: I hope it's CertainlyT again.
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: Be honest with yourself sir, we both know that's a lie.
Well he didn't specify what he'll quit. Maybe he'll quit drinking.
: I just found a piece of Mordekaiser concept art for the Pentakill Video depicting his base look
: Old Irelia is finally gone...
Now we wait for Shen to get reworked.
: I like the longer hair tbh, literally two guys have long hair, and both are Ionian related.
{{champion:2}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:5}} ????
: preseason 6 was an attempt at that, actually.
: ***
Well, it is a new feature and a lot of skins got lore now. It'll take a long while for Riot to give every one of them a few lines though so them going by skin theme first seems logical.
: I will campaign for a Morde VGU as long as I am at Riot, but alas I do not know when that will be. I always tell people that when ever it happens, if I am no longer on Champions team, I will do work in my free time for my man Morde. 20 I have much investment in making Pentakill Mordekaiser as metal as possible, if it is possible to make him more Metal than he actually is.
I'm curious, what would you personally include in a Mordekaiser VGU, what would you try to preserve and what would be thrown into the dumpster straight up? I want to stress PERSONALLY, since these boards have a habit of taking Riot responses out of context. Really interested in seeing how some Rioters view the Iron Revenant differently.
: ***
Funny how you preach acceptance and "bettering oneself" when promoting your religious club but spew such clearly homophobic BS. Guess you're allowed to be a dick to people who don't share in your narrow little world view.
: Seriously Mordekaiser is not master of metal.
He also had a bug where Ekko clones would use Chronobreak.
Tortunga (EUW)
: It's for sure fun for a bit, but after the newness wears off, I at least couldn't shake the feeling that the new rune system didn't really helped with any of the problems the game had before this whole new system. Games even snowball harder then before, turrets even feel weaker, the game still feels mainly decided by the bottom lane, Top lane is even more an island as before (It barely matters what they do, unless one of them goes like 0/10 in 15 minutes), mages/AP itemization still feels a bit weak, most Juggernauts became a lot weaker, etc. And then there are just some obnoxious/irritiating new things, like Klepto Ezreal, getting one shot by lethality users, etc. I will agree that the boards make it sound a lot worse then it is, as overall this new rune system isn't that bad, but you cannot really deny that the rune system didn't fix much of the issues the game has with the old system.
Runes never intended to "fix" the game's problems. Their main objective was to make Runes more than just another burden of knowledge, locked behind a paywall. They offer meaningful choice, adaptability and they're more interesting. The game still has the same problems because the runes did not aim to change that. At all.
: > [{quoted}](name=TwinkiePro,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Hrx9xTzl,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-10-02T08:20:33.826+0000) > > Statistics like these are either plat+ or for all ELOs. Correct, I am asking what one these are for.
Looks like op.gg Means it's most likely plat+
: So, in other words: "Fuck Mordekaiser"? I better hope there's going to be a bug that doesn't count his passive as a shield because otherwise Mordekaiser is going to get boned super hard when these items are introduced.
So basically everyone's going to get GW's and anti shielding against Morde and he's basically a null factor? That's what happens when a champion relies 100% on Shields and healing to be relevant and has trash base stats to compensate for that "strength".
: Honestly, IF Stormraider's Surge gets removed Morde's VGU should better be lurking the corner
: Yeah well where are the rest of them gonna go? You can't possibly mention a few and expect the rest of them to go with the wind. You should get a high elo player to help you write better posts. Like Malicious Metal. :^)
Well, nobody's saying they should be replaced. Ideal scenario is seeing Melee vs Melee, Melee vs Range and Range vs Range bot lanes. There's always going to be the reliability of ranged late game DPS over a tankier, less reliable Melee carry.
: I mean, if marksmen are pushed out of bot where will they go?
Lucian, Varus and Corki are being played mid. Quinn is a top laner Graves and Kindred can Jungle.
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: Can Mordekaiser retain the option to go Mid post rework, similar to Galio?
I play him primarily top but it'd be cool if riot wouldn't kill the diversity. Like, we already got top and jungle Juggernauts, why no Mid lane ones?
Canastus (NA)
: So when can we finally expect the long awaited Cass VU?
Honestly, if anything, she'd need a VGU. She's one of the most toxic and unfun champions to play against anyways.
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: A thread about shipping and why some can and can't be canon in League's lore and fandom.
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: I have no sympathy for people that plays draius morde illaoi and complains about range top laners
Eh, Morde eats Lissandra for breakfast so I'm good with her being meta. Makes me actually able to build SV.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 14
Any thoughts on Mordekaiser in the LCS and his current performance in regular play? He does seem somewhat out of line.
: Regarding the upcoming Vayne lore and some things left unfinished from the Journal of Justice
Canastus (NA)
: First of all, I'm not asking for a VGU. I'm just asking for a VU. Second, that wasn't a model-update, that was a texture update. Her rig is still awful.
Riot won't do VU's in the forseeable future. Either way, she looks good compared to other older champs.
Canastus (NA)
: I sincerely hope we'll see a Cass VU this year.
Well, they can start making her kit actually intuitive and not complete cancer to play against first.
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: @Meddler, instead of Morde buffs have you considered shifting some power around?
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: > The Void is a nightmarish dimension said to exist outside space and time, where terrifying **living weapons** were wrought to win an ancient and long-since ended war. . . Those few scattered grimoires and madmen that dare speak of the Void at all, speak of it as an infinite realm of unfettered creation, tortured landscapes of **crazed organic machinery**, **magical weapon-looms** and **mountainous flesh-forges**. Taken from the Universe site.
Meddler (NA)
: I hope in January or February. Depends on what scope of work we conclude is appropriate for now (small update versus balance changes). Longer term I think Aatrox needs a moderate sized update, and has a lot of thematic potential that's untapped. Short term we'll want to figure out what it's makes sense to try and tackle right now though given the time/resources currently available.
What are your thoughts on the other HP based fighter, Mordekaiser? Happy how he's performing and where he currently stands?
: What is your Morde build? He`s been on my bucket list of to-play champs so I want to play him before they nerf Rylai`s (and Morde)
Aesah (NA)
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 6.23, Shyvana, Anivia, and Malzahar mini-updates
Mordekaiser's going to get hit by the rylais changes, do you feel there could be some minor buffs in store for him?
: > [{quoted}](name=Malicious Metal,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mZ9hbnpw,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-24T21:21:56.952+0000) > > > Mordekaiser mains are still going to keep playing their champ, trying to make him work and Riot will just go. > actually you made me realise that i should stop playing him i was going to play him even if rylai would be gutted, but doing this will just encourage riot to not do anything lmfao good one
That's the sad part IMO Mordekaiser mains are going to get punished for getting their awful champion to work next patch. It's such a paradox.
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Meddler (NA)
: Changes likely in 6.24, need to chat with the team to figure out what their likely form is though.
Oh, cool^^ From what you've been hearing can we expect it to be similar to its current iteration or outright different? Sorry to bother you but the item's kinda important to a lot of champions, especially now with assassins running around, making the extra hp really helpful
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: we decided to nerf mord instead :^) 310 movespeed
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Slythion (NA)
: Because unfortunately, due to Malicious having a great reputation on this site he can post just about anything and be upvoted for it. FalconPawwwnch doesn't have that reputation so he gets a bit more negative feedback. It's the nature of the boards. It's stupid and clearly shows it's mob mentality, but you can't do anything about it :/
Or maybe it's about how he presents it. There's a german saying "das Auge isst mit", which means that the way something is presented/looks like can make something more appealing.
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: {{champion:24}} *Heavy Breathing.*
I'm not very informed about how well Jax could use it but doesn't the Fervor change hurt him anyways? Taking his scaling in account it would probably still be worse than the current Fervor.
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