Falrein (EUW)
: Everything wrong with – Syndra, Kayle, Morgana
Kinda agree with Syndra, though that always felt like a problem with her character. The way her lore builds her up, I feel like she should be a major player in Ionia, but she has no connections to anyone and her goals seem kinda hazy. I also think that Syndras fanbase might be a problem here. I've seen some people get extremely defensive when it comes to Syndra here on the boards, so I fear that Riot might hesitate to rewrite Syndra too much(or add a lot), because it'll likely end rubbing her fans the wrong way. Diana is the only champ that had such a zealous fanbase here on the boards and her new lore feels like it was made specifically for those, as it painted Diana in a way more positive light. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When it comes to Kayle and Morgana I agree that their lores depict Kayle a bit too evil, but also that Morganas lore depicts her in a far too positive light. Yes her idea of redeeming criminals instead of killing them is actually quite noble, but so far her view isn't really depicted as a problem like Kayles. I do agree that Morgana doesn't feel like a witch anymore, but I'd argue that this isn't a problem, as Morganas primary archetype was always that of a "fallen angel", which she still has. Her being also a witch, was kinda odd and to be honest I feel like Riot could make a better witch-champ eventually. And yeah Morgana feels similar to Nasus in that she is apparently an immortal who spent the last centuries sulking and doing nothing until their sibling gets active again. I also wonder why Morgana has 6 wings even though she rejects her celestial origins, while Kayle has seemingly to work for her additional wings... Overall however I feel like the problems of Kayle and Morgana stem more from the fact that riot hasn't decided to continue their lores and not because of a fundamental flaw in their lore or character.
Manxxom (NA)
: One thing I am anticipating for Sett since he is supposed to be a buff brawler.
: I dont think every villain needs sympathy to be a good character though. and I mean I'm talking about Thresh here. maybe I'm wrong, but a reason many like Thresh is because just how evil he is of course, let there be more to him. but does he HAVE to be a villain that you need to think "awe, only if his life was better" when you learn about him?
> [{quoted}](name=TheMan292,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=6E68WA99,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-12-08T05:26:40.199+0000) > > of course, let there be more to him. but does he HAVE to be a villain that you need to think "awe, only if his life was better" when you learn about him? I think thats what the opener is talking about when he says that depth doesn't need to de-villainize the villain. Mordekaiser is overall still an extremely selfish guy, who did evil things for his own gain. While you can feel a bit sorry for him I don't think anyone would consider this a "tragic backstory" or even try to excuse his actions just because his motivations are understandable doesn't mean that he is less of a villain.
: > [{quoted}](name=GreenLore,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=MrzdEc5U,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2019-12-06T17:01:51.336+0000) > > Not sure how Ascension was really changed. > It was still only bestowed upon the worthy ones, the unworthy ones that tried it were killed by it or turned into Baccai. But we haven't seen any Baccai. Only a bunch of Ascended that went completely mental. > Just because you are worthy though doesn't mean you'll always be worthy(Renekton is a prime example of this, so ascended warriors turning evil was something from the old lore already). Renekton didn't turn evil. He was driven mad after sealing himself with a vicious mage who tortured him for centuries. Even in his old lore, he got twisted because he could see evil in the hearts of people who sought the ancient knowledge he guarded. In both cases, he was affected because of isolation and being subjected to various kinds of horrible things. The Renekton in the new lore was brutal but at the same time, he was ready to sacrifice himself to save others. He was ready to die to let Nasus live because he believed that he, a soldier, a brute, didn't matter compared to his brilliant brother. He locked himself with Xerath without hesitating. So, there is a reason why he was chosen and that stayed with him till the end. The Darkin we saw in the story? Nobody knows why the fuck they were considered worthy of anything.
Baccai were considered failures and were killed, hence why there aren't any. And you are right that Renekton was turned evil by Xerath(who is an evil ascended himself, though he manipulated the ritual, so it makes sense that he'd be the exception), however it was also heavily implied that the void is responsible for the fall of the other ascended.
: The Darkin lore was a huge failure from the start. It just paints all the sides as terribly stupid and nothing really has any meaning anymore. - Ascencion is no longer granted to the worthiest and immolates the unworthiest, it's a supersoldier maker. - Azir saving Sivir and becoming worthy of Ascending doesn't matter anymore. If anyone can Ascend, why is Azir so special? - Nasus is a sad fuck who didn't do anything - and he didn't go crazy like his kin for...reasons? - Darkin are shown as one-sidedly as possible. Even though they are supposed to be broken soldiers without a king, they don't have half of the depth they're supposed to have. Aatrox is like the one doing all the tragic bits. - Targon is a bunch of assholes. - Icathia is a bunch of idiots who dropped an atomic bomb upon themselves and those who remained started giving themselves asspats while sitting balls deep in the Void.
Not sure how Ascension was really changed. It was still only bestowed upon the worthy ones, the unworthy ones that tried it were killed by it or turned into Baccai. Just because you are worthy though doesn't mean you'll always be worthy(Renekton is a prime example of this, so ascended warriors turning evil was something from the old lore already).
: Nah, but considering that we have seen her in detail in universe, I guess we are not going to see her added as a champion. Senna was kinda a special case, since she has such strong lore connections with Lucian and Thresh, but this is the exception, not the rule. I can't remember a precedence of a side character that got later added as a champion besides Senna.
Lissandra was mentioned in the Journal of Justice making an alliance with Ashe(which is of course just a farce, but Ashe doesn't know that). Kai'sa is implied to be Kassadins daughter, who was first mentioned before the retcon. Illaoi appeared in a story before she was revealed(though that was like only 1 month before, so you could count it as a teaser) Renekton was mentioned in the very first lore of Nasus. Granted so far we've never had a clear image of any of these characters(except for Lissandra, but that was her in disguise), but with her it'd be easy to just transplant her head onto a new body, opening up a whole new world of design possibilities.(or just modify her body) So while that would be unprecedented, I wouldn't say it is out of the realm of possibilities
: Hecarim's Largely Unjustified Ego
It's possible that Hecarim straight up doesn't remember getting killed by them. After all the black mist destroys the mind of its victims. Or Hecarim is sometimes the one who lands the killing blow and Ledros simply didn't mention it in his story.
: What is Evelynn's lore?
> -Evelynn is perfectly capable of inflicting pain with her claws and did so in both the old and new splash art, and it was in her old kit as well. So outside of just being more of a silhouette on her model and a way to make her not just a naked save for shadows demon lady, what does she use the lashers for? She likely uses them as weapons. Yes claws are nice and all, but her tentacles have a larger reach and are likely even more deadly. > -Also most demons have some sort of fall from grace or something that conjures them into existence but Evelynn is just kinda here to be a plot device for Vayne? Demons in runeterra aren't like that though(the darkin are closer to the "fall from grace"-kind). In general we don't know the exact nature of demons in runeterra, but they seem to be primordial spirits who feed on human suffering in one way or another. Evelynn is a spirit who literally feeds on pain. -Why wouldn't she kill Vayne? Does she have the big grand plan? Could she turn Vayne into a demon like herself? After all Vayne has become a cold blooded rutheless monster killing machine and it would make sense seeing as how she's going down a dark road.... In-universe Evelynn is unable to just walk up to someone and kill them. She needs her victim to touch her with "desire" before she can attack them. So Vaynes parents likely did this before they were killed, but Vayne was just a child at that time(one that just walked into a room with her dead parents), there simply wasn't a way for Evelynn to physically assault Vayne. -Why does Evelynn eat things like dragon if she feeds off pain? Can demons feed off normal means and just choose to feed of the suffering of others (in Evelynn's case because Tahm quite literally eats people if I'm not mistaken) because it's fun for them and they can do so? That's just a joke. -On top of all that Evelynn seems to have disdain for Ahri (in the theoretical circumstance that they were to one day meet based off of interactions in game) and calls her a skank, and while I don't think Eve is quite a succubus she does use sexuality to her advantage to lure in prey, but we never really see how Evelynn is on her own. I mean its the same for the other demons in league as well, we only see them in the context of what they hunt, never seeing them how they see themselves and how they conduct themselves while not hunting. So whats Eve truly like? Evelynn uses sexuality as a trap, but she has never sex with her victims. I'm pretty sure though that this is just a quote to give these 2 a sort of rivalry, because they hunt in a very similar fashion within the lore, making them sort of counterparts to each other.
: {{champion:1}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:235}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:163}} all of these are female champions that aren't sexual or alluring in nature (outside of alt skins, but alt skins are for fan service.) several of them are "dark" in nature. exactly what you're asking for. most of them are clothed from head to toe, with the exception of Riven who has sandles.
How is Zyra who is literally running around in a leaf-bikini not sexualized? If anything I'd say that she is one of the worst offenders, because there is nothing in her lore that would imply that she is sexualized.
: Ah, yes, Baron Velveteen Lenare! https://media.lolusercontent.com/api/embedly/1/image/resize?url=https%3A%2F%2Flolstatic-a.akamaihd.net%2Ffrontpage%2Fapps%2Fprod%2Funiverse-map%2Fen_GB%2F61d0e6fadd7044bbdacb73ba6fdcc10fa1c31ef0%2Fassets%2Fimages%2Fzaun_baron_02.jpg&key=f0abbd34f14549f3a15cd94dd9970851&width=425 I also really liked her design and wished that she would be a champion, but she in particular is ruled out now unfortunately. But yes, I would like to see something similar. A female who had to replace alot of her body parts.
Uhm why is she in particular ruled out? Did something happen to her in a lore piece that I'm forgetting?
: The Vlad story in Realms of Runeterra is pretty explicit about his good looks
Haven't read Realms of Runeterra yet, so I'll have to take your word on this.
: "cruel, angular features", "long hair flowing dramatically", "marks of nobility" this is all pretty attractive, and frankly the most attractive we'd seen at League for a male champ back then. Easly season 1, when the game was much more conservative.
Long hair, nobility and "angular features" don't necessarily translate to handsome though, you can have any of those and still not look handsome.
SSmotzer (NA)
: wtf is lor?
Legends of Runeterra, the upcoming LoL-card game.
: > [{quoted}](name=GreenLore,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Y0JkA82H,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-12-03T16:14:22.590+0000) > > So one thing I'm wondering: > Why do you think that Vlad is supposed to be good looking in the first place? > > Yes he is based on vampires, but that doesn't mean he has to look good. https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/art-is-life/ that story should help you get a feel for what Vlad's about
Yeah in that story it is clear that Vladimir is extremely vain and very good with words. But vanity doesn't equal good looks. Sure it is mentioned in this story that Vlad used to be extremely handsome, when he was a young man, but that was in the past, he changed his appearance quite a bit over time.
: Has been described as extremely handsome in the lore since his release 9 years ago (and in the most recent stories about him too, spoilers for Realms of Runeterra)? Seduction is part of his themes and appeal (specifically power+sexuality)?
His old lore never described him as handsome or even good-looking, the closes thing we have to that is his judgement in which they merely describe his overall demeanor "The regal demeanor of our guest is a hoax, a trap for those foolish enough not to look beyond the surface; the perfectly groomed hair, the extravagant attire, the manicured fingernails... these marks of nobility are false" So while he dresses himself in a very elegant manner, he himself isn't necessarily good looking. Also from what I can get his character is primarily based around hedonism and vanity. Sexuality does play into that, but hedonism covers a lot more topics than sex.
: Why does LoR Vlad have to be ugly?
So one thing I'm wondering: Why do you think that Vlad is supposed to be good looking in the first place? Yes he is based on vampires, but that doesn't mean he has to look good.
Jaspers (EUW)
: I actually think the lore behind Darkin is pretty filled out, we know who they are, why they exist all that. What you want is stories on the individual characters right? I'm fine with Varus and Aatrox stuff but the less about Rhaast we know the better. Some characters are better left as homicidal maniacs. Do people want characterisation or _humanity_ added to a nutjob who goes on about killing everything he sees?
To be honest, I would like more characterization about Rhaast, but it shouldn't necessarily humanize him, just add to how much of a nutjob he is. Like seeing his view on life and why he enjoys killing so much, it doesn't have to be anything tragic or something like that, but even a nutjob can have more character than "I like killing".
Phridolin (EUW)
: yes i do. it was primary just an example especially regarding the overall look /face, hair, far better armor. but since you mentioned this sword issue, i kinda really like the idea that Garen could be a sword/shield guy. so... thank you! :)
Riot tries to keep the champs diverse and I think that making Garen a sword/shield guy would make him too similar to Leona, especially since both of them are also associated with light.
Haziness (NA)
: Dragon map changes
I agree that the elemental effects could be stronger, but I think that they shouldn't be overbearing. The way you made the infernal effect loos ok on baron pit, but the glowing lava on the floor looks like it'd damage you if you step on it.
: To be fair, there's no reason the Black Mist should favor her in a manner that allows her to manipulate souls after being imprisoned with no drawbacks whatsoever. She's not insane, she's not traumatized, her body is essentially 'complete', her mental state is stable. The Black Mist did nothing but benefit her, which basically goes against everything the Black Mist is supposed to be.
She is actually traumatized, its not present in most of her quotes, but some make it pretty clear that the lantern did leave her mark on her. "Part of me keeps wondering when I'll run into the lantern's walls." I agree that there should have been some physical scars on her body though, at least a scar that marks the part of her body where Thresh struck the killing blow.
: Why is Senna a champion at all?
The gun and her body aren't physical, they are manifestation of her soul/the souls of the other purifiers. Souls being able to manifest the weapons they wielded in life isn't really anything new, Hecarims halberd isn't a physical weapon, his armor isn't really physical either, they are part of his soul, when he dies his weapons and armor disappear with him and he respawns with them on the shadow isles. So if the black mist is able to replicate armor and a weapon, then its not unreasonable to believe that it could also replicate the guns of the purifiers. Senna herself is also merely shaping her body like her original one, when she uses her E we see what she really looks like. In threshs lore it was mentioned how he became more inhuman looking over time, so most of the shadow islanders likely used to look relatively human back in the past.
Shibis (NA)
Honestly I think Yuumis owner is planned to become a champ eventually given that she takes a very similar role to Senna in Yuumis story(lost loved one that the champ is trying to safe, Yuumi and Lucian are even both using magical artifacts of the person they lost). With that being said, I wouldn't expect her any time soon, after all they'd have to redo a lot of Yuumis VO when her master becomes a champion, so they certainly won't do it while Yuumi is still pretty up to date in terms of VO-quality.
: I remember making a comment on Alistar being the antithesis of Sylas. Alistar would be the savior of slaves, the untamed rebel of justice, the breaker of chains, the unstoppable will who decides to help those in need against oppressive regimes like Noxus or Demacia. He has no true faction loyalty, but he's a force of good who morally knows best for those enslaved. Since Alistar lost his family to a Noxian invasion, the slaves he freed become his new family as they all strive to free others in need of help.
To be honest the problem I'd have with that is due to the sheer size of runeterra it seems kinda unlikely for Alistar to ever be able to end all of the noxian opression, which in turn would mean that he'd have no reason to go to Demacia. (though it'd be different if he tried to seek refuge there, but even then I kinda wonder what he'd even do there) But even then, what is he supposed to achieve in Noxus and how would he go about it? Will he start a revolution to overthrow the government?Does he ambush noxian troops, just to sabotage them? Will he invade the city to free the slaves? I honestly can't imagine Alistar doing any of these. I mean the first one is basically impossible and the others require the giant minotaur to be stealthy, which just doesn't work out very well.
: Alistar Thoughts
To be honest, I feel like it'd be ok to make a complete rewrite of Alistars story. I mean the noxian arena is pretty much the most interesting part of his character, so I'd say it'd be actually better if his story took place within the arena, not outside of it. Besides, what is alistar supposed to do against noxus outside of the arena? He won't be joining demacia, since demacia is quite far away and he has no reason to go there, so he'll likely live in the noxian territory. Unless they establish some sort of rebel group within that territory, then I don't see how his story would even proceed there.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Yes, that's what I was saying. 9.24 is the last one of the year, so we won't see anything for awhile, but still if it's related to a new champion and it's on the PBE NOW why isn't he? Hmm? Maybe like I said, we can gain it during the upcoming event, and then use it later? Since again it clearly says openable ON a certain date.
Like I said, we might get the REVEAL of the champ with these calling cards, not the champ itself. After all the calling card preceeds the actual event. So the reveal of the champ might correlate with the time where the calling card can be used, meaning that the champ would be revealed in january(which would be the time where they hit the PBE) and only get released in febuary.
Sukishoo (NA)
: But it generally doesn't make any sense for a event item to appear a month and a half to two months before an event. Plus 2020 is the year of the Rat.. so why would something that has a Bat design get released for that? Cause of that is a rat, Riot is way off. We shouldn't see lunar revel content till 10.1 or even 10.2 depending on the timing for Riot. The Chinese New year that it revolves around is Jan 25th afterall.
Riot is soon gonna enter their "end of the year"-pause. The next patch will likely be the last one this year and the first patch next year will likely not even come out until january(possibly not even until the end of january, like this year). So we'll have like ~1 month, if not more, without updates. Besides if the next champ is bat-themed, then it'd make sense that the card is bat-themed regardless if this is for the lunar revel or not, the champs teaser would simply take priority over the lunar revel theme(or the calling card is for the time before the lunar revel)
Sukishoo (NA)
: But it IS received before then or it makes no sense for it to say that. It's for something special that they haven't done before. And I did say what the name could be related too, but that requires reading. Also that card is far from Asian imo, it looks like a bat
Saying that the name would be just related to the lore of an event, seems rather vague though. I mean why would a lorecharacter, one related to an alternate universe, be the central focus for this?Especially if its not a new champion, in which case "Sett" would likely be a rather minor character to all the other night/dawn-champs. And why does the card look nothing like the night/dawn-theme that the event is based around? There is also no character related to bats in that event, so the card design doesn't make sense in that regard either. There are even other loot assets already for the night/dawn event and they look nothing like the calling card. https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-lvlcAJ-9VmI/Xd2uCjMS3eI/AAAAAAABb3I/CZu4KfCsH644LZoSoMxhgkT6CNU3JXOsgCLcBGAsYHQ/s200/dawnnightbringer_orbresize_490px.png The note about you being unable to open it until january the 14th could also be just there so that people on the pbe don't get confused about being unable to open it, specifically because it isn't supposed to be opened before that. And even if we do get it before, it might still be supposed to relate to the reveal of the champ, meaning that the champ would be revealed around the 14th of january and only be released at the end of january. Also just because it looks like a bat, doesn't mean it can't look asian. The design of the head looks very similar to the one of the dog head from the year of the dog https://am-a.akamaihd.net/image?f=https://news-a.akamaihd.net/public/images/articles/2018/february/lr2018-learnmore/lr2018-shard.png&resize=175: and the gold/red-colors are typical for the lunar revel.
Sukishoo (NA)
: I doubt we will be seeing another champion that soon after we literally just got two of them. I mean Sylas did come out during lunar reveal this year but that doesn't mean anything. Sett is just something relating to an event since again it's a loot asset. The "name" could just be something related to the lore of an event. It says " openable on January 14th, 2020" afterall, so it's something obviously gained before then that you will have to hold on to. Lunar revel has generally been much later in January to early Feb (usually between happening some time around Jan 25th or February 10th)
People were already doubting that we'd get Aphelios this year, yet he comes out in the next patch. Riot tends to release one big release Openable on january 14th means that the card is likely NOT received before then, because then it'd mean that people could earn a piece of loot, that they can't open, which would be really weird. Eitherway you still haven't given any explanation about what else "Sett" should refer to. It's a new name on an asian looking card, when we know that a new champ from ionia is coming. And like I said, it is possible that the champ will be revealed one patch after the card hits the live servers, so if this card comes out on january 14th, then the champ might be only revealed on january 28th, in which case he'd be released in febuary.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Why would that appear as an Asset on the PBE far before anything for the champion is even known? They generally put items on the PBE that are like this when they relate to an upcoming event. Since there is one in December...
Then what would the name Sett refer to then? I mean the name has no connection to anything else, so the most likely guess is that it refers to a new champ. Besides we had champion teasers for champs that come out on a later cycle in the past. Bards symbols started appearing on the rift before Bard was even revealed. Besides its color scheme doesn't look like the night&dawn aesthetic at all and its appearance doesn't refer to anything for that event, it looks much more like something for the lunar revel
: this is for the chinese new year event next year year of the rat so 100% a twitch skin
You know they tend to release more than just 1 skin.... Also why would they call Twitch Sett?
Sukishoo (NA)
: Pretty sure it's just an asset for the upcoming Night & Dawn event
The thing is that the name Sett is dropped and we don't know anyone named Sett yet, so it could be the new champ. The symbol on the card also looks like its the same animal on big lantern in the teaser image
: Karthus and the Power of Hype
In general it was said that a strong willpower can prevent ones personality from changing too much, the same pretty much happened to Thresh.
: It just isn't Vlad though. Riot should be doing a lot more for their older champions. Half of their champion pool (the older generation ones) are outdated in terms of art and some of their kits are a problem. Instead of addressing these issues Riot is releasing new champions with updated art and overloaded kits that forces them to rework these champion 2 - 4 months later. Riot Game Developers DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR OLDER CHAMPIONS, ESPECIALLY THE ONES THEY MAKE MISTAKES ON AND OTHER ONES WHO ACTUALLY NEED THE WORK. New champions bring in the money and that is what they prioritize all of their teams and resources into. A billion dollar company who cannot be bothered to hire new talent to get s**t done on older champions, but other mobas and games do it on a regular basis. Riot should be doing more Ezreal and Morgana level mini-VGU but that is not on the tables when they have champions like Ryze and Lux that need their yearly art updates and kit reworks.
Sadly riot went back to prioritizing new champs over reworks because everytime they rework something, some players are quitting the game entirely because they only play the game for this one character. Overall I wish that some of the Wild-Rift models would be ported over to the main game, I mean look at Jax, why can't they give this model to him in the regular version?
: Why doesn't Vlad get an update before some other champions? He looks ancient.
Because a lot of other champs look ancient too. Not to mention that gameplay and "thematic potential" are also factors for big updates. Champs whose gameplay is so outdated that they'd need a VGU for it tend to get priority too, as well as champs who have a cool thematic that is underused in their gameplay/design. Fiddle and Volibear are the next VGUs because they both have a lot of problems in these 2 departments in addition to looking ancient. Vlad on the other hand uses his theme quite well and his gameplay is in a pretty ok spot.
: > [{quoted}](name=mrmeddyman,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=1Go1kAcH,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-27T09:35:47.127+0000) > > Al-oone or Al-yune or Al-oo-nay > > One of the three. Shame Aphelios is mute because he'll never tell us. isn't he only mute when he drinks the noctum though?
I think the Noctum made him permanently mute. Doesn't really matter for now though since he always drinks it at the start of the battle, meaning he doesn't speak ingame.
: Another Piltovan design scrapped for another region
Well in this case its not like the Piltover/Zaun concepts were the only ones getting scrapped though. I mean one of them was Braums evil brother with a totem pole-cannon and another was a shuriman.
Neamean (NA)
: IMHO Instead of prestige Lee Sin we should of gotten a variant for Nightbringer Aphelios
That's actually a good idea. Though so far all of the prestige skins were pretty much just "the same skin, but golden/more flashy", so its possible that Riot wants to remain consistent with that theme. Though in that case we should have gotten Prestige Nidalee or Karma, since Nightbringer gets already one skin more than dawnbringer.
: ???? I actually dont understand what this suggestion you're making is. But I do like the lee skin.. looks cool I just wish it was a bit more dark instead of a slightly edited model with new head ware.
Aphelios is always accompanied by his sister Alune. In his Nightbringer skin it is implied that Aphelios is a Nightbringer, but his sister is actually a dawnbringer, the opener suggests that the prestige skin should switch these 2.
: It's kinda weird cuz Sona uses magic along with being a musician and Demacian hates magic now. Previously I thought of her as a musical celebrity with some cool magic and now she can't use that half of her because of the new Demacian lore. So...I guess now she's just a celebrity with normal music? There needs to a be a short with her and Lux.
Her magic is likely a lot more subtle in the lore, so she might use magic in a concert without anyone noticing. Or it might be simply surpressed by the petricite.
: Every Runeterra's way of being a furry (surprisingly not a shitpost)
A rioter actually clarified that the reason for all the ascended looking like animals was that the ascension ritual transforms your body according to your own world view and Shurima merely happened to have a lot of animal symbolism in their culture, hence why people turn into animal hybrids. So for example the golden bird might represent leadership, which is why Azir turned into one. And to be honest, this sounds like Ascended and Aspects might be not even different beings, its just that one group is from a country with a lot of animal motifs, while the other group is from a place with a lot of astrological concepts. Here is the post if you are interested: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/ineA9uOv-the-darkin-lores-are-incredible-i-just-have-one-question?comment=000a
: For Rammus, the possibility of him being an Ascended is hinted, and it looked like the most logical thing to me. I didn't want to further lengthen the post so I just put him there. Udyr is a shaman who channels animal spirits, but stays (mostly) in human form, that's why i kept him out. Genuinely curious about minotaurs... what is their origin? Are them yet another class of furries altogheter? I thought they were simply Vastayan.
We don't know what the Minotaurs are, but when the Vastaya update was released they specified which champions aren't vastaya and Alistar was among them. The Vastaya-universe page also doesn't list him as a champ.
: > [{quoted}](name=GreenLore,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=BrJnyA4x,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-26T11:03:28.091+0000) > > I'm pretty sure that Azir will try to reclaim his lost territory, but I doubt that he'd directly attack Noxus, especially since he'd either need to go there by ship or conquer Piltover/Zaun first, which will be difficult on its own. > > Though I'm not sure what Noxus will do, Swain might try to negotiate with Azir first, but I doubt that Azir would be willing to give Noxus anything that he considers to be Shuriman territory/property. > > Cassiopeia is a wild card in all of this though, she'd likely try to get close to Azir to manipulate him, but her new appearance should be a dead giveaway to Azir that she is no one that should be trusted(especially after what happened with Xerath), so this would prove difficult, if not impossible for Cassiopeia. > So I wonder if she might not try to get on Xeraths good side instead, though that'd be dangerous for her out of entirely different reasons. I mean, can Cassiopea even manipulate smth in the grand scheme of Shurima rn? Xerath would prob kill her for being the reason why Azir is back indirectly, Azir would kill her for trying to kill Sivir
Azir has no contact with Sivir, so he wouldn't know that Cassio backstabbed her. And while Cassio is responsible for reviving Azir, she is also responsible for freeing Xerath.
EchoBun (NA)
: What ever happened to updated splash art from 2015 VGU Champs
I think they mentioned that they wanted to return to updating some of these splash arts, they've been simply very busy due to the increased rate of VGUs, especially since Kayle&Morgana had so many skins. However the rate of VGUs did decrease recently and some of the more recent VGUs don't have that many skins, hence why they might be able to update some skin splashes.
: Zilean main - supremely disappointed w the upcoming Zilean skin
I honestly don't see your problem. First of all: The skin looks pretty good, its honestly a miracle that they were able to make it this good looking with such an old model, it is by no means lazy. And honestly goofy skins are easier to pull off than non-goofy skins on an old model, so it makes sense that he'd get a goofy one(besides the last skin was serious). Not to mention that in his regular skin line up he has 2 serious skins and 1 goofy one(and said goofy one is probably one of the worst skins that are not in the vault), so this one is pretty much the only viable choice for anyone that wants a goofy looking Zilean skin. People honestly need to stop treating goofy skins as inherently inferior to serious ones.
: > [{quoted}](name=GreenLore,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=txRrFeWI,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-23T10:24:12.935+0000) > > Willump is the only yeti who hasn't gone mad because Nunu befriended him. > Most Yetis look more like this: > https://cdn1.sixmorevodka.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/08000630/ENRAGED-YETI.jpg?webp=0 Isn't Willump enchanted by the True Ice and Nunu's imagination? I always thought of Pre-Rework Willump as his actual un-enchanted form.
You are right, the other Yetis went savage when they lost their magic. Willumps appearance was however shaped by Nunus imagination, but his sanity is a result of him still having his magic.
: Thanks for the invitation. I could go on for days about his design but I'll try to start with some reasoning around how we ended up where we did. Off the bat your instincts are correct Aphelios' design had to be simple to support the weapons he carries as they need to be fairly clear at all times. I tried to fuse the robes of a religious priest with the classic look of a secret agent (tactical turtleneck!) to create a clear aesthetic that drives his theme. Comparing him to Diana I actually tried to carefully replicate the same materials seen in her design, but arranged very differently. She is a Rakkor raised by the Solari who found the ancient armour of the aspect of the moon - a warrior-avatar of the forgotten Lunari sect. By contrast Aphelios is a monk of sorts, equal parts minimalist utilitarian (the black suit) and divine ritualist (the holy robes). He's not dressed to take a hit, he's dressed to perform a ceremony. He is also dressed in the way of the modern Lunari which have likely made changes particularly because they are few and living in hiding. When they walk amongst the Rakkor they must hide their true selves so when they are free to wear what they want rich forbidden colours are on display. Were Diana welcomed to the modern Lunari I could see them dressing her similarly to Alune for a religious event, celebrating the return of their scion. I'll also just point out that LoL champions represent the most extraordinary characters in the world of Runeterra. They are the ones that really stand out from a background of fantasy tropes. LoR is a great example of what the rest of the world look like but in LoL we are focused on the exceptions to the rules. The weapons were a much longer journey, being designed and redesigned over and over. Originally they were wholly moonsilver like Diana's blade. Diana's blade seems to be able to launch out beams of moonlight, so it's not at all a stretch to see that honed into a projectile weapon, but Aphelios is so different to the rest of the Lunari (and the Rakkor in general) we felt it needed a unique material. Something rare and potentially fragile, something only wielded by him, held and empowered by his sister's magic, something once enervated would be useless to allies and enemies alike. Shaping the moonstone was then a careful balance between the Lunari theme and the gameplay requirements. For each weapon I imagined how he would hold it and tried to connect them to weapons other marksman wield as a way to ensure that if you play LoL, playing as or against Aphelios you'd immediately have some idea of what was going to happen next (oh it's like Caitlyn's rifle, oh it's like Gnar's boomberang etc). Every day I'd have people come by and I'd ask them to guess what each weapon did until I was reliably getting correct answers. On top of that each one was tied to a celestial phenomenon - this served to further reinforce gameplay (Black hole has a CC effect) and give them a colour identity to support gameplay learning and recognition. I imagined the Lunari sort of like the Eldar in 40k, sculpting these smooth graceful shapes inspired by the phases of the moon, swooping crescents and curves of the phases, orbits of the moon, flow of the tides. The one additional element, a flourish added when they were weaponised, the carved ridges present on 4 of the 5 that mimic the shape of the flower 'moonbloom' from which Aphelios' tonic is drawn. The weapons are very sci-fi, his whole aesthetic is quite future-fantasy, but that is a side of Mt Targon; at the base you have the hardy and Hellenistic Rakkor, but the higher you go up the mountain the more alien things become until you reach the top and touch a wholly unnatural space. Each character has different amounts of these two elements but bringing them together is what sets Mt Targon apart from other fantasy locales.
> She is a Rakkor raised by the Solari who found the ancient armour of the aspect of the moon - a warrior-avatar of the forgotten Lunari sect I feel like there is a certain irony in this. The aspect of the moon, who should be the central figure of the lunari, wasn't born as one of them and actually used to be a solari.
: Shurima and Noxus
I'm pretty sure that Azir will try to reclaim his lost territory, but I doubt that he'd directly attack Noxus, especially since he'd either need to go there by ship or conquer Piltover/Zaun first, which will be difficult on its own. Though I'm not sure what Noxus will do, Swain might try to negotiate with Azir first, but I doubt that Azir would be willing to give Noxus anything that he considers to be Shuriman territory/property. Cassiopeia is a wild card in all of this though, she'd likely try to get close to Azir to manipulate him, but her new appearance should be a dead giveaway to Azir that she is no one that should be trusted(especially after what happened with Xerath), so this would prove difficult, if not impossible for Cassiopeia. So I wonder if she might not try to get on Xeraths good side instead, though that'd be dangerous for her out of entirely different reasons.
GenoXx (NA)
: If the Lunari are truly still alive....
That was always the job of the aspect of the moon, so it was specifically Dianas job. And its possible that the lunari simply neglected this because they have other things to worry about instead of helping a tribe of vastaya that has otherwise nothing to do with them. It's also questionable if the Lunari have access to moonstones without the assistence of the aspect. The weapons of Aphelios look like they might be made out of moonstones, but Alune is only able to grant them Aphelios because he drinks a magical poison and only because Alune herself resides within the spirit realm(which is a fairly recent event) and even then the weapons have to be recharged constantly.
Dominoo (NA)
: Really? You’re complaining about Soraka getting an ultimate skin? Karma just got a Dark Star skin and is getting a Dawnbringer skin and here you are complaining about Soraka. smh
I'm actually just realizing that Karma received a pretty decent amount of skins once she got her VGU, like she almost received one skin every year(except for 2018). Though we knew already about this karma skin beforehand, so I guess thats why no one is surprised by it(Also Soraka still got more skins than Karma).
It's a skin. And if that bothers you then you must hate Nosferatu Vlad...
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