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: > [{quoted}](name=Dancer Neeko,realm=EUW,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=ue4cbBgq,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-15T12:02:48.478+0000) > > Do all spells do magic damage? <- apparently yes, but how am I meant to know that when the game literally shows me no indication of that? They actually don't. Vayne does true damage. Volibear, Rengar, Graves and Draven do Physical damage on their abilities (and proc on-hit effects and crit). On that note, Akali ability can also crit, even though it doesn't say it can anywhere.
I consider Vayne's and Graves's spells more like passives than actual spells, since it's not one that costs mana. But you're right, it's also not magic damage on them. I didn't think about Rengar, I think for Draven it's written, and I didn't know about Volibear since I never build him. That said, that makes it all the more confusing. :/ When you see that Garen's spell makes him immune to magic damage, and then my Kha'Zix's spell does no damage, it just kinda makes you go, "well, okay then." Of course TFT is not League of Legends so I shouldn't be expecting Kha'Zix's spell to work like Kha'Zix Q but from a League of Legends player that's just kind of the expected outcome. Like, how am I supposed to know that most spells do magic damage?
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: Carousel improvement - after selection auto-move to limited area outside the carousel
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: [TFT] Teamfight Tactics Release Timeline and Temporary Restrictions
is the practice tool disable/custom restriction ongoing through the entire patch, or a shorter/longer amount of time?
: April Fools VS. Event Mission List
i don't know if you read this, but: please, if you're gonna make missions that require a 5man premade, make them more worthwhile than 2 BE (???) and perhaps not as time wasting as "losing a coop game". not everyone has 4 people to play with, and even in the event that you might find 4 people to play with, why would you waste your time _losing a coop game_ when you could, idk, play a normal and get more exp/mastery points, or just have more fun than forcing yourself to lose? i'm glad you take into account people who prefer ARAM to SR, but there's still a lot to improve on when making those missions. also, an event tab in the client with the overview and the mission trees would have made a few things a lot easier. is it because this is just an april's fools event that we don't get that kind of transparency? because this isn't a "real" VS event? :/
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Nexus Blitz - Week 4 Feedback and Patch Notes
my personal feedback/comments/suggestions: - blessing of caitlyn is too overpowered. im all for different blessings and i like the idea of the cait one, but the fact that you can receive 3 cait ults that do the same damage as an actual cait ult in the face in the same second is ????. needs damage to be tuned down significantly. - iirc blessing of khazix didnt have a time limit written in chat when you get it which made me think it was permanent but it isnt. i do love that blessing though. - push the cart event shouldnt reward you with a blessing when youre already getting a free objective out of it imo, allows way too much for snowball. - i love snowball fight but the slow onhit is way too sigificant. once you get hit by one snowball its incredibly hard to dodge any other bc of how much slowed you are. that said i love the little pengu you get for hitting snowballs and how it gets bigger, keep this by all means!! - king of the hill/bardle royale circles... need work. especially KOTH. multiple times ive had my team dominating the first half of a game only to lose our entire lead to a circle that was placed behind the enemy turrets for some reason. quite unfair circle placements can legit lose you a game so id appreciate if the circles were in neutral places. or just like, you know, not where turrets are. - talking about turrets: that one turret in the jungle? it feels very useless. when i first read the descriptive of the mode i saw "oh theres a turret in the enemy jungle, do not go there!" so i imagined a fountain laser-like turret, but its actually just a normal turret. it doesnt keep you safe from invades when it doesnt do that much damage. its too easy to dive and imo it shouldnt. perhaps turn it into old nexus turrets on rift, continuous beam? - first event takes too long to happen imo. the game kinda takes too long to start and tbh the mode feels a bit boring without events, particularly the start where you need to wait for something to happen. - could the winner of loot teemo/veigar be whichever team has gotten the most gold from it rather than who lasthits it? i dont think it should be a smite fight when teemo/veigar can literally just run into the enemy jungle or behind their turrets and you cant follow and its a free win for them even tho your team legit did 90% of the work. - why does herald give both baron buff and the herald summon, theres literally no counterplay to that esp with the amount of minions you get against you once your two outer turrets are down. - i understand this is meant to be a fast mode, but snowballing potential is just too high and unless you somehow win sudden death while the enemy team is already at your nexus, comeback chances are very low. while i do like the fast pace, this should still be a fair and FUN mode imo and its just way too easy to get run down. - please move blue buff somewhere that isnt the middle of the river. its seriously just a nuisance there. - is on fire through assists different than on fire through kills? i havent been able to tell but imo they should be different. also extra damage taken while on fire should scale with killing streak otherwise its way too easy to just not die while killing everyone. and then again, snowball. i love the concept of the mode though and i want to keep playing it so thank you for the first iteration of it ❤
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: Automatic localization? What made you think that was okay?
going to agree, but even worse for me, i can't change the language of the news posts. it's set to automatic, and i can't change it, if i try it just reverts back to automatic. my client has been in english ever since i installed the game two years ago, and i sure as fuck don't want news posts in french out of languages. (news site is also so badly done it's literally impossible to find a post after changing the language.) i just want to have my news back in fucking english... and i legit can't do anything about it. amazing. stuck in a language i hate reading league in.
Atanchan (NA)
: They aren't removing the ability to buy Void Staff and Wit's End on Gnar. Where did you even get that idea? Plus, chances are the more unique rune effects will find some place in the new system, like crit damage. The issue with most of the runes? They're just completely uninteresting munchkinning where you try to optimize the perfect balance of numbers with limited ability to adapt to the game you're going into. Really out of place for the type of the game this is.
It's not just about items though. My usual Rune page for Gnar would include flat AP, Attack Speed, and Magic Pen, which helps early because that Gnar build is only effective after like 3 items. Though I guess I kinda understand. Even for myself, having to prioritize CDR over MR even though I'm laning against an AP opponent just because otherwise I suck without 45% CDR. Does suck. I hope new Rune system at least fixes that...
Fawksea (EUW)
: Not gonna lie your idea is making me have dirty thoughts, fucking christ i lOVE miss fortunes Q crit it makes me laugh maniacally everytime i play her, adding crit damage to that is just unffff, i'd love to do it, but since they for some reason arent making runes 1ip til the rework i can't be bothered to buy the runes. :|
Tbf it's absolute trash early because I have no AD at all lol. But after getting an IE oh baby But yeah I had to invest a bit of IP in that bc why the fuck not, though if you happen to miss a Q (eg. doesn't kill first target) then the bounce is hella underwhelming lmao But when it works oh boy does it work. I like that they changed MF's Q because "it shouldn't take half of your health early" and shit but with Crit Damage Runes it still does :thumbsup:
: > Will I be forced to give up playing Miss Fortune the way I personally like, which I thought the Rune system was all about? Will I be forced to change my MF playstyle into something everyone else is playing? Will you really take the uniqueness of my playstyle away from me with the new Rune system? How to say the same thing three times in a row xD
Durzaka (NA)
: They are going away. Champions will likely get stat boosts across the board to make up for AD/AP/MR/AR lost, but no. You wont get to do a cheesey max CD rune page anymore.
This is just making me feel like the new Rune system is focusing on the wrong thing. Gonna be real disappointed if this new system comes out without any way for me to have my 33% Crit Damage. I thought every player should be playing each champion the way they like, allowing offmeta stuff and all, but it seems like Riot is going out of that way to line up with "play this champion that way only" instead. Sad. I guess no more magic pen-attack speed Gnar for me either. ;(
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