Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 23
One question regarding overall game direction. Is anybody looking for game pacing changes for this preseason? Let me elaborate. The tempo of the game feels really fast these days, with most champions feeling to have no gating when it comes to cooldows and resources. Stuff like expecting that whole rotation is up whenever one desires is expect. Dying to an ultimate, respawning and dying to same ultimate also seems to be the norm. People getting from 100-0 in one rotation seems also pretty common. Regular game feels in a lot of aspects like original URF release, and getting burned out these days from this dull gameplay loop of spam seems pretty easy. What is worse, while game pace feels significantly faster, games still take ages to resolve because instead of focusing on ending the game, everybody just chain trades kills. This just reinforces the dull gameplay loop with more repetitive, kill, die respwan, do it again without getting anywhere.
Meddler (NA)
: We're actually trying having both team chat and All chat disabled for new accounts to see what the impact of that is. I don't think we should be removing chat for those who do want to engage with it given LoL's a team based game. Things like having it default off, letting people set it to auto mute each game etc feel like good options to offer for those who just want out of it though.
In that case, why chat post game even exists?
: Teamfight Tactics — /dev Update #1
> **Status:** It took a couple tries but we identified a fix which is now live and EUW is **_looking relatively stable._** Relatively stable as in, half of the platform breaks during peak hours every day?
: This is just wrong. Rakan and Nautilus are the #4 and #2 highest presence supports in pro play and they're certainly "hard engage".
And they both happen to struggle against the likes of Tahm Kench or even Taric. Not to mention they have much harder time to engage in lane than Alistar would. Also, Rakan is usually pretty easy matchup for Sona anyway. What's worse, it's not just about engage in botlane specifically. So far this split with lack of tanks in other roles, I see many teams struggle to engage midgame or even lategame. It just promotes weird greedy passive play if you know that you will not get punished for it.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 20
At what point is Riot gonna address SUPPORT ITEMS instead of nerfing champion after another champion and another champion. Seriously, nearly all of the "out of place picks" were and are being enabled by support items being abused. This feels like ARDENT 2.0, Riot keeps ignoring the real issue and instead just removes one champion at the time. And if you want to know why Sona is so dominant in proplay and still strong in soloQ, it is mainly because champions that would be her nightmare like hard engage tanks were removed from the game. Does live gameplay team ever look at the past patches or are we about to witness history repeat again?
Kaisas (EUW)
: That Guinsoo nerf looks like it is going to hit Kaisa really hard and she is on the weaker side of adcs at the moment already. Largely because build path is still pretty garbage. Now you hit one of her core items again. Any chance you can look into changing stat thresholds for her evolutions if you are going to gut the core evolution item for Kaisa? (As in it is the go to 2nd item to unlock evolutions). Because if this nerf goes through, unless you enter a skirmish/teamfight with stacks it's likely going to be long over before the passive is any useful. Because if you keep nerfing the items that Kaisa is forced into because of the evolution thresholds she either needs a compensation buff or changes to how much stats she needs. Any possibilities about maybe making stat needed scaling down with something like R rank? e.g:100 ad/100 ap/100% as is still base values, each rank in R lowers these by 10.
I would not say it is a straight nerf for Kai'sa, especially if they increase the early pen values. Kai'Sa dmg profile really benefits from hybrid pen, thus higher values mid-game would definitely compensate for less passive procs. The real issue would be later in the game, at which point there is full pen value present on live. Because of this, I would much rather see passive buffs, rather than evolution threshold changes (especially since stormrazor seems to be due to more buffs as still nobody really uses it). Either increased AP ration on her passive, which could bring AP builds back, or straight up increase base dmg on higher levels (lvl11+).
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 27
I suppose that you were already debating internally what to do with aftershock / if courage of the colossus would have been a better choice, but I want to throw this idea out. Not necessary a replacement, but an addition to the resolve tree. > Bulvark of the Brave > _After hitting and enemy with hard CC gain tenacity and slow resist and a shield, damaged shield turns into grey health that will heal the user. Triggering the effect also permanently increases health._ > 1.5 sec delay before shield is applied, shield duration 1.5, value 25%max armo+25%max MR per nearby enemy champion, heal over time effect of 3 sec with 1,5 sec delay, grey health to heal conversion 100% Tenacity & slow resist 20% for the duration of active effects. Permanent health increase 2% max champion health /base health increase not counting bonus health off runes/items/abilities. > cd 40- 10 sec from minute 1 to 30 minutes of game time, cd triggers after all active effects are over The idea is to make something that provides defense and sustain for tanks, with higher impact on tfs, while making it more difficult to abuse for other classes. Basically make tanks viable again.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 20
Speaking of dark seal... At present there is a long history of "starter" items being abused, be it multiple doran rings, various support items shenanigans or just good old 5 doran rengar. Any plan on making starting items unique "choose only one of these" type items. It would seem like a good idea to balance them around single item choice - possibly allowing for them being more relevant on their own.
: > So, want to clarify a bit here. 2 kills is only worth +150 gold of bounties. (+75 gold per kill, only counting after the 2nd kill). So the shutdown kill is worth (300)+150 = 450g Roughly 25% of the gold from the two kills is applied as a bounty Sorry what I was trying to say is that 2 kills are worth 600 gold. Also, 1 kill on a target with a bounty for having 2 kills is worth 450 gold. That is 75% of 600. That is what I mean by 75%. > Also, separate point, I think there is a misconception that 2 kills being worth +150 is new to this season. In, fact that part of the kill bounty system has existed for as long as I can remember. Yes, but at drastically smaller values. That is the point I'm trying to make.
If I recall correctly, initially there was no bounty for 2 kills and about +100G for 3 kills. However it was quite long time ago when overall gold in the game was lower and wards were quite expensive - those 100g had insane value. It was around s3 -s4 when 2 kill bounty got added, it was like 75g. Also max bounty was still capped at pretty low value. Overall the game was pretty snowbally back then. But even with that, overall gold in the game was lower, ambient gold was lower, turrets would be worth slightly less, supports were still half a champion etc. Considering how overall gold in the game is inflated right now, higher bounty makes sense. Back then you would get like first item completed around 20 mins into game, and you would most likely have only basic boots. Getting even 75g mattered. Right now people get more gold overall - more ambient gp10, better csing and more gold from minions, turret plates etc. You get to complete first item as fast as 10 mins when you get ahead and often around 15 mins even if you are not doing great. Lower bounty would be something you wouldn't even notice in the grand scheme of things. There is argument to be made whenever 2 kill bounty should be a thing. I would argue that 2 kills is already a lot of downtime for your enemy, they should miss couple minion waves and you should be able to get plate advantage. Getting 150g bounty for around 1k difference that should be there seems fair. And tbh, overall level of play went really high over the years. Majority of players, even silver ones, should be capable of pushing their advantage beyond just kill gold. In short, bounty should be something noticeable and lower values would not just cut it these days.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 18
So, are we getting more flat runes/keystones changes like recent hail of blades change -- Does Hail of Blades performs well enough to make if as proof of concept for more changes?
: what you are suggesting is nice but not good enough for those of use who spent thousands of dollars on this company throughout the years, forced to watch others gain what we accumulated and more for free within 14 minutes. lol.
_I'm one of those who spent thousands of dollars._ I'll take anything they do, but not inaction. This way they could even make some special honor only rewards for this year that those people wouldn't be able to get. It would still suck, but it would suck less than it is now.
: Update on Yesterday's Capsule Pricing Error
I do understand that Riot does not want to put up with crafting system because it is awful. I also understand that Riot does not plan to ban people for this like other companies would do. This suck, this should have never happened, but let's be real here. I don't even mind somebody who bought like 10 capsules because he did not notice. Seems plausible. But people who bought hundreds of them? There is no way they did that by accident, they were just exploiting the stuff out of this as much as they could. And them getting away with it entirely feels really shitty for everybody else. So, why not do this. If somebody really exploited this error and bought large quantity of capsules they can keep them, but they will lose honor for season 9. Because they don't have any honor if they just straight abuse stuff like this. So just lock their Honor to lvl 0 until patch 10.1 for those who straight up exploited this. And when I say "exploited" I literally mean people who bought hundreds of them. I don't mind somebody getting lucky and getting 10 boxes, but jeez, hundreds? It cannot be hard to track who actually bought large quantity of capsules. Also it would at least once look like honor actually matters in this game.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 11
Regarding camille lvl 2 ganks, why does not her E just get changed into more scaling spell. For example, hookshot range could be based on the level of the spell, possibly both cast being 50% distance at rank 1 to current 100% @5. And you could easily compensate toplane by making her W one point wonder so camille can max Q>E top and E>Q jungle without issues. Reason why specific champions are OP lvl 2 is usually guaranteed gank that isn't really avoidable and enough dmg to back it up. Changing Camille E to work similarly to Zac E (who needs at least lvl 4 to gank effectively duo to low rank 1 E range) would easily remove one pain point. You could even buff the champ in other areas.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 9
Lvl 20 seems interesting as an idea for lategame focused champs, especially if they are harder to balance and have tendency to kick in too early. But, I don't see it work in current game in which I see ppl running around @20 mins 5 items already playing "lategame", lvl 18+ would need games to be way slower and longer. I don't see any point in it with current game pace. And making more lvls just for sake of having more lvls (aka increased XP rate, or equal amount of total xp for higher lvl) does not seem like good change just for few champions. I could see this being introduced for champions with evolve mechanics (Kha evolves increasing lvl, Kai'Sa evolve increasing level, or Viktor augment pruchase increasing level, Ornn item etc.) which could be used to indicate increased power of the champion, but that's about far as practical usage goes for now.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
Alright, I have been thinking about these proposed changes and I came to one interesting conclusion. This will not change anything. ADC items are an issue but it isn't the only one. I have noticed that even if you play non-adc champion in bot position, you experience similar struggles. The botlane is currently heavily controlled by supports, which lead to often one-sided lane phase and really underwhelming mid-game transition. Even worse, being in a role that does not rely on CS and only gets boosted by kills makes this role more profitable than farming role - this makes damage dealing supports bigger threat in midgame than duolane carry most of the time. While crit item changes seem great on it's own, BOT role has issues that go beyond ADC items. These issues were previously hidden by overwhelmingly broken ADCs who could 1v2 lane, but now it appears to become a problem. I'm not sure which direction to take, but power of Supports should be shifted in some way, they seem to have too high impact atm.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fajerk,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=oA7EoIrf,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2018-12-22T00:40:19.336+0000) > > Tbh as much as hexdrinker seems weird, that PD iteration is super nice considering it gives shield effective against _any damage_. Sort of ADC version of steraks. You mean the item that they made not effective on ranged champions because them getting a shield was cancer? And now get a shield *and* an MS buff, just to make extra sure they don't get punished for mistakes?
Circumstances were different. They were also able to oneshot squishy targets with single attack. That was imo bigger problem. But Riot often has to result to band-aid fixes if the problem requires more extensive changes. Also, one of sterak issues as adc item is that it provides fairly high amount of HP (comparable to adc) - this isn't the case with the particular PD iteration.
Spyglass (NA)
: Do I need to remind everyone what happened last time ADCs could build Sterak's? There's a reason we don't have access to it anymore. That item just looks ... crazy efficient. It's everything I want as an ad.
Yup, they had _agency._
: But that would make PD a "must have" item. That would be against Riot's philosophy, cause there would be no item variation
As far as it foes for crit items, there is every time one build made of "must have" items. Riot was never able to create options to choose from in that regard. I do not expect it to change after 8 years of then trying and failing.
: I feel like Steraks filled that hole, the shield against any damage when brought low. (Before it was removed for adc's, and bringing this item back creates the same problem Steraks was made unavailable for adc's in the first place.) The reason I buy phantom dancer is always for the dueling prowess and the anti minion block, the amount of utility offered by PD was great, I am disappointed they are contemplating removing it.
I can agree that PD utility sounds nice on paper, but it is broken every other half of the year. That is also reason why I find it hard to trust an item that randomly breaks with effect that is hard to notice.
Wendígo (NA)
: I despise the new Hexdrinker And how it builds into PD
Tbh as much as hexdrinker seems weird, that PD iteration is super nice considering it gives shield effective against _any damage_. Sort of ADC version of steraks. It is pretty much item that ADC lack right now. I would be down for making hexdrinker shit if it gives good PD.
: Playing off meta as one player really is a good proof. Crazy that BC has NO REAL PICKRATE on Ashe and Xayah. Just because Lucian and MF are strong does not mean, in any way, that black cleaver is op. You are ignoring the reasons why those champions are strong and turn to the items, casual fallacy. Remember, has below minimal pick rate besides Lucian and MF.
The point I'm trying to make is that IE builds are inferior. The mere reason why champions that do not rely on IE are better is that IE is bad. Even champions that should rely on IE would be better without it. Of course, nobody considers not buying IE on those champions. It's in recommended items and they should have synergy with IE right? WRONG THINKING. If champions building certain items are stronger than all other champions of same class, it pretty much sums up that items make the difference. If everyone would stop buying IE and buy BC instead, even on champions IT DOES NOT APPEAR TO HAVE ANY SENSE, they would be doing better. And BTW, Ashe and Xayah for example benefit a lot off BC, they miss old ER CDT, and BC gives them just that. I suggest to you try it. It is better than it sounds lot. Oh yeah and not getting straight oneshot by everybody is also a plus in this one.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 30
Alright this is kind of funny since just recently I had long debate about "CRIT ADC" and how IE is bad, which eventually lead us into practice tool. I found some funny stuff there. As long as fight is short for ADC, non crit build does always more or same dmg as crit build, while being cheaper. Builds were follow: "non crit": {{item:3095}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3071}} "crit": {{item:3046}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3031}} And before anybody says, yes both contain some crit, but first build is basically OP items while second one is purely focused around Crit. I've tried several marksmen, Lucian, Ashe, Xayah being notable ones (they are really consistent and represent several types of marksman). The test was basically blowing up full combo of spells with applicable AA dps depending on champion for 7 - 9 sec, lvl 11 champs 3 item spike (no boots) - target was training dummy. To the results - if fight is about less than 7 seconds, for each of these champions "non crit" build does more damage. At that point dmg with crit was about even. Now considering how squishy ADC are, and how fast engages are, doing 7 seconds of consistent DPS is already hard. And even if you go for like 9 sec of dps with stuff like lethal tempo, crit build still provides about only 20% more damage, even fore champion like Ashe or Xayah, which scale with crit greatly. The worst part is, crit build provides nearly no defense, less mobility and less CDR. When Ashe works better with STORMRAZOR and BLACK CLEAVER BUILD, you know something is off about crit. What I identified off this is, IE is underwhelming. Crit builds don't scale nearly enough, while being highly expensive with feelsbadman build paths. Also funny takeaway - building sustain AKA patch 8.1 - 8.2 ADC is fully possible ATM if you go for STORMRAZOR builds. IE is a death trap item that should not be used by any champion, but marksman actually seem fine to me with correct items. The only issue is that botlane feels decided by supports rather than carries, which I guess is fair enough decision for Riot as long as adc has agency after laning phase is over (Stormrazor builds do have agency). One note, I was not able to test on-hit and Botrk builds (training dummies suck for this too much), but I find them in decent position.
: The Akali thing sounds cool on a surface level, but the problem with it is that it basically makes her W trash in the lanes she plays in. Aside from a fairly limited number of champs, it won't help her avoid damage or make plays, because most champs have untargeted ability sets at this point, and her positioning can simply be played around to stop her from setting up.
I do know that would make her more vulnerable to any type of AOE/skillshot dmg while allowing enemy to position around her. But that would be also the whole point. To give some reliable type of counterplay to it. People complain a lot about "free" tower dives when it comes to her W, but truth is turrets are falling so fast anyway there are very few times that it actually matters. It is also nice unique part of her kit, which seems worth preserving. Akali would be more vulnerable to mages, while about equally vulnerable to assassins. And she would maintain huge advantage over marksmen. She could even get compensation like dmg back to her kit. IDK how it would play out, but to me it seems like it would remove major point of frustration (which is basically why people complain about her - their frustration of dealing with her). I don't think there is any iteration of full blown "stealth" in her kit that would be something tolerated, but "obscured" seems like something one could work with.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 28
2 quick thoughts. 1. Why not make per target CD on DH that would prevent multiple people proc off the same target - removing DH stacking in team and situations in which one one person drops below threshold, he dies and everybody gets a reset. 2. Regarding Akali W, what about changing obscured so that Akali is always "revealed" but obscured from direct targeting (still including turrets), possibly just keeping a brief stealth after initial W activation.
thefance (NA)
: When playing squishy champs, I prefer resistances over HP. Because it negates Magic-Pen/Lethality more effectively. It also allows players to counter certain lane-matchups more precisely.
But if you need counter both physical and magical dmg, especially in early game HP is better option. Even specifically against just AD would HP+armor is better than just armor because of how EHP works. Again I don't see why double health is not an option. Currently there is no option for separated resistances, but there is option for double or even triple the health than would shards give. Removing existing options and replacing it with new ones very rarely makes things better. Also in the mixed 2nd tree there is already space for another option, personally I would argue that HP and AS should be both there because there were champions tuned with runes reforged specifically for those rune stats (precision/resolve + inspiration).
: Preseason Dev Update Number 3!
So after reading through it, I do like the direction but heavily dislike some execution. Small thing first, why is HP shard bonus only in one row, if its only 15-90 HP, should not be it in there at least twice? (for 30-180HP total). I do understand you offer armor and mr which also increase affective HP, but I would totally prefer HP option for squishy champs, as I find 180HP nicer than 5armor/6mr. Of course if I want to specialize for certain comp (like against full ad), it is fine as it right now, just more generic choice would be welcome. Bigger thing now. Why the hell are you mixing up HP and EHP on minions again. I really liked the change when minions lost all resistances in favor of straight HP, so you can see right away exactly how much HP there is left. I don't see a reason why should melee minions get ARMOR instead of more HP, if you are afraid of %HP damage, then make sure those damage sources have a cap against minions instead of this weirdo "it has almost this hp but actually a little bit more, but only if you are not a mage because it has this hp for mage". Unnecessary confusing. Same goes for turrets. I don't know why you would make the plating "resistances" instead of straight HP buff. So it looks that every plate is even? See that's LIE, only LIES, if you destroy first place, and turret becomes more resistant to damage, then it's definitely not EVEN. So again why mix up that stuff, and not just make every plate have x% more HP than previous one instead of scaling armor and MR, you would be actually able to straight away see how much has turret left in the tank. And who cares that bar is not perfectly even, if it reflects reality. Seriously in terms of clarity for minions and turrets, these are huge downgrades for no apparent reason to me. You made a call long time ago to make those things more "it's what I see" instead of the old "its about what I see but not really". So yeah mainly clarity issues with this one. Also one thing that I would propose, make every 1k ( maybe 500HP) minion HP have a line, so you can clearly see that melee minion is way more tanky than caster one.
: "I also like to put things in quotes that don't reflect what someone said" - D357R0Y3R Let me rephrase the statement which was from the post where I was talking about why we hadn't nerfed some of the high presence champs in pro play on 8.19. Hope this is clearer for you. 1. On 8.15/8.16 Kai'sa had high presence in pro play (76%), but had more picks than bans. 2. On 8.18 we nerfed her. 3. On 8.19 we opted to not nerf her again due to the fact we'd already nerfed her since the last pro play we'd seen. 4. On 8.19 we instead buffed some champs that are considered decent against her as a low range marksman (Pyke, Thresh, Kog'maw), while nerfing some that gave her a lot of protection (Braum/Tahm Kench). We're doing some power curve shifts to Kai'sa for potentially 8.21, but it's more involved than a standard buff/nerf and not something we were going to do for 8.19. Really enjoy talking on the boards!
Does _power curve shifts_ mean that you will change her evolution breakpoints? On other note, do you have any theory why Kog'Maw isn't picked into Kai'Sa, personally I found that matchup really free for Kog already (and Kog is actually in really good spot despite nobody plays it)
Meddler (NA)
: Genuine question, do shields feel overbearing to you at present? My inclination's that a systemic shield counter's not currently something that would be good for the game, we're not seeing people surviving too long due to excessive shielding as an issue, the occasional exception for self shielding tanks perhaps. 5th elemental drake - would still like to someday, it's super far down the priority list versus things like game pacing, snowball etc, hence the focus on those in preseason.
Recent nerf of duration for most shield made it way more bearable, especially since a lot of shield-spam supports went out of meta. However if they are present, it steel makes noticeable feeling of "I cant do anything about this". Maybe some item with conditional mechanic that would reduce shield if target has more than 40% HP? As a use case I especially thing comps with multiple shield where it can be impossible to take out carries (ex. Iver/karma/lulu combinations which exist at times, and feel utterly miserable to encounter). Other, more complex idea, would be to change how shields stack. I know this would essentially require overhaul of this whole mechanic so it would be really a lot of work, but multiple shields should have diminishing returns. And if you decide do it, code it also in such a way that various defense buffs like damage reduction or straight up armor/mr increases work toward this. A benefit would be that you could more freely balance certain champions relying on shield mechanic, without worrying about massive shield overload in game.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 5
Speaking of Kai'Sa, it is beyond me why she was allowed to stay the way she is right now. Sure she has a kit that should be always relevant (mainly because she can fill roles of magic damage dealer, or physical damage dealer interchangeably). But her evolves are making it really easy to become oppressively powerful too early. It's actually ridiculous that because she can get 2 evolves with 2 items and 3rd one with 3rd item, she can become really strong even if you stomp her in lane, just because she need less items than a crit carry to outperform them. I do appreciate that you identified that her ability evolution allow her to spike a bit too reliably, and prematurely. This is coincidentally caused mainly how adc items panned out. Considering in which period she was designed, changing breakpoints to 120 from 100 should be sufficient to delay her spikes enough to offer meaningful weakness. Other thing that you might want to try in a case that you don't find such a nerf sufficient, would be to reduce her early lane presence. Namely nerfing her Q damage to minions for early ranks (probably something along lines of 50% >> 100% damage to minions, rank 1 >> 5). There are a lot of champs that should have easy lane against her (Lucia, Vayne or even Kog'Maw as an example), but they can't quite punish her early duo to her solid lane pressure (which comes from decent push). Sincerely, I'm getting sick of playing Kai'Sa every time she is open because "why not Kai'Sa, there is nothing to lose with her", me. (Don't take it that I do not like the champion, I just find her a bit oppressive). And one more thing, if you up evolve caps, revert back Q evolve to 12 projectiles, because nobody ever will bother getting it otherwise at that point.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 17
Corruption pot + dark seal + time warp tonic, isn't it a bit too OP? It's popping a lot lately and it pretty much brings back "infinite sustain and clear". In current state it seems like pretty much mid/adc meta for worlds, is somebody looking at this?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 3
Regarding runes. What about giving an option to instead of having active stat mechanics, get more passive bonuses. For example rune that would increase tree passive bonuses by 100% (effectively doubling passive tree bonus, for a price of rune).
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 1
Speaking of various passives stacking with each other, what about Champion kits and runes interactions which make them suddenly broken. Stuff like this exists basically since Keystones were introduced (Warlords Yasuo still haunts me). Wouldn't it be better to gate certain interactions so Champions do not become suddenly op/nerfed to the ground because of rune changes.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 27
One question about champion balance overall / volume of changes this season. When I looked back to how game was changed couple of years ago, I've noticed interesting trend. Back then, runes have almost never been touched (especially after s1) balance-wise, while masteries have been shaken up each preseason, however they were rarely touched. Since Keystone were introduced, that have changed. They were often game defining as champions who had synergy with strong keystone were often too powerful. This meant we have seen bunch of keystone changes and a lot of champion balance around them during last season (some would dare to say spring was defined by thunderlords, while ardent meta was more of an issue of winspeakers). Now with runes reforged, it feels that what is and what isn't viable is yet again defined by runes, not champions themselves. Good recent example would be nocturne, nocturne was not considered top tier pick, and wasn't played in competitive despite numerous buffs, but once celerity and lethal tempo got buffed (bot which have great synergy with Noc kit) suddenly Nocturne became a menace is soloQ and game defining in pro play. Recent Quinn S tier in multiple roles situation is also partially caused by good synergy with celerity (but also new items like stormrazor to an extent) Additional example of "defined by runes" champion that I have noticed, as someone who played a lot of Leona, have been "Leona op" during last preseason. The thing is Leo was decent but not game-breaking before new runes. And even now she feels rather, underwhelming. And important thing to note is items did not really change for her at that time, so it was purely runes making her broken. What I have noticed is that thanks to base stats given by resolve, extra shord cd resistance provided by aftershock, and gold influx which allowed you to get support items much faster, suddenly Leo had around 800 HP lvl 1 (which is about 200 more than she has now), over 1k hp lvl 3 and capability to ignore turrets past lvl 5 (rank 3 W). And this was together with tank support items, however important to note is those already existed before. Which in short means that it was Runes that pushed it over the edge. Support item changes also had great impact on scaling, as previously you would have nearly 1k hp off face of the mountain and ruby sightstone, which is pretty much 600+ more HP than you get today off sightstone item (merely 350HP for 1k gold cheaper). Needless to say, Leona was heavily nerfed because of all this, and pretty much all the stuff went away in time. (aftershock nerfs, resolve bonus changes, tank support items changes, celestial body removal) Spellbook caused several issues at it's prime, so did klepto. So what I want to finally say and ask, Would it be possible to just ignore champion balance until runes are figured out? Because Runes Reforged are more game defining than Keystones ever were, and changing champions is very short-sited solution if what enables them are runes that may be changed couple patches down the road. Especially in context of "Tank buffs", changes to resolve tree / new runes would likely accomplish better results long term, than buffing individual champions. I would even dare to say, Item changes have little to no impact on whenever Tank are or aren't played. More so Runes define which classes are or aren't viable.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 27
Regarding the Baron changes. While this might be out of reach for now, is there a possibility to make baron a bit more interactive fight while increasing it's actual duration? The thing is flat HP changes are quite boring and could even discourage people to try and start the baron in the first place. What if baron had some kind of ability (_Imagine something like Illaoi tentance_) that would make it more interactive but also more vulnerable (similar to how Herald eye works). In given example, let's say Baron would spawn a tentacle ever X seconds, that would have HP value based on %max baron HP. The tentacle would attack champions periodically, but all damage that it takes would be also dealt to baron /as true dmg. This would also allow for baron to have much hgiher stats (along the lines of 80% - 90% dmg reduction). So you could make fight as long as needed - depending on how much HP / how often add spawns. Also plus of such mechanic would be that taking baron would not necessary depend on how ahead/behind your team is.
: Cannon Minion changes targeted for 8.7
Alright I suppose this change is intended toward "lack of interaction" in game? If we are supposed to fight over them, there should be space given tho that. What I mean by that, they should probably take less damage from ranged champions and abilities, and from turrets. Otherwise I kinda feel this will just make ranged/melee matchups straight terrible as ranged champions will have much higher priority, which does not seems as a good thing as it would not be champion specific issue but general "range>melee" type of issue. Possibly it could be also done in a way that melee champs do slightly more damage to cannon, although that would require to buff cannon base hp even more. On that note I would like to ask you to be careful about minion changes as it is very sensitive topic. Maybe you could also look at minion AI a bit more, possibly make them less dumb?
: Frostblade Irelia feels like Dragonslayer Pantheon all over again
The skin as it is has decent quality and is not bad in overall. The issue that I have is that I cannot call it "Frostblade". It feels like Riot went for "frostbutt" meme so hard, but they totally missed the actual "frostblade" theme. Winter Wonder Irelia would fit this skin much better, because that's essentially what it is. The most I would hope for is that Riot renames this skins, and releases an actual Frostblade Irelia at later date.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 16
So regarding Tristana, are there any considerations making her more reliable one E, possibly shifting massive part of her damage output toward that spell (something similar to how Cait traps work). Also what about rest of the adc, currently it seems once top one gets nerfed, another takes up it's role (I guess this will be discussed next week/s but just a note) Also when it comes to Duskblade, are other Lethality items being looked at? Is there possibility of making lethality more important stat than pure AD on those items, thus balancing assassins more around their base values rather than their AD scaling.
Meddler (NA)
: I was planning to talk about marksmen play patterns this week since that was a fairly requested topic last week. Looking at how people have been talking about that though it sounds like there's expectation and desire for that to cover wider topics about the current state of marksmen and our plans for them, not just what goes into designing a marksmen kit. I'll put some broader thoughts on that together as a result, though won't be in time for this Friday's post at least (maybe next week, definitely week after if not).
Yes that is very true. I do believe people are starting to feel marksman being "op" currently, or quite dominant as they seem to be able to get core items quite consistently as mid-game hits. Especially on hit builds feel really strong. Then there was topic of "ADC has most gold but second cheapest build right after support", which seems wrong, is not exactly true to the state of the game but it is becoming sorta hot topic. I suppose there is bunch of other stuff that could be talk about, but those seem to be the highlights.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 14
Any words on Marksman balance and their itemization in near future?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 9
Ok so while this may fall under "marksmen healthy gameplay" topic next week, I would want to ask whenever is current meta direction something that Riot is looking at. The trend that I observed in both pro and ranked is that ADC are becoming pivotal game points. Currently it appears that game depends usually on which team can play better around their marksman in botlane, they can very easily get 2 - 3 items in time of 20 minute and bring "lategame" just as laning phase ends. This basically leads to midlane becoming about shove in>roam bot>roam enemy jungle>shove in etc. to ensure your carry ends up ahead, toplane feels a lot about "how many times you can help bot", and beating your opponents anywhere else, but in bot seems as pointless effort, since if enemy carry gets ahead, it does not matter what other lanes do. I get it that league should be team based game, but currently beating your opponent in solo lane seems as a waste of time, since botlane is the only lane that matters. Only other option that I have noticed, is to get carry toplane and invest your team effort to snowball it there (basically what Kingzone does with Khan), but even then in order to successfully pull this off you need a botlane that stays even, otherwise enemy team can just fall back to protect the carry and get away with stall game. Looking back at previous patches, I would dare to say this patter is emerging duo to heavy nerf of assassins and poke options, "Relic" meta was merely a preview of current direction. With certain changes to increase the laning phase duration, I would even say that Riot is aware of certain issues, but you misses the bigger picture. It is very true games felt short when preseason changes went live, but to be completely honest this was cause by "offensive" options being more compelling choices, defensive oriented runes weren't weak, just underappreciated. However in response to this a lot of offensive options and champions got nerfed, leading us to where we are at today. Since personally I see no balance changes that would change this, is this something even considered as "concerning" issue - the hyperscaling carry comps spiking in midgame?
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.3
Should we ban Yi / Trynda every game now? Also a sub-question, is TANK YI back with the E buff?
Meddler (NA)
: Looking for topics for Friday's post
Couple of points that I would like to see some talk about, in no particular order: * Jungle/lane interaction, currently it seems that sitting in lane is the best way to jungle since camps take long to respawn, counter jungling depends on laners a lot more than junglers, and power farming your jungle is not a really effective thing to do. * Rune balance, it seems that state of runes was better when preseason began and further changes make things worse, often forcing meta shift around which rune is superior, rather than allow players to choose their play-style. Are there any considerations to take a step back a bit and take more time to proactively allow more runes to shine, rather than retroactively nerf the best rune every patch. Also should not missing runes be added (like fighter keystone) before can real balance take place as currently some classes are very limited to what they can use as viable choice. * Zombie wards - should not they have separate ward limit? Champions that can comfortably run tracker's knife in jungle feel like much better option just because of this rune, not to mention it feels almost mandatory for jungle role (mandatory rune for role should never be a thing correct?). * Aftershock as damage class oriented keystone - it currently has patter very fitting champions that want to be in your face, including a lot of fighters. However it has limited damage scaling and non-adaptive damage type. Personally I see no reason why should aftershock even be oriented toward tanks anyway as dealing damage is not something I would associate with them. * Support itemization - considering very hasted changes to support items, is any larger scale pass planned - possibly including items like banner of command or ohmwrecker? Also coin currently has no reason to be a thing, it gives less gold and less combat stats compared to other two, while also it has the most worthless update ever, with only advantage being low cost which makes no sense since it fills your item slot with crap, worse than sighstone would have been. Important note about coin - it provides base health regen, stat that is very low for most "passive" champions like your Jannas or Sorakas and is basically worthless as you get close to nothing out of it. * Tank balance in overall, currently it feels a lot of tanks that should be about CC/Sustain bring unnecessary dmg output. My personal note on that would be, I would prefer to see more CC/sustain, but way less damage toward champions to require tanks having a damage dealer with them in order to have kill threat, currently they feel unreasonably deadly alone. Either way any reasonable take on aftershock tanks would be welcome. * Lethality items - as primarily only source of lethality right now, is there an option to reduce their AD values, while increasing their lethality values? Effectively it would make assassins more about their base values and less about their items making them less snowball but more reliable and consistent. Also it would make them less appealing to marksman, who would want to scale with AD/crit instead, given they have lower base numbers and better scaling. * Shields - is there possibility of rune/item that would have some form of shield debuff, either preventing shielding or reducing shield values/ removing active shield etc. The amount if shields/ shield buffs feels a bit overboard as it is right now. * Stopwatch - possibility of reverting some value nerfs, but placing "delay" mechanic on the item (similar to taric ult). Wouldn't just delaying the stasis for 1 -1,5 second be better choice for play making around the item in general? Also it would make the item more unique, and possibly more appealing as proactive, rather than reactive option - "Some inspiration to make the play".
ItsLowbo (NA)
: Changes to Sightstone/Support Items coming to PBE
So after thinking about these changes I came up with several points. I do not think this is going to remove adc relic shield start, they item is still going to be the best option when it comes dealing with early aggression, targon update seems as unlikely choice however. Survival of adcs without the shield quest will be somewhat harder in midgame. This will probably mean adcs with escapes and self peel likes Trist and Xayah will become top priority picks. Next concern that I have got is spellthief line abuse. The longer I'm think of it, the better choice it seems for midlaners, AP junglers and even some toplaners. For junglers like Nidalee or Eve this allows to have wards+combat smite with easy. Toplane it will be great item paired with klepto and bank gold, sighstone toplane is also huge thing when it comes to vision game. I can already see likes of GP, Illaoi or even Fiora just abuse this item. And midlaners getting access to free gold+sighstone seems like no brain go to option by default, especially if we can expect it to not be too much big of an investment. Are you considering what impact these changes could have on other than roles than just support?
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Zyra Direction
Hello people, I think that Zyra should have updated passive, when she is in bush more than 3 seconds she should become invisible unless she takes offensive action like auto attack or spell excluding W cast. Also W should be invisible inside bush and maybe even plants should have the passive.
Phreak (NA)
: Mathematically, Outer Turrets are more durable than they were in 5.21 at all points of the game.
I'm not sure what all math was behind turret changes, but considering that champions get items now faster duo to gold changes, turrets will just feel weaker and probably will be weaker too, not to mention that AP champions deal way more dmg to turrets than ever before. I must say that in about 30 mins I have seen champs with high AP killing turrets with few autos, It does not feel right that they kill them faster than adc.


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