Rene 47 (EUNE)
: Flaming and griefing
You flamed and got banned for flaming. It doesn't matter what made you decide to flame, it doesn't justify it, and will never be more than an excuse.
: I've been at Honor 2 Level 0 for over a year despite getting consistent honors almost every game.
Probably due to being reported by the millions of toxic kids who played with you.
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Whooppy (NA)
: So you don't get offended by hate and insults thrown at you?
Ofc he does, that's why he's saying this crap here in the first place.
aDpRegan (NA)
: This game is full of snowflakes trying to report all the time.
Pretty ironic that you're calling everyone else toxic & salty snowflakes, right after admitting that you get tilted, flame & go afk just from a teammate losing their lane. You are literally as close to the definition of toxic & salty in this game as possible.
: oh it's kanye
Now I get it! I thought he was black.
SS Pappino (EUNE)
: Playing with a bot is pretty much a guaranteed loss, vote kick doesn't work because it can be heavily abused.
: Well the AI isn’t programmed to be playing with real players and adaptability to stuff. For all I know, I’d rather a toxic 76/0/134 yasuo flaming me and carrying the game then a bot.
Then you would vote and he wouldn't get votekicked. But if it was a 'troll' intentionally feeding to make your team lose, wouldn't it be better to have a bot?
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: You're a good egg. ❤️ May this pepe guide you in the future and protect you from any punishments: ######edit: reeee it won't load the picture
I'll cherish the broken link just as much 😂 Anyways, I'm glad there's mods like you, I can trust your judgement and know that I deserved it if I ever get myself booted out of here. I'll be sure to stop bickering with people here just as much as I stopped doing it in-game {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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SS1986 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=FOWSHOWBROW,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=PhnFi55P,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-09-23T18:35:45.070+0000) > > Words ARE actions bud. If you spout shittalk at people on the lobby because the 1 champion you wanted to play got banned (likely by accident), then that's an ACTION, and an action that makes you look like a pathetic child who shouldn't even be playing this game either by the way. If it's not a child then it's an adult with SERIOUS emotional & social deficiencies. Well if you accidently ban someones champ you should dodge unless your an asshole I have done it before by mistake and instant dodged .
I don't see a logic in giving yourself a penalty because you accidentally banned someone's champ and apparently that person can only play that 1 champ. Honestly if you can only play a lane properly with 1 single champ and have to quit if that champ gets banned, then I wouldn't want to play with you in the first place.
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SS1986 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=VanCanBanMan,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=PhnFi55P,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-23T08:10:51.668+0000) > > In one of my queues, someone banned another player's inted yasuo, so the person who got their yasuo banned decided to spout all kinds of Zero-Tolerance words at the person who banned the Yas, then dodged. Since you can only report post game, they get off pretty much scott free. Pls fix rito. should be honored for dodging I could careless about words compared to actions
Words ARE actions bud. If you spout shittalk at people on the lobby because the 1 champion you wanted to play got banned (likely by accident), then that's an ACTION, and an action that makes you look like a pathetic child who shouldn't even be playing this game either by the way. If it's not a child then it's an adult with SERIOUS emotional & social deficiencies.
ZaFishbone (EUNE)
: Jesus Christ, i don't understand why people who think this come to the boards and complain rather than just quitting already. Riot literally doesn't care about the playerbase's opinions, so coming here to complain does NOTHING.
> [{quoted}](name=ZaFishbone,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cjKAeJHO,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-09-23T14:33:28.903+0000) > > Jesus Christ, i don't understand why people who think this come to the boards and complain rather than just quitting already. Riot literally doesn't care about the playerbase's opinions, so coming here to complain does NOTHING. So you find it more productive to gobble everything up as it is rather than criticizing serious flaws that need fixing? If the world was made up of people like you, I doubt we'd even be in the middle ages at this point. How do you think things improve at all?
: RIOT Suspending Accounts
> [{quoted}](name=R3D3MT10N,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=VshRUgjt,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-22T18:09:54.344+0000) >that is called being a man. Lol sorry, but hell no. A man doesn't argue with children in a video game because "THEY DID IT FIRST". Next time mute / ignore them.
: I left immediately and then I tried to report them and it wouldn't let me. Great client.
You might want to start a support ticket, but either way you should edit your post and remove those usernames. It's against the rules to name people in this forum.
: Recognizing helps the mindset. Think about bumping into people. If you deem it an accident one is more likely to let it go; but it you think they did it on purpose then one is more likely to be aggressive responding to them. Yes, the more details of his situation does actually help! If it had been included then would be less reason to doubt if it was actual inting/trolling. Then as a psychologist you know that maturity or immaturity is not an actual representation of if someone is a child or not. A 13 year old who is more mature than an average 21 year old is still actually a child. A 27 year old who may demonstrate the maturity of a 15 year old is still actually NOT a child. Especially when you factor in the fact that this is a **GAME** and people quite often are more loose with maintaining a level of maturity while playing games.
No 13 year old is more mature than an **average** 21 year old. Although a very high percentage of them believe they do, it's where teenage revolt originates from. But I'm not here to argue what I know with someone who wants to make uninformed arguments and conversation derails. As for the rest of your point, what I already said should be enough to respond to it, and I'm not into repeating myself in text, even if if it was just using quotes from the previous post. So let's end it here. Have a nice day.
: Chat logs are posted. I didn't flame. And the people reporting me told me why they did so-- there isn't really a reason to guess that their motivations were different.
Lol did you read those logs? You spent the entire game bickering with them... And a lot of what you said was definitely detected as flaming by the system. Nothing would have come to you if you just muted them or kept your chat disabled instead of arguing.
: I wouldn't say it is besides the point. Too many people accuse others of inting and try to justify toxicity to them. Which is why it is important to establish if there is actual inting going on or if it is just someone using the term incorrectly ro represent anyone who is having a bad game. I wouldn't say it is flooded. Are there people who int/troll? Sure, but lets not be presumptuous and say they are children. That would be quite wrong since we don't know who they are.
He didn't ask for advice on recognizing inting, he asked how to keep himself from being tilted by it, even if he was somehow misjudging people as inting (which, according to his description of what happened, isn't the case), simply learning not to get tilted by it is the only solution he needs. > lets not be presumptuous and say they are children Unfortunately, I know when a behavior is directly related to immaturity, in fact that's a big part of my job as a psychologist. People who do these things are ALWAYS either children or people with the emotional range of children, in which case there's at least a social disorder at play.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: I do avoid typing to them, and I never ask anyone to report them, since if they broke the rules one report is all it takes, but usually at least one person in the team will give them their attention anyway
Unfortunately it's very rare for intentional feeders and trolls to get punished unless they break some kind of chat rule, so if you can provoke them into doing it without breaking any rules yourself, you'll at least be sure that your report will be worth it.
: Help
Disable your chat now while you still can, or you will get yourself banned some day. Best to rant here in the forums than to say a few curse words in the chat and get sent to guantanamo bay for life.
: i wonder if clan names/tags will get rules EVER
I think there's much more stressing issues with this community than the meaning behind the 3 digits of a clan tag. I'm more concerned about the kids who are actually telling each other to kill themselves than a silly ass random abbreviation with no context next to someone's username.
: > 2 months should be enough to reach level 30 if you play a few daily bot games. ? He's talking about honor level, not account level.
You don't need level 30 to get the rewards? If so it's even easier then.
: Chat Restricted for playing Maokai Support
You didn't get chat restricted for playing a champion. You get CHAT restricted for CHAT behavior. I can already see it in my head. Those premades started flaming at you for picking maokai, and instead of muting them and going about your game, you flamed back and gave their reports a chance to actually screw you. Next time keep the chat off.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: How do I keep my cool when people intentionally feed?
For starters keep the chat disabled to keep yourself from talking at all, those kids love thinking that they "made you mad", it's an ego safekeeping mechanism that makes them feel like they're better than someone at something. Ignore them completely, the more attention you give them, the more they will try to ruin the game. This includes even communicating with them through pings. Don't tell your team or the enemy team to report them either, that alone can get you banned by this god awful system. There's more people like you getting banned from slightly flaming at these children than the trolls themselves. If you're confident and experienced in dealing with these kinds of kids, then you can do something better, you can respectfully bait them into flaming to make sure that action is actually taken from your report, since rito only seems to punish people who flame. Gotta make sure not to say anything that the dumbass system will count as flaming though, or you'll get banned right along with them.
: You know what also isn't helpful? Accusing people of inting when they aren't actually inting. The advice of how to handle it is both the same and different. The main difference is if they aren't inting, you really should be more calm about it.
That's awfully presumptuous. You have no idea who this person played with, and that's completely besides the point. He's asking for advice on how to not get tilted by inters, he doesn't need some random douche accusing him of being delusional. Everyone knows this game is flooded with children who int and troll. Either give advice or don't.
breast milk (EUNE)
: that was why i was playing hoped it was victorious qiyana but now idc so id rather not. thanks
2 months should be enough to reach level 30 if you play a few daily bot games.
: Mentoring new player? Vi: Mute him. Talking too much
Your intentions are good and the people telling you to shut up are assholes, but you might also consider that you didn't need anyone to teach you the game, and all of those basics you were trying to teach are taught during the 3 tutorial stages, which those new players had to have purposely ignored. All things considered, all it usually takes to get good at LoL is experience. And chatting a lot in general is considered annoying to many people since it distracts both them and yourself from the game.
: Why do these players even bother queueing up?
It's always the same answer: It's a free game FULL of children, and children aren't emotionally equipped to handle this game.
BadboyUG (EUW)
: Who else is stuck at the 'reconnect'screen today?
Happened to me last night, figured it would be like this for some hours like the last time it happened. Someone mind sending me a reply when it's fixed?
: Trolls, Afks, and Inters? You Get what you deserve. I understand now.
My god it's like listening to a teenager who just started thinking for the first time. What kind of shit theory is that? Do you think the people who say "It's just X" suddenly become exempt from being punished? Your post makes no sense whatsoever. I haven't even met anyone saying "it's just X" in months. There's no correlation between this and the toxicity of this community at all. Get a grip... And who the hell says "It's just ranked"? The reality is this is a free to play game with an active competitive community, and this attracts a lot of children, and children aren't emotionally mature to handle this game, so they often rage and ruin the game for everyone else. I can't believe you thought the reason why there's so much toxicity is because some moron occasionally says "It's just ARAM" when someone asks him why he's not buying boots.
: keeping in mind that support will NOT tell you the result of their investigation
Wasn't there a message we get when someone we reported is punished? I've gotten it before.
: There is no rule here that says "don't bash the post." A post made based on false assumptions is not a good starting point for a discussion. I have no opinions or the desire to start an argument based on yet another "rito doesn't do punishments right" post.
Eh? Rule? Your moral compass is based on rules? There's no rule against eating my own shit, but I'd still rather not do it.
: > [{quoted}](name=FOWSHOWBROW,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NcyYFg5E,comment-id=000100020000000000000000000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2019-09-16T18:00:06.766+0000) > > Literally all you've shown here is sheer stubbornness. Please don't argue with people until you can get rid of that. How just me giving proof and asking for proof is stubborn lol. Like no the people saying pyke is op are just ignorant of facts and can't prove anything.
You're basically making it clear that you will never stop no matter how wrong you are and how right the people you're arguing with may be. It's very narcissistic & unhealthy. You've been given all the valid arguments in the book by so many different people. If this isn't enough then there's no point.
: I don't get what with the ego problems of some players. It's just a game.
IT'S CHILDREN, 90% of the community is children. There's no going around it. They have the flaws of immaturity. There's no social science behind this, it's a free competitive game that attracts a lot of underage players who behave like toxic kids, because that's what they are. **Children aren't emotionally developed enough to handle this game, but they are the main demographic BY FAR.** It's as simple as that.
: > a lot of people who do not deserve a punishment (in my opinion) got a punishment > a lot of people who do deserve a punishment (in my opinion) do not get one A post based on assumptions is not a good discussion point. Your opinions do not reflect the reality of the situation.
Lol he's asking for people's opinions on it while mentioning his own. Why are you all nitpicking and bashing the post instead of giving your opinions?
: can i somewhow communicate someone from riot games? the text i got banned isnt right to get a 14 days ban come on .. i literally said fuck they banned my champ.. nothing else..
I highly doubt they'll remove the ban, but if you want to contact the team you can go to and make a ticket
: > [{quoted}](name=Ðeviruchi,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NcyYFg5E,comment-id=0001000200000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-15T18:38:49.203+0000) > > A Nontank champion facechecking bushes risk themselves to most certain death. In the specific clip from this thread, he would have actually died from the ignite if invisibility didn't deny ignite's vision (which isn't true vision, that's why) healing up while ignite was ticking. So he made a play that any other squishy champion would have died for, but he was instantly forgiven due to the nature of his kit (and no, Rakan is not a squishy champion, no matter how many times you try to bring him up in this thread), but that's not the worst part. The worst part is he's back up closer to full health ready to go battle again without having to back, and yes, I'm fully aware that's how his kit works, and that's the issue that you keep ignoring. You are clearly not aware of his kit. Again champions have different weaknesses and strengths stop ignoring facts. Stop comparing him to others he is a assassin support meaning he will play differently then basically every champion in the game most assassins would of killed syndra but pyke can't do that.
Literally all you've shown here is sheer stubbornness. Please don't argue with people until you can get rid of that.
l MrD l (NA)
: Oh no pyke got caught ....
Pyke is an unbalanced joke, I'm going to keep banning him in every game I play.
: It largely depends on how the posts are structured and topic. If the topic is complaining how the OP (not you) feels they should be able to flame someone they think is trolling. It will get downvoted because many people who visit this board simply disagree with that. If the topic is about how poor the Gameplay detection system is for Gameplay offenses, and doesn't actually have any feasible suggestions on how to improve it. Making it just a rant basically, it will be downvoted. If the post is a positive one like "I made it to Honor 3 after grtting H0" then it will probably be upvoted. As positive news is usually a nice thing. If the post is asking to be unbanned from a perm. It will probably be downvoted because "1. Perm; and 2. We aren't Riot Support" If the post is a "I got banned for feeding" and we can't see anything immediately off via match history/ stats; it will probably be upvoted. Up until someone watches the replay, if ranked, and provides more information. If something is formatted as a Wall of Text, it is getting downvoted for 2 reasons probably. 1. Hurts many peoples 👀. 2. Is sometimes difficult to follow ideas. If the post is about a change to the system and has the idea(s) presented in a reasonable manner and OP demonstrates a willingness to actually discuss the topic; it will likely be upvoted.
> Doesn't actually have any feasible suggestions on how to improve it. Making it just a rant basically, it will be downvoted. That's where I'll completely disagree tbh. Those rants refer to the nr.1 problems in LoL games which need to be addressed but aren't, so the more people make the merrier imo. People do make suggestions as well, but all of them get completely ignored so there's really no point. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if I found out not a single person in the staff even checks this board.
: > [{quoted}](name=FOWSHOWBROW,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=sAust6uN,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-09-13T15:51:17.636+0000) > > I find it pretty strange that any post which validly criticizes the punish system or trolls & ragequitters (which have all become a HUGE problem) gets blindly disliked can you show us an example? keep in mind you said "**VALIDLY**"
Nevermind my opinion on any specific posts, my personal view is no point of argument, but notice how so many of the ones that are disliked have a ton of comments agreeing with them, and those comments are full of likes, that's the fucked up part.. It means there's a ton of people just blindly & automatically disliking any posts that seems like it might be a criticism towards the way the game is being handled, and that's ridiculous because we NEED people to complain more if we want something to be done about it.
Neupster (NA)
: Toxicity Survey Research Project
Watching the statistics is pretty revealing.. "Have you ever intentionally died to an enemy" -> results were practically 50/50... What a community "Do you feel reporting someone actually works?" -> "No" gets majority BY FAR. "Have you ever left a game out of frustration?" -> Way more people who did it at least once than people who never did it (AKA emotionally adjusted people) Honestly that survey was a great way to understand the deterioration of this community.
: i am toxic in game to tilt the other team in making me win more XD I will do ur survey tho EDIT: Just finished it, these questions are so broad, and by left a game do u mean like for the rest of the match or just like quit and rejoin immediatly.
That's not leaving a game, that's disconnecting/reconnecting.. Leaving a game is leaving a game, so yes, for the rest of the match.
: Riot sucks as a game company
Sad part is you're actually right. People need to stop disliking these valid complaints in this board. Do you people think you're helping the game when you try to shut down everyone who complains about the serious problems in this community and punish system?
: But... If it is actuslly a good post... Then why does it have dislikes? Doesn't having a lot of dislikes make it a bad post? The reason that 99% of posts her get dislikes is because they are from the toxic people themselves, who use boards to flame others when they can no longer do it ingame due to a ban.
I find it pretty strange that any post which validly criticizes the punish system or trolls & ragequitters (which have all become a HUGE problem) gets blindly disliked, but the comments replying to it are all agreeing with it, and all have a lot of likes. Even if you can't discern a good one from a bad one, the replies agreeing with lots of likes already make it clear that something's twisted.
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: > What a waste of a perfectly good game with so much potential. So much potential? You understand that this game is 10 years old, correct? The game has reached maturity despite this kind of thing happening through it's entire history. Welcome to the internet, where people are assholes. You can allow them to get to you, or you can play to have fun. That's the part you can control, not the other people.
"So much potential? You understand that this game is 10 years old, correct? The game has reached maturity despite this kind of thing happening" That's exactly what happens when a game has a lot of potential? I've been on the internet and playing multiplayer games ever since I was 11 years old, that's roughly 15 years of experience. This is no "welcome to the internet" situation. I wasn't exaggerating when I said _"This has become by far the single worst community I've ever seen in a multiplayer game."_ and yes, this IS the internet, so you can imagine how hard it is to reach that title. I was around when this game started and watched the community declining into what it is today. There weren't "trolls" like this everywhere, especially not in ranked games and ESPECIALLY not in ranks above Silver. Kids are trolling literally just to make a point. They troll "because that guy trolled in my last game" "because I won't get banned" "because I make ppl mad" "because I'm bored" Everyone over 18 who played this game is quitting, the community is becoming more and more flooded with toxic children who shouldn't even be playing it. This game is the literal definition of a multiplayer game that's wasting its' potential.
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: > Judging from the fact that I didn't use any specific curse words that can get me in trouble, I'm guessing this means the logs were reviewed by a human? Or was this still just the automatic system? While Riot does occasionally perform manual review audits of cases the IFS has already handled (to check for false-positives and the like), I'd say a good 98% (being a little generous) of chat behavior cases are handled by the IFS. > I do understand that what I said in the game kinda qualifies, but I don't see how an automatic system could detect this? The IFS is a machine-learning system, and its understanding of language conventions and context clues was built over thousands upon thousands of cases. It's pretty good at figuring out chat misbehavior, however slight (I've even seen cases of sarcasm and passive-aggressive behavior get punished), and while I myself lack any deep understanding of how the system works, I can at least point out lines that I know would've been picked out by the system. > FOWSHOWBROW: talk more kid FOWSHOWBROW: i'll be sure to focus on that farm FOWSHOWBROW: instead of helping you FOWSHOWBROW: flame more kid For example, this would have been flagged for insults (calling someone "kid"), negativity (declaring that you'll avoid helping a teammate), and detrimental arguing/goading (talk more/flame more). > FOWSHOWBROW: gg FOWSHOWBROW: nice insult lmao FOWSHOWBROW: gg A little more detrimental arguing, as well as some minor negativity (calling what I assume are early "GG"s), > FOWSHOWBROW: path? FOWSHOWBROW: lmfao FOWSHOWBROW: are you premade with the other id? FOWSHOWBROW: oh right you're the one who said can cer at the start FOWSHOWBROW: damn this community is just toxic teens FOWSHOWBROW: i know tilting their own team is what these kids do best but i already muted A little more of the same; prods, arguments, and a few insults. > FOWSHOWBROW: kata i keep seeing u stop to type FOWSHOWBROW: are u actually trying to talk to me after i said i muted u? xDDDDD Some unnecessary goading; > FOWSHOWBROW: gg wp kata reported for flame and bad teamplay And an unnecessary declaration of a report. As it stands, there's really no benefit to telling someone that you're going to report them, and it can be seen as a threat made with the intent to coerce - granted, that wouldn't be the case here at the end of the match, but the point remains. Game 2, as is typically the case, was a fair bit more mild, though I'll still c/p the snippets that I'm sure contributed to the match being flagged for punishment. > FOWSHOWBROW: what's that? FOWSHOWBROW: say more pls FOWSHOWBROW: you're all having some really productive conversation FOWSHOWBROW: wow > > FOWSHOWBROW: oh nice hypocrisy too xD FOWSHOWBROW: gp waited for me to die FOWSHOWBROW: pinged for me to go FOWSHOWBROW: just to troll xD > > FOWSHOWBROW: it's always the most toxic player FOWSHOWBROW: oO FOWSHOWBROW: your bickering is so childish FOWSHOWBROW: i'm just gonna mute now before you further make a fool of yourself A few jabs and goading remarks here and there - and I'm tentatively counting the last line in the log, as it does seem like it was intended to agitate or stir a reaction. > I did use the word "kid" pretty often though. Yeah. That's definitely something to work on, and if I might suggest a few other things; - If people start to flame, make a point to fullmute them and avoid addressing them. Claiming to mute without actually doing it does sometimes lead to cases like in Game 1 where you might be given to respond or point out their misbehavior despite having claimed to mute them, which can lead to provoking arguments or exacerbating negativity. - Don't stoke the fire; while it can be entertaining to watch flamers just wasting their breath in uproar, it really helps nothing to make comments that provoke them further. - Avoid declaring that you're going to report someone; as mentioned above, it can come back to bite you at the cost of no real benefit. If you're gonna report someone, the best way to go about it is to just do it. > PS: As you can see, I'm not ready to take the next step and simply not participate in the chat >_< Well, knowing is half the battle. You at least came forward evenly with the want to understand the punishment, and you know already a few of the issues you had - and some more now. If and when you feel confident you can go with chat unblocked, hopefully you keep the advice in mind. But, if you don't come to that point, you can at least rest assured that you can't be punished for saying nothing. If you've any further questions, do feel free to ask.
Thanks for the in depth analysis, I agree with everything you said about the logs really, especially considering it doesn't matter what I was replying to. I'm really surprised the IFS is that sophisticated.
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