: Experimental "Max Cast Range" Changes Coming to PBE!
Tried it on Syndra. Makes her combos MUCH more smooth but I'm afraid it will also remove a crucial part of her mastery, meaning skill starts to matter less. This took some time to figure out. Syndra is already quite a strong pick and I think this change will make her even stronger with the removal of a possible QE miss.
Falrein (EUW)
: Celestial Titans in Ionia - Balance, Syndra, Awaken
Interesting point of view. Would explain Syndra's abnormal inhumane powers. ?>>> How could a mortal being have so much potential? Gifted by another entity as you mentioned. Really intriguing theory you managed to point out :D Kinda resembles me of original Lissandra Lore w/ the Watchers.
Chioyiti (EUNE)
: Starguardian Syndra same symbol as Zoe, Xayah and Rakan
If you look at SG Syndras autoattacks you can see that it consists of purple and its shades in addition to cyan and turqoise color combos. She is either hiding her corrupt eye, or it got damaged in a battle with Zoe as SG Xayah MIGHT implicate (zoe and syndra having unfinished business). Unlike Zoe, Syndra seems to be in control of her corrupt power. She doesn't spread it like Zoe does. I think that's the way she's able to manifest even more power (multi spheres).
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Lusth (NA)
: Syndra mains are the most delusional lot i've ever seen
While I am a Syndra main, the more hilarious thing is checking "syndra" themed topics past week and seeing ALOT of OPs snipposts about Syndra. I'll take it that you were beaten by a Syndra hard. x)
: +20 Q damage +200 range ulti +buffed MR
No offence towards Riot meant; but ever since Preseason they say they are buffing/nerfing X champs, because they "feel" off. Just because you don't see Yasuos everygame doesn't mean he's underperforming. The only reason he's underperforming is when he sucks early game and the games end quickly; he doesn't have the time to build that Crit item to get 100% CritChance. Seriously Riot, are we playing in the same game? Same goes to Kayn's AD buff.. Like that champ isn't safe enough and he gets rewarded for everything, with little to no risk.
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: 1) Challenger skins are now Conquer 2) The Victorious skin is more than likely a mid laner, so she may get it. 3) Also a Rumor she may get a Star Guardian skin.
Yeah rite
: Syndra Poem (Made for fun :3)
: Syndra gameplay breaking bug
I believe a Rioter is onto bugs concerning W (picking up mid-flight orbs from R, Minion dying on pick, etc.)
: Riot for Syndra's next skin, please don't let it be Dark Star.
I don't think so. I hope her next skin in near future will be "mechanical" such as PROJECT or Program .... or a bit musical like DJ Sona; DJ Syndra.
: It is biased and unfair, yes. Because there should be no expectation of fairness. If the champion that is melee has equal stats with the champion that is ranged, the champion that is ranged will win every fight. If the champion that deals large amounts of area of effect damage from range deals as much damage as the primarily heavily single-target damage dealer, the champion that deals area of effect damage will be more useful to the team, every time. If the champion that has a stun or other form of ranged CC deals as much damage as the champion that has nothing but an area of effect slow, the champion that has a stun or other form of ranged CC will be more useful and powerful every time. There should be zero expectation of **fairness** between two completely different roles. Champions are **not equal**.
Hexdrinker is STILL too cheap and WAY too good for an item of 1300g. I'd cut the Shield value by 50% and let it work along with Null Orb.
: The true problem is that the balanced shifted towards favoring ADC. Currently this is the balance Riot is enforcing BOTLANE > EVERYTHING ELSE ADC >MAGE ADC> ASSASSIN ADC>SUPPORT ADC>TANK ADC>JUGGERNAUT ADC>.... There is noone to kill the unskilled right clicking BPS carries.ú If Riot wanted real balance it would look like this ADC +SUPPORT>MAGE ADC +SUPPORT> ASSASSIN ADC +SUPPORT>SUPPORT ADC +SUPPORT>TANK ADC +SUPPORT>JUGGERNAUT ADC +SUPPORT>.... ADC should never have the power to 1 vs 1 any class other then ADC or SUPPORT unless they are fed. Few years ago the balance looked like this: MAGES >ADC ASSASSINS =MAGE (skill matchup) except when assassins buy {{item:3155}} then its no longer skill matchup. TANKS>ASSASSINS TANKS >MAGES JUGGERNAUTS >ADC JUGGERNAUTS >ASSASSINS JUGGERNAUTS>TANKS MAGES>JUGGERNAUTS ADC>TANKS ADC>SUPPORTS
It's actually ADC beats Tanks Tanks beat Fighters Fighters beat Assassins Assassins beat Mages Mages beat ADCs Support is support and they usually turn the tide of the battle. And skill ofc is the thing that determines the outcome.
: Syndra is becoming Mordekaiser 2.0
Good news!!! RiotPhroxzon said he thinks he has successfully fixed RW bug!! Something about W mishaps.
: The bugs aren't worth fixing. Anyone who has the slighest clue about how programming knows why. It's simply too time consuming and might end up introducing even more bugs. It'd be easier to remake the champ. Live with it or stop playing.
> [{quoted}](name=LesVitesses,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Zn0GdEdc,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-11-20T04:14:04.806+0000) > > The bugs aren't worth fixing. Anyone who has the slighest clue about how programming knows why. It's simply too time consuming and might end up introducing even more bugs. It'd be easier to remake the champ. > > Live with it or stop playing. With that logic you should let any champ bugs infest the league. Right. You're one of Syndra haters, I get it, you hate getting "oneshot by R alone". It doesn't mean you let a champion to rot. A Company big as Riot has the resources it needs to fix a gamebreaking bug. Amazing.
Lùmen (EUNE)
: Lol a few petty bugs and you compare her to Mordekaiser? Not saying that nobody cares or it doesn't matter but really.. You can't compare her to Mordekaiser in terms of buggy gameplay..
> [{quoted}](name=RemarkableIdo,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Zn0GdEdc,comment-id=0017,timestamp=2017-11-20T13:45:50.311+0000) > > Lol a few petty bugs and you compare her to Mordekaiser? Not saying that nobody cares or it doesn't matter but really.. You can't compare her to Mordekaiser in terms of buggy gameplay.. Actually, now you can. There are atleast 7 bugs that came in throughout 7.22
: Not a bug but a visual confliction
That champ is currently so bugged that I'm amazed she hasn't been disabled yet. Her W is so broken (mechanically) it's a miracle if you can throw a minion.. oh wait you barely can.
Swarovsko (EUW)
: Why is Syndra walking animation so... random?
No you're not. It's a bug that has been lingering around for almost a whole year. Syndra's Orbs that orbit her are "allied" units, so she "circles" around them (think minion block) in hopes of a more clearer path... but you know they ORBIT HER. It messes her walk so dam hard. There are also atleast 7 new bugs that emerged with preseason
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 17
Anything about Syndra? (Not buffs just bugfixes) Counted around 7 bugs that came to be with Preseason. Makes her whole kit unreliable except Q. Reason why her Winrate is also dropping.
: False, there are various types of mages. Burst Mage, such as; {{champion:103}} {{champion:134}} Control Mage, such as; {{champion:34}} {{champion:99}} DPS Mage, such as; {{champion:268}} {{champion:90}}
Isn't Lux Burst/Artillery? Ahri is AP assassin in my mind scenarios.
: Lore Updates And The Impact Of Fanon
Didn't {{champion:238}} and {{champion:134}} have some sort of an alliance? That's what lead to the whole "Zed x Syndra" fanon. "Zed and Syndra have never even so much as met in the official lore. It springs from an extremely popular fan comic." So are you saying they are allies who've never met? Zed sent Kayn and Syndra sent one of her balls to "form" an alliance xD?
: I really don't think this was intended, as dropping the W at the foot of the champ seems very unintuitive. Do you have evidence that it was a direct nerf?
He must be hurt that some Syndra "pressed R" and killed him. I think that this is indeed a bug*.
: Some ideas for a new Lissandra passive
Some of those sounds solid and good, and some a bit... odd. Lissandra is a pure caster (no not cancer <.<); Using basic attacks feels off, BUT it gives her a good weakness for giving her power SO I think some of sound like theres a good start. I just wish her current passive is reworked into something else.
Diggyy (NA)
: Lissandra Runes???
While Electrocute has better dmg with her, Comet is almost guaranteed if you EWQ; also it reduces comets damage and if you have Magic Pene rune after dash from Domi as 2ndary you'll bedoing hell-of-a-lot damage. Ultimate hat because who doesn't like ulting 15% earlier.
: she sucks atm.
She sucks because of all those bugs she currently has... Just way too many. If Riot could squash those bugs she'd be awesome again, without the need to buff her already high dmg.
: The new runes pretty much nerfed Syndra into the ground... Perhaps it is time for compensation buffs
While Syndra feels a bit off, her lategame damage (if you go Electrocute) is insane... & Ummm... You realize those scalings are off and the ult minimum scaling is triple amount of per sphere; "Magic damage per sphere AP scaling increased from 20% to 40% Minimum damage AP scaling increased from 60% to 80%" <= if per sphere is 40% that makes the minimum damage 120% Syndra does NOT need these changes. If you are gonna increase base damage, you don't increase the ratio aswell. If Syndra "feels off" even after 4-5 patches then I'll suggest a basic 10% dmg increase on her base spells => 0.1 more ratio on QWE, nothing else. A Good Syndra can still hurl alot of deadly balls and still makes their ADC disappear. It all depends on how YOU modify her with the new runes... The only issue with her right now is that she is terribly bugged. Her W locking when cc'd, her R not throwing all the spheres, her pathing is still weird even tho the bug was reported almost a year ago -_-... ps. What runes are you using on her? Don't say Aery or I will find you and I will teach you a lesson. For me it's Comet/Electrocute depending on what enemy team comp looks like. This is how Syndra must feel ALREADY when she saw this thread... {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
: Thanks for the additional info. I'm speaking with the store bros to figure out what's going on here!
I've heard it happens for people who have 2 or more accounts in same server. Like me :X


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