: Africa needs a server
Yeah, it's such a waste that thousands of corpses of Alistars and Kindreds are left to rot in the Rift when African children could eat them. Okay, sorry for the bad joke but I couldn't resist. The thing is we are talking about Riot, which nowadays is EA/Activision levels of greedy. If they don't take into account the hundreds of millions of fans this game has across Europe, America and Korea, I wouldn't expect them to care about the relatively few potential African players, especially if they are already playing. To Tencent Games, the only thing that matters is China.
OctoBit (NA)
: Can we get another Monster Champion already??!!
We would have to wait until Blizzard releases Starcraft 3 and mades new Zerg units, as most monster champs are literal ripoffs of that franchise. Besides, Riot hates monsters. Why do you think that {{champion:72}} has gone for 4.5 years without a skin and with consistent 0.7% pickrate?
: When do you guys suppose the Ekko nerfs are?
Never, because Ekko is black and Riot currently is full of SJW that would deem that action as racism. Okay, seriously speaking, you can expect for Riot to nerf him once the sells of True Damage skins start to lower; but don't worry, they will give unnecesary buffs to another 3 disgusting champs in a couple of months to repeat the cycle. Who are you rooting for? My personal bets are {{champion:142}} , {{champion:145}} and {{champion:103}} .
Voidner (EUNE)
: Will Vel'Koz and Xerath and others ever get a new skin?
At this point I want Skarner to not get a skin for another 2.5 years (making a total 7 years without skin), then he should get an Ultimate skin as compensation. I think it's the fair treatment to these kinds of champs. Ok, he doesn't have many players so his skins don't sell that well, but at least when you eventually make a skin for them give them THE skin.
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: >I'm not saying that you should be able to be at more level than the solo lanes by farming so you want junglers to never leave their jungle and still be behind laners while permafarming? and by every playstyle was viable you mean "graves"?
When the hell have I said that? What I'm saying is that a jungler should be able to have some presence while being 1 level behind, or afk farm and hit levels around the same time as laners or just slightly after them. And I hate Graves with my entire soul. Fuck that bastard. I'm not proposing these changes because they benefit him, but because they make the role healthier and allow more diversity within it. When was the last time you saw {{champion:72}} ?
IainG10 (EUW)
: It also means if the enemy counter-jungles you you can **never** get back into the game....
If the enemy jungler is always tracking you with precision I'm sorry but you deserve to lose. Making the jungle more costly and rewarding should punish failed counterjungle attempts (because you are losing precious time to set up an ambush), while rewarding good counterjungling. Besides, if camps are tougher and spawn more frecuently, there is no way that the enemy can farm his jungle and yours at the same time, so if you know his position you can always perform vertical jungling to get back into the game. Playing jungle is playing cat and mouse at the end of the day. Besides, if you die twice to the enemy jungler in the first 10 min, you deserve to be on the backfoot at least for a while. It's the exact same thing that happens in lanes. The way you are supposed to get back into the game is by jolly cooperation with your teammates, the same way a jungler and a roaming mid can turn a losing toplane upside down.
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: >Make camp respawn times a bit shorter. Make camps worth more gold and xp, at least to the point you can be 1 level behind the solo laners while having a bit of presence. Make camps A LOT harder to kill so failing an early gank and ending in low hp actually means you're fucked and you have to back. do you play afk farm junglers by any chance? lmao
Not really, but that was the way the jungle was in previous seasons and it worked. Of course, I'm not saying that you should be able to be at more level than the solo lanes by farming, but the xp and gold that the jungle gives right now is ridiculously low. The reason why in s5 the jungle was that great was because EVERY playstyle was viable. You want to gank a lot early and counterjungle? Ok, pick Lee, Elise, Rek'Sai... You want a farming jungler? You can pick Shyvana and Yi and rush Devourer, or maybe play a tank... You want something in between? There's Jarvan, Vi... Besides, the fact that the jungle is worthless has eliminated all the strategy in the role. Jungle is supposed to be about identifying opportunities and exploiting them, as well as playing cat-n-mouse with the enemy jungler. Back them, investing half a minute in a gank and failing it had real consequences. Nowadays, it doesn't matter if the situation isn't favourable, you are going to gank anyway. The gank suceeds? Great! The gank fails? Don't worry, you haven't lost anything...
: The jungle changes weren't good
Even though the changes themselves weren't good, the removal of the catch up xp opens the path to buffing camps xp and gold because now you aren't going to be able to be at the same level than the enemy jungler while camping lanes; especially with the nerf to shared xp. Now the door is open to the perfect balance state present in S4/5/6. What needs to be done is: * Make camp respawn times a bit shorter. * Make camps worth more gold and xp, at least to the point you can be 1 level behind the solo laners while having a bit of presence. * Make camps A LOT harder to kill so failing an early gank and ending in low hp actually means you're fucked and you have to back.
Frostfel (NA)
: I agree that he can be frustrating to play against, but no more than Darius or hell even using your example Skarner. Darius has true damage execute, Skarner has suppression ult. Yes Skarner's ult is much lower range, but it is also a total suppression. Morde's ult allows you move to do things still so it having a bigger range makes sense. He also does poorly into super tanky champions like Sion who just out scale him bad. Hell a super hard counter is Gangplank, eats an orange gets out of his ult, has better range with barrels. If you let Morde get up on you or get hit by his pull then yeah he is going to ruin you, but you still have options into him, high mobility, cc, immunity ruin his ult making it useless. Even more so towers can still hit him in his ult. The reason he hasn't gotten nerfs is because of the large amount of counter play against him. Also take in mind that Riot doesn't balance champions around that, such as Morde is good against X, Y, and Z champs so he must be nerfed. He would need to have reduced counter play/be good in almost all situations to be nerfed. And while I never like to admit it, Riot does balance around high elo/pro play and Morde isn't seen as much as other champions. Maybe with new conquer he will, but right now its kind of a wait and see. Edit: Also from what I'm seeing he is sitting at roughly 52% https://na.op.gg/champion/mordekaiser/statistics/top https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/mordekaiser
Skarner frustrating to play against? In what world? His supression is nearly impossible to use in a high priority target, because therd is no way that an immobile champ like Ska lands a melee ult on a carry. BuT iT's PoInT aNd ClIcK Well so are Fiddle's fear, TF's golden card, Morde's ult or Camille's ult, to name a few. All that spells last longer than Skarner's Impale, and the first 2 examples AREN'T EVEN ULTS. You need more? Lee's kick, Vi's ult, Nautilus' ult, Pantheon's W, Ryze's W, Malzahar's ult, Maokai's W, Vayne' E... If anything, Skarner's ult is one of the more balanced point-and-click CCs in the entire game. Not only is an ult, it's almost imposible to land on an important target. It won't feel oppressive unless you are an assasin trying to land the backline, but in that case every point and click will feel oppressive to you.
: At the time he had 51-55% between diamond+ to challenger. Being dragged up by such a small sample size suggests that he's rather consistent for those that play him at the very top of the ladder.
The fact alone that the sample size is so small is the best indicator of his state. The very few that still plays him are doing it because they have been mains of the champion for years, not because he is good or anything. His winrate constanty fluctuates between 47-53% because one day one of them can get a winning streak and win 5 games in a row, toppling the percentage by 1-2 instantly. If a champion has so few games, it's not weird for the winrate to fluctuate that much. Ex: toss a coin 10 times. It would be perfectly normal that the percentage of heads is far from 50%. You can easily get 3 or 7 heads out of 10. Now, try tossing a coin 1000 times. This time I can assure you the heads amount will be a lot closer to 50%, probably between 450-550. His playrate alone speaks for itself. There is simply no way that a champ that is doing good has such a small playerbase. Even ugly boring champions have huge spikes in popularity the moment they are good. Skarner rarely crosses the 1% pickrate, to the point it has become a joke. More often than not, whenever someone mentions him either here or on Reddit, you have always another guy asking sarcastically: "Skarner? What's that? A new champion?", because there's people that hasn't found a single Skarner in the entire Season. He has become the new Yorick/Urgot. And he is well on his way of breaking their record of 6 years without skins, btw.
: Okay, lets not pretend ww, skarner, or karthus need 6 to gank. WW is excelling in this jungle. His pick rate hasn't skyrocketed yet. Skarner's doing alright to incredibly depending on MMR, but his tiny pickrate is plaguing him now like every other patch. Nothing has changed in that regard. Karthus has never needed 6 to gank. Ever. He tends to just not gank, even post 6. Nocturne is strong atm, but is too busy laning. :^)
> Skarner's doing alright to incredibly depending on MMR, but his tiny pickrate is plaguing him now like every other patch. Nothing has changed in that regard. Okay, excuse me wtf. Barely hanging around 50% winrate despite being only played by OTPs is "doing incredibly"?
: Every new champion passes Yasuo in banrate temporarily. Then it goes back down when people stop being dumbasses and banning *just* because it's a new champion, and instead go back to mindlessly banning Yasuo.
I don't think anyone banned Ornn or Taliyah when they first came out. It's less about mindlessly banning new champs because fear of the unknown, and more about banning shit that it's incredibly broken on paper alone, to the point than even a bronze player can recognize how stupid it is. Then you add the well known fact that Riot LOVES to put dumb amounts of damage in already overloaded kits, and there you go.
: Though an interesting point, I can see why that advantage is had. Building up that pool for spammable abilities should take more time than energy based units who have to carefully calculate just how much energy they need for the combo they want to execute. If energy pools grew over the game I'm sure they'd have just the same problem.
The problem here is that unless you are an Akali spamming Qs or a Kennen using E with half of the energy bar, it's really difficult to run out of energy in any champion. They have more than enough for one rotation of their ablilties, and by the time their abilities are off CD, they already have almost all of their energy back. The only thing energy does for most champs that use it is preventing them from building a lot of CDR early on to have their important abilities quickly off CD in lane. Zed rushing CDR early on to have the shuriken on a 3.6s CD and the shadow on a 13.2s CD would be a fucking nightmare. I almost never see one of these champs running out. For most of them, you could increase a bit their cooldowns and remove the energy mechanic, and that would be it. Keep in mind that I said most of them, energy is the only thing that keeps Akali from spamming 1Q every second. Ironically, the best energy-like system in League is not in an energy champion, but in {{champion:68}} . * You actually are able to burn out your resource bar without having to spam 3 rotations in a row, so you actually have to be careful. * You get aditional benefits for keeping the resource bar on a delimited zone. That alone adds a lot of depth to that mechanic, and rewards resource management.
: Insight on True Damage skins: We tried to pick champs who needed skins
When your main has been without skins for 4.5 years but Rito thinks that characters like {{champion:157}} and {{champion:84}} are in desperate need of skins.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shahamut,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=afqItML8,comment-id=000300000001,timestamp=2019-11-28T15:20:32.370+0000) > > {{item:3140}} {{champion:72}} That doesn't literally counter everything about him and make him die in .2 seconds does it... Akali is so squishy she needs the shroud, that's why she's so squishy... It's also why Tank akali became a thing before her rework.. The shroud was so utterly useless, they had to build full tank just to survive and do damage... Yet this is ok, but apparently hourglass can't counter Darius's ult, because he just gets it back again to kill you after hourglass... It used to counter his ult (which btw is half the cd of akali's ult), but they made the change so darius just gets his ult back if it doesn't go through.. Meanwhile.. Akali's only way to fight is countered hardcore with no care in the world...
> That doesn't literally counter everything about him 1. Skarner is currently a CC ult bot. 2. QSS eliminates CC. 1+2= Therefore, QSS counters literally everything that makes him useful. In comparison, Akali has 4 dashes and passive ms; and she can burst a carry with half rotation. Why the fuck does a champion like that need a stealth? Keep in mind, winning a 1 v1 against a Juggernaut in late game isn't a valid answer. She is an assasin, she SHOULDN'T be able to have 1/3 as many good matchups in toplane as she has now. If an assasin (a class that specializes in destroying squishies) is holding her own in a line where 90% people isn't squishy, there is something REALLY wrong. It's the equivalent of a hypercarry beating a Renekton at level 3.
: > [{quoted}](name=ExplodingFist66,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=67vA0i0t,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-11-27T07:40:44.901+0000) > > Pretty sure there's a button that can show you your attack range. There is. It's very inconvenient and lacks the ease of use of this implementation, and is also very visually dominant for something that shouldn't be AS high a visual priority in a fight.
Yeah. The actual question is: Why isn't there an option to be able to see it always? Why do we have to press a button to see such an important piece of info? We don't have to press a button to see the map or our lifebar...
: There NEEDS to be some kind of counter to Akali's smokescreen
The obvious solution to issues like this is almost always the simple concept of **power budget**. I'll ellaborate. Champion A has a broken X mechanic. You can't remove X mechanic since his entire kit is balanced around that and it also is a signature ability for the character. What you do in those cases is remove power to the rest of his kit to "compensate" for that broken mechanic. Make that ability tie up 40% of the champ's power budget instead of 20%. Akali was already overloaded on release, and as a result she got nerfed and got unnecessary stuff removed, but the rest of her kit should be weaker than average to compensate for MOTHERF*CKING AOE TRUE STEALTH THAT LASTS FOR UP TO 7 SECONDS. It's actually really simple. You only have to double down in that ability and make her the reincarnation of Jesus Christ while she is in her shroud, but barely half a champion when she is outside of it. At least that way she has a clear weakness that you can actually exploit. I think that Blitzcrank is the obvious example. He has the BEST kill-setup ability in the game (his Q). As a result, the rest of his kit revolves exclusively around that ability. His whole gameplan consists in grabbing a person from afar so his ADC can kill it. His passive makes easier for him to go to risky positions to get grabs, his W grants him MS so he can get closer to get targets, making the shot way easier; his E comboes from his Q leaving his target defenseless so his carry can attack; and his ult silences preventing escapes or things like that. The moment our Mazinger Z has his Q on cooldown, he is half of a champ. The con of a system like this is that it makes a champion fairly binary, the moment he exploits his win condition, he wins; it he doesn't, he loses. The pro is that literally everything would be better than the CertainlyT level of mess that Akali is. Going back to Akali, I think this is a reasonable way to addresing her issues: * New passive: Being invisible grants Akali Assasin's Might for 2 seconds. While she is in that state, her damaging abilities mark enemy champions. Akali´s autoattacks against marked enemies gain 125 range and explode the mark, dealing 39-180 (based on level) (+0.6 per bonus attack damage) (+50% of ability power) bonus magic damage and restoring 10 / 15 / 20 energy (AKA same as now). * Q: isn't instantaneous so it's not free harrass, and deals around 66% of its current damage. When Akali has Assasin's Might, it deals twice as much damage. * E: akali will only jump backards if she has Assasin's Might. * R: the first cast won't do damage. Instead, it will grant her invisivility for 2 seconds (so she has an alternate way of using her passive). The second one reveals her and deals the full damage. It would probably need number tuning, but at least has better counterplay than "not approach the minion wave because she will harrass you for free while not being even vulnerable to ganks". At least it settles a situation in which she has the clear advantage, and one in which she doesn't. Currently, her W feels like an unnecessary "I screwed up but now I use this and win" in most elos, because she really doesn't even need it besides of the energy regen, at least until you climb enough. The rest of her kit has FOUR dashes and a TON of damage, so it's easy too see why her W feels unfair to most players. If you want her to have such a powerful ability, so be it; but nerf the rest of her kit or at least tie it to that ability, so she isn't powerful 24/7.
: It takes 72 minutes of uninterrupted XP to lose a cannon wave of XP in a duo lane
Yeah, once they said that both the buff and nerf was of 2%, it was pretty clear to me that it was insignificant. Riot has screwed up a lot of things this patch, but this wasn't one of them. Botlaners, if a solo laner has got a double kill easily from you recently, the Menstruation Knife is to blame. I encourage you to keep calling the item like that until it gets balanced, btw. If it's going to ruin our games, at least this way we can have a laugh at it.
T2K Baka (NA)
: I like the idea, but how about this instead: Tenacity increase: 3%/6%/9%/12% per drake Map change: Champions that walk in river are slowed by 10% Since the dragon is based on snow and ice, that means that getting them should give you resistances, but river and jg are covered in ice so the river should slow you. Dragons are neutral monsters anyways, so the changes should be neutral to the map. Also cloud already gives movement speed anyways, so this might be a interesting change instead
That amount of tenacity is definitely loo low. Remember, it stacks multiplicatively, so with that numbers and Mercury's threads you'd only get (1 - 0.3) x (1 - 0.12) = 0.7 x 0.88 = 0.616 1 - 0.616 = 0.384 = 38.4% tenacity An 8.4% tenacity for FOUR dragons is complete garbage. I would change it to 5%/10%/15%/20%. Best case scenario: * 20% from the drakes * 30% from merc threads * 20% from the Unflinching rune (1 - 0.3) x (1 - 0.2) x (1 - 0.2) = 0.7 x 0.8 x 0.8 = 0.448 1 - 0.448 = 0.552 = 55.2% tenacity. Quite a lot but still has counterplay. PD: Given how no one has proposed a Tundra Soul, here goes my idea: Tundra Soul: once every 5s, your next auto or damaging ability will slow all of his targets by 50% for 0.5 seconds.
: Happy {{champion:266}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:72}} day!
> [{quoted}](name=OKIDJ,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cRXuktgN,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-11-20T00:28:43.624+0000) > > Happy {{champion:266}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:9}} day! You missed {{champion:72}} and {{champion:420}} .
: Complaining But It's Opposite Day
Rito please delete that cancer {{champion:72}} from the game. He has a point-and-click ult that pulls me over to his team! I don't care if that's the only useful part of his kit, because it is so unfair. Even if he hasn't a reliable engage and needs to use {{summoner:4}} to pick someone, it still makes me feel like a bitch, like a chihuahua being pulled with a dog leash. I also hate the fact that he runs slightly faster than the average in his small fixed contestable zones, that also give him GOLD! WTF nerf or delete this shit already!
: What kind of new Skin Line do you want to see in S10?
A "Rito please" skinline for champs that have been neglected for years.
rookidee (NA)
: i look forward to you continuing this skinline, and inevitably seeing evelynn, elise, or viktor as scorpio :)
You realize there is a LITERAL scorpion in the game, right? Although I wouldn't be surprised if you hadn't heard of him.
: Do you think Akali needs a buff or a nerf?
Definitely nerfs. They should remove more mechanics on her kit so she isn't the monstrosity she is in high elo, and maybe buff her numbers a bit to compensate. When a champ has such a difference in performance in low and high elos, the healthy way to balance is the one that lowers the difference between Iron and Challenger. Example: tossing around more numbers in stat-check champions because they perform badly in the LCS in the most toxic thing you can do, and hurts low elo in a horrible way. That's why instead of giving Garen an AS scaling on his E and instant Conqueror (which as you already know went south faster than Napoleon's invasion of Russia) they should have tone done his numbers and gave him hard CC, a skillshot or something like that. Although I'd argue that Akali isn't really bad at low elo. She isn't that hard to play. Both his Q and R are virtually impossible to miss and she is one of the safest and less punishing champions in the game. You cant literally jump right in the middle of an enemy ambush with no energy and still escape easily by pressing W-E-R. The reason why her winrate is so low is because her pickrate is astronomically high. That means that she is picked constantly by scrubs that don't know how to play and champ abusers. If 3 or every 5 Akali players fall into this category (which is a really conservative estimation taking into account that she hadn't a playerbase before her rework and now she is one of the most picked champs), then no wonder her winrate is below 50%. If a really weak low elo champ like {{champion:72}} , {{champion:516}} or {{champion:268}} had this kind of playerbase, I'm sure it would have around 30% winrate being generous, definetely not hovering around 47-48%.
Tolinar (NA)
: The argument against Omnistone - a pointless rune.
To be fair, it's existence removes Cleptomancy, so it's a win for me.
Barcid (NA)
: A breakdown of why Akali's rework failed in her gameplay
In my opinion one of the biggest problems of {{champion:84}} is not an individual ability, but the combination of her W and E. You can have a dash to engage/ escape, you can also have a shroud to stall fights until help arrives or your other cooldowns are refreshed. What it's not okay is to have BOTH PRE 6. Also her Q having such low cooldown and dealing so much damage, while being literally impossible to dodge isn't fair. Why would you want to choose between DPS and burst if you can just be Akali and have Burst Per Second? Finally, her ult is also unfair. 2 LONG dashes that aren't point and click (so she doesn't need targets to escape), but that are also undodgeable. How is anyone supposed to counterplay this shit? This is my proposal to try to make her balanced. Akali mains won't like this, obviously, because they are delusional kids with treestumps as hands, but they won't want any change to this dumpster fire of a character unless it's a direct buff. * Make her Q significanly slower and a bit narrower, enough so it's dodgeable but not to the point that her waveclear is seriously affected. In compensation, maybe give it a little bit extra damage if it hits only 1 target. * Give her the ability to maintain her W ms boost briefly after leaving the shroud because she will need it after what I'm about to do to her E. * Erase his E's back jump and restrict the reactivation so it can only be used if she hits a champion or large monster. She has had 2 defensive jumps pre 6 for too much time. That's enough of this shit. * Make both jumps of her ult shorter. Also make the first one faster but damageless (so it's just a reposition tool) while the second is slower (so it can be dodged) but deals the full damage.
Horızen (NA)
: What the f*ck is with losers spamming "tryhard"
The funniest moment in my opinion is when they pick a broken early game champion like {{champion:84}} , you roll them with a useless off-meta champ and they still accuse you of tryharding. It's like: "c'mon dude you are the one that only cares about winning here. Stop crying and maybe one day you'll learn to play".
: I think Qiyana is a cool champ, but wtf is that ulti?
What? There is no way putting a tank ult on an assasin is broken. Don't you see that a character with high mobility and survibability has no reliable way of landing a huge AOE in the pergect angle to hit the entire team? Not to mention, with her being an asssasin she needs that damage, even though his basic abilities already oneshot most people in 1 rotation. Sarcasm aside, it's pretty clear that they tried to create a high-skilled assasin with an utility ult, kind of like {{champion:64}} , but then they saw the community's reaction to that SWEET body and decided to overbuff her and turn her into another skin whore. You know, Riot Gam€$.
Falrein (EUW)
: What are your biggest fears regarding your favourite champions/regions' future?
I fear Skarner may be retconned into being a Voidborne, a Vastaya or some shit. It would be a stupid move, since Skarner's lore is the core of all hextech-related stuff; but it would still be far from the most idiotic decision thst Riot has made.
: After several discussions, I STILL Think Miss Fortune's Ult does way too much damage.
Totally agree. Yeah, she might be a squishy ADC, she may have to stand still and it may be interruptible, but it's still too much AOE damage. To anyone that thinks otherwise, my answer is: compare it to Vel'Koz's ult. * Both champs are really squishy and have no mobility. * Both ults forces them to stand still, and both ults are stoppable. * Miss Fortune's ult covers a much wider and bigger area, even though Vel'Koz should be the one that excels at AOE since, you know, he is a mage. * Miss Fortune's ult deals a lot more damage than Vel'Koz's one. * Unlike the squid, Miss Fortune doesn't need some special condition to be met so her ult does its full damage. On the other hand Vel'Koz has to land 3 of his abilities on every enemy before ulting so his ult does respectable damage. Otherwise his ult feels like a morning breeze.
Mhihnj (EUW)
: How about a tank item which allows you to create a grounded zone around you for a short amount of time? It could help tanks like sion deal with highly mobile champs. for example: frostmail: +30 armor +30 magic resist unique active: freeze- for 2 seconds create a zone around you that grounds all champions present(including teammates). we could even change some of the existing items like frozen mallet, frostborn gauntlet and rylais to slow dashes by 10-20 % based on level. This could've problems though.
Lol I didn't saw your comment and wrote pretty much the same xd.
Kivolan (NA)
: What Is Being Done to Address Mobility?
The obvious move would be to create an item for fronlaners that negates mobility, the same way other items negate CC or healing. Of course, we are talking about Riot Gam€$, so they won't do anything that makes their skin whores less viable so they can keep milking their chinese cows. Example: Hextech armorsuit (3300 gold) 400 Health 30 Armor 30 Magic Resistance 10% CDR Unique passive: When you are out of combat your bonus resistances get increased by 30%. The effect lasts 2 seconds after taking damage. Unique active, Seeking Drone: You shoot a Drone that gets anchored to a target enemy champion. The drone grounds that champion for 2 seconds and grants your team True Vision of him for 5 seconds.
Leu07 (NA)
: Leo Leona
I doubt that they continue with this skinline, because eventually they would have to release a Scorpio Skarner and Rito hasn't released a skin for him for 4.5 years. _We await our time._
Trias000 (EUNE)
: The main reason to release a new champion should be that they've come up with an interesting kit that makes for unique gameplay. Not just moving the story forward.
But the last 10 releases were overloaded antifun messes, so they aren't doing that either.
Ayanleh (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wilk Rycerz,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=t2L2RUA4,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-10-25T15:32:32.620+0000) > > {{champion:245}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:28}} > > It's not a matter of just mages. You could say the same to AD assassins building cleaver and steraks, just make the items incentivize building tanky like steraks health scaling.
But these bartards had already shown that they can build almost full tank and still oneshot bruisers. Remember s6 tank Ekko, Fizz and Akali? Because I do and I don't want that bullshit ever again.
: I really hope after Worlds end Riot will reconsider and remove Stopwatch
Only if they gut all assasins' damage first, because it's probably the only thing that is keeping mages alive against them.
: What Do YOU Want Karma to Become?
She should have a Villain-like passive since, you know, she is **Karma**
: So can we get back scaling / late game / slower paced meta?
Yeah, I hope too that all kids will go to the FPS and Wild Rift.
Ghostlake (EUW)
: It's time to update some of the outdated BASE SPLASH ARTS in the game.
> Skarner will get theirs fairly soon. Please stop playing League and become a comedian. You have innate talent.
: Seriously though, who enjoys all this damage???
Assasins, Juggernauts, Duelists and Burst mages. The cancer of League.
Sancre (EUW)
: Why do I feel Cloud Dragon got ditched again?
To be fair the bonus it gives is 10x better than the +5% AD and AP that the new Infernal gives.
: Morder, Garen, Ryze, Skarner, Rango mango have seen more rework than Malphite.
If butchering his kit and stats and putting it in fixed contestable zones is what you want for Malphite, then so be it. I also think that Malphite deserves changes, put using Skarner as an example of this is counterproductive. If anything, you could have bringed up that {{champion:25}} and {{champion:81}} have received reworks despite being insanely popular and having fully functional kits. PD: you also can learn to play Malphite. You are supposed to save your mana and only spam Q once you have a couple of points on it, not at level 1 (unless you want to stack Manaflow Band or slow the enemy to escape/help on a gank).
: Forums: DAMAGE META TOO MUCH DAMAGE Pyke: Assassin that trades damage for utility and survivability Forums: OP OP OP OP NERF NERF NERF {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Trades damage? The guy who can wipe out the entire enemy team just by spamming R is seriously trading things for his DAMAGE?
: Ask me anything!! (About narrative (for Warwick, Urgot, Swain, Nunu & Willump, and Pantheon (VGUs)))
Do you know if Skarner's lore will be profoundly changed when he gets a VGU? At this point his VGU is going to be in 2025 or later but at least I hope that you can tell me whether or not he is going to be transformed into a voidborne or something like that. It wouldn't be the first time this kind of thing happens (Varus and Aatrox suddenly becoming Darkins so Kayn isn't the only one). Can you please assure me that he is still going to be a wise Brackern leader?
Queš (EUW)
: Will {{champion:24}} or {{champion:58}} be compensated after Shojin removal/Conqueror changes? For example Jax right now with all taht at around 50% wr
They were f***ing busted with Shojin, that's why the item was removed lol.
: is their a weakness for mobility??
The innate weakness that hypermobile champs have is that the players abusing them have significantly lower skill than the average of their ELO, so you can bait them into yolo yumping at you even if you are undertower and have a {{champion:98}} on your team. But if you have the disgrace of meeting a {{champion:555}} player that actually knows to play, you are screwed. The only counterplay that is available against this kind of shit is to have the teamplay and microgame capabilities of a Diamond or at least high Platinum player, so 95% of the playerbase can't really do anything.
Tomoe Gozen (EUNE)
: This item active you're suggesting will never be a thing because QSS cannot cleanse debuffs like Fiora's,Zed's and Fizz's ult. And this was also done for a specific reason - because you're denying these champions' big moments and their gameplay completely. Liandy and BotRK don't counter tanks, they have effects that are stronger against beefier targets. They don't have effects like "click on the enemy to halve their HP by 50%" on a 90 seconds CD. Likewise, you have Gargoyle Stoneplate - and item that allows you to double your HP if the appropriate amount of enemies are around you but it also reduces your damage in order to allow you to MOSTLY tank. I already see an issue with your proposition as Talon would mostly be screwed. He can't go invis in his ult and he can't Q to his target, let alone Flash so he's essentially a pointless pick if the only working ability that remains in his kit (after your item active hits him) is half of his R. Likewise, Kata can't jump to her daggers where her gameplay and damage is dependent on. Your item doesn't fix any of these frustrations from Assassins, it only gives you the ability to dictate whether they get to play League or not. Soraka's Equinox already properly counters Assassins better because the silence field can be walked out of but if the targets remain in it, they get rooted as well. She can properly stop an Assassin's engage and give their targets a room to breathe or interrupt the flow of the combat, which allows her team to respond to the enemy that can't cast any spells for a brief moment. Her point and click silence was removed for this reason, as she could insta-target an enemy to shut down in the middle of her team and there was no counter. Your item would perform in a similar manner, where abilities that are coupled with mobility like dashes would not be able to be cast.
> This item active you're suggesting will never be a thing because QSS cannot cleanse debuffs like Fiora's,Zed's and Fizz's ult. And this was also done for a specific reason - because you're denying these champions' big moments and their gameplay completely. Then what about Skarner's ult and {{item:3139}} ? It completely negates the only thing that's useful about him, yet the item exists.
Tomoe Gozen (EUNE)
: >If you want to punish mobility, here is how: >Create a tank/support item whose active is: Target enemy is revealed for 5 seconds and grounded by 2. So, your idea is that OP's idea of Fiddle retaining his "0 counterplay ability" is bad but making a 0 counterplay item active or a new champion ability is fine? You're literally OK with a point-and-click proposition as you worded it "_**Target enemy**_ is revealed for X and grounded for Y". It's the same proposition as OP's, just worded differently. >Nerf the most mobile champs so they actually have to pay a price for their high mobility, instead of also having damage, sustain, range and CC. Most, if not all champions, that have high mobility also don't have sustain, range and CC added to their kits. I've skimmed the Collection and here's what i've found: Camille - melee, has mobility and CC on one skill (if she hits) but no sustain. Corki - ranged and mobile but doesn't have CC or sustain. Ezreal - cheeky ranged bugger but mobility on one skill, no sustain or CC. Fizz - melee, one conditional dash (Q), mobility + untargetability skill, CC, damage, no sustain. Gragas - melee, high damage, mobility, has sustain and CC - high range on abilities. Jax and Renekton are here too but i think what mostly breaks them is the Spear of Shojin, which is getting removed in S10. I guess you can count on Riven using it too. Talon and Zed you can argue about their high mobility but they have no CC or sustain either. Just damage.
I think that there is an abyssmal difference between disabling jumps and completely freezing the opponent with a fear. Besides, there is also an abyssmal difference between an item active and a basic spell, since the later will have around 10s of cd on average while the former can have 90s. Also, you aren't getting said active for free, you are paying for it and occupping an item slot. Right now, you can choose to buy items that counter tankiness ({{item:3153}} , {{item:1416}} , {{item:1419}} , {{item:3035}}, {{item:3151}} ), healing ({{item:3075}} , {{item:3165}} , {{item:3123}} ), basic attacks ({{item:3143}} , {{item:3047}} ), CC ({{item:3102}} , {{item:3111}} , {{item:3139}} ). Why one that counters mobility isn't fine? This active is thought so assasins can't yolo jump in the middle of the tf and do whatever they want. Which is what they are doing right now. It also creates a method of punishing badly positioned mobile champs, since right now the only way of reliably doing that is to play a mobile champion yourself, because otherwise they just escape. It's a lot different from completely disabling whoever you want with the press of a button every few secs. If it had a tether effect like {{champion:56}} , it might be fine, but the current Fiddle fear is unhealthy and one of the reasons Fiddle isn't allowed to be good. Changing it would be for the best. Trying to justify Fiddle having a low cd point and click cc because it will counter high mobility champs is no difgerent than giving Blitz and Renek shield breaking abilities instead of nerfing Riven. Counterpick = uninteractive gameplay, counterbuild = critical thinking.
: Bruh you are unranked and iron in flex i don't think you have a deep game knowledge or a game knowlodge at all you need to practice against some bot play some normal go in ranked try at least to reach gold v then we will take your post a bit siriously ok ? {{item:3070}} {{champion:9}} {{item:3070}}
I am unranked in solo Q because I don't really like rankeds, but I don't care about flex so a couple of times my friends wanted to try and I complied. But resorting to ELO shaming shows the kind of toxic person you are. Some of us just want to play the game and have fun, but others like you that only care about rank and showing off make it very difficult. Besides, just so you know, I have been playing this game since 2015. And because Riot's matchmaking is so shit I am constantly put against Gold or higher players, and more often than not I perform well. In fact, most of the time I am carrying. Back in 2017 I had the resolution of starting playing ranked whenever my main, {{champion:72}} , becomes actually playable in Solo Q. But because Riot's balance team is composed of 4 monkeys and Ralph Wiggum I am still waiting.
: Fiddlesticks point-and-click fear is good and deserves to stay, here's why:
What kind of shit reasoning is that? I'm the first one that despises high mobility nonsense, but solving a no counterplay issue with another no counterplay mechanic is obviously dumb. Long range point-and-click CC abilities should not exist, period. Besides, said point-and-click shit would actually be worse for immobile champs, since the mobile ones can stay easily out of reach, go invisible or become untargetable, while a Vel'Koz (for example) has literally no way no avoid it. If you want to punish mobility, here is how: * Create a tank/support item whose active is: Target enemy is revealed for 5 seconds and grounded by 2. * Make slows actually slow down jump animations that are more than 300 units long. * Nerf the most mobile champs so they actually have to pay a price for their high mobility, instead of also having damage, sustain, range and CC.
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