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: It's intended far as I know. The observable trend is your lp gains will slant to move rank to the match average. Dramatic lp slant if you intentionally lower your rank with out losing games. Like dodging promos to fail them. Or high win streaks/loss streaks on a "new" account. Riot likes to move player rank slower then mmr becuase players tilt when they see themselves sink. Or Something... It's distraction basically.
But I think my problem is the opposite, my rank is too high for my mmr, that's why I gain little lp and lose so many. But there is no way for me to improve my mmr, all I could do is lower my rank.
: Twisted Treeline Team Compositions
Hypercarry is the dominant meta on TT. Here you have the carry with smite, the support with a combination of heal, exhaust, ignite and a waveclearing mage botlane (this allows you to force 3v2 fights in the jungle or toplane). You typically have someone with high dmg. Traditional carrys like adcs aswell as Kayle, Yi or strong brawlers like Trundle, Darius. They are supported by either tanks e.g. Taric, Braum, Leona, Maokai or enchanters like Lulu. Though tank supports are way more common. Strong picks for the botlane are waveclearing champs, with some sort of cc. Popluar picks are Anivia, Malzahar, Orianna and Veigar. The Hypercarry farms the jungle aswell as the toplane while the support shares gold with relic shield and receives xp from the minions. The Hypercarry and the support roam the map together for the most part. That's as far as my knowledge goes on TT, hope I could help you out.
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