: So when is Curling Veigar gonna be on sale again?
I got the curling veigar skin out of a mystery gift. Just wanted to boast it. :D
Niaphim (EUW)
: So, in season 6 ranked queue solo players will be matched with&against 2-5-man premades
i think it is an insanly bad idea. i suggest another idea: SOLO QUEUE: only solo joining. no premade at all, not even 2 man premades allowed. Solo Queue should be SOLO Q. Then you could make a "dynamic Q" which is 2-4 premade. And the last one is the Ranked Team which is a 5 man premade. in my opinion it is the best way to solve the whole problem. And seriously, who cares about 2 minutes more waiting time, if you can enjoy 45 Minutes of the Game. It is a very worthwhile trade! Thanks


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