: If you think Rek'Sai is absurd on Summoners Rift, she completely ruins Twisted Treeline
Well she´s certainly very strong atm, but so are a lot of things. I´d still rather see changes to Taric first, he´s meta-defining strong still as the main funnel-enabler. Also Illaoi is not necessarily that strong but just pushes out so many options that you almost have to ban her as default aswell...and don´t even get me started on sylas. The best first step honestly would be to give TTT 10bans already.
: Why do tank stats feel so bad to build?
Because you need armor, mr and health to have effective health against all dmg that is thrown at you in a teamfight, and right now you need at least 3items to have all three to then be in theory ready to survive in a teamfight, but unfortunatly at that point in the game dmg will already outscale your "tankiness" and so it is litteraly impossible to get tanky in the game unless the tank issignificantly ahead of the curve (or in other words, snowballing).
: Articles about Riot games
https://kotaku.com/inside-the-culture-of-sexism-at-riot-games-1828165483 is all the article you need to understand what´s going wrong.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: What if the solution has been staring us in the eye the whole time?
For some history on that matter...https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/live-gameplay/hbEj1jWi-can-we-finally-phase-crits-rngesus-out-of-the-game there you have the in-depth discussion 5years ago and you know what came out of it...and if you wonder why it is that Riot doesn´t seem to get at least one easy job done with decency then just read up on their "culture" on kotaku. So better stop believing there is another solution than to withhold any and all money from us players untill they change all their lead staff or someone more capable can actually afford to buy them out and fix the problems from the top.
Phelas (EUW)
: The new Void thingy will be contested, mark my words. The main goal in this game is to kill towers, so a big fat thing crushing them while you're not even there helps a lot eh? It is NOT necessary, however it has a big fat impact.
yepp, more power to the already really strong early/midgame siege comps...most likly ez and graves will go above 100%pick/ban with that.
: Here's a list of AP Champions who build GA commonly.
{{champion:84}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:20}} ...and so on, there´s more ap users then just mages, even if Riot does indeed tend to forget that.
: So Riot, you actually are going to live with these Shen "changes?"
well, R.I.P. jungle Shen and well...it´s still obvious that he needs a proper rework fast instead of making him utterly unviable everywhere just to account for his global working as expected in proplay - and it had been obvious even before the goddamn glowstick ninja rework. Way to demolish an iconic Champion.
: ARSR and experimentation in RGM
jusr please try SR without flash for starters
Ralanr (NA)
: So is Thornmail a component item now?
nah, it´s still way to easily counter by getting a tiny bit of mr and lifesteal (which is all getting buffed anyway)...still probably not even worth it vs full ad.
Canastus (NA)
: Riot outright refuses to nerf him in a meaningful way, it's beyond me why he's still allowed to have an execute in his kit (Q). Nerfing his R wasn't enough, his Q needs to be gutted, too. Easily the most played champ in the game while still sporting a 50% winrate, that's objectively broken.
the q is fine, all of lees problems are connected to the free mobility of him wardjumping - which hadn´t even been intended in his original kit. take that away and he finally becomes a high skill champion that has to actually hit his q or needs a mate to enable him instead of getting everything for free while being able to escape from certain death waay too often.
: Every other ranged champ doesnt have the reload mechanic other than Jhin who never jungles but even he gets double the shots over Graves before reloading. Go jungle on Jhin and tell me how that goes
jungling jihn is relativly fine...reloading just means you have all the time in the world to get some distance.
: Fucking stupid idea when he has a 2 shot then reload mechanic. Pushback is there to offset his cooldown on autos
: Patch 7.8 suggestion: "graves can no longer push back large monsters with his AA"
i´d rather have "being knocked back enrages jungle creeps, making them immune to crowd control and increasing dmg adn attackspeed by 50%"...just for the realism
: Do yo see any quality games anymore ?
yea well, had that at the beginning of the year - switched to hots and did not regret it so far. just way better balancing when it comes ot melee vs range and overall more depth than the current baron 5v5 or die lol.
Häxel (EUW)
: That would be rly bad. Even if its hard for adcs, its still better adn argualably ok to remove the on-hit dmg as to remove the crit. Like before preseason6 it gave no rapid fire and no one nearly bought runanns. The only runans user were kayle kalista and teemo. maybe kog or tiwtch could buy it but you got a strange look from others i you went it on ashe/varus. With crit it is so much viable like for cait/jinx, even for tris. There are still champs who not gonna want it like vayne, sivir, jhin, draven, mf, ezreal, corki etc and thats ok. I don't say ruansns should be an item every adc wants but it neither should be an item a minority wants adn you have to balance it just for them like rageblade, wits end, bloodrazor or gunblade. Notice how 3 of these 4 are on-hit items? its just that it doesn't give so many champs who go full on-hit. The most popular on-hit tiems are botrk, bc, frozen mallet and runans and if you cut runans out of it its ok, you still have 3-6 on-hit items ro be able to buy, twitch/kog get a little nerf while they are already the 2 strongest current adcs (nerf cause mostly they still will build it and not go another on-hit item isntead cause the aoe dmg and 30% crit). Sumup: Having crit on runans is fine, removing it would nerf too many adcs while removing the on-hit is mostly just a nerf to kog/twitch/kayle and onhit botrk build on ashe/varus/teemo.
no, it would be appropriate to have a distinctive on-hit itemization that offers a good mix of dps and survivability+mixed dmg in comparision to crit (and also to improve ad-caster itemization which is still in a really bad state since they took er from them to hand it to adcs that still don´t like it all that much).
: Why is AD getting buffed on PBE
because they are the firstborn..or sth like that. It´s just like that since about the beginning of lol, and it´s really dragging gameplay down. class-balance had been sort of fine in S2 and then they deceided to screw it from season to season to season...
: > As for Runaans, I would bet my best cow that the secondary bolts still proc on-hits. Secondary bolts still proc on hits.
so here´s an idea - get rid of the crit on runaans, restore it to its former self so that people finally pay for the AoE with some lategame-scaling and it becomes an interessting decission again if they want to run a botrk-bc build for an earlier spike or some crit for a later spike instead of just getting the best of both worlds anyway.
: So... now that tank items are getting less HP...
look on the bright sight...as j4 with full-ad + gargoyle you can just jump in and kill 1target and then survive with shield+active for a second rotation. just don´t try to play tanky/as a tank.
: I'll see where the new ideas are going first. It looks like Riot is intending for tanks to have less HP and more resistances, and while I have no idea what will result from that, I don't think they necessarily want to add more HP, at least for now. I dunno where exactly Riot is going with this, but I'm holding ideas until we see what results from these changes.
you know exactly where that will end up...with the amount of %pen in the game they will just die even more quickly and the trend to go with 5dps comps will continue (gosh, just watch the flyquest vs clg series from yesterday - that should tell you all about how great it is to be/have a tank in league). the only ones prbobably ending up a little better are bruiser that can get a better spike with 2tank items+3 off.
Dignitos (NA)
: Liandry's Torment Discussion in Pro Play
i guess it´s they want the haunting guise for the spike or to snowball harder and then don´t really know what else to do with it...albout it would be smarter most of the times to stick with the haunting guise and build sth else asap instead of upgrading it first.
: How comes "playmaker" champs always end up being annoying/hated?
because they are not playmakers for the most part - just very egoistic prats that have to get catered for by their team and then will take all the glory and totally disregard they had a lot of help to get to the state were they can take over the game. Also, most of them have waay too many defensive mobility, so if they get ahead it´s just fairly impossible to ever shut them down.
: > Any consideration to providing mages an actual anti-AD focused item to reduce the feeling of unfairness would be cool. Not sure it's fair to say Zhonya's isn't "an actual anti-AD focused item" (seems like a very subjective call, which is fair in its own way). If it's more about Seeker's being weak or unappealing (no unique noticeable effect other than stats) or not having stackable options (Maw+Mercurial, for example), that seems like a reasonable point of view. I was operating under the assumption that the two groups would need only viable option to fight the opposing damage type, as long as it was clearly an effective one worth the purchase. For example, I thought that Banshee's being an AP focused anti-magic option would suffice, since it would clearly be useful in its effect, without needing to stack a bunch of additional MR on top of it. Similarly, a balanced version of this GA should be the only AD/Armor item needed, if it is clearly useful for its intended purposes. My thought was that players would prefer this over feeling like they should have to stack a bunch of similar items to get the output they wanted, but that could be a false assumption. Thanks for the feedback. I'll be thinking about it.
while you think about it...please consider making serious changes to QSS. right now the item is just ridiculous and leads to very binary gameplay (->snowball, get QSS and remove all chances of the opponent catching you out of position and come back or fall behind and probablydie to Malzahar over and over) - and if you donßt remove it finally add some upgrade for tanks and mages, as QSS is just 100%required in some matchups which absolutly won´t be migitated by getting a Zonias or GA or whatever voodoo.
Kritty (NA)
: I actually really like "Specialist", or something along those lines. It signifies that the person doesn't fulfill a traditional laning role in the game, but allows for interpretations other than just "there to tank damage or heal up teammates".
just name them what they are....Redemption-bots. Item-Mules. Sightstone-carries. Anything, besides a valid part of the team. The guys with the short stick...
: Redemption Is a balanced item
If you see an item bought on a Champ that clearly doesn´t synergize at all it certainly isn´t balanced. Right now it´s a must buy on any support, even a Zyra or Brand just for the ridiculous active - also degrading the actual champion as he´s now mostly a ward and redemption/locket bot and nothing more once laning ends.
: Can Lee Sin PLEASE have a higher cool down on his ultimate?
the ult is fine, all that has to go is the wardjump whcih makes it way to easy to enable a good ultimate...or to disengage from a mistake that would kill 99% of other champions.
: Tanks can never become balanced until you tone down anti-tank itemization.
same with healthreg/draintank/lifesteal - it´s obvious for years that it´s bullshit to design sth around a 50%reduced effectiveness that applies basically all the time, as it either will be totally useless with the reduction on it or it will be oppressive if the reduction isn´t just there. There´s really no grey area...same for tanks right now. Either they snowball ahead and are close to immortal midgame or they get oneshot.
: > [{quoted}](name=BigBellBrute,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=8hv2XzUb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-05T05:24:53.420+0000) > > There wasn't much goofing around on NA's last day because all four games had playoff implications for seeding and two of them had implications for who gets in. > > TSM needed a win to lock up top seed. > Imt and Dig were in a game where the winner was in. Dig could not lose. IMT had a scenario where they could lose but it didn't come to pass. > Flyquest had to win just one game to make the playoffs. But they didn't know that until the IMT match was over. Liquid needed a match win to avoid the relegation promotion tourney. > CLG's game had seeding implications for them. NV was locked. I know and like I said I understand that a lot of the teams needed to lock down matches for their places and I get and totally understand them sticking to the strong, meta champs and that is fine. However, it doesn't change that NA teams tend to play to not lost as oppose to win like other regions which is what ultimately makes it less enjoyable for me to watch. Even the matches in EU where they pick the most meta team possible it's still more exciting to watch, IMO.
yea, unfortunatly Riot tuned the game accoridngly to the "not lose" playstyle, as making a single mistake can now end the game very fast - so playing activly to win moslty puts yourself at risk to throw at some point. And that´s basically why Koreans dominate the game so much right now, they always played the "save" approach (with the exception of SSW in S4, those guys really had been so far ahead of anyone to just run over them from start to finish) and mastered it to perfection...so currently you see a lot of comps that have no reliable way to engage a fight but tons of ways to disengage and punish the opponent for not engaging absolutly perfectly - and then they just turtle it out till a desperate opponent tries the one engage that will end in a total disaster and the game ends from there. It´s just the sad thruth that playing activly to win needs a lot more skill then just avoiding any risk and win by the opponents single mistake eventually, mostly because Riot added way to much disengage tools and got rid of many good engage tools over the past years. And it really makes the game more and more boring to play and watch. Unfortunatly Riot does seem to like that sort of "gameplay", though it´s the total opposite of what attracted players to the game in the first place (just watch any M5 games during S2...just marvelous active gameplay - and even then you had CLG.EU proving that the defensive aproach already had been viable in a lot more risk friendly environment).
Tranoze (NA)
: what he mean is when vs a heavy Crit AD damage comp, a tank build 6 armor - health item and spend no gold in magic resist, he still die to AD damage in 8 seconds in 1 v 1 and 4 seconds in teamfight. Like this: **You, without your item, live 2.5 second in team fight, and each armor item or health item, give you 0.25 more seconds more to live due to the fact their damage ignore half of your items.** So, what the point of building tank anymore?
wow, that are pretty optimistic numbers...i´d be shocked if you last for even 2sec in a full gear scenario here once you catch focus. and yea, there´s no point in building tank at all. With the current sets of items on the PBE you´d get a warmogs and a Gargoyleplatethingy to maximize the effective health while the active is up and everything besides that would not really make you more durable in comparrision, you will only live during that ridiculous active anyway - so you then go full dmg and hope to kill the dps while your active makes you somewhat durable. It´s just the same bulls*** like redemtion...a way to powerfull active that forces a whole class to play around it or become obsolete.
: Midseason Durability - Goals and Direction
So you know what´s gonna happen with the current set of changes on the PBE...people will get a warmogs and a GS(toneplate) and then full dmg, because outside of the ridiculous active there is no tanking anything and it´s waaay more effective to go in there and delete the dps within 4sec than just lasting an additional 1sec after the active has gone. You really have no fcking clue what you are doing. Tanks don´t need fcking active spikes (and while we´re at the topic, neither do supports), they need to be reliable durable for a sustained amount of fighting. All you do is further cater the fighting around very short durations that are more button mashing than tactical or strategic...while what made the game cgreat once had been the long, strategic battles - in the mikro and the makro sense.
: Tell me the story of the greatest game you've ever been in.
Well, S2..playing ranked as a Taric/Talon botlane. right at the start one player left, so it had been 4v5 from the get go. 3min in Garen top scores a double kill and we all started to believe that this game could still be saved, 5min in we begin to snowball botlane...so hard that the opponent caitlyn rushed a warmogs (has been a thing back then, albeit not on adcs) and still got oneshot - so after under 30min we stomped them 4v5 with a non-meta comp just due to brilliant teamplay and everyone understanding the comp and his champ really well. gosh, i really loved the game back then - just so much viable to play if you did understand the game.
Miror B (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Earl Eulrich,realm=EUW,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=aYriAa77,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-03-30T12:58:33.091+0000) > > a well, lira can probably carry them through. I think the only Challenger this year that had been a "save bet" for everyone had been S04 for EU, but due to the shitty mode in EU they went down for having one mediocre day in the entire season at exactly the wrong moment. Luckily, because the "C9C rule" applies internationally the actual EUCS playoffs didn't matter at all aside from the cash prize at the end. S04 will still be playing for the LCS spot, as well as the other team thanks to MFA also making the playoffs there.
are you sure? i thought that rule would only apply after the summer season for EU
: Team Envy is in for the fight of their lives this Friday.
a well, lira can probably carry them through. I think the only Challenger this year that had been a "save bet" for everyone had been S04 for EU, but due to the shitty mode in EU they went down for having one mediocre day in the entire season at exactly the wrong moment.
: It is a support Item? The only time I even considered it was when I was playing a champ that can dive to the enemy team under their tower and make chaos happen-- say Gnar and his ult. I thought it was a tank/fighter diver item.
it is - and it´s actually not even bad, just niche. If you run a dive-comp and want to close out an advantage fast it´sa really good buy for that.
: 46% win rate compared to Darius' 51% Darius has arguably the better late game, being able to be proactive and actually having great team fighting.
yea sure, as the mastery for Garen is mostly in the makro-play - and most people have no clue what they are doing on the map nowadays. So you really compare apples and fish...Darius is sort of the Renekton of Juggernauts: either you snowball lane and become really usefull or you hope the opponent makes some dire mistakes,otherwise you will get outscaled. Garen now is more of a Maokai. You staysave&sound vs almost anything in lane and later on in the game you can blow up one opponent at the begin of the fight and then make sure nothing comes past you alive. He´s far less binary atm then Darius if you play a strategic game.
: Garen has always just been "worse" Darius, can we fix that?
Garen right now is way stronger than Darius and more of a lategame champ, it´s really a far fetched comparision.
LankPants (OCE)
: >First problem: the most annoying one, She's balanced around plat+. This is the only thing I disagree with, Sona's not balanced around plat+, she's balanced around silver-gold range, at best. A Sona who was balanced around plat+ would be pick/ban in low silver and bronze, which is a core problem of her kit. I think I'd also differ from you slightly in what I'd like to see done with her kit. I think the aura concept is done. Sona doesn't have auras anymore, it's pointless to hold on to the joke she has now. I'd like to see the auras go in favour of a passive you actually have to think about when you use. I've seen this idea called Invoker Sona, basically as you stack up more Qs you get more damaging effects, as you stack more Ws you get more damage impairing effects and as you stack more Es you get more movement impairing effects with powerchord looking at the last 3 spells you cast rather than 1. This would add mastery as you'd have to think about which effects would benefit you and actually weigh spell effects VS powerchord effects.
still is in the top 5 winrates for support in plat+ since forever...it´s just that people have no clue how to appreciate the "invisible" power of massive ms steroids and thus totally underestimate what a good sona provides to a team. unfortunatly that affects all elos and riot themselves.
: Help me with my Master's thesis!
maybe try https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
h5LYF41Lam (EUNE)
: Im Not Saying they Are Broken.....
and i thought we´d see {{item:3153}} {{item:3071}} those two items are just rushed on any support, even on brand.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fondling Gems,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=I8E6nkYI,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-03-26T10:13:53.838+0000) > > I don't think it was a case of them being too strong in the sense of "OP". It was a case of them costing a lot of kit power. Old Taric for example lost a lot of power in other places in his kit due to the power cost of having a targeted stun. The stun itself was fine, it was the sacrifices to the rest of his kit that caused issues. The only reason he retained functionality is because auras have to be really strong or people complain that they are too weak and old Taric had two different auras in his kit that kept getting buffed up to be noticeable. It's not like he was secretly an extremely strong bruiser 1v1 duelist at the time or anything.
good lord, i just loved dueling 6item jax in Dominion and smashing them as they felt invulnerable and got manhandled by the most manliest support ever. I really hate his rework, it took away everything that made him a man and instead made him a pretty little princess that hides in the backline.
: Why are we ignoring Twisted Treeline
the map is great - as has been Dominion. so better hope they ignore it, othrwise chances are they will destroy it or delete it.
: What i wanna know is, has anyone ever seen a single game where support** isn't** the least pick/desired role? I really don't think this is a fixable problem. People simply don't like to play a supportive role in ANY game, not just league. As far as i can tell, riot trying to "fix the problem" is going to do nothing but create more problems cough*{{item:3107}} cough*.
dunno, in hots e.g. supports have just the same xp(=gold) as everyne else - and most have some fairly aggressive gameplay ptions that are actually viable so there´s not much of a problem with finding a support in ranked/draft.
Hayes (NA)
: ANY Women Pro players?
Well, the main reason would be that most pros are genuinly very young (<25) and thus having mixed teams would most likly make it even harder for teams to come together as a professional team as it already does. Also, society still has a sort of stigmata on playing video games, and a lot more so for women than for men (as for men it´s kinda expected to be "stupid" especially when they are young) - thus ofc there are way less women playing to begin with, leaving very very few that actually put in the time to be able to climb the ladder to such a degree. It will probably change in due time, but as for now we´re still in transition and society hasn´t really figured out how humankind should move on in the age of information, so we´ll be stuck in some stereotypes for a little while longer.
Chryzantema (EUNE)
: Tl vs Tsm Rigged ????
it hadn´t been half as much of a throw as DIG yesterday...so either you claim them to be rigged aswell or just acceppt that Dlift actually had a great day and smashed TSM. Not really the first uset ever happening to TSM.
arcinex (NA)
: Doublelift 1vs1 Bjergsen
yet Riot stil claims Marksmen don´t have burst dmg...
: Riots best castors have left for overwatch, when will you?
none of the afforementioned ever worked for Riot to begin with...
Rivini (NA)
: Is it just me or is the lore getting harder and harder to get into?
stopped caring when they retconned years ago, guess you maybe should do the same.
: Again the sense in a fantasy game argument, huh? {{champion:254}} Q shouldn't go over walls **without breaking it**, the name is Vault Breaker in the end. {{champion:98}} E shouldn't go over walls, he is dashing in a straight line, not jumping. {{champion:421}} should be able to pass walls in burrowed form without using her E. She is digging. {{champion:201}} W, straight dash again, shouldn't be possible. {{champion:412}} Same again for his Q and everyone grabbing his lantern. I can call many more examples if you want. Oh and let's not forget: No skillshot should bypass walls at all. Because it doesn't make sense that for example Amumu is able to toss a bandage **trough** a wall.
: Is it just me or is Black Cleaver too universal of an item (built on Adc's, bruisers, assassins..)
the true problem is mostly that it´s build instead of last whisper - it just offers waaay too much armor pen for the user itself ontop of some utility stats, so it´s just bought as the primary armorpen item on many champs nowadays asthere are just no real drawbacks compared to getting lw instead (+ you can always stack the full pen ontop for just 1,3k if you ever feel need for more pen -.-). idealy it would be a niche item for ad-comps to support with some pen, but it´s gotten just the opposite - a selfish item that does everything and then some.
Garran (NA)
: On the conditions of Galio's rework...
i totally agree with you, but Riot won´t care. It´s exactly the same they did to Karma - deleted the Champion and then created another with the same name. Riot just really doesnßt care about its playerbase, probably never has. I for one am happy if they crash and burn their business.
Aamano (NA)
: I would LOVE to know how this game prioritizes abilities
all i know about the topic is that Gragas e is prioritized above everything else...i guess it´s hitbox based.
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