: 6 vs 6 ranked
I think that a dedicated player for strategy / macro play, would be a nice addition to game. However, players should have an option for mute and ignore. Clearly, there should have a ranking for the 6th player (that is independant of your play ranking) and some of them are much better at macro play than others, some might be able teach players new tricks or are just comedians who help the team keep the sprit up endure game even when they are behind.
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Le Him (NA)
: Which champion's skins show up the most out of your hextech chests?
I think it is wonderful you can get them for free at all.
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Rozair (NA)
: diana assasin rework concept (nobody is going to look but ill throw my idea out there)
Not sure why you think Diana needs to change. You can take a look at Arcsecond to see how to play her (North America rank 2 atm).
MigYalle (NA)
: E: Insult Taunts enemy team and makes them cry.
Amumu does double damage.
: This god damned Cho'gath player.
At least he tried. I had a game today where Yasuo player refused to play with Lux support in the team. He intentionally fed the enemy. Intentionally means he went to auto attack enemy and ran under turret on each lane multiple times meanwhile raging in the chat. The game duration was nearly 40 min, you can imagine the death count. I did not win that ranked game. I do not expect a league player to have a healthy state of mind. You should be pleasantly surprised if they do.

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