: play meta/braindead/cancer champs so you always get to have fun, and even if you don't they'll feel worse for having to play against the same overpowered/broken/overloaded shit on a bi-weekly, monthly or annual rotation every game in a row. atleast thats how i felt when i had to play against the shit like jhin perma 1000ms 10000damage, kaisa by being able to do literaly everything, aatrox for a while in my own lane, darius right now in my honest opinion. graves, rhaast kayne, zoe a while back, etc etc. oh and irelia. because they all inevitably end up fed on the enemy team. sometimes i get to be lucky and be on that team. i dont get enough bans to get rid of all that shit. apparently i'm a masochist, since i keep playing and doing it to myself.
> [{quoted}](name=Lazy Grandpa,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lVUFIdKn,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-10-16T03:43:07.255+0000) > > play meta/braindead/cancer champs so you always get to have fun, and even if you don't they'll feel worse for having to play against the same overpowered/broken/overloaded shit on a bi-weekly, monthly or annual rotation every game in a row. > > atleast thats how i felt when i had to play against the shit like jhin perma 1000ms 10000damage, kaisa by being able to do literaly everything, aatrox for a while in my own lane, darius right now in my honest opinion. graves, rhaast kayne, zoe a while back, etc etc. oh and irelia. because they all inevitably end up fed on the enemy team. sometimes i get to be lucky and be on that team. i dont get enough bans to get rid of all that shit. > > apparently i'm a masochist, since i keep playing and doing it to myself. I feel you with Graves. I just hate seeing him jungling on the enemy team, he literally has no weak points. No, but let's nerf Trundle some more.
crispy66 (NA)
: yeah, exactly just not enough, if you're willing to pay for the upkeep then be my guest
Some of us used to only play Dominion. A large part of the reason so few played it was due to not understanding how the game mode worked, as well as negligence by Riot in terms of updates and maintenance. Riot also wasn't screwing over SR players as hard as they do now, so many people still weren't willing to give the other modes a try.
: How many defensive items do you need to actually survive in this game???
You can't survive simply by counterbuilding. Riot has seen to it that defensive scaling offers very little power on its own. You basically have to either dodge incoming damage, mitigate it through shields and/or innate damage reduction, or kill them before they kill you (mainly this one). Therefore, if you want to easily win games, it would behoove you to pick champions that rely as little on tank itemization as possible to do their jobs.
: Bruiser players - What are your thoughts on Spear of Shojin & Atma's Impaler?
SoS requires a BF sword to complete and its passive scales with bonus AD. This seems like more of a squishier fighter/diver item, something champs like Riven, Lee Sin, Jayce, and some assassins would generally make use of. Atmas is a great bruiser item and I would love to see it return. The fact that it builds from Aegis is a great bonus and one bruisers could use to scale smoothly from mid-game to late. {{champion:48}} SoS isn't very good on him, but Atmas serves him well, in lane or in the jungle, especially now that it builds from Aegis.
: > [{quoted}](name=Elkington VI,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ej0HqELL,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-08-27T19:00:52.515+0000) > > People have been doing this on 3v3 for years now and the only way to counter it is to do the same thing. TT is broken by design, but Riot insists on keeping it around instead of reworking it, or giving us Ascension or Dominion in its place. the strategy counters itself, the flaw of funneling is massive shutdown. Putting a single player ahead, while one is left behind, then giving that shutdown away, normally ends the game for the boosters.
Not on 3v3 it doesn't. Normally the one giving the gold away is a champ like Taric, who functions just fine in low gold environments. The one getting all the gold is generally a carry (Jax, Yi, Yasuo, Graves, etc) and they'll be at least 3 levels above the other team before the 10 minute mark. It's manageable on SR since you have two more players, but it literally breaks Twisted Treeline, it has no counter. Despite any attempts Riot has made to nerf support/carry comps they still dominate. The map just needs to be reworked or removed.
: I was Nautilus and I beat her in lane. Later in teamfights she started to be unmanageable because she was too tanky to kill, she could always disengage and re-engage, and she could pick apart our squishies until they were all dead.
Nautilus becomes too team dependent after mid game, same with almost any other top lane tank not named Sion.
: This is pointless armchair advice from somebody who hasn't played against it. Maybe if I was playing Jax it would have worked out like you're imagining it (and this is one reason why I'm gonna be playing more Jax from now on) but I was playing a tank and no matter how many times I hit her with CC she'd survive and disengage. She'd always be able to harass my allies and eventually kill them. She could always heal back after being focused because of her Q and gunblade. Tank Akali is a problem and you'll see it sooner or later.
Tank Akali, Ekko, Yasuo, Fizz, I've seen them all. I would recommend either maining duelists or supports. Both tend to shut down assassins in the long run, especially when they run builds that don't scale with their kits.
Moody P (NA)
: too much armor reduction in this game
Nerfing penetration is a hard nerf to pretty much every champion Riot favors when it comes to balancing. They'll never do it, not with the current team/decision-makers. Good defensive options means less flashy playmaking and more methodical/strategic play, somethimg this game hasn't had in years.
Hayaishi (NA)
: Playing an immobile champion in this game is like being a cripple
And yet they're still the only champs I enjoy playing, aside from J4 and Gragas. I come from a simpler time.
: Normals are too competitive
It's too bad we don't have a game mode where we can just hop on and play anymore, with any champ we want.
: If she is losing she can always escape. Then she can re-engage and harass you some more.
Then just beat her face in when she comes back in. Alternatively, just play safe, counterbuild, and be more useful than her in teamfights.
Ðequñ (EUNE)
: The End Times: Funnel Strategy
People have been doing this on 3v3 for years now and the only way to counter it is to do the same thing. TT is broken by design, but Riot insists on keeping it around instead of reworking it, or giving us Ascension or Dominion in its place.
: I had to play against tank Akali and it's cancer
There's no way she could beat a real bruiser with a tanky build.
Cloud273 (NA)
: I'm honestly glad Riot buffed tank champions directly instead of their items...
The game is in its most balanced state when everyone benefits from pure defensive itemization. Champs like Wukong and Rengar shouldn't be able to mindlessly stack offense without being punished for it. Keep in mind they would have to sacrifice burst when building pure defensive items, which means less damage in the game overall. Some of you say you want less damage in the game, or you don't like getting blown up instantly, but you don't want pure defensive itemization to be good either. Which one is it? Because you have to choose one or the other. As long as pure defense remains weak, or only accessible to one class of champions, damage creep will remain a problem.
: League needs to bring back Dominion
Yes please, bring back Dominion and/or Ascension. I have zero interest in playing SR or TT at this point. Bringing either back would give me a reason to play regularly again.
: We'd talked about giving him new particles in the past to better communicate the ult, but didn't have a super solid direction and ended up not doing the project. The suggestion of a screen border seems pretty reasonable though - for some reason I hadn't thought of that before. I know there's some concern with overusing that effect, but given the importance of knowing when you were ulted - especially as a tank - it doesn't seem unreasonable to use it here. I'll talk to some folks.
Any chance that Trundle could get the vision effect back on his Pillar? Really enjoyed having that.
: Fiora is extremely outclassed
I don't know how you lose to Quinns with Fiora. She's one of the few melees that can re-engage after Quinn uses Vault.
Atlªs (NA)
: being held hostage in game is probably the WORST feeling
Your team comp was superior to theirs at least. Theoretically, you could have won it if people played their champs correctly, particularly Alistar and Taric, as they both have the capacity to shut down at least half the enemy team by themselves, let alone together. The other team just had more cheese and snowball potential, with Jax being their only late game scaling dps. You guys just got outplayed and most of your team was too salty to surrender to fed LB/Akali, both of them being very annoying when ahead. If everyone kept their cool you could have easily come back.
: What is the hardest champ in the game to play?
Any champ with a simple/telegraphed kit. Good luck playing them against anyone remotely decent, even worse if they have no mobility.
: How the fuck is Fiddlesticks a healthy champion?
His fear used to be a lot stronger than it is now.
Wuks (NA)
: Gameplay+, the newest way to discuss the game on the Boards
So basically it's like the normal Gameplay board, but with much heavier moderation, almost like a filter. I don't see how it will solve any of the issues I have with the game (i.e. low customization options, lack of a permanent Crystal Scar mode, etc), but good luck I suppose.
: League of Legends no longer feels like our game anymore.
It stopped being my game when Riot removed Dominion.
: I definitely agree they are more Assassin then ADC but they do function in the ADC position. Before their rework when they had a melee mode they were more played as an ADC competitively than any other position (mostly thanks to one guy but hey) and during the entire last patch they were the highest winrate champion in the adc position across almost every ELO (including challenger). There are builds you can go that make them effective into tanks but yeah in general they are not the best at it.
I mainly feel she's an assassin due to her dps pattern. She generally goes in to burst a target, then kites around while her cooldowns refresh. Most adcs by design have the opposite approach when it comes to dealing damage. The only ones that come close to Quinn's playstyle are Graves and Ezreal, but they both boast much better sustained damage than she does and arguably more burst overall. Quinn is about as much of an adc as Jayce imo, they even build the same. I knew Stormrazor would push Quinn over the top, as it's practically tailor-made for her toolkit. Once it gets nerfed and/or Duskblade gets removed she probably won't be in too good of a spot without compensation buffs.
: Old Sion's ult was absolutely nothing but a giant pile of stats, it had no strategy, no skill, and didn't have much interactivity or flexibility. It was a horrible ultimate, and he could be kited to infinity and beyond with that ultimate and just invalidated by over half the roster. Plus, most of the functionality of his ultimate became his passive, and his new ultimate is infinitely better than anything his old kit had to offer. Galio, likewise, had flaws in his old kit that didn't mesh with how he was supposed to function. His old ult was fun and all, but his new one allows him to get into combat better and save more people than his old ult ever could. Plus, he still has an AOE taunt in his kit.
Sion's old ult certainly had an element of strategy, and its usefulness largely depended on what build he was running. To say otherwise implies that he could activate it anytime he wanted and either always benefit from it or it would never make a difference.
: Is it me or Assassin's no longer furfill the criteria of "High Risk"?
I would argue that any champion with little to no utility (aka skills that help the team outside of just dps) still brings a certain level of risk to their gameplay. The risk is that if they don't play well, or the environment isn't set up in a way they can deal damage optimally, then they become useless as the only thing they bring to a team is damage. The problem isn't so much that they have survival tools, nearly every bruiser has sustain and/or some mitigation tool and they often suffer from similar issues. The problem is that damage is too high, while defensive scaling is negligible, making dealing damage with assassins far easier than it should be. If defensive scaling and itemization were even half as powerful as offense, most of the assassins would be quite binary in terms of effectiveness. By buffing defense, particularly through runes and itemization, assassins are indirectly nerfed and become higher risk picks since their burst rotations become less reliable. The value of crit adcs and auto-attack bruisers also goes up since fights will last longer, while tanks survive long enough to make full use of their kits. Basically everyone benefits from better defensive options except for assassins and/or burst-oriented champions.
Shobek (NA)
: This guy is a G Damn Genius. Change for the sake of change has hurt league of legends.
I can't think of a single game that has benefitted from pointless changes in the long run. Outside of LoL, most successful/long-running franchises have hardly changed at all over the years. In fact, it's generally when developers start trying to close the gap between new players and veterans is when the problems start.
: How do people rack up 10+ deaths in a game and not understand they are doing something wrong?
Probably for the same reasons people do stupid things irl without self-reflection. Human nature doesn't change just because we're on the internet.
: I will now predict quinn's fate.
It's happened before. Despite what most believe, Quinn does have exploitable weaknesses. As soon as damage gets toned down she'll disappear back into the shadows of obscurity.
: Can we add counterplay to Quinn?
Just out of curiosity, what makes Quinn harder to counter than other assassins?
: Quinn and Valor needs a rework, but this sounds like the knee jerk reaction of someone who hasn't played them much or for very long. Quinn and Valor are unique as they are roaming ADC assassins, in short the current items, runes and meta are perfect for them which is why they are currently 'busted'. If you give them a tank or team fight meta then they are practically useless except on split push duty. Even now in what is functionally their perfect meta, burst damage wise they get outscaled by other ADCs like Jhin, can easily be out duelled late by other short range ADCs like Vayne and Kai'Sa, not to mention outranged and blown up by most other ADCs like Tristana if it goes late. The reason why they need a rework though is more for thematic reasons then anything else, but yes when they are ahead the Wings of Demacia are obnoxious to play against.
Quinn isn't an adc, just an assassin. She can also be built like a ranged fighter at top, similar to Jayce/Teemo/Gnar, but she can't function as an adc against anyone remotely decent, she just doesn't have the kit for it. Vayne is more of an adc/assassin because she WILL get out of hand if the game goes on too long, regardless of how she did early. Quinn normally struggles against tanky targets all game.
: Quitting after almost 9 years.
People should have seen this coming with the revamp of the 3v3 map, removal of Dominion and the lore changes, despite the large amount of protests to not make and/or revert said changes. Most people just shrugged those things off, when they should have seen those changes as a sign of things to come. Today's Riot is the same from 5-6 years ago in my eyes, it's just that their bad decisions have finally piled up and they're finally getting the backlash they should have received long ago from the playerbase/community.
: quinn is busted
It's not even that bad compared to other assassin kits, or even marksman kits. Quinn, like other assassins, benefits from metas where defensive scaling/itemization is weak.
: I'm Tired Of Seeing "We Asked For This Current Meta"
Anyone that has ever made a complaint or agreed about stat-checking, "uninteractive/boring" gameplay, and "wet noodle fights" helped bring about the current problems LoL faces now. Those are all terms that were thrown around, particularly by Ghostcrawler, before the surge of high engage/disengage, low-windows-of-opportunity (if played well) mechanics currently prevalent.
: Because they think (lol) it's more fun to play a champ with 3 skill shots that way you can give them 3 dashes % hp and an execute
This. Today's LoL is the future all those people that complained about older champ mechanics chose.
: [Discussion] What type of items would you like to see in the future?
Would like to see more on-hit and attack speed items added to the game, specifically ones not tied to crit chance. More AD+AS items like Zephyr or an item that gives armor+AS, which would accommodate Wit's End and actually round out a full on-hit build. When Riot removed Madred's/Kitae's Bloodrazor they never replaced them with anything similar, which really messed up on-hit itemization. Alternatively, they could rework Statikk Shiv by replacing the crit chance with a small amount of AD and removing the magic damage crits entirely.
: Why Even Play Anymore?
You play for fun. It's too bad Riot doesn't really support fun though. Any mode either competes with, or is too different from their precious Summoner's Rift gets removed. This is why Dominion and Ascension are no longer permanent, and we get nothing to msss around with in customs. I see how fun and diverse this game could be, but it's held back due to mercantile bullshit and laziness.
: it isnt even JUST damages, riot is trying to buff the defensive power of individual tanks because they are afraid of bruiser ekko happening again. and i get that. i respect that but come on. buff the god damn tank items. its the only way you are fixing this otherwise you are going to spend forever giving each and every tank base stat buffs and buffs on there defensive steroids, {{item:3068}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3143}} all have 80% gold effeciency or less. deadmans momentum has a caveat attached where it can reach up to 107% based on how many stacks of momentum you got but im interested in tank stats not damage so we are going to ignore that. {{item:3110}} is a exception to this, standing at a ASTOUNDING 114% gold efficiency {{item:3075}} has 74% {{item:3025}} has 93% {{item:3047}} 84% but HEEEEEY adc's where really gimped by these, and they warped the meta around them so they had to be nerfed right? {{item:3109}} by yourself 74% near your partner 97%. i actually like this tank item ALOT. it makes sure that no matter what you are at least doing your job by helping to keep someone important alive. the efficiency like this is also fine . .. surprisingly. {{item:3190}} this is a tank item, that become 100% gold effecient at level 9 on most champs, or while there are at least 2 champs nearby at level 3. otherwise its 76%. this item right here i dont think is ever going to need to be complained about by a tank simply because of how good its active is. {{item:3512}} i love rot, i love it alot. 91% gold efficient going up to 120% when near a tower {{item:3050}} 102% i think i should note that as well with knights vow these arent "tank" items, but there supposed to be SUPPORT items. however they are items actually worth buying because they are actually efficient and come with power actives if you are a tank. {{item:3800}} 101% {{item:3193}} this item is interesting as it goes from 60% and then 120% with its passive on. {{item:3194}} 88% {{item:3001}} 87% {{item:3111}} 90% {{item:3222}} HOLY. THIS ITEM IS DISGUSTING. 130% going to 144 with its mana regen passive. WHAT is this item. bear in mind this is another support item so i dont really count it for tank optimization but i just wanted to point it out. WHY. {{item:3065}} 104% i think im seeing a pattern with tank optimization {{item:3083}} BOI. okay. 105% effecient. going up to a 1000% effeciency AT LEAST when its regen is on. going up further by 31% for every 100 health you have. so here we need to ask ourselves. why was armor items gimped so much compared to the MR items? well its because of what top lane is. and the nature of how a tank is supposed to be dealt with. top lane its usually 2 things, tanks. ad bruisers. there are SOME outliers but this is the general rule of thumb with it. so naturally that means that there armor itemization would be targeted far more often then there MR itemization. even further its supposed to be the adc's job to kill a tank and with all the adc's whining about the semi fed maokai jumping on them and beating them to death while they are unable to do anything of course the armor was slowly but surely gutted over time without much focus being placed on the MR items the solution here is easy. either make armor items cheaper, or buff there tank stats.
Keep on mind that bruisers (juggernauts) build defensive items as well. Deadman's was designed for champs like Olaf, Darius, and Garen for example.
: What champion has the most satisfying wave clear?
I don't think it gets much better than TF as far as waveclear is concerned. Maybe Tristana once she picks up IE and a Zeal upgrade. Kayle mowing down waves with Righteous Fury isn't too bad either.
: Unpopular opinion: don't buff tanks
I really don't understand why they don't bring %based damage reduction back in the form of runes, especially with all the damage we get from runes.
Bultz (NA)
: Quinn is pretty cancerous
She's not an adc, she's an assassin. Unlike adcs, she can't get big off of farm alone. If she doesn't get an early lead she has a hard time staying relevant for the rest of the game. She doesn't need crit because all of her damage has bonus AD scaling, making lethality/armor penetration far more effective. It would be like Zed or Talon building crit.
: TBH Riot, not everyone wants Runes that give fancy effects, some of us just want stats.
I wouldn't mind effects over stats if said effects were actually interesting, diverse, and helped shore up a champion's weaknesses or accommodated their strengths. It would be a much healthier and creative approach than just giving everyone bonus damage scaling.
Śhunpo (OCE)
: Riot aren't the only ones ruining this game.....The community also is.
The community is merely a symptom. The source of the problem lies with Riot and their decision-making. If the community seems less "fun-loving" and bitter it's because Riot has sculpted the game to be this way, with all the changes they've made over the years in heavy favor of competitive play. Riot doesn't really cater to the fun-loving, casual side of the community anymore, so some bitterness/discontent is understandable.
: my point is, why not just integrate the extra xp and gold, or sustain and whatever that you get from hunter's machete into SMITE itself? and after a certrain amount of time have them choose between chilling smite and red smite
Not sure, but I personally wouldn't mind more power/sustain taken out of jungler itemization.
: Is Mundo a Tank or a Juggernaut?
He has no utility and can only contribute damage to a team. That would make Mundo fall under the tanky dps/juggernaut category. Tanks in LoL generally have high utility, but low damage, relying on their teammates for damage output.
: New GP sucks. I hate the barrel mechanic. I can't figure it out. The old GP was so much more fun.
I understand how new GP works, but I still liked the old one better. Old GP could play every role, maybe not the best but I liked his versatility. He was the first champion that got me into jungling. Seeing him confined to solo laning is kind of depressing seeing what he used to be capable of.
: I did give it a try, there's ALOT going on in each game. Every few minutes, a random mini-game will start & you'll have to play wih your team to win those. Winning them will grant you small stuff like Shields or giving your Turrets Blitz Hooks.
I look forward to giving it a try.
: [Coming Soon]: NEXUS BLITZ
So it's just another laning mode. That's a bit of a letdown. I'll still give it a try, but it's too bad they aren't planning on making a Crystal Scar mode permanent.
: in TT, can teams of 3 stop being matches vs 3 solo players?
This happens nearly every match past a certain point on TT and it is absolute aids. They nearly always run support comps as well. Please bring back Ascension so I can escape this nonsense.
: > [{quoted}](name=Elkington VI,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dEQ72Byf,comment-id=0000000000000001,timestamp=2018-07-31T00:23:33.287+0000) > > The counterplay is not being squishy and away from your team. If your champ isn't at least a decent duelist, you should never be by yourself. She has a much harder time eliminating targets in teamfights. > > Try playing her in ARAM sometime and you'll see what I mean. Large fights are probably her biggest weakness, since she has no poke, yet still has to all in to kill a target. THATS NOT COUNTERPLAY telling somone.. they cant go to thier land and CS.. preventing the entire team from doing a 1/3/1 or anyone from splitpushing even if u are in a group of 2 it is still unlickly that u can stop her unless you have the correct 2 champion.. your idea of counter play is to "ball as 5?" thats not counterplay...
A lot of champions can currently 2-shot targets, why do you suppose Quinn has a higher winrate than them? Simply being good at killing is not enough to win games in LoL. Her ult is the reason she is strong and nearly always has a high winrate. She has near Twisted Fate level map pressure and punishes mistakes nearly just as hard as he does. That's what allows her to carry games. Even with 0 kills she can still carry a game. Nerfing her damage alone will do nothing but stop bads from doing well with her. Those that understand the importance of objective control/strategy will still win with her regardless.
: Why do jungle items exist? Why can't you just integrate them into smite itself?
That's how it used to be a long time ago. One of my favorite starts jungling Trundle used to be a vamp scepter and 2 red sodas. However, cloth armor + 5 reds used to be the safest start. IIRC they added hunter's machete to help diversify the jungling roster a bit, because surviving the jungle used to be a lot harder back then. If you messed up back then you would stay behind for most of the game. Today's jungle is practically casual mode in comparison. Champs can now gank repeatedly and camp lanes with zero consequences. Resource managment is barely a thing, since jungle items come with both health and mana sustain. All the planning/strategy goes into champ select rather than decisions made in-game.
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