AkatsuNL (EUW)
: TFT, please nerf Glacial
They need to introduce a simple stun cooldown mechanic, just like Sejuani has on her E and similar stories. Effect: Heat of the moment "This unit has been recently frozen and is resistant to the cold for 2 seconds"
: The Rise of Ezreal?
Riot just loves sucking Ezreals dick, whenever something isn´t advantageous for him, they buff him. His time in botlane was rough? More AD and AS, tadaa brutal ganks, all over the meta. He is somewhat balanced, nevermind KLEPTOMANCY in its prime came rolling around and made him a walking ATM. He is.. decent currently. A VGU COMING RIGHT UP. He may be popular, but Riot is overdoing it with their love for him.
: Can we give Talon's wall hop a cooldown in combat?
If that change would be made, talon would feel like dogshit. I mean, yes, his damage is BONKERS/10 and would stay like that after this nerf. But imagine i jump the enemy janna, who is walking around alone minding her warding business, she manages to survive my initial burst with a bit of hp left and flashes a wall. Great, that in combat cooldown now prevents me from snacking that girl, it´d just feel terrible.
: You guys nerfed this for a reason right? Why in hell are you rebuffing it?
I really love playing Kha, but this is taking it too far. While i think his W is just terrible in comparison to the other choices, and needed some love, this is just Completely wrecking it. My dude´s gonna get beaten down with a ludicrous amount of nerds as soon as the Competetive dudes are done Abusing him in Worlds.
: Possible Pyke skin idea?
It defenitely has some potential, though the anchor idea is a bit vague for me.
CylaxK2 (EUNE)
: Pyke's Multikill Sound
Yup, the sounds are very similar to the music of his login screen. Spooky i´d say.
Spaarkk (NA)
: Starfox Corki?
What a coincidence. Arcade Corki is basically that, in better.
: Runes Corner: Summoner Specialist and Hextech Freezeray
Freezeray in its current state is toxic and just a slap in the face for everyone, its just not a good idea, id rather get bursted and killed by a thunderlords than getting slowed to a crawl from someone because he slapped me once!


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