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: It can also mean people are suicidal, as a jungler I feel bad for supports in these scenarios
To happen so often... OP can't be that unlucky
: I kinda wanna quit now, I'm super frustrated in all my games. Even though my bot lane does decently in laning phase, there's always a feeding lane or a jungler who doesn't know how to secure objectives.
Your ADC has more deaths than you in almost every loss, which just implies you're not willing to enter close fights and that goes some way to explain your low winrate/high KDA
: Once again, even though you aren't hard feeding, and an idea like this would hurt your elo more than help it. So if Riot were to put your idea in place, I doubt you'd see much of a difference other than falling in ranked.
I have an avg KDA of 6 this season, meaning I don't feed in general. This system wouldn't make me fall in ranked at all
: Not hard feeding. Just bad KDA and losing. Not trying to bruise your ego. But your ideas would backfire on you.
>Not hard feeding Then it wouldn't apply to me. You've not made a single valid point
: *Looks up OP in* *Sees OP has many games where he's had a bad game and was carried* I feel like if Riot were to put your ideas in place OP, you'd suffer pretty hard for it.
I don't see a single ranked win on ADC where I'm hard feeding bud
Vonyalo (EUW)
: So people should lose mmr just because they got camped or first picked into the worst matchup? What a great idea!
If it happens consistently enough then yes, it is
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: > [{quoted}](name=Crispy0Snake,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LlQQ7E3Y,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2020-01-14T03:35:40.367+0000) > > The build has all 3 magic pen items {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3814}} 3 armor pen assasins
You can actually build against that, that's the difference. All 3 items combined only give 30-50 armor pen The stats on {{item:3157}} {{item:3135}} just outclass their closest AD counterparts {{item:3156}} / {{item:3026}} {{item:3036}} Mages get to enjoy items with a ton of hp and often 90 bonus AP with a dumb passive. The trade off for defence and offence doesn't have to apply to mages like it does for any other class
: > [{quoted}](name=Crispy0Snake,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LlQQ7E3Y,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-12-27T00:27:27.321+0000) > > It's not mages. > > It's MR items... they can never fit into core builds, and when they can (4th non boot item) the enemy midlaner has {{item:3020}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3916}} {{item:3135}}. > > I also think offensive MR items don't give enough MR at all, so counter building mages is so garbage. MR items are so outdated and bad. roa and hourglass doesn't even have magic pen you are drunk. but i do agree people just need to start building Mr. fact: i have never seen a adc that complains about all the CC build QSS ever also fact i have never seen anyone build adaptive helm against dps mages.
Paroe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=The thigh guy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1c4VYol0,comment-id=000000000002,timestamp=2020-01-07T19:39:01.956+0000) > > He was playing Ezreal. Ezreal can’t afford to build crit. Ezreal isnt exactly _good_ against anyone tankier than a janna who has more AD than a sona. Is it really surprising he had problems with a morde?
The state of Ezreal is arguable, and I don't care for that debate I was doing good damage to Morde, he just healed the chunks of damage back, from runes, without Gunblade/Visage, which isn't okay in my opinion :)
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Sephi51 (EUW)
: Show the elo of enemys
>you should buy the webside and implement it into your game. i will really never understand dumb people. This should be in memes and games?
: Holy mother of God your new player experience is awful. Why do you stop people from buying accounts?
You'd be naive to think Riot has this omnipotent tech that can tell if you're really the account owner or not It's just not a good idea to buy an account because you give payment info to a sketchy site and the person who made the account could use their email to reset the password and get the account back at any time I think it's super fun levelling an account as you do meet new players and they make up for the downsides imo. I'd always get an XP Boost now though
: Please don't nerf the support class
I've already given up on support to play ADC, I used to have the BigBrainSuppMain IGN but I've gone back to my name across other games/platforms Tanks aren't tanky, more like squishy cc bots. If I play an enchanter I have to rely on my ADC anyway, so I just became the ADC I've been loving it too, currently becoming an Ezreal OTP for S10!
: So your making this post cause ezreal got 0.1 exrtra atack damge on q {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Partially. It's because Riot has given Ezreal quite a few marginal buffs to help him out. I believe that he's in a good spot now and they don't need to go further and I provided evidence for that
Keiaga (NA)
: META builds don't become META if they're bad. They're the percieved and accepted optimal strategy created by the whichever individuals are accepted as the most skilled or most credible players which are then adopted by the community as a whole. They don't just become the most popular builds because hundreds of thousands of bronze and silver players pick them for the lulz. It might not be necessarily true for the INDIVIDUAL, but unless some lucky, genius player makes a groundbreaking discovery that the general community isn't aware of, the meta isn't wrong. Someone with a single ranked game on Ezreal who went 1/6 and lost isn't going to be the genius to uproot the established meta Also if you're going to look into stats this closely, how about you try looking at them properly so you get the full picture? 9% of people build IBG first? Ok, is this 9% of ezreal players at every elo, or 9% of master+ players? Muramana has a 49% winrate? Is that because people only CHOOSE to build muramana first when they see that their team already has the advantage and are likely going to win? Nothing would stop me from skewing data by building Luden's echo on Yasuo ONLY when my team is 20-0 at 10 minutes. What data implies that something like this isn't happening with muramana?
I'm not trying to uproot the meta. I'm saying that if the meta build/runes/skill max are taken, like they are in ~85% of Ezreal games, then the champion is balanced The 15% doing odd stuff should not effect how the champion is balanced >Nothing would stop me from skewing data by building Luden's echo on Yasuo ONLY when my team is 20-0 at 10 minutes. If you did that on Yasuo the pick rate would be extremely low and it wouldn't show up on Lolalytics. If it did, no one would use the data (with such a low sample size) to make the claim that Ludens is OP on Yasuo >What data implies that something like this isn't happening with muramana? The pick rate and sample size are too high for that to be happening. 80% of first items on Ezreal are Manamune, 123,500 times it was purchased in Plat+ games. You can find all the Ezreal ADC stats I used [here](
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Lawbies (NA)
: it was a 45 minute game. I mean its really not that much chat
So? You sent ~60 messages and most of them were just you arguing. If you see Zoe support why do you expect caitlyn to have good cs? Why do you expect people to leave you kills in soloQ? Chat is for communicating with your team, and Riot has clearly told you it's not for arguing (at least once), and you continue to argue. Imagine if everyone that played LoL acted like that? The game would be trash. Riot doesn't want their game to be trash Sorry you lost your account, but maybe when you have another one levelled you'll keep this in mind
: It kinda looks like youre building him wrong. Most people that take conq go tri force garen because the attackspeed helps his e put out dmg. If you are playing a more tanky garen id recommend grasp, this will also help you win trades in lane
I think this style of Garen just isn't viable anymore if I'm honest. Garen has been hard funnelled into the role of a fighter and not a bruiser If you build Black Cleaver into Full tank you simply won't deal enough damage to function as Garen anymore, his E scales on attack speed and his Q is made much better with sheen. If you play this bruiser style it feels like you do 0 damage and you can never get an execute off, also it makes you really slow in movement speed
Paroe (NA)
: I used to be a malzahar main, im not anymore but can we rework him into a real champion?
Malzahar is really strong right now as a soloq midlaner, he has a 52% winrate in plat+ He's definitely not a jungler It's okay to suggest a new void champion but Malzahar doesn't need a rework
Kuro SF (NA)
: support items should ONLY nerf gold UNTIL COMPLETED
Why not ping the wave or type "big wave bot/mid/top" so one of your laners gets the wave? You can already catch the odd wave with no penalty, but if you're getting more than 20 it just means that your team's macro is bad because they can't even assign themselves an income source or you're taking a significant portion of your carry's income
Vhozek (NA)
: Support tanks need better items
Simplifying a lot: Your skill expression as a support is making a good engage with your brief tankiness The skill expression in a toplaner is getting the gold necessary to be able to engage at all So you see how it changes? If you were able to be a sustained tank as support, tank supports would take almost 0 skill to play and they'd be busted OP or nerfed into irrelevance
: Support Items were overhauled this season. Support items cost 400g and you don't need to buy upgrades for them. To compensate the fact you now save 1000g since you don't have to buy upgrades, the items received hefty nerfs. So now if you play a Mage/Enchanter Support, you'll need to manage your mana until you buy one of the following: {{item:3114}} {{item:3028}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3802}} Having the Manaflow Band or Presence of Mind runes help out since they are a good source of mana as well. ------------- Only real gripe I have with them is the Income Reduction being active after the item is complete. By late game, you might have to clear waves & you just get punished for doing so since you get reduced gold the more you farm.
Yeah pretty much teams would go without a support with a 4 ward item because supports would never buy it and always try to get their item powerspikes sooner So they removed the opportunity cost of upgrading your support item (Which was later item powerspikes) by giving the upgrades for free, so early on you get both things you want. The only downside is that most games you're limited to 3 items (Ignoring boots and your income item) and roughly 8k gold. So for tanks maybe you buy {{item:3109}} {{item:3050}} {{item:3190}}, mages {{item:3285}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3916}}, dot mages {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3916}}. and your last slot is open for control wards I feel like they've made the optimal way to play to have a slot open for control wards and have a 4 ward item, which is how it always should have been (until giga late game, which you'll rarely get to)
: Remove support penalty late game
They removed the opportunity cost of buying a 4 ward item by giving it for free, so your gold is "front loaded" Most games you want your generic inventory to be: {{item:3860}} {{item:2055}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3364}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3050}} {{item:3190}} So that's supp item+control wards+900g boots+3 items When you have your 3 items, you're full build. I think the changes are all really positive for support and not much actually changes in the role
: I am so very very tired of Damage Carry Supports
It's less about what your enemies are doing and more to do with your gameplay and choices {{item:3068}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3111}} Is just so awful on Leona compared to support items like {{item:3109}} {{item:3050}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3105}} Which costs the same (a little less) but has specific interactions between you and the person you link to that make the items much better than straight tank items Also you should only take exhaust if Leona has trouble peeling a damage threat on the enemy team, otherwise you need ignite for kill pressure in lane. Seeing exhaust constantly picked is a red flag
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: But you're also making assumptions about the elo and the champion. For example, you can cancel autos as an ashe vs a garen in any elo and still kite him. And I never said kiting was a low elo skill, BUT low elo definitly have the brain power to kite. I mean i was gold most of s9 and I could still orb walk, kite, and such. I've played against plenty of adcs who can also kite effectively for their elo. It's a high elo skill but with enough practice anyone can learn how to kite. You don't need to be high elo to learn and get good at it. Game knowledge of league of legends is not linear. It's not like I'll reach diamond and all of a sudden know how to kite when I ddin't before lmao?
As rank increases, the percentage of ADC's that are able to kite increases. I'm talking about a large sample of games played where general rules apply and not individual games where champions and player ability matter. There will be Silver Vayne/Ashe gods that will kite you and you can't do anything, but the chance of that in low elo is definitely less than 50%
: This game gives my monitor no signal?
Edit: Think one of the Display Ports in my GPU stroked out, plugged into another and it's working :D
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: Sorry but no. Most supports would upgrade their gold item once so they'll always have 3 wards with them. They could do this while still getting other items without the need to lose most of their already low income. How is this a positive change? Supports got nothing. They lost CDR, regen and gold income for not having to spend less than 600 gold on their first upgrade. That does bit seem like a fair trade in the slightest. WE ALREADY HAD A DEDICATED WARD SLOT SO THAT ARGUMENT IS INVALID!
>Most supports would upgrade their gold item once so they'll always have 3 wards with them Exactly, most teams would go without a support with a 4 ward item because there's a big opportunity cost of buying it, which is bad. They removed the opportunity cost, and instead you lose income later in the game, but now get your items even sooner. >They lost CDR, regen Needing to choose to buy CDR is a good thing, getting 10% by default isn't good for the game. I believe the support that is playing better should be ahead, and that's what is happening. You have to buy non-basic stats on all supports now, so if you win trades and play the lane well, you get those stats and your enemy supp is behind. That is healthy because you expressed skill to win lane (Or you have a winning lane and enemy jungle doesn't see that and pressure you, so you auto win, enemy jgl deserves to lose feelsbadman) >WE ALREADY HAD A DEDICATED WARD SLOT SO THAT ARGUMENT IS INVALID! We don't have a dedicated control ward slot, we have a dedicated sweeper slot and any support knows to keep an item slot open for control wards instead of sitting on an {{item:3105}} and losing a key late game objective. That's what it will cost you in some games. If you go Baron/Drake and it's warded and you don't have a {{item:2055}}, that's a Baron/Drake throw waiting to happen, for 30 Armor and MR
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: Riot devs intentionally putting promos players with toxic teammates
You lost your promo games because you died a lot. You can't really pass the blame onto anyone else if you're not a positive influence on these games yourself
: LoL maintinenance
It's done now I think! I'm on it atm
: Just Checking But the season ended right?
Yeah there's like a day of "Post season". Season ended 11:59 PM on the 18th of November
: Nah it was the 18th. [](
Oh, guess I gotta find the person that told me it was the 19th hehe :3
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Hwke94 (NA)
: Zed's counter play is the equivalent of cutting off my legs for charity
If he's fed enough to kill you without using Q's then he's SO fed he deserves to win, as you made a ton of mistakes that lead to that point
: Is delaying a death timer a viable strategy if you have a horrible teamfight composition?
It's rare that you would get in that situation, and it's often better to just kill them to relieve their pressure on the map so you can push for objectives Why not kill him fast for Ace->Baron->Recall->End? Making it a 4v5 introduces a risk that you lose the baron, can't end, enemy inhibs respawn, you lose a fight (or two) and then lose the game
: RIP EZREAL It's viable bruh
Cräfty (EUW)
: Warwick: Please remove the AA cancelation on his E2 and remove W's weird combat restriction.
Warwick can Auto->Titanic->Q, with PTA proc, in less than a second I think, and it'd be so toxic if he was able to fear and do that Warwick has ways of sticking to enemies, with his Q, E and R, so I don't think there's an issue there A good QoL would be if he got the movement speed/attack speed on his W for 3-5 seconds and that duration constantly refreshed, so you still get the effects a little while after a low health enemy dies
: What? How else is garen suppose to attack you???? By asking if you can go near him? You’re comment literally makes no sense lmao. Also kiting is a every elo skill btw. You’re just making up rules to fit your dumb logic lmao.
A lot of adcs will cancel autos, not have attack move binded and missclick into Garen, stay in auto animations too long and not move as far, all leading to them dying If you want to climb, you just play garen and run at an ADC until you get to an elo where that doesn't work, which will be surprisingly high. That's why he's low skill-high reward I'm not saying he needs nerfs/changes btw, but saying kiting is an easy/low-elo skill is far from the truth
: Kiting garen really isn’t that hard man come on....
Kiting is a Plat/Diamond skill, Garen running at you is a solid Bronze skill That's people's issue here. Garen takes no brain to play to a Plat/Diamond level
: > [{quoted}](name=BigBrainSuppMain,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=PYaNEhes,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-11T05:43:43.491+0000) > > Arianna Grande - Dangerous Woman? I think it's ok for a first guess The song I am looking for is a little bit more minimalist, also this song doesn't have an A E rhyme scheme. I thank you for trying, however this song sounds nothing like the song I am looking for. If you have other suggestions please let me know
> [{quoted}](name=videorfeak,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=PYaNEhes,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-11-11T06:01:03.164+0000) > > The song I am looking for is a little bit more minimalist, also this song doesn't have an A E rhyme scheme. I thank you for trying, however this song sounds nothing like the song I am looking for. If you have other suggestions please let me know I was mainly going for the A and E sounds in the chorus lol, are you humming the words or the beat in the audio link? Edit: btw I am listening to some awesome songs I totally forgot about looking for this
: Contest: Identify a song for RP
Arianna Grande - Dangerous Woman? I think it's ok for a first guess
Crocele (NA)
: Please stop first picking a character in ranked
I get autofilled mid in normal draft, it was easier to get a game of Senna on the PBE Server
: Kalista
Kalista is actually viable with Conqueror right now. Really not a bad champion at all with the right set up. You often need a support on comms or at least on something tanky, otherwise it's quite awkward
: Can other couples get ability interactions like Xayah and Rakan?
I think it makes pro drafts more interesting, and there's room for a little more, but too much can mean that pro drafts become a fiesta and games are decided at draft stage, which no one wants to see
: Tips on Jungling?
With Eve, main thing to remember is that enemies get a direction indicator when you can charm them, so it can be better to W and Q before you can charm, because although you lose the charm you still deal the same damage, still reduce their MR for empowered whiplash and you slow them by 65% Why is this better than waiting for charm? It can depend on situation, if a deathball happens it's really bad to just QE out of stealth and press R because you often won't kill anyone that way
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