CurS1VE (NA)
: Funny I made a post a few days ago about how useless most AD's are at low ELO and are basically worthless and as a Mage Support I have more chance to carry for the first 25 minutes of the game and basically the AD is basically below me until maybe 30minutes, maybe. I'd say if AD's weren't actual trash, if they actually knew how to fight and didn't just run, if they actually knew when they are strong in matchups and exploited it then I wouldn't need to play Neeko Support or build Galio Support full AP, or build Zilean Support full AP. See I like supporting the team overall and me supporting JUST the AD in low elo is a good way for me to lose since most AD's are pretty bad and that's all there is to it. I'd say the biggest cancer to a team are people who can't play their champ at all; that's what is cancer, it's not the picks because in this game there will always be Counter picks and Counter play. Just wanting to give up cause some scrub locks a tough matchup or wanting to play like shit because you don't understand how the matchup works is cancer imo. Anyways, mage supports are actually really good for the game, if we didn't have mage supports then you would see every game with Raka, Janna, Sona and now Yuumi..Does that really sound like fun to play? The Ardent meta was one of the worse meta's ever in this game! There is a reason why Mage supports exist, cause otherwise there wouldn't be enough dmg on your team to ever break through the healing of enchanters like those who build things that make their kits even stronger (Athene's, Ardent, Redemption)..I play nami and janna sometimes when i'm really bored and honestly those champs are so meh to play and it puts you as the support at the mercy of your team mates, even taric who is technically my best champ i don't even bother playing in this elo because flat out i know i can't count on my team mates to do what their role is responsible for doing. If ppl were actually invested in their role and understood how to play it and also how to push advantages they get, then yeah i could prolly play something that doesn't have dmg and go more to the utility side like Taric but the fact is I am a bigger asset most games because i can essentially become a 2nd midlaner who can cover up the weakness of my team mates until they eventually come online. As a Mage support my job is to Support the Team by becoming a threat and win condition until my AD or Mid laner comes online.
Well fair enough, whether the support's at fault or the adc probably just depends on perspective. But still I think mage "supports" aren't actual supports, since they don't support the adc. Sure, they can deal some damage, but in what scenario does that save the adc from being raped to death by whatever one shot champ or engage comp? I see your point, and if I were to play support in lower elos I'd also pick a carry champ instead of relying on the adc. I'm just saying that that won't make the game any fun for the adc and you might as well just go mid. On a serious note, I can't think of any scenario where it's better to go mage support instead of mid and not have a cc/shield/heal supp instead..
Saezio (EUNE)
: Yeah sounds like another entitled ADC main who believes their support should pick a champ to clean up their mess. News flash, if you are unable to lane vs mage supports, pick another ADC, a safer ADC.
Not really. I would just like to see the "support" part in the supports, especially when playing against assassins or other heavy counters.
DalekZec (EUNE)
: As someone who mains Vel'Koz, I myself am against this but is a strong strat and even play it when I feel like it. But how the fuck is a perma ban the solution for somebody's own playstyle?!? I'm sorry but that's just low.
dw the perma thing was a joke, but you get the gist of it.
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