Dr Poro (EUW)
: Ranked inactivity kicks in this patch?
anyone having this happened yet?
Wickedlike (EUNE)
: I miss set 1
I think set 2 is fundamentally more dynamic. I barely played myself yet but watched some videos and it feels like comps are much more flexible. Maybe that's because it's still new and the S tier meta comps still have to be cemented. Balance issues are to be expected on the first patch of a new batch. With some tweaking they should be fixed soon, though.
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Galiö (NA)
: You lost me at number 3. Bjergsen is super overrated. He almost AFK farms Midlane all game. Almost never wants to do anything prior to the 15-20 minute point. Everyone in NA pro play fundamentally plays the game poorly and other than this year the were very reluctant to play anything other than 'standard'. Which brings me to the point that NA players are too complacent and dont have an actual good practice environment. Like if you wanted to make a 'super team' in NA Youd have Top: Licorice Jungle: ?!?!? Mid: Bjerg/Jensen Bot: Doublelift Sup: Corejj?!? And even that team could have a hard time getting our of groups. Also why does NA have no good jungle talent in pro play? Both midlaners are ok (not amazing compared to rest of the world) Also NA players/analysts/coaches have toxic or low opinions of meta shifts and drafts which hurts them up until something like MSI and even then 'no one tries' there. I think a good step would be a better tournament realm. Increased scrims AND new professional scrim teams. Those teams would consistent of new players and teams that are paid by other team to play against in blocks.. then you can also develop those players and shift them into academy or mainstage team if they show promise. The purpose of those teams are for scrimming/development and not for stage play.
Problem with jungle is that it's a team effort. If your team doesn't cover you and/or ward for you, you'll look bad compared to the teams where they do that stuff.
: I don't like the Worlds Format here is why and what I would change.
While it would allow smaller regions to grow more, from a viewer's perspective, it makes the games and the groups less interesting. I personally don't like watching games where one team has over 95% predicted winrate. Worlds would probably have a much lower view count if it was saturated by lower skill teams or completely stomping games. Which games have the highest view count? Certainly group C with FNC, SKT and RNG facing eachother. I don't want more group B's in the group stage. In the older system, major regions had 3 teams in group stage except for one and there were 2 slots for wild cards. The preselection wasn't part of worlds (hence people calling play-ins still not a part of worlds). At least the wild card regions have a chance to play against third seeds of major regions, so that's quite a step ahead. They already get stomped by the third seed, why have them play against even better opponents? A better solution for giving them more international experience would be to have more smaller international tournaments like rift rivals. For example a north-south american tournament. Problem with these smaller tournies is that if the stakes aren't high enough top teams will troll pick.
MakJuice (NA)
Let's go G2! Indeed, the thing I love the most about G2 and other EU teams right now is that they use players from their own region. I also root for NA every tourny but mostly the teams that are full NA (or NA+EU) like C9.
: This is one of the only finals im excited to see and dont mind who wins. Previous world championships have always been just "Korea will win" "Korea will win" "Oh this time china wins, korea isnt here" But now we have 2 great teams who simply want to have fun playing, while I havent seen much of FPX beyond semis and quarter finals, from their rumble and nauti mid and hook city its obvious doinb has no regards of the meta and will take a champion simply because he can. G2 does the same, boasting an ADC who trademark plays a mage in game 5s and used to be a midlaner himself, only to move to ADC to play with MickyX who had a massive wrist injury yet still win, combined with jankos' loveable craziness and caps enthusiasm and a similar disregard for the meta. The two teams havent faced eachother competitively previously and they seem even matched. As a EUW, I want G2 to win but I wouldnt mind a FPX win simply because of how I imagine the matches will play out.
Let's just hope both teams perform as well as they did in semi's. I can't imagine G2 losing a series performing like the are now but if they do, that would make the victory even sweeter for FPX. I got really hyped into last year's worlds and the dissapointment was huge when FNC wasn't even close to IG. But this year, G2 are the favourites and they won't go down easily. Note that they are just one BO5 away from achieving the Golden Road!
: skt or g2, which one will 3:1 the other?
: Sum of Attractive Champions - Male
I think many will find Jax and Zed somewhere on the high end of attractiveness.
AdamrCc (EUW)
: The elder dragon execute outright invalidates champions such as Warwick and Olaf.
What about execution ults? Urgot, pyke, darius, ... Their ult is useless or elder is useless for hem depending on which has the higher threshold. At least darius can still deal the dmg without getting resets, it still kills half his ult.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sukishoo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=WrdEAyI6,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-09-26T15:33:00.025+0000) > > That magic floating axe! It just opens the door for darius to become ranged whenever they decide to update him again! He can now use his axe as a boomerang, and can extend the range of Q simply by holding instead of tapping it xD
> [{quoted}](name=ImTheJuggernauty,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=WrdEAyI6,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-09-26T15:38:25.784+0000) > > It just opens the door for darius to become ranged whenever they decide to update him again! He can now use his axe as a boomerang, and can extend the range of Q simply by holding instead of tapping it xD {{champion:119}} I knew you had it in ya, brother.
: Thief glove is op
"I literally got them by monster drop or the caourosel." Yeah, how else?
: Its literally more difficult to avoid 45% CDR than to build it
No it's not, don't get the +5% cd reduction cap rune and you'll be fine.
: Blitzcrank is going to need hotfix nerfs at this rate
26/09 hotfxi: "Q - ROCKET GRAB RANGE BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where Blitzcrank's hook range was longer than intended against bigger targets" Guess you were right. Seriously, looking at that winrate gain combine with pick&ban rate explosion, I agree. It's not right. He really didn't need a buff in the first place and changing such drastic mechanic, requiring everyone including pros to relearn playing against him is pretty weird.
: Arurf still sucks.
ARURF is way more replayable than URF, where you see at least 4 players picking the top 15-20 champs every game. Perhaps with their new approach to balancing which is way more effective, they could try a regular URF revamp, though. If winrate differences aren't that high, I wouldn't oppose it. Bans would be necessary in regular URF but have too little value in ARURF compared to the waiting time increase. Ultra rapid fire is all about fast action, not long champion select. A ban system where you could choose up to 3 bans BEFORE you queue could be nice but probably requires too much effort to implement. What I would LOVE the most is to have regular URF in custom games.
5050BS (NA)
: It sooo worked didnt it. We dont see smurfs because people only play their main. It wasnt so Riot could control the ladder more and make it MORE grindy at all.
You're right on the 'controlling ladder' part and while it can be a bad thing, it doesn't necessarily have to be. Open for discussion. More grindy is definitely the case but also intentional. 1. keeps players engaged (read: addicted) for longer 2. less visible swings by (bad) luck streaks that many people used to complain about (even more than now) and causing people to stick to their (misleading) ELO peak. As a slide extra benefit, I think it somewhat reduces the amount of smurfs, but maybe not a significant difference. (by both 1. and 2.) There is a point where it gets too grindy and that's perhaps for the community to decide. I myself got back to diamond IV (same rank as last year) from plat II with an exactly 50% winrate (54-54). Took me 108 games which probably had no significant difference in my MMR but I gained 2 divisions. Point of this, I guess, is that the system tests if I was still worth the division I had last season and whether I could maintain 50% winrate. But yeah, it was a grind.
mark6028 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ragnaveil,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AgjoJjNN,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-26T13:33:41.688+0000) > > No, Fiora got buffed because their data "said she needed buffs". The same data that disregards the several buffs in a row she's received towards her dueling. Well that's what happens when you let dumbfucking r words balance around imaginary numbers. Especially considering they literally only look at pr, wr and br. What kind of shit is that. A game as complex as league and you look at THREE basic numbers that MAYBE give you a HINT at if something is wrong. Ofc it doesn't tell you fiora even when played by an amputee wins lane against any melee forever and ever but her winrate is not 50% so she MUST be weak after 14 fuckin buffs in a row. I hate this shit fuckin company so much. After 10 years of league of legends i literally cannot play it anymore. I just can't. I don't want to climb anymore when i tryharded every season so much but for what? I just lost a game on a fuckin silver 1 account. 80% kill participation, 9 cs it doesnt matter. 1/21 botlane and a kai'sa and yasuo blowing me up in three auto attacks. Toplane is so shit and so worthless. Yet they keep pushing champs like fiora scratching their heads why she can't win games not realizing how powercreeped mages, supports and adcs are. Throw in the jungler ruining your day every game of the week. Most expensive worst scaling items, where every champion gets directly nerfed whenever he becomes playable vs. mages and adcs being so fuckin ridiculous. But let me play ryze in the game before and i run around with 30 kills and 12 cs per minute. Day and night difference playing dogshit bruisers or a mage. I doubt this game will ever become reasonable again i just wish there would be another competitive online game not named dota where i'd have to invest another year just to learn the basics. Maybe trying to get into squad or hopefully hell let loose takes off rather sooner than later because it does look promising. I long so much for a WW2 based strategic shooter. Or just a new moba all together. Maybe blizzard gets their shit together and reworks HotS into a competitive game. It was definitely way more fun than league has been in the last 5 years but suffers from the same shit league has been heading to. It doesn't matter what u do if you play with chimps.
You prefered the good old balance in season 2 with 99% banrate auto-win Kassadin? Or maybe Janna with >55% winrate for multiple seasons. Oh yeah, you don't care about numbers. Gameplay-wise, I really enjoyed AP Master Yi ,AP Sion or Katarina, such creative gameplay and counterplay. Ah original Ryze 1v5'ing because he managed to go 0/2/0 at 20 minutes with only 20 cs down. Unpopular opinion: League has never been this balanced. Is it perfect? It'll never be. But the closer we get, the more we wine about smaller things. It's an endless spiral: the closer we get to the center, the more we zoom in so the picture stays the same. Of course there are ups and downs, but I enjoy the general aproach they've taken last few years: more experimental changes and willingness to go all the way back if the outcome wasn't desired (not only with champ updates but also map updates). I don't like their removal of game modes, though, and I think custom games/player made maps should get more appreciation. We don't expect the same standard for custom/player made maps but they are a big source of innovation as well as keeping veteran players.
: I couldn't agree more. Riot just buffed the champs they wanted to see at worlds, and nerfed the ones they don't want to see. These changes weren't about numbers, because blitz, fiora, and riven were all fine. It's just sad that they don't care about solo queue or actual data anymore.
You think this is new? Every year they do this shit on Worlds patch and frankly, it is more important to have a good Worlds patch even if it means sacrificing a bit of gameplay balancing for 2 weeks. Worlds happens once a year and lasts about a month with many millions of revenues. One patch out of 24+ that isn't about the ladder experience isn't going to kill us. Yes, they buffed champions that totally didn't need it in soloQ, but at least I'm glad they didn't buff champs like Jinx who already have monster winrates in soloQ. If any of these champs start going +53% winrate (which would be very high for these mechanically difficult champs) I'd expect them to be closer on the radar for a quick nerf. P.S. Just want to add that I know it's more than one patch dedicated for worlds. Certain changes that have/have not been done due to pro scene (i.e. not nerfing specific champs) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: It's Hard To Reconcile J4's Character Now
Well, turns out Demacia is not the perfect joyful fantasy city that Hollywood and fairy tales like to promote. I like the take from Riot where Demacia vs Noxus looks like good vs evil at first, but they're actually both emperialist nations doing what they think is right. Truth is: there is no absolute right and if there would be, we wouldn't ever know it. Our today's standards of good are very young. 200 years ago slavery was the standard and the wellbeing of children and elderly was the burden of the parents or the offsprings, not the state. Runeterra is in a fantasy midieval setting where child labour/murder is common and only frowned upon if the culprit is from the wrong party.
: Imagine if the meme was "This day makes me wanna launch the 10th Jihad. Allahu Akbar!" People would be jumping up and down. EDIT: Oh look, downvotes. How cute.
That's just ot how the meme goes. There are plenty of 9/11 memes, they're ok.
: Why can't Riot move to a fully transparent MMR ranked system?
The reason why they transitioned from ELO to the LP+MMR system was to tackle the fear of losing your peak point. Once people reached a new tier, they'd often stop playing ranked because one loss would make them drop out again and they didn't want to risk it. There were a ton of people clamping to the minimal ELO of gold, plat and diamond and then often made a smurf to try and get higher. In the new system, once you get there, there's some margin of forgiveness, quite a lot when it comes to tiers so people don't have to be afraid to play one more game. They also intentionally don't let you know when your next loss would demote you because of this. Whether this is good or bad is up for debate. Of course I would like to know when I'd demote, but I suppose it's better for the dynamics of this game when people keep playing ranked. To compensate for the forgiveness once you get there means that you have to prove that you actually deserve it. That's where the layered system with MMR + LP comes in place. No longer can you reach gold with a lucky winstreak reaching 1500 ELO. Instead, if you get 1500 MMR now, you have to continue playing a bunch of games and if your winrate stays 50% you'll get there eventually. The sad thing is indeed that with promotions, that 'eventually' can be 5 games or 50 games. The reason for promotions then again was to break the monotonous climb and feel more like an accomplishment. I'm not sure if this one's hitting its mark, though. As Sebastit7d says, they should simply remove the promos from the divisions within a tier. Note that this would mean that they'd have to lower the LP gains/losses, though, so reaching 100 would be harder.
BigFBear (EUW)
: I think the overall winrate is often a missleading thing. It you have a popular champ there will always be new people who will test him and will often lose in their first 20 games which pulls the winrates down. On the other hand unpopular champs are often played solely by hardcore fans and otp's who have hundreds of games on them. They often play already in their skillcap elo with a stable winrate. I like to check average elo or winrate from best players on this champ. It says way more about that champ than the overall winrate, imho.
Well it depends on what Elo you are yourself. Average elo or winrate from best players say something about that champ at the top of the ladder. It says something about the skill ceiling. Unless you're diamond I + or climbing towards that, it are pretty irrelevant stats. Average winrate+playrate (I agree that winrate alone is misleading) are the most important stats for the majority of players. These stats are most representative for mid-plat players (because they're based on plat+ games) but mechanically they're not that much better than most gold and even high silver players. They just understand the game better (there are exceptions of course). I see that you are diamond 3, so in your case I can see why you'd look at those stats. That's also why you're seeing the same champs over and over moreso than a mid-plat player. At these extremely high ranks you'll reach not only your own skill ceiling but also that of your champion. I suppose people who main champions with complex kits are more likely to climb into these ranks because there are more ways to outplay your opponent rather than just stat checks.
: If you are going to make this sort of video. At least change the unforgiving meta.
It's the champions that people tend to play. The highest winrate champs are mostly high highs low lows with tons of mobility to catch opponents when ahead and snowball out of control but little utility when behind.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Don't forget a knockup.
Haha you're right, it would be silly if you'd allow mercs to screw up his cc + he needs synergy with Yasuo right cause fuck having a bruiser in your team. I also overlooked his W being another dash. I disgracefully undervalued his kit.
BigFBear (EUW)
: Who else enjoys "League of 15 Champs" as much as me this season?
People are copying what pros/streamers are playing? What a surprise! Just look at the average winrate of most of these champions. The only one standing out there is Jinx and it has surprised me she didn't get a nerf sooner. Riot probably waiting for after worlds patch to smack her. She's really the exception in this list because her high pick rate is purely because she's so good in soloQ, not because she's good in pro plays. Kai'sa is the most overrated soloQ champion. She's great at picking squishies but people don't understand that she sucks in front to back fights and they keep opting her into those comps. Look at their lolalytic ranks. The most played champs are far from the best on ladder. People like to play high skill champs it seems. But they're not necessarily the best to climb stats prove. If you look at highest winrate champs, you see a whole other population. In most seasons there were champions had over 50% pickrate and/or combined pickbanrate of +99%. Btw: ADCs always tend to clutter the top pick rate list because there are simply less ADCs than champs for other roles.
: ***
They only do that on certain websites we are not allowed to share here.
ßluę (NA)
: Am I the only one who thinks that turret plating was actually a great idea? {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Obviously not. As some have stated already, turret plates extend the laning phase and prevent the 5-0-0 strategies that were used in pro plays to open the map. That + first turret gold made the game much more excited to watch and also to play since one lane snowballing means that champ gets much stronger, but less global gold compared to older seasons. Maybe it's because I play way more casual now but I never enjoyed the game more than now (I always loved it). Tip for everyone: play less ranked, try to get lvl 2 mastery on every champ in normals. It's a fun journey.
: well, that is one problem with Trist, she REQUIRES jungler backup unless you have a lucky break with your CC or otherwise can counter her. her jump lets her escape the engage of any melee champion she was designed for 2 v 2 matchups and i'm surprised it took this long for the strategy to be discovered
She's really strong lvl 1-3, but if you can survive till lvl 5-6 and tp back, she's pretty easy to beat. Sure, she can escape, but her jump has a long cd and after the jump, you can zone her for 20 seconds. She's extremely weak midgame. Just accept being 10-20 cs behind on her, most melee champs beat her post 6. I had a game recently with a xin jungle who would just walk up to her and cause she has no movement speed she has to jump asap, then he just jumped after her and solo killed her constantly.
: Annie Should NOT Get Mobility.
Damn right, if you want mobility on her, you can get it through items and summoners or have an ally speed you up. Not every champ needs mobility in their kit. They probably just want to get rid of or delay her stun even further 'cause you need to be able to outplay it with your own high mobility champs right? No, not by positioning well around her immobility, that's boring. /s
Anatera (NA)
: It's very funny to see Sylas solo kill basically everybody because of his overloaded sustain
"do damage, shield themselves and heal themselves" Wait it's still missing ~~2~~ 3 dashes, a ~~stun~~ knockup* and any ultimate you can think of. Edit: I just actually played him for the first time. I didn't realize he has THREE dashes only one of which is a skill shot and that his heal is on a targetted ability. I used to think he was actually a difficult champion. 6/2 on my first game because I ran into the fountain and yes I sucked on him as I struggled using his ultimate optimally and farmed poorly but his QWE abilities are easy as fuck to manage.
: Turret plating is honestly the worst thing I've ever seen added to the game next to rng scuttles
If you see you're a melee vs range, ask for jungle help at the start of the game. Ranged champs are generally really easy to gank as they tend to push and are very squishy. Even a trist with a jump can easily be ganked.
: Kai'sa every game
People just copy what pros play. Champs like Jinx and Ashe are superior in soloQ in terms of winrate but they make less flashy plays and have a lower skill ceiling (mechanical, much higher positional skill required) so the average wannabe pro doesn't play them.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Attack speed and Dot and auto attacks = same scope Shield+healing = same scope MS boost = half the champions have it Stun So here you have a fast-moving auto-attack champion with a stun and defensive heal/shield Pyke - fast-moving dashing executing gap closer+displacement slowing invisible assassin that heals a lot more than udyr and also gives 300g more per kill to a teammate Puke's kit is the most overloaded kit in the game and it's out there with Yasuo on terms of annoyingness
I was trying to make the argument that you can make everyone's kit seem overloaded. I chose Udyr because he has one of the most basic kits. But yeah, it's obvious that Pyke has much more in his kit than old generation champions. Someone else made the comparison with Thresh, who was considered the most overloaded champ at the time and Pyke has even more in his kit (mainly the mobility). So yeah, hence "trying". Pyke is obviously overloaded, but I guess he can still be tuned right. He has a lot of mechanics but they aren't that complex (like in Akali's case making a huge gap between regular and professional plays). Just like Thresh got balanced after a bunch of nerfs, I don't think Pyke has a problematic kit. Maybe his movement speed needs to be nerfed on his W. Anyways, his winrate isn't that great atm, but that's the most annoying part of his kit imo + his low cd low mana cost allowing him to spam everything. Yasuo is also extremely annoying, I agree. :) but his kit isn't that overloaded, he just has so much APM.
: The worst thing is the fact that pyke was supposed to be a support :/ Most of his kit is balanced. It's the execute gold gain that should be needed imo, maybe pull some damage too. To play the devil's advocate though, every champion seems OP if you lost every part of his kit. Let's take thresh: Infinite scaling armor Infinite scaling AP Hook Stun on the hook Dash Pulling allies to himself Shielding Knockback both ways Extra damage on basic attacks Ult that slows and damages.
Thresh was complain about a lot when he was released because he was too overloaded. He needed repeated nerfs to be balanced, including mechanical changes like lantern only shielding one ally and ult only damaging once. But yeah, for todays sandards, Thresh doesn't seem to be that overloaded anymore.
: pyke. an assasin with stealth. mobility, fast heal IN COMBAT a hook, an execute, slow. stun
Udyr, a juggernaut with bonus Attack speed, dmg over time, aoe dmg, shield, healing, mobility, auto attacks AND a stun.
: Does it have the information about CC ? Duration and stuff
It will probably not contain all the relevant information from the start, but it's just a matter of tinkering.
: Everyone in Europe speaks Europe...it's just.....common knowledge
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: At times I wish North America had 50 neighboring countries.
You have 50 states as big as European countries. All united with one language, should be an advantage.
Janakin (EUNE)
: Can You Finally Fix the Matchmaking?
Making matchmaking balanced for duoQ is impossible. They can't know just how much synergy or real life communication you have so they have to assume the maximum making duoQ very unfavourable if you don't. Unless with a smurf, it's better to climb soloQ.
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: Would IG have beaten G2 today?
I think they would. My guess is that IG completely disrespected TL and dismissed prepping for semi's in exchange for having a full week to prep against SKT/G2 which would give them a huge advantage in the finals. They expected to beat TL without specific preparation to have more chance at winning the finals. Now this backfired hugely and they were unable to adapt to the style of TL's gameplay (which was executed exceptionally well). G2, however, have a longer history of fighting TL and know exactly what the team is like. TL has a very excplicit and predictable playstyle if you've faced them enough. This was shown in the finals where EVERY move of TL got predicted and answered to before it happened. Jankos in particularly was always one step ahead, but it's most likely a team effort. IG are still the nemesis of G2 (and EU). Until proven otherwise, I have my doubt about a G2 victory over IG.
: i think NA might be the best region right now
Is NA > China or did IG just fuck up horribly and not pay respect to TL in preparation of this match? I'm so excited to see NA in the finals (and hopefully vs EU) but you're still long way home from calling NA > rest. One best of five doesn't proof everything. If NA wins MSI (and if they play like today I believe they might), then you can say they're the best at that moment. Doesn't mean that'll still be the case 2 patches later.
: I really don't think that's what drives people away, but maybe that's because I've just grown senile to the inaccuracy of the death recap. All I really need to know is what type of damage is being done to me mainly, so I need to know whether MR, Armor or More Health is the way to go, and items show that pretty easily.
> [{quoted}](name=Academy Kayn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=B86BOohg,comment-id=00080000000000010000,timestamp=2019-04-28T22:13:31.341+0000) > > I really don't think that's what drives people away, but maybe that's because I've just grown senile to the inaccuracy of the death recap. All I really need to know is what type of damage is being done to me mainly, so I need to know whether MR, Armor or More Health is the way to go, and items show that pretty easily. Well, if you know by heart what damage source every champion has on their abilities, it indeed isn't necessary. As a veteran I also know this of any of the odler champions. But for newer players this can be very confusing when an AD Shyvana or Kog'maw rips through your armor with their magic dmg abilties. New players would much quicker learn about the game and how to adept your build. The gap between new and old players is too big because the learning curve is so steep. Everything that can help here is welcome in my opinion. I think even for veterans it is useful to see on the spot just how much % is magic and physical. Apart from that, in one of the biggest worldwide games, you'd expect some standards to be met. Old urgot didn't deter anyone from the game, why did they update him? Because it's look silly to have a content of 10 years ago along with your fresh top of the market content that you want to spotlight. Death recap is one of the first things that new players will notice. They'll immediately see that the game is not polished. Older players might forget about the feature and not care, but when I started back in season 2, I ALWAYS opened death recap.
: After MSI, Bjerg vs Jensen
Doesn't matter who's the best, it's a Dane.
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AthenaXI (NA)
: Does it even matter? Rather AFK for real then.
Same thing happened to me in an ARAM game (needed 1 more win for the masterwork chest mission and it was the last day) but it didn't count because the game crashed at the start so I had to reinstall from a previous patch.
: What if we had a mastery level 8 that only gives tokens for S+ games?
I don't like to have it restricted to S+. S+ is very rare and you'd feel bad to "just get an S". I already don't like that the S- doesn't count towards level 7. What I'd prefer would be for example requiring 500 tokens, S+ giving 50, S giving 5, S- giving 1. That would be like requiring 10x S+ which is super hard, but getting S or S- would also add progression.
: Can we get a bit of Orange Essence from Hextech Chests when we get a Champion Shard from it?
As someone who never spent any money on online games since 10 years, I'm very hesistant to demand more free stuff from Riot. I'm already extremely grateful for the mere existance of the hextech crafting (which is tbh a really good marketting strategy since it almost seduced me into buying RP by giving you a taste of that sweet flavour unlocking skins can give). But if Riot has any more to give, this would be a really nice way to do it. Getting champion shards from hextech chests is one of the most soul crushing things there are, especially if you would've bought the chest with RP.
: Forcing players to make a 5man premade is stupid. A lot of us do not have the connections to do this.
You don't have internet connection?
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