Kenneky (EUW)
: It's your fault you didn't look this information, It's even in the client. I did managed to get this skin, since I saved a lot of tokens and waited for the true damage loot to show up in the token store.
im guessing your talking about the newspage, for weeks all ive had is the esports and im not interested in that so ignore it. i never saw it anywhere until after it was realised, even if it was they needed to make it clear like they do every other skin, I knew about prestige neeko months before it even came out but never heard of qiyana till the other week, when every other skin they make known posting it all online, it just feels this time they handeled it poorly. Again not everybody reads the newletters, i go on the game to play and hardly look at those, as usually get all my info off of youtube or instagram when they post it. This time nothing.
: > [{quoted}](name=HaloWarZone,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=gN0fzVYK,comment-id=0008000100000000,timestamp=2019-11-12T00:42:52.471+0000) > > Never said it wasn't in the client. Reread my post. "many of us thought it was gonna be for another pass" **the event shop has been updated with new items!...AND MORE...including a prestige skin for Qiyana**
People are talking about before, not now, it never had that on there so we didn't know it was happening, otherwise I would of saved my tokens. It was announced midway through the event, and thats when I heard about it. I dont care if someone posted to twitter or whatever, it wasnt on the tokens page so I didn't see it. Not everybody sits their reading the news on the homepage either. Usually skins are annouced before an event like the lux one, so it gives you time. Never mid way through an event.
: So, like, I JUST LEARNED, JUST NOW, that Qiyana Prestige was unlocked with WORLD EVENT TOKENS. And hum. If I had known from the start, I coulda got it by now, but now it's too late. That's really great.
Same it's one if the only ones I saw interesting, I started saving my tokens at the start but decided I didn't want riven and used them. Now its too late and I'm not spending money to get it.
Yes it is riots fault because every other event they have made it clear, but this one they didn't so the word didn't get out as much and it wasn't clear until it was too late. Not everybody has twitter which is where the info was put out. This was done on purpose to encourage to buy it instead it's shady, so ofc people are mad.
: it is bad, i can barly play an aram it takes over 10 mins at time to find a agme, but TFT is instant
I can find a game of aram in a second but have to sit for 5 min waiting for TFT .. Litrally just depends on how the severs are and whats busy. Likely your aram wait time was from the fact that aram is popular nothing to do with tft.
Nymph0 (NA)
: Can we just delete TFT please? It isnt good, its terrible.
Dont like it, dont play it. Now thats the real fact. No ones forcing you to play it, other people enjoy it so let them.
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Ràre (NA)
: You can usually tell if it is a bot or not if they play like the beginner mode bots, they have like a chase kill hp enemy threshhold wer ethey just walk at you. the difference between riots bots and their leveling bots are that most of the riot bots dont int towers except for olaf, rammus bot.(edit) Some of the leveling bots just go to shoved lanes and use their abilities and autos on the enemy and wave as well.
Yeah, I've seen riot bots and you can usually tell by the name/level. This guy had a very normal name and being 150+ I think it may be player made, however can bots type in chat? Because they only ever spoke when calling "jungle" so maybe its just a troll?
Hotarµ (NA)
: That does kind of sound fishy. I'd recommend [**filing a support ticket**](, they'll be able to look into the account and it's history to see what's up.
: That player's match history doesn't look all that bad. Perhaps they were having connection issues, or possibly inting after getting tilted in the previous match. I've seen botting accounts, and they don't look anything like this.
I have a screenshot of their match history, where theyre going 5/15 to 3/13 like 6 games in a row. And this is on their main champions at 1 mill. Like i dont expect them to be a god at the game just this dude did play very much like a bot. it's just very weird.
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rujitra (NA)
: Banning a champion is not prohibited. He did not "troll" you by banning your champion.
But it is trolling if you think about it, they're doing it on purpose in order to make the other person tilted or angry, is that no different from trolling in a game? This litrally just happened to my friend, he declared he wanted shen and the midlaner didnt declare at all. My friend was playing top lane and banned darious, then out of no where the midlaner bans shen and says "f U" I'm guessing he wanted darious? But he never declared at all so why punish the other for doing so, they arn't telapathic?? This is the way players abuse this system. Ibe seen it haplen so much as I play draft a lot. A lot of these posts say "why not move on" but it puts you off from the minute you start the game, also in situations like ranked this can sabotage someones rank. Which is true for my friend, he didnt do well in the game as he was forced to play a different champ. And then the entire team plus the midlaner WHO BANNED HIS CHAMP started to flame him. It just seems very biased.
NA Neeko (NA)
: Star Guardian Neeko + Prestige Point Problem??
I love how all these people dismissing it but it's been confirmed now. SG Neeko and Prestige Neeko looool. but to answer your question, you can buy masterwork chest bundles from the store that come with prestige points. But i have high suspitions that this neeko skin will be an event skin yet again where you have to buy it with tokens instead of prestige points, if so id be a bit disappointed because i too have prestiege points saved and riot is only relising event based skins.

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