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Chalze (OCE)
: Useless League of Legends Facts?
Kennen's auto attacks aren't actually disabled per se during his E. Instead his attack range is reduced to below 0 which makes it impossible for him to auto attack.
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Ice Gem (EUW)
: Urgot Skin Idea
Dont forget this little old gem of a skin concept!
Leu07 (NA)
: Gemini LeBlanc
A zodiac skinline would be pretty cool (albeit astrology is humbug) and this concept art is amazing. Problem is Scorpio Skarner cooouuuld be a bit redundant ^^' Edit: Well, Taurus Alistar probably would be as well (and others I cant think of right now), so making it sorta mystical should be good enough.
: Concerto themed skins
How about these: Cymbal Player Zac (for obvious reasons.... his Q), Double Bass Player Nautilus (the titan from deep under the sea plays an enormous, low-pitched instument. Seems fitting. Also all his spells already have really low-pitched sound) , Violin Player Maokai (with a violin for his arm) and instead of Conductor Viktor Conductor Ivern, since his last skin was ... meh ... and I feel like his spells could easily be visuably changed to a music thematic. Oh, and I just want to see Daisy in a beautiful dress XP
Gruh (NA)
: the ivern dilemma
Conductor (as in an orchestra's conductor; no choochoo conductor) Ivern (975 RP) It just seems so fitting to me. Ivern's bodily figure is perfect for it, for some reason when I see his splash I always think "wouldn't a conductor's baton fit perfectly between his fingers?" and Daisy would just look beautiful in a dress, right? And the rest should be easily addaptable for musical imagery.
: I think ur doing Volis uniqueness a disservice by giving him such an uninspired ultimate, storms are more than lightning, I think u did well enough in that regard in the W. Everything about this rework is great except the ult
> [{quoted}](name=FlameHalbrdOkido,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=EZyiVXhy,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-12T20:35:01.327+0000) > > I think ur doing Volis uniqueness a disservice by giving him such an uninspired ultimate, storms are more than lightning, I think u did well enough in that regard in the W. Everything about this rework is great except the ult Yeah, a proper thematic ultimate was actually the hardest to figure out for me. So I went with an okay theme for his ultimate which is very usefull for him as a disruptive tank though. You got any ideas for a better one? I'm always open for ideas.
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Goatis (NA)
: New FARMER set skins
I'm all for a new Yorick skin because the Arclight one was rather 'meh' IMO. But the one I would like to see is Beekeeper Yorick. Swinging a huge honey dipper, summoning angry little bees from either flowers or honeycombs through his passive, bee houses with his W, throwing pollen with his E and summoning a queen bee with his ult.
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wolvius (EUW)
: These seem like pretty decent ideas, although as Phield said free hard CC could be hard to balance especially psychotic grin 12 second cd per target is low. You would probably either have to change that to an active effect that persists while in combat and on exit combat a cooldown starts before it can be activated/triggered again or alternatively an active that last a set time before going on cd. The only other issue I can think of is as with all potential AP bruiser items people have come-up with is can tanks abuse it. Sublime Soulflare Crown looks like an all-round better sunfire cape only losing 5 magic damage (actually thought it was 50 instead of 43) from the static aura for a scaling as well as two additional passives that negate the minor cost difference and could boost other tank items effectiveness making it a tempting item. Anyway well done the effects show promise the Icey grasp one sounds great it forces them to delay an attack for the root or take the slow instead. Sorry if I sound like an asshole, its far easier to pick faults from someones idea than create one so don't be discouraged and once again good work.
It's okay, you dont sound like an asshole to me. I see your issue with Phreakish Grimace. The numbers could need some tweaking. Regarding their effectivity on tanks, I felt like I kept the ability power on them low enough for them to not be so overly abusable, since AP tanks normally dont have the best ratios (I think). You barely see any AP tanks atm anyway, which is a bummer because I loved playing them (Nauti, Mao, etc.). So if they get some love with these as well I wouldn't mind that :P SSC seemed okay to me because it doesn't give any resistances and even though it's aura has an AP scaling it's "Sublime Presence" Passive would give the incentive to buy tank items. This way the aura wouldn't deal to massive amounts of damage in (frankly) Thresh's AA range (since immolate is supposes to work with sublime presence) but rather just expand the range of teamfight oriented items. The affected items are all tank or support items. Locket, Frozen Heart, Randuins, Glory, Shurelia's and Abyssal. I think that's all of them. Maybe Zeke's and Redemption could also profit from it, didn't decide on that yet. Well, and of course Phreakish Grimace.
: Neat! I definitely think the cc effects might need the numbers lowered a little. The reason for that is free hard cc is hard to balance so cutting down their time a tad would make it more fair. But I like them! I play a lot of ap bruiser mages (probably my favorite class) so it would be cool to see ideas like this.
I see what you mean. Taking away 0.5 seconds of cc on both of them and increasing the cooldown on Phreakish Grimace to something like 30 seconds might have been better.
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Dynikus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Electro522,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=AxIaEkqY,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-19T21:20:39.401+0000) > > The only downside is that they won't be able to resell it.......which really fricken sucks. > > Apparently, this and Human Ryze were special offers for the physical purchase way back when the game actually came out, thus, those skins can not be sold regularly. > > So, the people who got this just got one hell of an upgrade. Human ryze was from preordering, silver kayle was just from purchasing a physical copy of the game. Either way, you're right in that they legally can't sell either one again. Judgement kayle might make some kind of return though with something to differentiate it for players that have the original skin.
Well, maybe Riot will give people the chance to purchase it with BE like they did with Urf Warwick. This way they couldn't just put it up for straight money.
: Silver Kayle is as epic as it gets
I wish this was Judgement Kayle, since I got her in 2011... Well at least I got smexy ponytail Riot Kayle from my visit to the Gamescom once. Third best amongst the reworked skins in my opinion after Silver (1st) and Aetherwing (2nd) Kayle.
: Gotta say: Not a fan of Kayle's new look.
She looks like a fucking Power Ranger now. Dont get me wrong I normally like League's almost cartoonish style but the shift from Power Suit Samus to a-bit-more-than Zero Suit Samus was unneccessary. She also looks to much like Dawnbringer Riven under her helmet. Hopefully her Skins are better got Judgement and Riot Kayle myself. If you want to see a real battle angel take a look at Uriel from Darksiders.
KyraSun (EUNE)
: Skin ideas?
Arcade {{champion:39}} with Dance Dance Revolution Arrows for Blades. She is called the "Blade Dancer" after all. Orchestra of the Unpopular Junglers: Cymbal Player {{champion:154}}, Conductor {{champion:427}}, Drummer {{champion:79}}, Bass Player {{champion:111}}, Violin Player {{champion:57}}. Angry Nerd {{champion:2}} with Wii-Remotes or Play Station Move Controllers emitting Axe Heads of light and giving him old RPG-like icons for his W and R buffs (and maybe his CDR on picking up Axes from his Q). Flying Spaghetti Monster {{champion:161}}. Bee Keeper {{champion:83}}, summoning little angry bees passively, creating some beehives with his W, throwing honey or pollen with his E and summoning a Queen Bee with his ult. Only problem, what would his weapon be? Maybe a giant Honey Dipper? Bee Keeper {{champion:432}}. Queen Bee {{champion:134}}. Dark Star {{champion:101}}, long overdue. There is already SO MUCH awesome concept art from fans for this skin. Project {{champion:133}}, for the same reason as {{champion:101}}. A {{champion:98}} skin from the "Immortal Journey"-Skinline. Papercraft {{champion:164}}. Ye, she just recently got a skin but did you ever have a papercut? You know what I mean. Ramen Shop {{champion:420}}. I saw an AWESOME concept for that skin and it would fit perfectly into the "Culinary Masters"-Skinline. Riot, make that happen! I would start maining her just for that skin. Jurassic {{champion:240}}.
: Riot: "We're having Akali keep her shroud as it makes her very unique."
A very much overlooked aspect of Irelia's lane dominance in my oppinion is, that her Q also has a heal that procs from everything and benefits from life steal (mainly dorans blade, if you dont go for corruping potion from the beginning). As soon as you have trinity force your Q heals for more than it costs mana. Duellists/Bruisers shouldn't be able to stay in lane indefinitely just through their kit. Darius and Fiora at least have to hit the enemy champion to proc their heal. If you cant out-duel Irelia from 100-0 half way into the laning phase she heals faster than you can say f*ck. Same goes for Akali. There is no reason for her Q to have a heal especially since she uses energy as a resource. If you really want an assassin to have some heal do it in the way Riot did it with Talon and Kha'Zix. Moderate cooldown, makes you vulnerable to enemy poke, actually costs you ressources and doesn't scale with their prefered stat whatsoever but instead solely with champion level/ability rank. Having Gunblade as rushed core item on Akali gives her an absurd amount of heals for an assassin, making poke against her almost meaningless. Not to mention that the heal on her Q scales with its PREMITIGATION damage. I really think Riot underestimates the power of heals.
: top laners agree that they dont miss having entire top lane roster slashed to 30% of its current size because of some masochistic fucks who cant play anything but tanks. Ty.
You mean slashed to 30% like the current top lane meta that consists of maybe 6-8 champs total (Riven, Irelia, Darius, Garen, Aatrox, Fiora, Jax, the occasional Camille, which is now preferable played in the jungle, and now probably Ornn) whereas it could (and should!) be 4-5 times that amount? And btw, I feel like the people who spend 98% of their LoL time to master animation canceling and auto attack resets on champs like Riven, Yasuo, Jax, Camille and Fiora are more the "masochistic fuck"-type of person than someone who made the strategic decission to go for a sustaining tank that denies his lane opponent's snowball, provides engage in middle to late game teamfights and, if needed, peel for his teams carries. But with the current meta, the only "strategic decission" you can make is: Force yourself into learning one or two of the handfull of champs of your prefered lane that can single-handedly win you the game.
Jaspers (EUW)
: Your thoughts on Executes in League?
Many executes are overloaded Pyke's is by far the worst. +300 gold to a team mate, casts extremely fast, scales absurdly, resets and even has AOE. Get rid of the reset (or at least delay it to be available until he is lvl 16) and the gold sharing would be a good start but far from enough. He not only has the highest armor (fucking 130!!! at lvl 18; that is 15 more than the second highest which is Braum) and second highes MR and 4th highest health at lvl 18 AS AN ASSASSIN he also heals most of the damage dealt to him how again? Oh right, by just being out of sight. Yes, he cant built health but that shouldn't justify an assassin to be top 4 for all defensive stats. Make it that only part of his bonus health is converted to AD and reduce his current defensive stats. Darius' is close second. If it were to "only" deal double damage at 5 bleed stacks that would be fine ... but NO! Riot had to add the "Noxian Might" passive that pretty much tripples his ults base damage, applies all bleed stacks at once onto other champions and easily doubles almost all his other damage. It's also really easy for him to stick to an enemy unless he/she has Talon level mobility. Dont forget that he also gains movement speed fom his passive. AND dont forget that the bleed also profits from the increased AD of "Noxian Might". One stack of the bleed already deals 13-30 (+30% bAD) that means that every ability of him actually at least deals an additional 13+30%bAD. Not to mention that one single hit from him cuts down your armor all the way through the effect of BC with his E's passive Armor pen on top. He gives armor the middle finger more than any other champion. Eve's is stupid, too. "Get him below bla bla and your damage is doubled." which pretty much always ends in a kill. Well, at least it has no resets. But we still need better ways to detect invisible enemies. Urgot is one of the less problematic IMO. Though it has a pretty big range one can react to it with enough talent, since it is relatively narrow, unless he caught you with his E. It's damage by itself also is very underwhelming (300+ 50%AD) and in lane his ways of escape are very limited so ask your jungler for help if you cant deal with him on your own. Lastly, killing him is NOT the only way to get out of his ult. QSS cleanses the pull and a rightly timed Zhonya's does pretty much the same even when you got hit by the drill. Yes QSS wont be much use otherwise against him but it is a possibility. Not to mention GPs STUPID ORANGE! Veigar's laning phase is subpar so if you let him get to the point where he is oneshoting you over and over again you are the one doing something wrong. Take cleanse with you if you happen to have problems with him in lane. It helps quite a bit. Lastly I'm not even gonna talk very long about Riven and Zed. Damage right now is busted and assassins as well as bruisers are the bane of SoloQ. Zed would be fine if he had to actually hit one of his shuriken to kill his target but E+AA is normally enough in lategame against anyone who isn't a Sion, Malphite, Rammus or Cho'Gath that solely build armor and health. That is pretty much the problem with all assassins. You dont even need to put much effort into killing a high priority target. Often times you dont even have to ult.
: This is not ok
What is supposed to be wacky about the plants AI? They attack the enemy champion when Zyra lands the ability that causes the plants to sprout also onto an enemy champion. The plants used to auto target champions when they where in range. Now they don't anymore for a good reason. The targeting priorities for the plants are pretty much (all presuming that the target is in range): 1. Enemy champion hit by Zyra's other abilities/auto attacks. 2. Enemy hit by Zyra's other abilities/auto attacks. 3. Nearest Enemy.
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: Why does hexdrinker have stopwatch in it? Hexdrinker is usually a very quick and reactive purchase, you don't buy a component for it and sit on it. Losing the MR just nerfs the item.
Nerfing it is just the point. I think it's because for it to you give a shield AND resistance is to strong on themidlane champions that would take it, Zed and Talon. You would probably argue that mages have Seeker's as a compensation item against these two but that would give them a huge disadvantage. They wouldn't have any mana regen while Talon has near to none mana expenses and can freely choose when to win a trade (namely when both parts of his W hit) and Zed has Energy, making him able to spam spells freely, while even sitting far away from the enemy thanks to his shadow. The mana problem could easily be fixed by having Zhonya's build from Lost Chapter as well. Problem is, that would make the components alone cost 3100 probably causing it to get buffed in the CDR and AP departments and making it a mendatory item.
: Crit Item Explorations
Seems like I'm one of the few people here who are actually for the Hexdrinker changes you explore. I dont mind that it builds from Stopwatch and stripping it of it's MR is a good thing IMO. Compared to Seekers Armguard on mages Hexdrinker is to efficient on those who rush it. Mages are stripped from their mana regen when they take Armguard over Lost Chapter while most AD midlaner dont have that problems thanks to low mana costs or having no mana at all. And it's not like they have no way to defend themselves at all against APs. With this they would have to choose whether they are confident enough to keep sitting on a Hexdrinker/not getting it at all and upgrading it early to a Maw of Malmortius, which is the way it should be. Choose between safety and damage, don't get both, espacially not early on! The changes to Stormrazor seem okay as well (I prefer the energized passive with the Kircheis Shard as material) especially that the empowered attack wouldn't be considered critical strikes and only add 30% of your AD to the damage, making it less desirable for assassins. I don't know how to feel about the proposed Essence Reaver changes. Making it less effective on champions who seem to be created for this like Twitch and Jax (2 champs I despise so I'm a bit biased to be honest) makes me very happy and this way it would be much more accessible to other champions. Now the IE changes. I dont know if it's a good idea to have an item that is worth a whopping 5k gold. But the approach to it giving a mix of many stats is a very good one. I would let it build from 1 B.F. Sword, 1 Zeal and maybe 1 Longsword or Pickaxe, remove the true damage passive and crit doubleing passive and give it back it's increased crit damage passive. Make it worth about as much as Trinity Force (3800-4000) and reduce the proposed stats by a bit, to something like +70AD, +25% AS, +25% Crit chance and +5% MS. I would be okay with giving it the "double crit chance"-passive so that ADCs can get 100% crit chance with 2 items but ONLY if you remove Yasuo's at the same time. You can, of course, give him full damage on crits as compensation, I wouldn't mind that, but dont make it possible for him to get 100% crit chance with one item, pls! Lastly, if you intend to set crit chance on "Zeal" items to 25% dont forget PD. In the pictures you show here it still has 30%. Just wanted to get that out, too. Overall I really like what you guys try to do here. Seems like the balance team is back on a good way. Now it's time to make resistances more effective again :)
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: Atlas, The Spellsmith (Champion Concept)
It is sorta hard to think of an Inquisitor-y kind of lore in League's world isn't it? Seems like it would fit Demacia but their hatred for magic stands in the way. I think the best faction would be Piltover and making him sort of a young, self-taught metalmancer could work out.
: The fact that a champion like reworked Akali could make it to live is a joke
All I would ask for is for her W to reveal her just long enough after dealing damage/using an ability that a tower shot has time to target her and actually shoot her.
: 1325 tiamat is gonna shit on top shen even more lol
I actually started to play him in jungle again to surprising success, since the rune shards were added. I take AS, AD and Armor for rune shards and Aftershock or Predator as Keystone. His single target clear speed is pretty good since his Q deals double damage against monsters, you can rather easily get the hunter stacks (I take Ultimate Hunter, because more ults=more chances to undo the stupidity of your team mates), he is good at mitigating burst damage (the face of the current meta) and you dont leave your lane wide open whenever you use your ult. In like 4 of my first 6 games I played him in the jungle this preseason I got S- or higher.
: So I got my boyfriend into league like a week ago
Looks like Mario fell into a radioactive vat of Megaman-Robot-Masters. Nevertheless very nice work. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Why do tanks not work anymore? Overkill damage.
Since lowering damage across the board is pretty hard, because almost every ability has some scaling and you would have to adjust the damage for all of them I would go for a different approach. Give them more armor right away. Increase the lvl 1 base armor and magic resist of most tanks and bruisers (and maybe some tanky supps) by 17 and reduce the growth by 1 per lvl in compensation if you must. They wear in most cases bulky armor or are buff as f*ck but receive just as much damage as someone like Lee Sin. And I am really talking about bruisers not duelists like Fiora, Tryndamere, Jax, Camille and Irelia. I feel like that is the more reasonable and easier to pull of approach to bring tanks back into the meta. Accoding to the wiki there are only 13 abilities that scale with armor (12 if you exclude Trundles ult which scales with enemy armor) and 10 that scale with MR (9 if you, again, exclude Trundles ult), which would have to be adjusted. Of course you would have to also adjust the damage of the tanks that were to receive these Armor and MR buffs. I also think it's really stupid that MR barely grows with your lvl. Armor goes up to at least 70 for almost all champions while MR stops at either 53.4 or 38.5. Makes no sense to me. Another thing I think is stupid is, that Pyke has both the highest MR and Armor at 18 among ALL champs. He has a whopping 130 armor at lvl 18! Thatis 21 more than f*cking Rammus! I know he cant build HP but he still can build Armor and MR with Items. Why the fuck would an assassin get to have the highest base value in BOTH? (Sorry, had to get that out of me) Lastly (and this is more of a "fair treatment" complaint and has nothing to do with tanks), AD-assassins have more MR than potential lane-opponent mages have Armor. Most mages have 20-25 armor while current EVERY champion (except for Orianna, who passively gainst armor and MR when she has her ball on her) has at least 30 MR. That isn't fair, especially since low amounts of resistances make a greater difference in blocking damage and they get the benefit of taking nullifying orb and Hexdrinker that give you a reactive shield they dont have to do anything for if they so choose. Make assassins more vulnerable. One could make the argument that most assassins need to get in range and can be attacked from far away, but no, its easy for them to damage their opponent with little to no repercussion and dont even have to get near them for long to do so.
Kelg (NA)
: Fleet Footwork AP scaling nerfs were too much
The point of that change was probably because it made Kassadins laning phase to safe and I personally am glad that it got reduced.
HellBell (EUW)
: Unpopular opinion: Neeko’s character feels kinda offensive.
I don't see what the problem is. I think she is supposed to be a character that says what she thinks. Granted the disgust towards male champions in one or 2 of her quotes is a bit offensive and stereotypical but if you think about it how many male champions are there that are, all at once, strong, visually appealing and wholehearted? One, which would be Taric and Neeko has a very nice line when interacting with him. "The Light in me knows the light in Taric." I think it's kind of sad that she has no interaction with Braum because I personally think they would get along superbly. They even talk about themselves in the third person. Most other male human characters are either visually unappealing for a young girl, evil, closeminded or simply to busy with their own problems. And she has quotes for a bunch of non-human character groups like Yordles, Vastayas and Void Creatures. And her first encounter, according to her lore, with a male character (that Vastayan sailor named Krete) away from her tribe wasn't all that great while in her first real encounter with a female character (Nidalee) she imidiately "felt a deep kinship with Nidalee, because she suspected this bestial huntress might share some forgotten connection with the vastayan race." Neeko definitely has more to her than just that she is a lesbian. You guys reduce her to her sexuality not Riot. If you ask me I would say that at least 90% of the male characters in this game have a pretty ugly "Spiritual Essence" even guys like Garen, Jarvan or Lucian who are supposed "good guys". Many more female characters in this game are wholehearted and visually appealing at once.
Falque (NA)
: another female champ.. sigh
> [{quoted}](name=Falque,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=TREAYEgh,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-11-19T09:08:47.922+0000) > > another female champ.. sigh And what is your problem with that? If we exclude Akali's rework 6 of the last 10 champions were male.
Eranell (EUW)
: LeBlanc also really doesn't live up to her title as "The Deceiver". Only 2 of her 5 abilities have something to do with deceiving your enemy, namely her Passive and her Distortion. And then of course the laziest to think of ability there is, which is her ult. "Use one of your other abilities just with modified damage". Even Heimer's and Shyvana's Ults give more than just "modified damage". Oh no wait, according to the wiki her E is an "illusory chain". So I guess that makes it okay, huh?
Let's just think about the title for a second. "The Deceiver". What can be Deceived? Senses. What senses are there? Sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. (I'll stay with the common 5 and more or less exclude stuff like sense of direction, temperature or time) Which of these 5 could be influenced by a video game mechanic? Mainly sight and hearing to some degree. Smell, taste and touch? Nope. So right of the start the concept of "The Deceiver" is ripped of 60% of all the possible things to deceive. Well then, what about that which is left? Sight: Here we could go with seeing double/clones (seeing things which aren't there), not seeing things that ARE there (aka invisibility), twisted controlls (sense of direction). The first 2 things are actually included in her kit. LB's passive includes double vision and invisibility and her E makes you lose track of her. Twisted controlls, while actually being part of multiple video games in form of reversing left-right, up-down, back-forth, this would be impossible to execute fairly in a game with strategy like top down controlls. Deceiving your hearing ability is also not possible to execute fairly in this sort of game. BUT to be fair right now I'm talking about Deceiving the player and not the champion. There are still more two things within this games mechanics that are fitting for a "Deceiver". Impairing vision and fearing the enemy and I think these mechanics could be included in her kit with enough effort and changing her into a control mage. "Deceiving" shouldn't mean making you think you have an HP bar. And yes, I know that is what her one and only joke is all about, but who cares? Ezreal lost his in his update as well so screw her bad joke.
: Leblanc isn't a problem because of her damage RIOT it's how she delivers it.
LeBlanc also really doesn't live up to her title as "The Deceiver". Only 2 of her 5 abilities have something to do with deceiving your enemy, namely her Passive and her Distortion. And then of course the laziest to think of ability there is, which is her ult. "Use one of your other abilities just with modified damage". Even Heimer's and Shyvana's Ults give more than just "modified damage". Oh no wait, according to the wiki her E is an "illusory chain". So I guess that makes it okay, huh?
: > W max LeBlanc is barely behind most non-dedicated waveclear mids Leblanc is hell to cs with. Before ludens you mainly use auto and q's. Exactly like anivia. Leblanc needs her w to trade and so she cant use it to wave clear early. > NONE of these champions can kill casters until Luden's Echo so the damage difference actually doesn't matter that much. Once ahri gets a blasting wand and lost chapter she can definitely one shot casters. She doesn't need to wait 1050 gold for ludens to clear backline. After leblanc gets ludens she clears back with w and now she now has nothing to clear melee/cannon for 7 or so seconds. Her wave clear is absolute garbage.
And csing against her is also hell as soon as she hits lvl 2 since she deals like more than 200 damage in less than a second that is practically undodgeable and gets out unscathed 90% of the time. Cast your Q just in with your W add an auto attack for "Electrocute" and BOOM the enemy can practically recall because when she does that another time you're pretty much dead and at that point it doesn't matter how bad LB is at farming since she got all the time in the world to do so without fearing an enemy champion.
Hydroxic (NA)
: Lmao
Ohh, now I get it! Tyler is a d*ckbag because he has an overcompensation complex! Almost makes me feel sorry for him... almost. He is still a piece of sh*t.
: What if the "Chained Champ" is actually the "Chaining Champ"?
I guess that this champion ripped of the chains he or she was bound to out of their bracing and now uses them to beat the living shit out of those who oppose him/her. That is probably also the reason why the chains have no real tension and appear to be in his control. He/she was a restrained prisoner, but not anymore. I'm also pretty sure that, even though this appears to be Demacia, those chains dont seem to be made of petricide (which is normally white) and even if it was petricide doesn't just cancel magic it merely weakens it if used in low amounts. Remember, petricide does neither work like Kryptonide nor Kairoseki (sea stone from One Piece). This is most likely not a mage at least not in the traditional sense. It's probably either a prisoner of war, now out for vengeance or maybe even a former Demacian soldier, warlord, commander or whatever, who went insane in prison and broke free. Or maybe even the true Jarvan IV who was locked up by LeBlanc (you guys remember that conspiracy?), was imprisoned for so long that he forgot who he was and is now out to find out who he is. Yes, I know that is farfetched but I would love it if that was the case ^^
: When you're jungling as Warwick and your bloodsent triggers on both bot laners
Hmm, you smell that? Smells like the Hamptons in January, hehehe... fish comin' fresh off the wa~ter.
: Its pretty Ok, but Sorcery tree was meant for increased ability damage and resource manipulation. I don't see movement speed fitting in, which I think should either go in precision or inspiration. Almost none of the minor runes you created increase damage.
I see what you mean. It may seem like I created many but I only added 4 minor runes if you include the Keystone Rune and 2 of them influence damage, namely "Critical Mindset" which makes certain items more useful for certain champions (yes, it's not a direct increase in damage but you remove a more or less useless stat in favour for a more usefull one; you cant deny that 60 AP is normally more usefull for a TF than 30% crit chance) and "Focus on the Basics" which theoretically increases sustained damage for many caster type champions. Many things were more of redestributions of runes that already are in the Sorcery Tree. Also you are completely right, from a thematic standpoint movement speed runes should belong in another tree. I would also go for precision but I was to lazy to make one entirely new slot. I just mostly extended what was given to me. Sorry but I'm gonna pull sort of a red herring here. I also wouldn't put vision manipulation into the domination tree (inspiration would fit it better) but what do we have there? "Ghost Poro", "Zombie Ward" and "Eyeball Collection", all of which affect or are affected by vision in some way (and are already in the same slot actually).
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: Put Ultimate Hat back in Sorcery.
I think one of the problems with that was, that Zilean could to easily achieve an ult cooldown of like 25 seconds after just 25-30 minutes into the game with little to no effort. Let me tell you I'm not sad, that that shit is gone. Though I got to say that the sorcery tree needs some more variety
: Can we address kassadin yet or is that too soon?
I think they have a nerf for Fleet Footwork planed right now to lower the AP scaling so at least some of his sustain should go down.
: when Nidalee jumps into a bush with Urgot
You just reminded me of the Doujin called "When the servers go down".
Vacus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lv60 Retri Pala,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=h6AVXeQr,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-07T07:50:08.748+0000) > > Since it's - as far as I understood it - not the allegedly raped person filing the lawsuit it's most likely another case of "drunk sex" that got interpreted by the ones filing the complaint as "drugged and raped". > If someone was actually raped, I'm pretty sure someone else would be in jain by now. A) Sex with someone too drunk to consent is rape just as much as if you had roofied them. Keep in mind that legally, if you are drunk enough, nothing you can do counts as murder, because when you are that drunk you cannot form the requisite criminal intent. (It can be manslaughter, but not murder.) (PS - No, this doesn't work if you intentionally plan to get drunk as a defense before killing someone, because that demonstrates intent made while sober.) B) The vast majority of reported rapists are never even charged, much less convicted. And that's even ignoring the percentage of unreported occurrences.
> B) The vast majority of reported rapists are never even charged, much less convicted. And that's even ignoring the percentage of unreported occurrences. Exactly **because** rape is such a big crime you have to be 100% sure that the alleged rapist is actually a rapist. People shouldn't take everything they hear at face value. I know that I'm gonna sound harsh here but if rape victims really want their rapist to face punishment they have to report the crime right away! I can understand that these victims are affraid in such a situation but there is a reason for being "not guilty until proven otherwise". Men aren't the only people able to lie. The undenieable evidence resides **literally inside** the rape victim or somewhere on them be it in form of hairs or whatever. There is no better evidence than DNA. I want rapists to receive their punishment as much as anyone else but NOT if the price is putting someone innocent of this crime into prison. Even when men who are accused of a sexual crime are pronounced not guilty their life can be ruined just like that. Also the argument that unreported occurences are being ignored is redundant. If they are unreported, then how can you know that there are so many of them and how can you ignore something you never heard of in the first place? Because, you know, these numbers are entirely speculative just as any sort of statistic regarding this topic. So I'm just gonna ask this: If a woman says that she got raped x weeks or months ago and any prove that this could or could not be true has or would have already worn of in some sort or another, would you just believe her and send a person who could be completely innocent of the alleged crime to prison? Or think about it this way. There is a rapist that got away with his crime although he was put onto trial. There is still the chance that you get him another day when he rapes someone else who is brave enough to go to police immidiately and if not he may be so affraid of getting caught that he never rapes someone ever again.
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