bruiser but just a Burst Mage or Battle Mage. AP itemization is awful and terrible at the moment so this concept of Riot was going to fail no matter what. The only reason Sylas seems to appear one, is solely due to the resistances that Aftershock gives and the heal power he had before.
: Replace "none" ban with "pass" to another teammate
You fail to see the big picture or the real issues. Bans should be used as strategic options or ways to give you a small edge in champion select over the enemy team depending on what they want to have as a team comp and what do you want to have. However the bans selection in the champion select has been downgraded on to just "Ban the OP champions". The real issue here is the balance and how some champions have too much power in their own name and kit, that they become straight up MUST bans, which removes any type of choice from players. Balance the game fairly, and the non banning a champion doesnt become a big deal and doesn't increase the possiblity of a OP champion being left open.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 17
Every week I expect nothing and I still get out dissapointed everytime I finish reading these posts and further more every time a patch releases live. No changes planned on the ridiculously bad AP itemization; No changes planned on the overloading power of lethality; No changes planned to buff and compensate artillery mages and others that were GUTTED from their strengths 2 years ago, that are struggling wave clearing and utilizing their poke and wave clear against the one shot meta in the midlane, dominated by assassins, burst mages and battle mages; No changes planned to get Karthus completely unviable in the jungle role, which just promotes unhealthy and non interactive gameplay; No changes planned to the abuse of region tranfers for ranked; No changes to actual discuss and talk about the REAL issues that the last 2 years have been plaguing League, but once again, the fact ARAM is been getting more focus on the balance than Summoners Rift, just shows how the focus is entirely on just letting things pass by, and hope people keep playing the game; Its laughable how even trying to disguise the laziness, by letting people choose the next VGU, when all those champions should be getting it next year, even if that meant delaying any new champions in the first half of the year, but once again....Coming from a company that destroys Zac just because they didnt have ideas for malphite, and now they give a slight hope in reverting his ult, something that all Zac players loved and brought fun to League, I can't understand how we get no update to it whatsoever. And yes the feedback is to bring it back IN FULL; No changes planned to clean up the horrible base stats and reevaluate them....Its also funny that a Talon has more mana than a artillery mage for an example, or the fact all mages have a 8.0 base mana regen, I literally have no idea why everyone gets it....Seems like every mage is equal in your book when thats not the case; No changes planned to the fact {{item:3161}} is just simply breaking the game and champions, no one wanting this item to stay, yet you dont even acknowledge it; No changes planned to revert the downgrade in terms of skill expression to Urgot, a champion that now is able to abuse Conqueror too with the W change, and at the moment is more like a Offensive Bruiser than a actual Juggernaut, even though he was entirely fine before the W changes. Other alternatives were provided to mitigate any issues people were pointing at him, only to be ignored and not even tested; Runes still dictate and control champions strength and viability, and not the other way around. Its actually funny, how the runes concept was to offer creative ways to play the game, yet to be fair, most runes are just abused over and over again. Kleptomancy, AfterShock and Conqueror being the major ones as keystones, but other minor runes are also problematic; Sometimes I wonder if any of you even play the game and the whole list of champions that the game has, because clearly it doesnt seem you do. This issues have been brought up multiple times across 2 years, yet none of you listen, none of you even dare to discuss it, and instead pretend everything is fine. I can't wait for another pre-season where nothing is done and we get Season 8 part 3, because Season 9 still feels like Season 8 all over again with little thought put into it and in fixing its issues;
DeusVult (NA)
: Riot, do not make me individually have to forge 10 BE at the end of the event for all my shards
I will be real with you: Riot doesn't care. On the other hand, here have another Prestige Skin that you can buy with 100 bucks or grind your life for it.
: Third game in a row this week I've been called delusional because I prioritize objectives
Well, you kind are delusional if you are focusing on objectives in a meta that throwed away any macro and objective play, and only cares about bloodthirsty snowball in kills and picking ridiculously OP champions to attain that.
: Scaling champions like Nasus, Veigar, Vayne, Anivia, Karthus and etc scale way too fast.
Only Nasus, Vayne and Karthus scale too fast right now and thats because: Nasus got his stacks buffed; Vayne has been getting buffs very often and has Rageblade in the game; Karthus abuses the jungle role to scale. I have no idea why Karthus jungle is fine in Riot eyes, but again they don't care about a champion using his ult safe in the jungler, scaling with no counter play available, even if you kill him, he can just R and get even more gold than you got from his death Anivia is fairly okay due to her passive and defensive options to try and stall.... Veigar, Artillery mages, Kog Maw, Kayle are strugging a lot at the moment, and cant keep up with the fast match times.
: Champion Shards shouldn't be in chests!
The Level progression system initial plan was to give champion capsules and blue essence in the first levels, and later on, orange essence and skin shards along with other unique rewards. Sadly like with everything Riot does, it seems it was abandoned, and as such it will stay like this forever probably until someone decides to change it.
: Would not reccomend this game to new players
I highly tell people to stay away from LoL. No reason to play a game that doesnt reward skill and game knowledge, its toxic, frustrating, stressful and just not worth to spend the energy on. Lane management doesnt even matter anymore due to the minions damage and health changes and how the state of the game is at the moment.
caw (NA)
: I agree with a ton of things you said. Overall, i think a lot of these problems come from trying to appeal to the "majority" of the playerbase. It's understandable, because at the end of the day they need to monetize the game if it can continue to grow. Clash? It won't come back until people demand it on reddit. TT? Support for it is largely dead, to the point where you don't even gain rewards for playing it (event passes, mastery tokens and s ranks, etc). They are making this decision consciously so they can finally justify getting rid of the game mode. The practice tool is actually quite nice, but they got a "good enough" product and then stopped updating it almost entirely (the last change I saw was a patch that removed the ability to kill the teemo practice dummies, which I was able to do previously in order to test mejai's numbers. They also never announced this, and I just discovered that this silently removed one day much to my dismay). Us players who have been around a long time all kind of yearn for the good old days, but with how much the game has grown we are now the minority. Overall, our opinions just don't matter as much anymore. Riot is growth focused, not retention focused. I fully believe that this is also one of the major reasons why the level system was implemented in the first place; they know that there really isn't much to show off for committed, frequent players.
> [{quoted}](name=caw,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vXjvuXB3,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-02T14:59:04.558+0000) > > I agree with a ton of things you said. Overall, i think a lot of these problems come from trying to appeal to the "majority" of the playerbase. > It's understandable, because at the end of the day they need to monetize the game if it can continue to grow. > > Clash? It won't come back until people demand it on reddit. > TT? Support for it is largely dead, to the point where you don't even gain rewards for playing it (event passes, mastery tokens and s ranks, etc). They are making this decision consciously so they can finally justify getting rid of the game mode. > > The practice tool is actually quite nice, but they got a "good enough" product and then stopped updating it almost entirely (the last change I saw was a patch that removed the ability to kill the teemo practice dummies, which I was able to do previously in order to test mejai's numbers. They also never announced this, and I just discovered that this silently removed one day much to my dismay). > > Us players who have been around a long time all kind of yearn for the good old days, but with how much the game has grown we are now the minority. Overall, our opinions just don't matter as much anymore. Riot is growth focused, not retention focused. I fully believe that this is also one of the major reasons why the level system was implemented in the first place; they know that there really isn't much to show off for committed, frequent players. The issue is that the new players aren't exactly enjoying the game as much too. Im not exactly sure what kind of playerbase they are trying to appeal when hardly anything gets released. Nexus Blitz was fun and got removed, new game modes were fun for everyone and got removed...So its hard to find any valid reasoning as to what is happening. I like to believe there are always ways to improve things if theres enough resources to do so, but as of right now, it seems they barely care at all.
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: I agree with majority of the post, but I do disagree with the Riot lart where they don't listen. THEY do, they simply can't do anything about their director and the fact they're Tensent's slaves now. THEY dictate the changes, the balance team only sillently executes the plan without asking questions. If they ever get out of Tensent's grasp and see some major changes inside Riot's company itself, then maybe there will still be hope for League.
> [{quoted}](name=Vlada Cut,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vXjvuXB3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-02T14:57:59.946+0000) > > I agree with majority of the post, but I do disagree with the Riot lart where they don't listen. > THEY do, they simply can't do anything about their director and the fact they're Tensent's slaves now. THEY dictate the changes, the balance team only sillently executes the plan without asking questions. > If they ever get out of Tensent's grasp and see some major changes inside Riot's company itself, then maybe there will still be hope for League. It is true Tensent has a say about League future and Riot Games decisions, however they do not have full control of what happens actually, or I would like to believe it isnt what happens, or else the CEO's of Riot Games have lost any credibility than they have. It does feel like Riot is abandoning League, that do the least possible to keep it running.
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: Djinn Wants Community Thoughts
* Remove the Upvote/Downvote system; * Implement Vote system by itself (the more votes a post gets the more visibility it gets; * Bring back the Best Filter; * Remove the RANT sub topic, its useless; * Create a way for people to find what were the threads/posts that got the most votes for each patch; I have many other ideas and ways to make the Boards a lot more rich and interactive in terms of how the playberbase interacts with it and joins a discussion. Unfortunately other than these few ideas, I dont think you have any other power to make the shallow shell that Boards is right now, into something better, considering the fact Riot has completely abandoned it.
: I hope Riot will mute your comments. Atleast this post is just brainless rant about things that are not even problems.
And yours is what? You add no constructive feedback or any relevant arguments to the conversation. When you do bring something solid we can talk, until then you can logout now.
tiago4412 (EUW)
: they actually buffed sorcers from season 7 to 8 cause u can no longer get magic pen from runes, but thats true u dont get the 12 mr from runes 2. But cmon now u can go with 16 magic resist on runes and u still dont have the 8 magic pen so for me is complety fine sorcers having 18 magic pen. if u see season 7 u have 12 mr on runes and 8 magic pen from runes plus 15 from boots. season 9 u have 16 mr from "runes" and just 18 magic pen from boots. if u note u have less magic pen and more mr in season 9 than in season 7
No, because you have Ludens echo as a first item now, which gives way more AP and damage than Morello ever did. Also you are forgetting that no one goes 16 mr due to the disadvantage that puts you in lane. Hell back in Season 7, I literally had to get {{item:1057}} just to survive vs assassins and burst mages all ins and still have to flash, running away with 40% hp or something. The 16 mr you are referring is very very minimal considering the amount of damage certain champions have directly in their kit. You are now also getting the 15 Magic Pen from Morello as a second item. Im fine with there being magic penetration as long, once again we create distinctive build paths for each AP class. It makes no sense for a Burst Mage/Assassin and Battle Mage to have access to Void Staff, 600 mana, 20% CDR, etc...the same way Lord Dominik shouldnt be recommended or even viable in AD assassins as well as the cdr abundance. If the Game is fairly balanced, there is no need for assassins to melt tanks, if you got a ADC or Constant damage poke mages. We cant make every item give every stat and make it jack of all trades...There MUST exist Strong and Weak points when you choose a champion, pick a rune or buy a item, no matter what.
: Early 9.10 Patch Discussion
#Riven/Vayne: Riven abuses the Conqueror true damage with her high ad steroids, granting her a lot of agency and comeback duels that she shouldnt win in the first place. Vayne is strong due to this: {{item:3124}} the same way Jhin was when he could get 1400 ad while fully stacked. At the moment Rageblade offers too much for it to be a a 2 item buy. Master Yi is another one that abuses the Conqueror True damage and the fact he has a both a AD steroid and a true damage one which is perfect for once again {{item:3124}}. You need to **remove the healing** from Conqueror and **make the true damage scale with the enemies HP, targeted mostly to tanks**. It makes no sense for Conqueror to be good at everything when you have PTA to offer that alternative. Conqueror needs to be **only** good vs Tanks. And PTA only good for small trades and squishy targets. {{item:3285}} and Runic Echoes need to be removed from the first buy choice in both roles. They bring too much burst damage and makes it so they are only valuable to burst mages or assassins. I have been begging for this throughout 2 years ever since the changes to mage itemization and chamption mana pools in the midlane….You didnt solve anything with the changes, you only favoured burst and let the other mages in the dirt. **Artillery mages have serious mana problems right now** , especially Xerath where he cant even wave clear decently anymore and Ludens just doesnt work with their class. And PLEASE **bring back DeathFire Torch**. It was literally the only way for poke mages to have some kind of scaling in the late game. **Comet is unreliable and just useless at points.** I know you might think that Deathfire Torch was just a "stat steroid" however it was a fair rune. Weak in early, strong in late with items. It wasnt overpowered and fit its theme perfectly. It also gave a nice alternative to Thunderlord Decree at that time. **So please bring it back.** #AP itemization: Needs to have different build paths and items for each class (Battle Mages, Artillery mages and Burst mages/Assassins). I dont know why is this never adressed. Support and AP itemization is honestly so poor. **Void Staff cant be bought by Assassins/Burst Mages and Battle mages, because they are meant to kill fairly squishy targets, not whole teams.** {{item:3020}} Right now gives 18 Magic Penetration, **The Highest** in the game, and it only costs 1100 gold. Why do champions need 18 magic penetration this early in the game? Just lower it down to 15 again or to 12. #Champions Base Stats: Needs to be reevaluated and just put in order depending on the champions classes and what they are supposed to do. It makes no sense for an example a battle mage to burst a champion down, or a Artillery mage to have bursty itemization. It also makes no sense that talon has 1000+ base mana while Xerath only has around 800, along with the other artillery mages. Theres examples of this not only in mid lane, but in other champions from various places. #Kletomancy is abused and non interactive and should be removed or make it a lower rune that works for supports only by shielding or healing allies only in a cooldown. The Rune breeds unfair and toxic strategies and exploits in the game and also is literally the only reason Kayle is as strong early as people make it seem. And the nerfs to her wont fix it, and instead only kill the champion for those who want to play her properly. #Jungler Itemization: This junglers items are honestly sad to see. The fact junglers have to take from other roles to actually have their jungler item just makes it seem they are only worth to Smite objectives, thats all. First of all remove all the jungler items, and make it so Smite can be upgraded only depending how many objectives or takedowns you got. Secondly bring creative effects for junglers to use on neutral creatures/monsters along to create a lot more diversity and interactive ways a jungler can interact around the map and also make plays. Atm the jungler effects are dull and are just stat bonuses. #Pro Play buffs and Nerfs: It makes no sense for a champion to be buffed to be playable in Pro Play while others arent. Why are we favouring this champion and not others? Do you see the fallacy in this? Also what exactly makes a champion strong in pro play? Is Tahm Kench strong in Pro Play even though hes not top priority and only functions as a protector role, which btw is what he is supposed to do, yet we are nerfing this because? As you can see we need to change how we approach the balance changes and focus on the real issues and the big picture and not look at small things to change just because we feel like. There are many other issues that I would love to discuss and talk about, and Im always open to give constructive feedback and hopefully highlight the issues that need to be adressed because I think I speak for the majority of people, the game right now isnt fun or rewarding to play and theres champions that were completely forgotten.
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: Rakan
No Rakan main wants these changes, and Im positive these changes will not pass. If they do this Riot Balance Team is probably the most incompetent one I have ever seen. Rakan R > W engage is part of his identity. If we remove it, then we also must remove Alistar E > Q and Braum E > R because they are exactly the same. Rakan all in is easy to avoid and to punish, this is factual. He is in a okay state at the moment and needs no nerfs or buffs.
: Kayle's win rate for 35 min games is 60%
It seems people dont understand what a Hyper Carry is. Hyper carries are supposed to be the strongest champions/carries once late game hits. Kayle is a hyper carry, like vayne, twitch, kog-maw and Jinx. All of these champions get stronger the longer the game goes, so its normal the fact they win more in longer games timewise. The Reason Kayle is at 60% is not because she is insanely strong, but because the meta is in her favour. There are no tanks to CC lock her or frontline, bruisers often get ganked a lot more due to their push power,plus Klepto which should be a Only Supports kinda of lower rune, she can abuse freely. Kog Maw is at 53% because no one picks peeling supports anymore, plus once again, no tanks to frontline. However Kayle is one of the most easy hyper carries to counter or kill even in late game. She has no stealth, her health bar is the lowest, she doesnt have any reliable cc, and her ult can be used agaisnt her. The only thing Kayle needs as a nerf is to remove Kleptomany as a keystone. That keystone is abused every single time. If this doesnt happen, Kayle will just be gutted completely with the constant mindless nerfs that fix nothing.
Rodsquad (EUW)
: There's no "but actually!" , Zoe is a child.
You are reading this in the perspective of others. In the perspective and own definition of time and age of the Lunari teachers, when they see Zoe, they look at her like a child, considering her playfulness and immaturity which is once again proven by the innocent troubles she would plague the teachers with her personality. Thus in their eyes she resemble a child in terms of personality, not physically. About her physical appearance theres only a resemble of a young girl which is a period of time and not one only limited to pre-18. Returning home after a millennia, this proves that Zoe is actually enormously older now, even though her physical appearance barely changed due to her traits/powers by the Targon effects. All of these are facts and background proven. You can consider her a child or not depending on YOUR perspective and definition of how a child is. However if you look at age, compared to mortal beings, she is not a child at all. We dont really know how long does a being affected by the power of Targon lives, so we can't really say for sure if she is a child in those terms or not either.
Ader505 (EUNE)
: Autofill
Riot: The Technology just isnt there yet! Riot: We need more data on this -> 2 years later -> We heard the feedback and analysed the data we have, so now everyone is Autofill'ed!
: Its your fault.
Ah yes, the typical "You cant climb/win because its your fault". There are multiple factors that involve laning, which you are neglecting to pass on your narrative. Yes some deaths can be avoided, however depending on your lane matchup, on your team comp, enemy comp and your jungle matchup, you are FORCED to CHANGE the way you play the game. This is called adapting. And is made by all 10 players in the match. If you are a passive jungler, your laner that picked a aggressive and offensive champion won't be able to play so, if you have no jungler pressure at all in the map. (Jungler pressure also involves warding and pinging ganks, counter ganks, etc...) You can't put all the fault on laners or junglers individually, that only shows your lack of game knowledge sincerely. People don't think about matchups, synergies or even teamwork anymore in this last 2 seasons. At least with tanks being often picks in the jungle and top, there was a a rather intuitive feeling to play together and communicate and theres proof of that: When was the last time your jungler gave a midlaner a blue buff in the early game? Pretty much no jungler does this even in high elo.
: A Zac revert would be nice
They are reverting his ult which honestly is a big reason why I stopped playing Zac due to the stupid changes. If his ult gets rework, Zac will be really valuable and once again viable to us Zac mains once again. Bouncing to victory.
: Let's put the Custom in Custom Games
Riot already stated that this is not a priority and that they don't feel like wasting "resources" on making something like this. I dont know where else are they putting these "resources" on but oh well….
abca98 (EUW)
: Next time Riot tells you how difficult identifying a bot account is, show them this screenshot.
Dominion Twisted Treeline and Co-op vs AI used to be the 3 main Bot XP grinding modes which btw, yes they have been here and abused for years now. Riot shutdown Dominion in a way to stop the bleeding creating by this, knowing the Dominion playberbase was the lowest, thus they decided to cut it off. Twisted Treeline will only not follow this path due to its ranked mode. Thats really the only thing keeping it alive. And obviously they wont remove co-op vs AI. Sadly Riot has always had a certain defiency in solving issues, and chances are, it never will be fixed.
: You ignore her large self-heal and invincibility ult, the fact that she has range, her heal allows her a large speedup to kite, and has an AoE slow ability.
Im not ignoring that. Her ult makes her unable to cast spells and auto attack during its process which is a big weakness of her especially in lane. Her heal is not maxed in lane btw, so its largely useless. Her Q slow is hardly ever stopping something like a riven or a Renekton, Yasuo, Olaf, Yorock to reach you and kill you
: Watching LCK is the antidote.
You got that right. I loved the SKT vs Griffin...The mind games in drafts and bluffs and actually good plays that are thought out and clean.
Yara0 (NA)
: So if Lux is globally played more support then mid. Why does she still not have a support item page?
The thing is Brand isnt a support. He is a midlaner that got pretty much demoted to the support role, because Riot incompetence in balacing midlane and the mage itemization (that btw is a atrocious itemization, that needs to be reworked ASAP). I wouldnt be surprised if the same happens to Lux and other mages eventually if this keeps going on….
: No matter your fan allegiance
Seeing Vlad and Zoe being abused kinda ruins all the fun...Just makes me depressing to see how bad has the game become.
Kayle has a super fragile health bar. You can easily kill her if you just pick her off. Her Early game is also ridiculously weak. Even if she gets 16, she needs a team to protect her.
: People selling club tags/summoner names
Do you really think Riot cares or even monitors something like this? They hardly do anything in the first place. They literally removed Dominion because people would farm xp to level up accounts by putting "controlled bots accounts" to enter the game.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: Hypothesis on why matchmaking is so bad
The Reasons why matchmaking feels a lot worse now: Is because Riot changed the matchmaking so it pops up games faster, instead of taking longer to get teams with equal skills being matched against each other. Before, a queue would pop up in 4-8 minutes max. Now its pops 1-4 minutes max; The Balance state of the game ever since the start of last season is EXTREMELY WORSE. Pretty much most of the issues were never adressed. Skill was removed from as a MAIN factor, and now its just who cheeses better or picks high damage dealers; Never have I seen a Season with so many non interactive, unfair and unhealthy cheese tactics and picks. And the amount of time Riot takes to fix something ridiculously long...Its torture.
: If you really want to bring back amumu to viable status, start by reverting his nerf on 7.8 and 4.20
I will be real with you. Amumu isnt a popular champion, so dont expect any changes to him. Plus if a miracle strikes a Riot Balance Team employee about the existence and responsabilities of his job, they may say they have something planned for him, and only apply them after X patches, only to then nerf him to the ground because they were too strong and never touch Amumu again, until once again the cycle repeats.
iiGazeii (NA)
: It's a great idea, but I don't think it really captures the feeling of an "aftershock". The pulse afterward is important. It'd be interesting if the pulse slowed enemies, rather than dealing damage, with the strength of the slow scaling with both level and armor/MR. This would solidify its purpose as a CC keystone, making it easier to chase and follow up when you proc it. Alternatively, have the pulse shred bonus armor/MR (not base MR) and do damage to shields only, similar to Irelia's passive before it got changed. The idea is that it would clear away the enemy's bonus defenses (which they usually use when they get stunned) without making them more vulnerable to damage than they are baseline.
I just find silly that the pulse does damage straight up in a tree focused on Endurance and Resistances. A slow could work if its something like a 30% slow for 1 second or so. Im unsure about the armor and magic shred, it could be overkill with carries by your side, but it would be worth the testing. About the damage to shields, honestly that passive should have never been removed from Irelia in my opinion, and also we do URGENTLY need Anti shield itemization, at least for mages. But yeah I could see it being valuable on Aftershock, the problem would be if it was actually reliable in procing it against shields? What do you think?
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