5050BS (NA)
: Anyone else feel that having an Ult that gives you 1000's of gold worth of states for 25s is insane?
: People will claim it's because he's too easy Yet there are plenty of champs who are just as easy, if not easier, who see great success
how can a champ be easier than garen? i feel like the only champs id maybe put on his level are annie an trynd, but at least those are somewhat squishy + they were never viable in pro play either except when annie was abused as support
: Who is the weakest midlaner at the moment?
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: How did Azir get back to S tier in pro play?
think I agree with LS and other people here, pretty much everything in mid lane got nerfed so you just play safe champs that dont suck like Azir and Sylas/Corki funny how assassins still arent played mid tho hah
: I agree. I have fun playing against tanks; the cat and mouse of initiating and getting around to the squishies. I have fun playing against ADCs, picking the moment to go in hard and getting away by the skin of my teeth when the chips are down. I have fun playing against mages, as it often means dodging a LOT of skillshots and AOEs. I have fun playing against supports, as there's "battle rhythm" to find between their heals and CC, and finding that perfect ebb and flow is a challenge. I rarely ever have fun playing against assassins.
Yeah playing against adcs is so fun, 0 counterplay undodgable dps Poggers And tanks, getting killed in 3 seconds by an unkillable brick ayy lets get it
: One Change for each Champion
{{champion:105}} E cooldown reduced to 8 at max rank again {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 19
>As you've likely seen 9.14 has been pretty buggy Well since its so buggy, will you revert the Fizz hotfix nerf once Electrocute and other things are fixed? Ever since his rework in season 6 his play rate dropped from an average of 10+% to an average of around 5%. It seems like Rioters never considered this pick rate drop when they bring up his win rate and say he is fine. Plus pretty much no one bans him anymore so Id say there is some room for buffs.
: I am not a fizz main but i used my brain and I understand that 4% damage reduction is a joke because that's his Actual Passive.
well I mean his passive has always been a joke so yeah Also its not 4%, its 4 flat damage reduction. so if a dot does 20 damage per tick, it gets reduced to 16 or less.
Kazekiba (NA)
: I'll take the word of a Fizz main, and taking 4 less damage from abilities is pretty impactful early even if you dont have the AP for it to scale.
Tbf not every Fizz main thinks its a buff, and maybe I am underestimating minions doing a bit more damage per hit now. Lets say its at least better in some matchups where you get hit a lot by spells or items
Kazekiba (NA)
: Imagine getting downvoted for math. >Passive - Nimble Fighter DAMAGE REDUCTION 4/6/8/10/12/14 (levels 1/4/7/10/13/16) against basic attacks ⇒ 4 (+0.01 ability power) against all sources of damage (maximum of 50% reduction) 6 reduction at level 4; In order to make up for the flat decrease, you need (2/0.01) 200 AP. *At level 4.* "but it scales up!!!" 10 damage reduction at level, um, 10, is achievable through ... 600 AP. Thats a {{item:3048}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3041}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3916}} Even worse at level 13 and then level 16 his passive just kind of stops existing at this point. "but it applies to spells now!" let's say Morgana drops her pool and Fizz is at ~70% HP. Wiki says this is a 51% damage increase. Support morgana would leave her pool at rank 1, dealing 6(+0.07 AP) damage. Assuming she has a Fiendish Codex + Frostfang + 18 AP from runes. 30 + 20 + 18 = 68 AP. Really, thats almost nothing, turning her 6 damage to... 10.76 damage, twice per second (21.52 dps). However, this number is actually increased by 51%, so its closer to 16.39 (32.8 dps). Fizz will reduce this, at level 10 with 250 AP, by 6.5, down to 9.9 damage twice per second (18.8dps) whereas the new limit means it could still reduce it to 8.195.(16.39dps). Okay great, his passive is helping! but thats a support morgana, what if she had completed a Luden's and was working on Seekers armguard. {{item:3285}} {{item:1052}} {{item:1029}} {{item:3108}} Now she also has Gathering Storm (+8 AP) and Absolute Focus (+17.3 AP at level 10) for a total of 34.3 AP from runes and 145 from items. 179 AP in total. Also, with her max W now doing ((30 + 0.07 * 149)*1.51) 60.65 damage per half second (131.3 dps) Fizz is reducing it by 6.5 down to 54.15 (108.3 dps) alright, thats ... something? Is that really worth losing pretty much all of his resistance to minion damage as early as level 4?
I think its worth, his passive mostly matters at like level 1-9 anyway. At 1-3 its a flat out buff and at 4-9 Ill still take this over the old one since most mid laners dont auto attack a lot. The problem is that, even if its a positive change, it wont be enough to make him good, so.. xd
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 14
Id love to hear what Riot thinks about making Qiyanas empowered Q pierce minions instead of exploding at the first one hit, so that she can waveclear better. What Ive been thinking of is, how about only making the brush element Q pierce enemies? That way she can waveclear with it and she can Q in melee range without the stealth trail ending up very small.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Qiyana is following Akali's design, and this is a BAD IDEA
Yeah, I feel like Qiyanas best build right now is Duskblade - Black Cleaver - Steraks - GA lol
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: why fizz dono I really respected you in the past
Cmon mang, Yuumi is veri fun :( (for her team hehe) but i might return to mid lane with Qiyana Poggers
: Assassin mains are the most respected people in this game.
>Assassin mains are trying yo have fun unlike braindead Yuumi mains https://i.gyazo.com/e791271517115be19ea072a6a92a1c56.png im conflicted xd
: When Blitzcrank grabs someone, it does magic damage. Honestly, if you think about it water, vines, and rocks are all physical things.
Tho ice exploding out of your weapon is kinda a magical thing. But ay Im not complaining, as melee assassin Id rather be AD than AP
: Qiyana is made purely for the LCS viewership!
she grabs the water element at the last second but what does she do with it? root people for 0.5 seconds? lel she does look exciting tho
: Everyone crying about Tahm, meanwhile Yummi most broken champ in the game
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: So this really means that Yuumi is a high skill cap champion And riot didn't want to create a high skill cap champion
Did they say that? The only thing I heard about Yuumi was "the next enchanter will be more simple" = low skill floor, which she has imo (just attach and heal hehe)
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Wasn't Yuumi supposed to be a low skill support?
I think they said she is gonna have a simpler kit, which she kinda does. Just that theres a high skill cap in using her W and passive etc.
ApexRiven (EUW)
: I tihnk i may quite playing toplane honesly. This role suck
Top probably needs work imo because its the worst role but has the strongest champs on average. Theres so many fun champs that Id like to play but they are top laners so... Id rather not xd
Saezio (EUNE)
: Yeah he will have real great lane phase. Also, if he singles out a carry with support budget it will take the carry less than 3 seconds to oneshot morde.
He does seem to have sustain and a nice semi hook on his E. With good enough base stats he can definitely be a support if u ask me
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: why didn't you give Fiora that new Mordekaiser ult?
wowzers I dont usually complain about new champs but this ult might be the most broken thing ever. Ult adc in hypercarry comp, kill him. Or ult support Lulu and make her useless. also he almost killed talon with 1 combo at level 4 so ye thats kinda weird
: No intention of being rude but if that's the reason Vorpal blade was removed then explain Sylas's heals.
You should use Vlad Q instead of Sylas W then you have a point
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 17
Hey, I would love an in client pop-up that tells people about a hotfix if there was one. I feel like many people dont even know Yuumi got buffed and they keep banning her/complaining when I pick her lol.
: I ban Yuumi so my teammates cant play her, because shes garbage.
I like Yuumi and Im a 19 year old boi {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} hehexd
: I am a support main lol, ur passive not being used isn't going to kill your kit, I think its meant to promote her to actually do stuff in lane, similar to xerath passive, but I don't see a reason that you would want to dismount and get yourself killed with a really weak 500 attack range attack. It's just something meant to help her laning, which I assume which will be fairly weak. But realistically speaking, the actual cooldown of her W is going to be 5.5-6 seconds by teamfights roll around. You can always jump to another champ if you feel that your mount is going down, and while I don't know the range for her w, it's not unlikely you'll be able to find another person to latch unto, think Rakan E being used to get out of sticky situations.
Well if you dont unattach for the shield, you are gonna be quite the weak champ. All you have to peel then is her garbage heal (that is only kinda good because she builds Athenes) and the little cc she has.
awejim1 (NA)
: Yuumi
Yeah she gives 120 AD... when she has over 950 AP. Her W passive is garbage for most of the game.
nelogis (EUW)
: > DId you even play Yuumi on the PBE? Her AP ratios are a joke, she has the second-lowest base starting hp of any support, has less AA range than most supports, has obscenely long early-game cooldowns, cannot auto attack while she is attached, has an ultimate that serves no real use except when pursuing or if the enemy team is super clustered... Yeah almost like I compared her to a super minion if she is on her own > But no, continue preaching how she is a “ball of stats” and how she has no counterplay when she is essentially a weaker version of every other support in the game. ---> Numbers can be buffed <--- ---> Design wont be changed with number changes <--- It doesn't matter if she is weak or OP, her design is crap. The design wont change when her heal gets buffed to have a 10k base heal level 1 Oh look she isn't weak anymore! but the design is still crap!
She does have to unattach and auto to get the shield tho, and if she doesnt do that, all she has left is her awful heal. Not sure if you can really call that a ball of stats, I think Id rather just have a Lulu W E R me and then get blown up than have a 400 heal from Yuumi + athenes and maybe an ardent buff lol.
Meddler (NA)
: It's intended that she doesn't become instantly untargetable and immune to stuff as soon as she starts the attach dash yes. We tested versions where she did get to avoid stuff immediately and the power of full untargetability that frequently was enormous, with counterplay correspondingly way too low.
I think itll be frustrating to get stopped and killed by something like a Galio W, but we will see how it plays out I guess. But what I think should be changed is projectiles not fizzling even when Yuumi has already been attached for a while. It even happened in the first released gameplay right here https://youtu.be/8zLPCGgfi_I?t=11m45s Yuumi is already attached and should be untargetable, but the auto attack from Lulu still kills her.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fízz v2,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KTb7qYnf,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-05-03T16:54:19.066+0000) > > How do you go permanently untargetable as ADC without your team just getting killed because their adc is chilling attached to the tank? Go untargetable, disengage. The point is she can go permanently untargetable, and LCS is very team fight focused. Should the engage go poorly, she goes untargetable, the team disengages, and you try again. Her W is busted. As I am typing this I think of more reasons as to why it is a broken ability. 1. Can jump onto any recall to quickly get back to fountain. 2. Can jump onto any TP 3. Can jump onto any global ie shen, galio, tf, noc for an instant 2v1 4. Can dodge just about anything as needed on command 5. Teamate she is on dies, jump onto a fresh teamate 6. Essentially have access to every teamate flash 7. Hop over any wall with W + teamate Plus I am sure there are even more busted things she can do. That W cannot be released the way it is. LCS will abuse her into the ground.
She also cant auto attack while ulting, and she has no damage at all like Neeko W. Plus she only has 500 range and awful stats. I dont really see it working well tbh.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 3
So its intended counterplay that Yuumi is targetable? Because it feels a bit weird being able to get CCd and oneshot out of her jump for trying to attach to an ally and heal them. Also if Yuumi becomes way better in coordinated play than in soloq, I think itd be a nice change to remove the range threshold on her Q, so it has infinite range but it still times out like it does right now of course.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kazekiba,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KTb7qYnf,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-03T15:30:17.880+0000) > > Wow a highly skilled player is winning games with a troll build on PBE? > its almost like PBE Matchmaking is highly volatile and imbalanced and he's just stomping on shitters. > > Boxbox can beat almost anyone reading this and probably the majority of Riot's balance team playing full Crit Riven. Maybe AP Riven. > > doesn't make it good. > Winning doesnt make something good, losing doesn't make it bad, because unless it's release Xin or Juggernaut Skarner, things aren't usually strong enough to win games by virtue of existing. They have to be piloted well. Guarantee no one is going to be playing AD Yuumi in pro play, especially given that yuumi isn't even eligible for the majority/entirety of MSI. It has nothing to do with PBE. It has everything to do with her W being a broken ability. How do you kill an ADC that can go permanently untargatable? They currently build LCS comps that specifically aim to focus down the adc, how do you focus down a permanently untargetable Yuumi. Besides her W making her untargetable, it gives her the ultimate repositioning tool. She can position to exactly where she needs to be to get all the kills. She is a KS machine. On top of this her passive gives her a shield to outrade and a heal ability to out sustain. As an adc, you are no longer dependent on your idiot support to save you with heal, peel, etc because you can auto peel yourself with the Yuumi W. 100% pick or ban LCS. Bet me.
How do you go permanently untargetable as ADC without your team just getting killed because their adc is chilling attached to the tank?
: Players behind Riot employee walkout
Not gonna act like this is true because i dont know, but... It would be quite ironic considering that Riot did some very SJW-y stuff like not allowing men at an event or punishing pro players for banning supports against a team of mostly support mains xd
: A Question on Yuumi´s Laning-Phase
I mean she does have poke with Q and lane sustain with E. Gonna depend on numbers i guess
: Here's the confusing part though: Passive - Bop ‘n’ Block Every so often, Yuumi’s next attack against an opponent restores mana and grants her a shield.** If Yuumi is Attached,** the shield protects her ally. The shield protects Yuumi or her ally until it’s broken. Our understanding is that she can't auto when attached. So how does this caveat come into play if she can only attack while detached?
The way it works is, you auto attack and get a shield, then when you W to an ally, you give the shield to them (so I guess if ignite is on you for example, you start taking damage since you gave the shield away). Thats how it looks in the trailer at least.
: I don't think she will. She doesn't really have a reason to be outside of her allies, because even Abathur had to check back every now and again to refresh his mines and make sure he's not in danger. She is a direct adaptive damage buff to her ally she's on, plus she will grant them a shield when her passive activates.
>plus she will grant them a shield when her passive activates. Thats exactly why she will probably be unattached more often, because she has to auto attack to get the shield and get some mana back. Plus I think it might be pretty troll to just sit in W while you are full hp instead of trying to tank a bit and then go in W (like eating a Thresh hook and only then using W before dying). But thats laning phase, later on you will likely be attached to someone most of the time.
: This concept can actually be hard to wrap your head around if you've never seen or done it before. I've played and thoroughly enjoyed Abathur in HOTS, so I'm very familiar with how Yuumi's play style will be. So maybe the OP is just over simplifying things because they haven't experienced this type of play style.
True they are pretty similar, but Im pretty sure Yuumi will spend way more time out of allies than Abathur and actually fight people
Zhadar (EUW)
: they stated that they look more for banrate than winrate i hate riven, but she didnt even cross the 20% banrate
She did tho, and it goes up by elo. Plus its way higher on EUW and NA, at around 35%
: Early 9.10 Patch Discussion
I do wonder what exactly "critical thresholds" are for Riot. Riven is listed as the #1 top laner on u.gg in pretty much any elo and she has like 13.5% pick rate and well beyond 53% win rate as a pretty hard champ to play well. Im somewhat okay with Vayne, tho her laning phase is quite good for her scaling.
: If her only buff to teammates is heal then is she really a enchanter? Disappointing.
Depends on how much her W buffs her ally.
: new champs teaser is live
Kinda sad that there are 0 spells or anything seen, hope they reveal her soon tm
: Can you theory craft the best combination of abilities and passives from the current champs?
Isnt in the game yet but Id put Yuumi W on that champ (if its real). You can use all your spells in W while being untargetable and buffing your guy, so ay.
: She could always float on her book over their heads.
True that would be cool too
Mártir (EUW)
: Yuumi Supp skills, leaked
Pestilus from Battlerite has something similar to that W and I always hoped that a champ in League gets it Pog
: Sounds like Abathur from HOTS. Kind of weird to put that ability on a cat though, and not a Shadow Isles specter.
Maybe she does jump into them but its also possible that she just sits on a champ like a cat would. Would be really cool but it would require special animations or at least coding for every champ.. so probably not lol
: > [{quoted}](name=Fízz v2,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TEQMY5vY,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-04-24T20:51:42.235+0000) > > well unfun immobile melee champs are getting powercrept to hell until they automatically win most fights , not really sure why tbh with riot talking about "counterplay" all the time xd garen doesnt automatically win shit even after all of those buffs. that is the whole point im trying to make. hes currently performing average and isnt even amazing at what he does. if you gave him all of those changes at once at the start of season 6, you would have ended up with a rework skarner level champion back then. right now, even all of those buffs just mean he stays a champion in this game. riot has directly and indirectly power crept this game for 3 years straight.
Im pretty sure broken bruiser items + all the stat buffs to Garen make him win many 1v1s. barely any other champs got so many buffs so I kinda doubt the whole game is getting power crept, just champs like nasus and garen
: if you ever doubt the extent of power creep in this game
well unfun immobile melee champs are getting powercrept to hell until they automatically win most 1v1s, not really sure why tbh with riot talking about "counterplay" all the time xd
: what you should be worried about is if they start saying hey "when u cast q you get a small boost in movement speed that stacks with black cleaver" then you can say its busted.
Not like it would really matter since it seems like everytime darius Qs you are slowed by 90% anyway xd
Kai Guy (NA)
: 8 o clock tomorrow I expect a teaser or reveal. So there's that. Edit. Here. https://twitter.com/LeagueOfLegends/status/1120704007591186432 "It was my light that did this. More details coming tomorrow @ 8 AM PT tomorrow"
I would love a teaser on wednesday, but a reveal already?
: > [{quoted}](name=SnupRawr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=U7p2JB3t,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-23T17:21:19.011+0000) > > wait...the enchanter is ANOTHER girl!? Can't we like, switch it up a little? I'm getting a terrible gut feeling it'll be even -worse- than 'just' another girl... Didn't they make cat allusions (like saying "purrfect") in the 2019 video that hinted at her? I'm gonna fuckin barf if its some cutesy acting nearly naked anime catgirl.
Sounds awesome hehexd
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