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: Hard CC and burst is the answer to everything. It isn't a specific vayne counter like QSS is for vayne to counterplay that CC. warding deep is a possibility but it's risky and he's still uncounterable if you fight him. Lee sin can build tanky and still 1 shot you. Besides that his R has too much power and too short of a cooldown. Telling me to think and stuff is really easy and can be said about anything. All the champions I mentioned are unfun to play against and have serious balancing issues.
well, counterplay does exist for them, that's all i'm saying. And I'm saying that because I'm assuming you're what, low gold? If you figure out how to beat a champion at their own game, then you get better. Examples: Hard CC and Burst isnt the answer to everything, but vayne is low range and squishy as hell. shes the anti tank though. I can beat a fed caitlyn as an unfed nautilus, that's what i'm saying. Also, vayne has a shite early game. If you watch streamers or high elo players sometimes they surrender aftr a certain point because the enemy has outscaled them. That's also a part of the game. Some champs become huge in the late, and then its harder for one team comp to execute a game-winning fight than another. An argument for that is assassins. Assassins are pick-off champs, not teamfighters. In the late game teams tend to group up for objectives. Assassins wont be as relevant then. However, vayne can always be picked off. My favorite into her is Bruiser wukong. can't qss knockups. Warding deep allows you to predict where he's coming from. you see him bot, you lean top. If you can't fight him, then don't. Hecarim is strong early, so yes, ward deep. doesn't even have to be super deep. in the midlane, my favorite ward is in the river opening by the raptors and red buff. Just in that pass you can see him go to raptors, red, and you can spot him in the river. when you do, move away. If you cannot win the fight, then don't fight him. It's that simple. Lee sin is SO easy to counter. In lane before he has kick, just ward nearby to spot him ganking. When he does, stay in the middle of the lane rather than leaning to an edge. That's how he connects easier with you. otherwise he wastes a ward and an escape to get to you, allowing you to fight him or get a 1 for 1 if he's greedy. If he has kick, this principle applies even more so. Lee is hella beatable, because most often they tend to outplay themselves. And you're exactly right. Thinking is the solution to everything. You have to play smart. If they're unfun to play against, ban them. otherwise, if they're meta, learn to play against them. also, all the champs you mentioned are early game dominators (except vayne who's known as THE lategame monster). Heca, lee, cait, janna, Vi... they're early game champs. Cait has a midgame power drop, janna is squishy, vi has a mediocre at best late game, lee becomes harder to play well later... If you know how to abuse this, you'll win. The fact that you can't or are not willing to recognize a champ's strengths and weaknesses shows you don't think enough, and you won't climb that way. I agree some champs need nerfs, but they're not unbeatable. Not one champ is.
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: It's getting tiresome
let me give you some counterplay, although I doubt you'll read this cause you're probably just venting over a losing streak: vayne: hard CC and burst. it's really not that hard. syndra is a good counter into vayne. Hecarim: ward deep. when you see him charge, run. cc also counters him. Lee sin: lee sin is strong early. just ward and respect his mobility. lee sin players make a ton of mistakes with him. The reason these three are seen often is the following: Vayne scales ridiculously hard but a lot earlier now with the crit build. because of this, you see her hard counter caitlyn more often too. her ult is counterable if you play someone like twisted fate, or if you just lock the dude down. Hecarim is played more often higher elo because of his ability to abuse pressure. The reason he's so strong though is not him, its the summoner ghost. with its low cooldown, it's so easy to gank with a lot more damage, as he gets more ad with speed. to beat a hecarim, play a lockdown tank like maokai, a mobile mage or a mage with cc like lissandra or ahri, an early game jungler that scales well like vi, and a safe botlane if you're really that terrified of him. and the reason lee sin is played often is not only because hes a very strong champion, but because he's fun to play Rengar's the same as vayne. you can see him coming, and when he jumps, just lock him down. Instead of asking riot to nerf champs, try to think. thinking is what makes the game difficult. the good thinkers will make good decisions. "How can i make sure that hecarim doesn't see me as a juicy kill?" "if i see a vayne, what things should i avoid doing?" etc. stop complaining and learn the game, because guess what: the game is not just about champions
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JMoormann (EUW)
: Is it just me, or is League still a fun game and are people complaining too much?
Guess you didn't read the title. not AS fun. AS being the key word. I still enjoy league to an extent, but if i played league under its current condition without the commitment ive grown into, id probably end up switching soon.
: Your argument on diversity lacks robustness. Jinx and Ashe may have similar ults, but their overall kits aren't similar. You can't judge things in a vacuum.
Jinx and ashe are increbily similar if you look at the bigger picture. Both have a stun, slow, and an attack speed steroid in their kit, plus the global ult. Still think they're that different? Just because they're placed in a different way or done in a different way doesnt mean that they're not the same thing. Ashe slows with crit and her volley (W), jinx slows with her W. Ashe stuns with her global ult, jinx snares with her E. Ashe's attack speed steroid is on her Q active, jinx's on one of her switcheroo. Ashe reveals an area with her E. Jinx reveals when her W hits a target. Both have a global ult. Both scale best with attack speed and crit. Both are immobile. Both have utility and poke. The difference? Jinx has a range advantage, and ashe's utility exceeds jinx's range. They're still EXTREMELY similar, which was my point on champion diversity. Sorry if i fail to clarify, i just assumed people would consider the bigger picture and i could save time by just listing one example.
Dealth (NA)
: What I read: "I'm getting bored of the game, so I'm going to blame Riot's balance team" zzz... if you want to leave then leave. go.
i blame a ton of things. not just riot's balance team. read my post again.
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Rew711 (NA)
: I know this is random but it's so weird hearing the shortened version of "could had" from EUW. Here in the South of the US we usually say coulda and could 'uve. The "u" can make no sound or the "uh" sound depending on who's talking. "Cudy" is just something that just surprised me... Especially with those darn Grammer Nazis.
? i said cudv with a v, not cudy. we could have had = cudv had.
Count Zubat (EUNE)
: Yes, there are nearly no premades in normals ;) Trust me, normals are much more enjoyable than rankeds.
just wait until youve played a few. All i get are premades, and the best part is when they throw. Just had a game where we finally aced em, got inhib, and we cudv had baron, but no my team had to keep pushing because they were premade and conversed with eachother. Premades more often than not in those situations are free lose.
: > [{quoted}](name=Helltoken,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lrqu61zJ,comment-id=00000004,timestamp=2016-05-31T02:24:26.567+0000) > > yeh but consider the winrate as the following: > > winrate is calculated based on pick and win, and statistics work in a manner in which the more variables there are, the more likely the data is going to be properly balanced. Malzahar, my old main, for example, was always at the top 10 winrate, as was rammus, but they were both barely picked, like a 0.5 pick % at the time. does that mean they're op? no, it means that there are a set of players who pick them. > > Karthus isn't a massively meta champ, just like volibear. they are both champions that dont see much pick %, but the players who pick them win the games more often. > > Zed is a champion who is either picked or banned, meaning if he is left open, someone will most likely pick him. this doesnt mean that someone might be good with zed at all, or even aware of what they should do with them. However, hes a steamrolling champ who can set himself off with one kill, but also put him behind if he gets greedy, but it doesnt matter. in hte late game he can one shot the carries or the squishies, and he can do so all game pretty much. There is no counterplay, and thats why hes banned, cause the good zed players shouldnt be getting zed in the first place. Volibear was a bad example. He's picked so fucking often now. I still agree with your points tho.
cause everyone's talking about sleeper op's. Redmercy, Pants are Dragon, Jeremy Gaming Curios, Brofresco, Phylol, just to name a few. Volibear is very strong early and has always been a beast in lower elo. His weaknesses are prevalent. He is easy to kite, has no hard engage, and cannot make plays without his flash for lockdown, nor does he have an escape. Ignite destroys him, as does others. But voli is not meta. Meta champs are those who are picked and banned often. You may have had a streak where voli was picked a lot. But i rarely see him
MrPharmD (NA)
: Can you make smite available sooner?
problem with having smite early is that newer players might not grasp the concept of what smite does. In a season where low levels = no masteries or runes, of which the primary give insane stat boosts, jungling is a difficult thing to do, especially in the early game. Besides, pre-10 should be about discovering the game. understanding how it works, what the goal of the game is, the champions that are available, and then after wards a more complex introduction to the jungle, and then you spend the remainder of your climb to 30 to master this, and then adapt them to ranked.
: Will get downvoted for saying this but Zed isn't a champ you can just pick up and win with. He does take some skill to play well which explains his 49% winrate.
exactly, and the good zed players arent getting him as often as theyd like, hence the winrate drop
: Zed has 49% win rate, gets base damage nerf but small compensation to make him still playable. Karthus has 57% win rate with no nerfs incoming but nobody cries. EDIT: Some of you reported this comment because you couldn't handle your fragile "Zed is OP that's why I lose games" mentality. Okay then.
yeh but consider the winrate as the following: winrate is calculated based on pick and win, and statistics work in a manner in which the more variables there are, the more likely the data is going to be properly balanced. Malzahar, my old main, for example, was always at the top 10 winrate, as was rammus, but they were both barely picked, like a 0.5 pick % at the time. does that mean they're op? no, it means that there are a set of players who pick them. Karthus isn't a massively meta champ, just like volibear. they are both champions that dont see much pick %, but the players who pick them win the games more often. Zed is a champion who is either picked or banned, meaning if he is left open, someone will most likely pick him. this doesnt mean that someone might be good with zed at all, or even aware of what they should do with them. However, hes a steamrolling champ who can set himself off with one kill, but also put him behind if he gets greedy, but it doesnt matter. in hte late game he can one shot the carries or the squishies, and he can do so all game pretty much. There is no counterplay, and thats why hes banned, cause the good zed players shouldnt be getting zed in the first place.
Tufio (EUW)
: No, a 3made got the same problems as a 4made. (minus the surr but you will still lose the game regardless, void point) Also, the mmr is very unlikely to be able to make balanced 3made+duo vs 3made+duo under 30m/2h queue. (maybe if you remove role pick or rank limits... the mmr is not and never will be able to make balanced games accounting premades and role pick) This dynamic system just can't be improved, it's broken at core.
true, they made the game revolve too much around playing with friends, that youre at a disadvantage if youre alone. why would they do that.
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: The numbers on ziggs are actually disturbingly similar from 6.8 to 6.9. Our data suggests that he remained pretty stable with all of the changes going around.
This comment seems kinda weird to make. So basically, he's stable in the sense that he hasn't changed from how he originally was? Which was in a weak state? If this is how you analyze data then there needs to be some changes, man.
: The cooldown for his shield is longer, so there is more opportunity to punish him when you initially knock it off.
Why did you even give the shield to malzahar anyway? The way I see malzahar being changed is removing his counterplay and making him do so much more damage without much skill or consequence. It used to be all about timing, positioning, and macro managing his passive stack, and rylais used to synergize super well with the W. But now the rework to him removes the necessity to micromanage and position properly without consequences whatsoever, and his synergy with other items is so wonky. He never needed the shield, he never even needed the rework. He was fine, he had counterplay, high winrate, and solid synergy is teamcomps and was a great counterpick into certain champs and countered by long-range cc based champs, but not anymore. now he's just being pick and banned all the time with a 60%ish winrate, for no good reason. and like someone said earlier, the Flat Mana is so silly on champions that rely so much on it. Rod of Ages was core because malzahar was incredibly mana hungry, and not because he didnt have enough mana, but because the recharge on it didnt keep up with his spending until he got RoA. Following the list of complaints I have, I now ask, Why was malzahar a contender for a rework? What were his problems and what were your goals with fixing them? I'm genuinely curious cause I'm extremely angry at how heavily hit my main and favorite champion has been, and I have not received ANY good explanation as to why these changes were made.
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: there's nothing u can really do besides waiting for ganks. U just need to dodge his poke enough to be healthy enough to engage when ur jungler comes. Also he pushes waves really hard if he's harassing you so just freeze it at ur tower. {{champion:136}} ~~
> [{quoted}](name=SharbyQue,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=tUIXbxBa,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-07T18:58:23.048+0000) > > there's nothing u can really do besides waiting for ganks. U just need to dodge his poke enough to be healthy enough to engage when ur jungler comes. Also he pushes waves really hard if he's harassing you so just freeze it at ur tower. {{champion:136}} > ~~ See ive tried to dodge his pokes and stuff, but after first back its nigh impossible to do so, especially if he maxes Q first, so i just get consistently poked. freezing it under tower also doesnt do much cause with the soldiers he can poke and reset quite freely. he needs a few little tweaks i think, cause i find him a tad bit too strong. only way to beat him ive found is malzahar E on minions and let it farm out, then if azir all ins ulti, but thats no fun, and thanks to rito now hes permabanned
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Reav3 (NA)
: The problem is that when he is balanced for ranked, he is unbalanced for competitive and vice versa. Ryze's competitive ban rate is once again insanely high, he was 100% ban during NA finals for example.
why has this just now become an issue? it took you at riot HQ months to fix fiora, and you still haven't tackled what makes graves unkillable in the midgame, but suddenly because huhi's ryze gets banned out every game in the finals this is an issue? And only now? Why can't you focus on the reworks that NEED to happen, cause I can see ryze getting absolutely wrecked with the mage rework coming up.
: > [{quoted}](name=SaltyFrenchFrie,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=K06sLoqq,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-02-11T03:27:15.312+0000) > > can you honestly say this game has gotten better after the fiora change the end of season 5 was probably the most balanced the game has been in in years. skarner was pretty overpowered after his rework, but except for morde, the other 3 were balanced out really quickly. at that point there was an even power distribution between bruisers, marksmen and melee adc within a team. mages and assassins were relevant aswell. who carried the game was decided mostly by who came strong out of the lane phase. all that was to do was work on individual champions. the marksmen buffs made the game entirely focused on the performance of your bot lane again, while simulataneously bringing adc into other lanes. which made burst more relevant and profited assassins. the additional snowball changes profit them aswell, and the game became basically adc vs. assassins. season 6 is garbage. the last weeks of season 5 were great.
Mate. End of season 5 was painstakingly horrendous. in the top lane, garen, darius, fiora, gangplank, and ryze were WAY too dominant. Midlane was the only balanced lane imo. jungle skarner was quickly relegated back to the pit he came from, and mordekaiser botlane was permabanned. That's not good. before the heavy reworks like GP i think it was, there was no OP champion. right after the cinderhulk nerf is when the game was well balanced. Mages were viable, which saw rise in assassins. Tanks were busting out good tankiness, and duelists were about skill not scale. and finally, ADCs and supports had an impact. Now there are too many ops you need to ban. where's the fun in that.
Gehco (NA)
: The reason it is sucking because the game is more esports oriented now.
But even then. They dictate precisely which champs should be played at a professional level. That's the irritating part. They buff fiora and GP to a limit that their kits are overloaded with immense power, or teamfighting potential. They made poppy too relevant with her kit and BS damage too. they wanted them to play around dragon, so they gave mordekaiser a dragon ghost. All because they wanted them to be played competitively. I played morde SOOO Often in the top or mid lane, as he was a mage tank other than galio. But they had to make him useless in lanes, and solely viable in a marksman oriented botlane. Just.... What are they doing, you know?
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Wuks (NA)
: {{champion:90}} I gotta say, I've grown pretty fond of the guy, but to address his weaknesses: 1. He's pretty mana intensive early game, which I suppose further emphasizes his ability to efficiently use his Malefic Visions to clear waves and last hitting on minions. 2. He's hella slow, with little gap close (sans Rylais) Most core to his identity (imo) are 1. The Voidlings 2. The Malefic Visions 3. The Suppression
Core to malzahar as a whole is his damage over time. His passive I find perfect, his E is what makes him stand out (maybe a visual update, but gameplay the same), and his suppression is not usable unless they dont respect the range, so most often I see people risking their flash to lock them down, which comes as a high risk for an immobile mage. I love that there is an element of silence in his kit though, because it makes people unable to use dashes and punishes them for being caught.
Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
Currently I find, as a core aspect, Malzahar's kit to be solid. He is very simple to play with his bouncing E for waveclear and poke, and Q for the silence. His ultimate is great too, as it is very "skillful" but at the same time risky, cause it forces you to ult the right person in fights. However, I find malzahar's kit important to work around the DoT's, but also the supression combo. As he is one of my mains, I'd like him not to lose what it is that makes him so much fun to play, because you have already reworked a few of my mains, and I stopped playing them as they weren't great anymore, just broken. So I find the reward for malzahar to be his easy-to-hit combo, which often times needs a flash to succeed in hitting, which means he'll be immobile, so there is a clear risk and reward for him on that note. If I would change anything, It's maybe an update to the Q, and his W. His W did percent health over time, but... it's so much weaker than morgana for example that I've never felt the need to use it. It's been nice for a pool of DoT in a teamfight and a bit of extra damage, but I rarely find the need to use it. Vel'koz has always had this niche of being super skillshot reliant. I've noticed that if he puts you under tower, he's got super good poke if he hits his stuff, and working around his true damage passive is so sweet. However, in terms of his character, I find the Death Ray the only thing that makes him iconic to him. The rest kinda happen. If the skillshots that made him niche remain with different abilities, I'd see a lot of sucess in him. Zyra is in a weird spot. I love her kit, and working around her plants she is a menace. I've seen her be a highly demanded pick in the past, and even now with the new masteries I notice her striving a little more. I think if her abilities need rework, I'd consider the Q and ulti, but the latter slightly. Her snare and plant combo is what makes her super menacing. Brand I've always though had a recyclable skill in E, and with the ulti not being as strong anymore, I struggle what to think of him as a laner. I see potential in him though, but I have no idea for E. It's like a "spontaneously combust" skill, never liked it. Not because it isn't useful or anything, but I just never saw it as a niche. His pillar, his stun, and his ultimate are nice as a combo, but it's like a choice to use E. I feel that it Shouldn't. Vlad has this stupid powerspike at level 11 or so where he can start spamming his Q and E. I find him unhealthy in the sense that before this he is ok, but that's it. How I see his kit visually is he absorbs blood and spits it out. His ultimate is like... well, poison blood, and I'm not a fan of it. As an ability, it's nice, but I feel there could be more there. Cassiopeia definitely has a niche. Imo, before the mastery changes I saw her as a threat at all times. Her poison is so core to her, and her E is the thing to complement it. Her kiting ability needs to stay. I love the medusa concept to her ulti, although it is incredibly difficult to hit. However, I feel there is too much similarity to her Q and W in the sense that both do the same thing essentially, but only her W slows. I find it a waste of her potential as a champion. Here's my question though. What about Xerath? When I hear immobile mages, the ones that comes to mind are velkoz, malzahar, xerath, lux, brand, anivia, morgana, galio, annie, karthus, swain, zyra, and heimer. vlad and cassiopeia never came to mind, because their kiting is so strong and vlad has a decent escape. What are your plans to adress those champions? I get that most of the champions I just listed have a root or stun, but I find Galio's E to be unviable with the new mobi or swiftness boots, karthus' slow to be unreliable, and morgana and lux too skillshot reliant, especially heimerdinger. When I heard immobile mage, I thought (if I were to pick 6) they would rework Velkoz, Malzahar, Anivia, Zyra, Karthus, and Brand, potentially even lux or annie. What are your thoughts?
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Helltoken (EUW)
: Masteries
Found out the reason. You can't have a page with the same name, even if you dont capitalize it the same. It will bug out instead of having an error, and this will remain until you log out and log back in. Changes will be reverted.
: Finding a main champ
I'd say explore. Find a champion who's playstyle fits yours, and who you feel confident playing. Most of all, someone you enjoy. I main malzahar and wukong because I love playing them, plain and simple!
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: Homeguard isn't affected by the change. Homestart is. Homestart is the speed boost you get at the start of the game. They changed it's name for this update so they could say TP breaks it and not be AS confusing as if it was still named Homeguard.
But they did say TP no longer granted the homestart....
: Should I learn anivia or wait for rework?
Anivia is easy to play, ridiculously strong, a lot of fun, and great early mid and late game, especially with the masteries. if you want to try her, there is no rework happening on her
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: Yes, and people have always hated yas like they hated zed and riven before(riven still hated). I can't pick certain niche picks against a champ in normals ffs.(blind pick). He is more oppresive there as you can't counterpick him.
Malzahar = THE counterpick. No abilities can be blocked by windwall, easy to play, both safe and aggressive, can farm away from yasuo, and if yasuo tries to dive under tower, you can ulti and kill. Malzahar does stupid damage after rod of ages, and he's not difficult to play. Plus, if you land a Q, you can all in, trade heavily, and stop him from engaging, all from timing and aim. Malzahar is a lane that can do well against any yasuo player, and many other op champs like Zed Riven Leblanc (maybe with a little bit of respect for her damage) etc... Trust me when I say that. It's one of the reasons I main him
: Don't fight him in lane. Yeah I am playing a melee champ, I can just farm from a range so far. You can't engage at all basically. It's almost as bad as pre-rework Darius. Windwall shuts down way too many things. Yeah sure, like Yas won't bait you, or will be an idiot and dive in without his shield.
Yasuo has always been this way.... like seriously... the reason he became a problem is because crit's heal on champions now. nothing else. But suddenly he's a nightmare. He always has, and if you play melee champs against yasuo, might wanna change that strategy. Try malzahar: easy to play, and shuts his mobility off nicely, plus his windwall doesn't block anything malzahar has.
: {{champion:84}} Yes, get into range and get Yas Q'd while nothing happens off q. Get even closer and your fked. Try to CS at all and you are fked. {{champion:131}} : Haven't played her. Idk, I will just agree. {{champion:245}} : Only lategame is his q low CD and low mana cost. Lv 1, 2, 3, his Q takes basically half of his mana. {{champion:105}} : Level one and two you are pretty dead. level 3 is semirisky. Yeah yas can wind wall Fizz R but that won't happen often. laning phase is just complete hell {{champion:55}} : Neither of those will ever be on CD for a long time, and you won't have enough HP to go all in. You can play "smart". So can Yas, and he'll still win. {{champion:38}} : I already said what you said. {{champion:91}} : IDK what you are saying here. {{champion:238}} : Already mentioned it is in Zed's favor
my comment about akali was sarcasic... staying away from yasuo when he has tornado is standard... and she has horrendous farm regardless. Ekko's Q can be used 6 times at level 1 consecutively before running out, and the cooldown is 11s, with a 3s animation time, so the cd is in fact 8s, so.. youre not playing ekko right then Fizzhas bad waveclear as it is, and he is horrendous pre 3. It's not just vs yasuo though. Yasuo's wall has a 26 second cooldown on level 1 of W... you're joking right? plus in lane after using tornado, the tornado itself has a 12s cd, cause Q has a cd of 4, and it takes 3 Qs to actually throw the tornado out... after he uses tornado, you have a 12s time frame to kill him. katarina can do that easily... by play smart i mean don't ult when he has everything up. What i meant with talon is that yasuo does what talon does quite equally, but talon's late game is less powerful than yasuo's because talon's kit is designed to assassinate, while Yasuo's is to do some heavy aoe damage. Talon does the same, but yasuo's CD is lower, and crits are higher.
: It's hard to say he falls off late anymore when his ult can take >75% of a mid or adc's hp by kicking a tank into them.
All this is true and all, but What I meant with lee sin falling off late is that his insec's are much much easier to pull off in lane ganks rather than teamfights and sieges. If you get a Q on one person when 5 are near, i guarantee you they're preparing for you to pull the trigger. He may do heavy damage, and if his insec combo works it's a massive factor in teamfights. His ult has nice peel too, but if you used it to insec, you have no peel. Picking renekton and pantheon work well for any attempted insecs. Malzahar does the same. When Lee hits me with Q, i await the trigger, wait till he hits me, flash back and ulti. he is definitely dead, and did nothing. TL:DR, he falls off late in terms of how valuable his kit is comapred to how easy it is to use. In late game, it's much harder to use it well than it is in lane ganks or single target duels
: Nice guide! I will say though, it's easy to bully a Twisted Fate whenever his W is on cooldown, and he'll struggle to keep up with your roams post-Lvl 6 since yours isn't gated by a cooldown, particularly if you have blue buff to help mitigate the mana cost. As for Ahri, if you time your E correctly while she's casting her charm, you can actually knock the projectile in the opposite direction. I guess this makes the match-up a little more bearable, although it can be tricky to pull off. I'm not sure if you can do the same for her Q. Last minor nitpick: Quinn's Q does not apply an AoE nearsight debuff, it only affects the first target hit. P.S. I think you accidentally put Quinn's icon in place of TF's.
Thanks!! However, quinn's cooldowns for E and Q are higher than TF's W. Also, for really important roams, twisted fate can choose to intervene and make your roam useless with his gold card. Ahri's E juke is possible, but requires ridiculously precise timing haha. I tried it the other day. never hit the Q. And youre right about it, but it doesn't take away the fact you can prevent quite a lot of damage from the enemy. And you were right! fixed the icon. :)
: >She was my main at one point in the ADC position, due to her Ultimate + E + Q combined meant a sure kill in the mid game on a target of choice. now, she's stronger in a solo lane in my opinion. My main problem with this is that it implies that only ADC can go bot lane, and only bot lane can hold ADCs. Quinn is going to be some sort of ADC no matter where she goes.
never stated ADCs belong bot. Vayne top works quite well too. Quinn carries in attack damage. ADCs are those that carry off of attack damage, most commonly auto attacks. The thing about quinn, however, is that she has roam potential, high damage output, and can do well not standing in the back of the team auto attacking. but she requires peel to prevent her from dying.
: {{champion:39}} and my shield
{{champion:86}} and my sword
: Well let's see: Juggernauts/Bruisers. Yeah those shrek him, but we are talking about mid. {{champion:84}} Oh yeah, cuz Q+E does sooo much damage. You do beat him in extended trades post 6, assuming he isn't fed, or can't burst you down cuz he sucks {{champion:131}} : Very rare to see a Diana mid. I haven't actually seen this matchup before, nor have I played Diana. Saying nothing bout this. {{champion:245}} Yas has more sustained dmg, can heal better pre-6,and doesn't have the heavy mana issues ekko has. Later on depends on what build for ekko you have to decided to go with. {{champion:105}} : I think it is in fizz's favor. I haven't played fizz since s3, so I can't say anything {{champion:55}} : Outpoked, Yas interrupts ult. You can't even get in melee range for those bruiser minions. His shield stops your poke, so unless you can oneshot him at lv 6... {{champion:38}} : He's kass. Better really deep down the lategame, but mid/early? Nah. {{champion:82}} : No {{champion:91}} : A lot of his kit/burst is stopped by Yas's W. But if you can land your W+Q+Thunderlord's Decree, you can set up the lvl 6 kill and snowball. Yas can (and probably will)still come back, even though he's 0/3, because jgling, and you have to roam to help otherlanes while he farms. {{champion:238}} : Yeah you can farm safely, and energy is kinda unlimited. Be careful and don't underestimate yas. You also outburst with WEQ
{{champion:84}} : Keeps his Passive down, and if you engage while he has tornado, then smooth. {{champion:131}} : Diana does quite well. She has a W shield, she can stop his E with her E, and her Q can go around his W. {{champion:245}} : Though Yas has windwall, Ekko's Q CD and mana cost is quite low. Yas is a melee, so Ekko can harass when he tries to farm. {{champion:105}} : One skillshot that blocks yasuo's wall, but with smart play, you can beat him nicely and deal damage passively with his W {{champion:55}} : As long as yasuo has just used his tornado and his wall is on cooldown, Katarina ensures his shield is always down, and can win against him if you are smart. {{champion:38}} : Kass has lots of early counterplay, but personally his level 6 1v1s are quite nice against yasuo, as you can juke the tornado to get some good trade in. {{champion:91}} : Yasuo farms quite easily, and roams quite nicely. I hate Talon v Yasuo, because you risk losing late {{champion:238}} : Once the passive and the wall has been popped, quick reactions will guarantee HEAVY damage if not a kill also after 6. your shadow can also help the Q reach around the wall.
Knoyle (NA)
: You apparently havent seen a fully built {{champion:24}} vs. Fully built {{champion:157}} It's not exactly a one sided fight in Jax's favor if not a struggle to see who drops to 0 just before the other one does.
If you wait for him to have 0 Q stacks, then it's quite a one sided win. E walk into him, W plus your R passive and guinsoo's will melt him. As he E's away, Q on him.
Redaga (NA)
: >mage >AA is little less than 600 units >pre season minions >get withing 600 unit of yasou with minions suicide is not an option
wait for him to E towards you? or aa him mid E if he goes horizontal? or while he stops to Q?
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