Pale Mask (EUW)
: Walkers in the Waste
Oh wow, is there a place i can see all this new artwork and units?
: Why Are Karma Players Upset about the Phoenix Video?
It's just so depressing seeing this champ today as someone who played the original champion.
Naalith (NA)
: PSA: don't buy Little Legends when TFT releases, this pricing model is scummy even by Riot standards
Just don't buy it. Little legends are clearly aimed at whales. They bring nothing to the gameplay. Vote with your wallet and use your brain. And people who are acting as if TFT is unplayable thanks to this cash grab system have bigger problems in their life and should probably think about fixing that first.
: Morde skins were pathetic
Kinda agree, definitely feels like they put less effort into the skins compared to previous VUs. It started with Kayle and Morg though. And the recall does look wonky still.
Trapics (NA)
: New Skins announced:
How about no more prestige skins at all? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Vıvıd (NA)
: No more login screens????????????????????
Let's be real majority of players don't spend longer than clicking log in button at the log in screen while having it muted already. But this doesn't mean we won't get any more music, they might just put out music in different format. Maybe they'll move the whole thing into the homepage even.
Reav3 (NA)
: No, she is just very short
Cool, so she is still a human like Lux? Is this a common trait among her people or is she unique? Honestly I'm really sorry for the unfortunate splash leak and people jumping on the generic female hate train since you can't tell this from the art.
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: Qiyana: Awesome visuals, but one big missed opportunity.
She might not be a generic human female, in her teasers she looks pretty short. Maybe her people are dwarf like.
: Qiyana, Empress of the Elements Early Analysis
Is she really short? In that first teaser she looks way shorter than humans and so do the others around her.
: Do we know for sure that Volibear is now a monstrous, eldritch bear god?
I don't think that was his real appearance in that story. Seems like they are going with the thunder bear god to stay more in line with his original design.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gapybo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=bTNwTxcF,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-31T18:52:30.500+0000) > > I don't really understand what you are asking. You want them to make a traditional skin or something? No you num nuts, I want the old model to remain canon as his younger self, thats all.
uh... I doubt they'll even bother establishing something like that then. Seems like a pretty trivial thing considering how unremarkable his current appearance is.
: Please Riot, Make Volibears current model his younger self
I don't really understand what you are asking. You want them to make a traditional skin or something?
: Blood Moon skins for Vladimir and Ekko
It's a bit obsolete, he's already all about blood why give him another blood skin? Blood lord vlad also exists. Just feels pointless and uninspired. It's like giving maokai or zyra an elderwood skin.
Míellá (NA)
: Honestly speaking, dark cosmic Jhin's splash art looks cheap.
Yeah something is different about this splash, it immediately caught my eye. It does feel flatter compared to most splashes riot has been putting out in recent years but I assume it's intentional? It kinda feels like a handmade painting to me and since Jhin is an artsy champ maybe they wanted it to have that type of quality.
: That's what players like for her though and they still didn't even do a good job on those skins. When anyone thinks of Karma they don't think she is inhuman, evil, and dark. It's the complete opposite of what you are trying to compare her as. If Riot Game Developers wanted to do something like this they could have done it a better way with a Halloween skin or something. The real question here is if Xerath mains have been asking for a Dark Star skin for a few years now . . . . and Karma mains have been asking for her to become a Star Guadrian, why was this horrible skin created for Karma when no one wanted it for her? Karma doesn't fit the skin line, no one wanted this type of skin for her, and it's a waste of a time and effort to make a skin for a champion that no one wanted it on her and it could have been given to Xerath.
People have been asking for a darker Karma skin since before her VU.
: The vast majority of Karma mains don't like it. The vast majority of Karma mains are sick and tired of Riot Games. So yeah, it is what it is at this point. They don't care. Who cares.
Where are you getting this data from? Looking at karma mains subreddit there are mostly positive responses.
: @Riot - Explain to Me How Karma Fits Dark Star but Not Star Guardian?
It's simple. If you look at current Karma skin selection you will notice most of her skins are bright, sparkly Karma in a pretty dress. Then you ask yourself what kind of skin is Karma missing? Dark, inhuman, "evil". Dark star checks all those marks. it's very different from all her skins while a Star guardian isn't really that different from Order of the lotus or Winter wonder.
: What the fuck is up with thew new Bioforge Darius bio
I don't think you are supposed to really care about skin bios much. At least Riot doesn't expect you to XD
: The new skin lines are not the problem, the laziness that went into it is.
It was the most profitable choice. The negative feedback you see is the loud minority at best.
: Zilean didn't get a professor skin
It would be unfair to expect giving him a skin of this sort considering his extremely outdated model and rig. It would be a waste of work for a subpar result in any case. They would have to build it from the ground up and if they did that they might aswell just VU the whole champ. But they want to VU other champs first so tough luck for Zilean.
radetari (EUNE)
: Yeah I made a post about that a long time ago Got no responses from anyone That's not the only bug though There is also a bug where after death Vlad's blood blob that he is holding in his hands will go missing but will re-appear after using E
Oh yea I noticed that too. Oh well, I hope they fix it eventually.
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Voidac (NA)
: Riot's New Logo - I actually like it
The old logo was clearly outdated but I find the community reaction to new one ridiculous. How does their logo affect you in any possible way even? People act as if they are changing some important game mechanic or visual asset. The fact we have threads about it here is dumb and people should find better things to waste their time on.
Vartius (EUNE)
: Malicious Metal said the emotes are very heavily stylized and Morde looks way cooler in game. I actually drew my own prediction of how he may look.
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: I think it's a bit too early to tell, but I also think that you're putting too much emphasis on one line being "cute" and the other two being "aggro". You actually saw a similar thing with the Illaoi skin: She got two "serious" skins (Resistance/Space Infection) and one "silly" skin (Explorer) yet the serious skin won out in the end. That said, I'm all for having up to 5 "skin ideas" next time Riot wants to do this: Two serious, Two silly and one "Wildcard" that's an out of left field pick.
This, i don't really get the "aggressive" thing. Each skin covers a distinct fantasy.
: A very problematic situation with the Tristana voting skinline (maybe a rioter can add their thought
I disagree with your post. The galaxy and demon are not both the same type of skin. Demon is much more fantasy/whimsical while the other one more futuristic. They fill distinct niche each. No point in being a sore loser from the start.
: Some Major Feedback on Kayle and Morg's Skins (with Suggested Changes)
Well we haven't had lots of feedback on all these complaints from Riot so I'm afraid at this point all of this is futile.
: Female Faces
The new Kayle actually has a different face on base skin and people complained it isn't sexy enough.
: I think this is the right place for this.. Blood Moon Talon splash art lighting
Maybe it's how the light is reflected on his mask but I think his mask is just not symmetric.
Pyrop33 (NA)
: Bewitching Morgana Edit
But why? Her new dress puffs up every time she moves or casts a spell. They can't turn her back into a walking tent. Some of these nit picks are getting pretty out of hand.
: Kayle's Wings (Feel free to disagree)
Open looks more epic, seraph like to me. Also keep in mind they wanted to make kayle body to be normal sized compared to other champions, something that wasn't possible with her old wing design. She was tiny. That's probably the reason they went with this style and it looks beautiful.
: Kayle's visual design missed the mark
Yeah this is blatant fan service. The one champion that's supposed to be fully armored and not in a latex suit and they did it anyway while being fully aware of communities expectations.
: "Sex sells" is legitimate as long as it does not hinder character identity/theme/coherence
Ugh I used to be pretty lenient towards Riot on this topic but this just takes the cake. They can't even pretend they missed the mark on Kayle. Full armor was always her thing and the most expected feature of her rework and they put her in a body suit... And I don't think they nailed it with Morgana either. New Morgana looks all cutesy, like an emo teen. She was never portrayed like that and that was never her appeal. Look at her old splashes. She is supposed to be tormented, evil looking, vicious but beautiful not cute!{{champion:25}}
: Kayle & Morgana splashes?
This is extremely underwhelming. The quality of their current splashes is better than this even. Kayle suffers from the Warden Sivirs dumb screaming mouth under helmet syndrome which makes her look silly and Morgana honestly doesn't feel like they same champion either. Morgana has always been portrayed very serious, vicious and tormented in her artwork but the new model and splash both portray her very cutesy. I would never call the old Morgana cute... It reminds me of how Lara Croft got rebooted and lost everything but the name of her character.
Brahgo (NA)
: High Noon Thresh Splash Art
Well I think it's the best of the three actually. It just made by a different artist with a different style.
Vekkna (NA)
: Coven: Skins Team at the top of their game!
Too bad we have to suffer through 100 different robo/futuristic/anime skin lines every time to get a gem like this PBE update.
: PETITION to give the LEGENDARY Lunar Eclipse to Diana and make it into a VS Event
Do people think riot can just click lunar eclipse Leona and rename it to lunar eclipse Diana at this point??? They would have to start from point 0 if they wanted to make lunar eclipse Diana. It would literally take months to finish. Also Diana has a bunch of amazing skins so it's not like she is one of those ignored champions that get a skin every 5 years. And I'm not saying they shouldn't do lunar eclipse Diana or whatever but it just isn't as simple as this thread seems to imply.
: Why are the eyes for Conqueror Varus completely solid red?
Because no one should be playing this game zoomed in enough to notice.
: Wait a second, where does PENTAKILL fit in the K/DA AU canon?
It doesn't necessarily mean they exist in the same universe though. K/DA universe could be a different Karthus than Pentakill one.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Program LeBlanc and Nami
Riot is really out of touch if they think this is something a LB main would want. I coudn't think of a worse skin line than this lol.
SSmotzer (NA)
: Speculation on Kayle's Sword
Is Morgana finally getting her whip back?
Eternäl (NA)
: Riot, please let your female champs be muscular
I though she looked muscular in her splash honestly and I don't think she is a good example of unfair treatment of female champions in this game. If anything I would argue Varus actually looks too muscular for an archer.
Almo (NA)
: You already own this content. Nice!
This thread is not what it appears to be. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Have you seen the new Shen skin? Hes my daddy, so probably like 50.
He looks early 30s at best in the new splash. Hardly daddy...
: By the looks of things there should be more pool party skins
No it doesn't mean champions portrayed on those splashes will also receive the actual skin. They could but it's no guarantee. Every champ can exist in the pool party universe but they might only serve as background characters. Also the white haired champ in PP Fiora splash is actually {{champion:22}}
: R.I.P My Favorite Ability Icon...
That's a shame but I do like Shadow of the rose icon even better. It's my favorite lb icon so I'm happy they are keeping it.
: Irelia's new model
Yes and it's intentional. I'll let you figure out why that is yourself. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Well on Surr@20, it says Varus is getting a new skin so I would assume it's that.
Oh... For a second I got my hopes up for a shen skin. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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