: This was after a penta
so after the penta instead of pushing you run in circles?
: I will now list the fan bases who behave this way in each region NA Cloud nine and CLG fans EU Origen and Fnatic Fans China LGD EDG fans Korea SKT and KT Roster Fans
why in na not tsm? its the most overhyped shit.
ßoy (NA)
: LOL. Its kanye west. He is a rapper in the US.
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ßoy (NA)
: The face I make when the enemy makes fun of my main in all chat.
: TL ; DC
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} take a guess why the thread got deleted? so that we cant see it again. yet you still try to re-link it.
IDaNoob1 (NA)
: Does Riot even do anything to AFK players in-game???
no. oh well yes. you have to wait (for 5 games) 20min before you get into the Q. what a punishement, if i were hardcore afker i coudnt care about that lol
: when you can't spell
: Not receiving hextech loot is not a punishment. Receiving hextech loot is a reward for sportsmanlike players. When you were punished, the reward was revoked as well, similar to how honor is reset when you are punished. The fact that your punishment is up does not mean your account is in good enough standing to receive hextech rewards. > Your reform period isn't over after a specific number of games, or after a certain date, but is completely dependent upon your behavior.
gotta ask... i have ribbons on this account (yea got honored a lot) and i managed to get punished... a bunch of times. lets just leave it by that. but my ribbons and my honors never got resetted they are still there. reason?
: If winning both splits, one undefeated, and making semis in worlds is tilting..... I'd love to be able to tilt like that. If anyone could have been said to have choked in worlds it was the NA. One team was 3-0 then lost three and lost a tie breaker. Buh Bye. Both other teams also lost their last three and failed to qualify out of group. Zero for their last 10. Cough cough cough.
fnc only lost semis because huni was tilting after their first lose against the koreans. and yea i have to say the joke "na lost 10 games, only 9 were scheduled" is kinda funny. but we talk about season 6 worlds
: Bots in ARAM
riot bans in wave. since those are level bots you wont see any with lv 30 (unless your mmr sucks ass) so yea. just report them and riot SHOULD ban them
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DyinHope (NA)
: NA LCS commentators
eu commentators suck ass since demon and joe miller left.
: I'll be honest, I'd rather have a good player on my team that is toxic rather than a bad player that
im not sure why this gets disliked. i dont care about flame, if it really starts to annoy me i mute the person. so yea in the end for me its just "a good MUTED player vs a bad MUTED player" lol
: Ahri's fur styles
: Senpai will never notice you...
try not be weebing around (or otaku-ing around) and i promise you with my life, he will notice you and dont ignore you cause you are a weird creep.
McPlaya (NA)
: permanently suspened
Itankyou (NA)
: I could easily search the boards for the same information that wasn't in a point form like that. You are just telling him that what he did was wrong (riot already did that). If u tell someone the same thing in a different way, they react differently, it's psychology. I'm sorry I didn't clarify, I agree it was not sarcastic, what i MEANT is that it comes ACROSS sarcastic to a frustrated player because they have prob been searching the boards all day. My apologies sir.
i told him what he did wrong because he didnt understand it. he asked if he calls me a stupid fucking jew should i be banned. clearly he still didnt get it so i told him if i fire back now then yes i should be banned. now he knows for his next account
Itankyou (NA)
: FrankerX told him nothing new that he doesn't already hear on these boards. He posted a list that was SARCASTIC, JakeyPoo seems frustrated and he just lost $150 on an account he cared about. Ya he flamed, Can't we get over it like humans?
i wasnt sarcastic everything i told him is something that is true and can be used to not get banned lol.
: i did,and the enemy team broke them with no penalty,maybe you should read up on the rules also.
i already told you... you dont get banned over 1 game but over a bigger series. if you just do "simple" insults it can take a bunch of games for you to get the 10 game CR, while after the 14day ban every single mistake can be the final step - the permaban. i guess your enemys dont flame as constant as you did. once again: focus when you read. > [{quoted}](name=FrankerX,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=redn8GKx,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-16T03:40:53.324+0000) > > 1. you dont get permabanned for 1 bad game. > its a series of bad games starting with your 10 game CR, 25 game CR and the 14 day ban which says LAST WARNING.
: "riot has 2 teams" clearly the skin team is paid more...
i never said they have 2 teams i said they have several teams. you should really start to focus on what you are reading, for example next time read the rules.
: ***
1. you attacked back you are noithing better. use the mute system or dont call anyone "attacker" when you attacked back. 2. riot has several teams. one team makes skins others makes buffs/nerfs another team makes champs. you should do some research before you talk. 3. if you insult me like you just did and i insult you back then yes i should be reported and banned and so should you 4. since you insulted me i will report you and you will be banned from the boards, enjoy lol. ps: 5. i love salty tears from ppl who dont wanna learn and make the same mistake over and over
: The game the i was perma banned for wasnt bad,ill post the logs. you are the exact reason why i didnt wanna post on the forums. the whole time i was being verbally assualted,and i was the one who got banned. and here are the logsGame 1 Jakeypoo1324: if its a team game then why are you jungling Jakeypoo1324: fun Jakeypoo1324: much skill Jakeypoo1324: should be proud Jakeypoo1324: glad to knonw you guys can group,but it just shows that you guys suck as inviduals Jakeypoo1324: then why are you jungling Jakeypoo1324: with that logic everyone should start mid Jakeypoo1324: and there should be one lane Jakeypoo1324: explain how,genius Jakeypoo1324: didnt answer my question... Jakeypoo1324: still not a correct answer Jakeypoo1324: you said its a team game Jakeypoo1324: and jungling is solo Jakeypoo1324: until you camp Jakeypoo1324: you guys arent getting what im saying... Jakeypoo1324: i am asking why you are calling it a team game yet doing solo things Jakeypoo1324: top only has 1 person Jakeypoo1324: mid only has 1 person Jakeypoo1324: xin,you dont make any sense Jakeypoo1324: maybe if you read my question instead of trying to insult me,you would look like an idiot Jakeypoo1324: then why is top solo Jakeypoo1324: you are so stupid... Jakeypoo1324: when you think you are good at the game... Jakeypoo1324: english,please... Jakeypoo1324: im level 29 idiot Jakeypoo1324: what rank are you buddy? Jakeypoo1324: such skill Jakeypoo1324: so proud Jakeypoo1324: hows that free champ treating you Jakeypoo1324: why didnt we surrender Jakeypoo1324: wtf Jakeypoo1324: wow such a good insult Jakeypoo1324: kill yourself Jakeypoo1324: report poppy Jakeypoo1324: for being toxic Jakeypoo1324: fuck you
1. you dont get permabanned for 1 bad game. its a series of bad games starting with your 10 game CR, 25 game CR and the 14 day ban which says LAST WARNING. 2. asking to report and in general firing back is against the rules and can get you banned. if someone starts to insult you or others mute and report them. flame/insult back and you go from being a victim to being a flamer. 3. everyone on the boards here will tell you the same you should have learned earlier.
: I was perma banned
lol. dont flame back = dont get banned.
The Phoenix (EUNE)
: How to be a Silver Player in # steps
sounds like... bronze silver gold platin and low diamond to me. and i dont know if dia 3 counts as "high diamond" but if it does it also sounds like high diamond. happens all the time everywhere
: League of Legends prefers you to not talk at all besides saying "gl hf" "gg wp" "gj"
i always love when players say "i hope you get xy in your next game" and actually when i do (did happen a few times cause late night aram) they dont see me complain a single time lol
: Is racism still grounds for a permaban?
yes but sadly not right away. im from austria and a few days ago i had a game with a player who found out where im from cause i missspelled a word with "ä" (german letter) so he assumed im from germany/austria and just called me h*tler child and jew-hater all game long. after ~30min he started saying "but tbh you are right, jews all deserve to be tortured to death" i obviously reported him and i checked on him right now (3 days later) he was just in a game.
: Hey all, we've updated/reverted the suspension and removal. We take incorrect moderation actions very seriously and we'll be handling this with the moderator involved. We'd like to publicly apologize for the misstep and thank you for bringing it to our attention.
: /remake punishing innocent players:
how many times does your family have a heart attack? exactly. not enough times so that its worth to complain about that 1 remake lose you had.
: It's okay to be bad at the game.
: Why are nami players so toxic?
get deepterrornami in here lol
: i mean champion's laugh. mine's hotkeyed to "o". how is laughing toxic? then why does riot allow it to happen.
oh well lulu's laugh is toxic when spammed. i mean cmon guys nobody can stand her laugh for about 5min.
: are you serious?
as a matter of fact it is. 3 days ago i saw the chatlogs of someone here, 20 lines, 90% "LMFAO" board mod said "laughing at your teammates is toxic"
: Riot this needs to stop
hey you censored it! :D
HolpLess (NA)
: Only for 14 days. Not a permanent. I didn't know you couldn't be negative in the slightest. I will just never be negative at all.
i hope for you cause after the 14 day ban, the slightest mistake can give you the permaban and YOU WONT GET UNBANNED.
: Pokemon GO, stole my League Friends.
k. if you lost your friends to pokemon go, you won you didnt lose lol
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: Loli = Young Girl... How is this unnaceptable, what other non offensive terms are unacceptable then? We call girls "lola, lolita" here without any prejudice or issue wtf is going on? How do you suggest we refer to annie then little girl? would that be offensive too?
HolpLess (NA)
: Suspended for absolutely nothing....
: Okay Riot
its a copy pasted answer most likely from the board mods not from rito.
: Remake [Please remove or fix]
: Nicely done riot, just proved all yall can do is babysit
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/d0dE3KAb-this-game-is-just-too-much-for-me-to-handle-farewell-summoners-have-fun-on-the-rift np bro
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: Your punishment system favors trolls and I'm going to prove that or get banned idk anymore..
: A massage for every toxic/raging/flamming player out there
Adnoy (NA)
: Wtf perma banned?
"steal my money" hey riot here have my money and i get rp ok? rito: ok 2 years later riot i know I GAVE YOU THE MONEY but now i say you stole it. give it back.
: You left out a comma in your title. It should be "They are, in fact, useful." I'm glad I could help you out. : ^)
i did that on purpose to see if someone "complains" about it :D
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