: Position ranks and split rewards coming to PBE today for 9.2!
As a master-diamond player and a player since season 3 I find positions ranks will just bring more problems than the actual ones that they intend to fix . In my opinion having a overall a rank is a core piece of league and dividing it in 5 just feels weird climbing with specific roles. Honestly u guys say that feedback is important but actually I don't see it happening . https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2018/06/dev-addressing-your-feedback-on-ranked-for-2019/ . As u can see in that link the comments show clearly that the feedback about this change is not positive it even has a comment made by a rioter with 179 downvotes. I can´t find the link of a post in reddit about this but I can remember it was not really positive aswell. U guys can go just through all posts mentioned above that feedback is always the same (negative). It is actually the first time I post some feedback on the forums since I started playing cause I find this a really heavy game change to the ranked system that will actually take alot of players to start quiting slowly. Im not gonna go in depth about this cause there is already player's feedback in the threads/posts that they are supposed to give feedback, so please listen to the community. Thanks in advance !
: Marksman changes coming to PBE in the next couple days
@Riot Axes Do u have any plans regarding vayne or u think this changes will make her viable again? Vayne is one of those adc's which have a really bad laning phase compared to the meta and if ur nerfing lane sustain dont it might make her even worse than she is now or u have any plans to buff her in the future? Just wondering cause I know meta changes and some champions can´t be strong all the time but in my opinion it was really sad to see her strong for 2 patches and then just being nerfed to trash while adc's like caitlyn were dominant in most season 7 and now it is the same . I meant here vayne cause it's my main interest but would also love to hear some about in general hypercarries like twitch and so on. Would appreciate some feedback on this if possible . Thanks in advance. :)


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