Syrile (NA)
: Delete Pyke. He is much more of a problem. Also, Lux and Ahri. But that is just my hate for them, not because they really matter. Though.. being at the top of the tier list for mid laners for several months is really getting old. Mid is always one of those two if they are not banned or picked somewhere else.
i wouldnt say pyke is a huge problem, although the buff to his income from ult wasn't necessary
Sukishoo (NA)
: It's cause of pro play. Champions that become relevant there gets all kinds of buffs and needs for whatever reason. So, just gotta live with it
so ban akali in pro play, who cares?! it's like all they care about now is pro plays, they left the community behind....
Ephixus (EUW)
: Neither old akali was balanced, no idea in what universe you think she was...
well, the fact that she wasnt nerfed every patch is a hint. and i hear that everytime, people think she was too strong, well, she wasn't, she could easily be countered, and there are many other champs that are much stronger in solo q
: The Akali changes confuse me because they said they were gonna revert her kit months ago
they said that? are you sure? i wish it was true XD
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Quáx (NA)
: 38% winrate Akali
i agree, as a main akali, it has become almost no fun to play her anymore. akali always had a heal mechanic in her kit, a way of sustain. now her sustain is garbage, even if she's mobile, if she gets caught, game over. I know kata might even be a worst case, but the thing is, it doesn't feel like akali we all used to love.
: Is there talk in Riot that akali may get reverted?
oh i wish, as a main akali, i feel terrible with the new one, she needs more skill that's true, but the sustain and scale of the older one was so much better...


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